do NOT attack people over headcanons. especially about sexuality. the only canon queer character in the musical is rich if we’re speaking from source material. just because a headcanon is popular in the fandom, does not make it canon. do not ruin the community of this fandom over shit like this. let people make harmless headcanons and shut the fuck up.

  • Namjoon: ugh, i have a headache
  • Jackson: oh do you want some pain killers?
  • Namjoon: no i don't wanna forget i took one and overdose
  • Jackson: y'know that's good bc i knew a guy who overdosed
  • Jackson: and like, he ripped off his clothes and jumped in a fountain at the mall
  • Jackson: and screeched "BLIGH! I'M A KRAKEN FROM THE SEA!"
  • Namjoon: i heard that was you
  • Jackson: ....anyways nice seeing you