In honor of Muslim Women Day, instead of posting the latest atrocity, I am posting the fate too many Muslim women face. It is hard to look at these images, but keep in mind these women represent roughly 1500 others that suffered the same fate. Also remember acid burning of the face is condoned in Islam with support in the Koran and Hadith.  

This is not a religion of peace, but of torture and death. It has no place in civilized society. If you want to give Muslim women and real day to celebrate, free them from the subjugation and torture they endure from this deathcult. Islam is evil and these brave women bear the brunt of that evil.  

male atheists: *only bring up women’s oppression as an argument against religion and show no interest in taking practical measures for our liberation*

religious leftists: *stan for pope francis despite the fact that he opposes women’s and lgbt equality, think we should stop fighting for abortion so we can appeal to religious conservatives, publish article after article about sexism in atheism without stopping to take out their own trash*

me, an atheist woman:

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If flowers are to symbolise love,
Then it is a love that is bound to die;
Roses are from this earth, but I pray
The story of this love blossoms in the skies.
—  Sraliz

Hi Steph! My name is Karen and I love your blog! I especially love that you’re a fellow Canadian so I was curious if you’ve gotten the same sponsored ad? (you do make an appearance, after all XD)

Wording aside, I noticed the DVDs kind of resemble eyes and that the one on the right has blood…

I did google both of them; the first shows an article about “easter eggs” from His Last Vow before “From Passover to Easter” by Bill Watson (published a year ago this very day.) Meanwhile Bronson James is a judge known for his Doctor Strange tattoo.

Could be coincidence but still WEIRD
What are your thoughts on this? (thanks in advance!)

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Okay, first of all HI OMG CANADIAN YAY <3 

Second of all, I actually am NOT getting any of the freaky sponsored ads, MOSTLY because I have AdBlocker and XKit, but at work I don’t so I was fully expecting to see the ads. But I don’t and I THINK I figured out why: Because inevitably-johnlocked is not my Primary blog, it’s a secondary one. I get mostly targeted advertising for art and vacations, and that’s because my primary blog is my art blog. SO. This leads me to believe that these ads are TARGETED ADVERTISING. Because I have never seen any of the ones y’all get.

Thirdly, AHHHHHH OMG WHAT ISSS THISSSS. LOL OMG If I wasn’t supposed to be getting ready for work right now, I would look a bit deeper into this. to verify everything. Granted it’s close to Easter, so these kind of ads are expected. But… like… this is really just freaky, given a) Christ imagery in Sherlock; b) BILL WATSON (Bill = William = Sherlock WATSON); c) Easter (eggs) and d) Easter is one of our suspected dates for news. So. Yeah, fun to speculate.

CGI.org is a real site with real stuff on it (well, so is all the other targeted advertising, but I digress), so I’m a BITTTTTT skeptical about this as more ARG stuff, but yeah, coincidence and all that.

Thanks for sending this to me!! <3

Anyway something kind of interesting with regards to the horseman Conquest being replaced in the public consciousness by Pestilence: My first assumption was that it happened in the aftermath of the Black Plague, but when I looked it up it sounded like it developed much later, in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Certainly it’s not a well recorded idea until the 1900s.

But that kind of makes more sense? To medieval Christians, the spectre of Conquest would likely hold much more weight (given the higher likelihood of war with a neighboring power or invasion by an eastern power), not to mention that there was probably less room, either in the theological realm or the secular, to shake things up in such a weirdly specific way.

In the Industrial era, though, Europe and the (sometimes-former, sometimes-not) colonial empires might not see Conquest as enough of a concern, or enough of distinct concept, for it to capture the imagination. But in increasingly-dense and often terribly unclean cities, before what we now consider to be basic worker rights had been achieved, before so much of what we take for granted in modern medicine… THAT is an effective image that can’t so easily be written off as “so what he’s got a bow instead of a sword?”

This is all armchair history and sociology mind you but idk. It’d be interesting to read a study on how “Pestilence as horseman” actually took hold.

Friendly Reminder when doing research

Please be aware of texts and pdfs online you find about Konkokyo, Jinja Shinto, or Shinto as a whole. 
Even from some published books, a lot were written in the last 60-80 years by  Western scholars who were also Christian priests, and tend to write with a Christianized bias, context, and interpretation. While this is absolutely fine and these scholars are entitled to interpret things how they see it, it is difficult when you want to understand Konkokyo, Jinja Shinto, and Shinto practices in Japan as a whole in the correct context

If you’re ever unsure of anything you find, please send me an ask

I found a Christian text that mentions Konkokyo but they translated “Tenchi Kane no Kami” as “Great Father of the Universe”…which is odd, because 

1. No where is Kami-sama’s gender mentioned (Kami-sama is all genders and genderless - not any particular energy or gendered kami, but also all encompassing and a part of everything) 

2. “Father” nor “Great” is  part of Kami-sama’s name

Kami-sama’s name: Tenchi Kane no Kami 天地金乃神…broken down, it’s 

Tenchi (天地)Universe 天 = Heavens (like the sky, or space) 地 = Earth (like the soil, ground), Ten and Chi together mean “Heavens and Earth” or Tenchi, Universe

Kane (金) Gold, Golden

No (乃), the kanji/formal form of  “の” or “of” 

Kami (神) Divinity, Spirit, Force, a spirit or deity that invokes awe 

In English you could translate it as “The shining golden deity of heaven and earth” or “The golden shining deity of the universe” 

not “Great Father of the Universe” - the  only thing that is the same is “of the universe” 

Sometimes in English Kami-sama is called “The Divine Parent” - but it doesn’t specify the gender of the parent - just to invoke the image of a parent in the true sense of the word - unconditionally loving, kind, guiding, caretaking, etc.
I know a lot of times, parents don’t fulfill the role of the word. so I don’t always like that term. but for others it can help them see Kami-sama is the ideal parent that always takes care. 

In any case, this was pretty concerning because it’s completely wrong and out of context too, especially to those first learning about Konkokyo.

I’ve also seen some outlandish things in Shinto and Jinja Shinto texts, so if there’s anything please just send me out a message and I can help interpret/contextualize/correct the information if necessary

Thank you!!

La mia è una frattura interna

La parte umana necessita di credere nell'esistenza di qualcosa di superiore che veglia su di noi, che ci salva quando ce la vediamo brutta, e non dimentichiamo la necessità di avere qualcuno a cui dare la colpa quando le cose non vanno per il verso giusto.
L'altra parte, quella razionale e obiettiva, è convinta che non ci sia nessun dio a prendersi cura dell'uomo, che siamo soli e abbandonati a noi stessi, perché dio è sempre stata una bella favola che l'uomo si racconta per dare una spiegazione alle cose che non comprendeva, o per massacrare chi gli sta sul cazzo.