Leslie Knope and Ron Swans--, Er, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Will Be Hosting a Competitive Crafts Show on NBC
By Nellie Andreeva

Sure, they’ll be hosting as themselves and not their respective roles on Parks and Recreation.

That being said, The Handmade Project, just sounds like a sequel to the season 4 episode where Leslie and Ron had competing youth programs.

Also, Amy’s Paper Kite Productions will be handling this series, which, in addition to  makes us believe that it’ll be much different from other competitive reality shows.

professor to class: you have to put the time and effort. you can’t get away with turning in first drafts like you did in high school! You will find yourself failing this class!

me: *turns in first/unrevised draft done the day before*

professor: good job. minor punctuation mistakes but well written. A/B

me: lmao ok yeah i worked so hard i deserve this