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Hello, came to say that I absolutely love your art and I want to ask a lil' question! Are you familiar with such show as Voltron? The newest version of course, I really recommend it to you since I know you were a fan of Naruto and I think you'd like the charaters' personalities. I, personally, fell in love in every each of them and now I'm trying to spread this love all around. ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ Have a wonderful day btw!

Thank you! Yep, it’s in my must-see list, although without watching it seems I know the characters pretty well :D thanks to the great fanart i see everywhere
I’m in team Lance already YAS 


SEA SORROW is on my 2017 must see list

keith, perched behind the christmas tree with a pair of binoculars:
shiro, tiredly: what are you doing
keith: i’m on santa watch. i know he’s out there and he’s on my must-see cryptids list.

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Hiya! I've seen you reblog a lot of Black Sails stuff, and I was wondering if you could answer a question? I'd love to watch it, but I've heard it takes some time to get into and I'm honestly... very bad at getting into shows. What's your experience?

AAH OK. so like as soon as i’ve heard there’s canon gay in there it was on my must see list and i just. started watching it and dare i say i knida pushed myself through season 1 because the constant back stabbing politics was getting annoying and the only character i really liked was max. like for a time i was asking myself “why am i watching this” because the bickering between the characters seemed endless and i was getting tired. then season 2 changed things for me, i felt like the story was finally getting somewhere and also the revealing of flint’s tragic backstory ended my frustration and made me love him. it’s a good season, and the thing with black sails is that all the characters are well developed and the story focuses on them a lot making sure that you will fully understand them and what drives each and one of them to do what they do. in season 3 eveything got more complicated and i was a bit stressed 90% of the time. people (*cough* eleanor) were constantly betrayng each other and it was frustrating. a lot of things happened, important and interesting, but i was happy to get to season 4 and oh boy, i have to say….this whole season is a masterpiece. i literally watched the whole thing in one day. the story is finally coming together and each episode left me shocked and inpressed. until i reached the end i was already crying and even though i spoiled myself it still surprised me. the ending is indeed beautiful and it deserves an oscar tbh. anyway i will shut up now and not give you anymore spoilers than i probably already did reblogging all that contet so…i just gotta say i strongly recommend you to watch it, you will not regret it and will feel enriched after doing so 💖


Iko Uwais (of “The Raid” fame) is back! This time around he’s in another action heavy Indonesian production: “Headshot”.

The trailer looks pretty stylish and not unlike “The Raid 2″ in terms of cinematography so this one just went to the top of my “must see” list.


There was a lot of rain in the eastern United States this past summer, so it was an overwhelmingly good summer for mycology. I got to cross many fungi off of my must-see list, and I stumbled upon Pseudohydnum gelatinosum again, which I saw once before but didn’t get to spend enough time with. I’m not going to lie - I spent a glorious 15 minutes just sitting among this patch and poking it.

8/15 at Little Beaver State Park, West Virginia

Vance Creek Bridge
External image

Vance Creek Bridge aka That Northwest Bridge has been on my must see list for a couple years now. This bridge has gained a lot of attention via the ever expanding social media realm. Thanks to fellow explorers and amateur photographers from the #UpperLeftUSA and Canada alike. It eventually caught my attention on Tumblr, which lead to a link click to another blog, to another link to another blog, followed by a pop up till at last my investigating had been concluded. I was ecstatic to hear that this bridge was only a mere two hours away.  To me this had to be the worlds most photogenic bridge.

Vance Creek Bridge is the second highest railway trestle bridge in America. The danger mixed with the scenic background instantly spiked my interests, but like with all good things in your own backyard you tend to take them for granted. Months had passed and I still had yet to visit this place. Another inspirational photo later my spark had reignited and my schedule had cleared. It was time for me to go. Unfortunately a quick Google search had informed me that this place was not open to the public, in fact it had never been open to the public however the no trespassing had just started to be enforced. This should have been the death of my Vance Creek hopes and dreams, but I didn’t give up.

External image

External image

Using Instagram and Tumblr as a hashtag tracking device, I had noticed new photos of the bridge continuously appearing. I figured that if there was a will there was a way. I threw on my rain gear weeded out the friends afraid of a mesely criminal trespassing ticket and was on my marry way. It had been pouring that day and the mist was pretty thick. I was afraid I would drive all this way to a this crazy bridge, not see a damn thing and to top it off get arrested too. Honestly for me, the risk was well worth it. It had made the adventure even more thrilling. 

*For my fellow Northwest Natives stay tuned for a guide to getting to Vance Creek Bridge in a separate post.*

Through the pouring rain and up the old logging roads constantly on edge of being caught, the excitement of reaching the bridge overcomes you. The excitement overpowers the fear, even for my adventure buddy who was terrified of heights. The air is fresh and you can see the bridge through the trees. It’s an insane feeling of accomplishment. It’s like when you see any famous monument for the first time, it’s a little surreal. The fog was blowing over the trees, it wasn’t windy but it was wet. It was truly something that felt magical. My friend and I fortunately were the only ones up there so we got to explore, take in the serenity and just make those PNW memories.

Though the hike was short, the drive long, and the risk great. It was something I won’t ever regret. I’m grateful I was able to check the Vance Creek Bridge off my list. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to risk it again on a warm summer day. New day, new vibes. Until then I have so much more to see.


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External image


Game of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley arrives …


Oh my gosh. Let me tell you about the Disney magic here.

I am completely certain that when I met Tiana that day, I was brought into The Princess and the Frog and time stood still. I am swearing that for those moments, everything was animated and I was in New Orleans.

I really did meet Tiana and that was her. She was Tiana. Down to every mannerism, her looks, and her voice. While I was waiting, I was standing there in awe because it was her.

I normally have that same awe when I see Snow White. I normally lose my mind quietly when I see Snow White and I start shaking with excitement and I’m gasping because it’s really them and I’m in love with life again.

Tiana is one of my top three favorite princesses. She has a strong background with cooking and her bond with her parents is one I share with my mother. Cooking is something my mother and I do often. So…I kinda just died here.

“Ooh, darling, look at you! You’re shaking like a leaf!”

I told her that I had waited a pretty long time to meet her and I didn’t get to see her the last trip I came. And I told her how beautiful she was…Because really. She is. She complimented my dress. Green is my favorite color- her’s too! She liked the daisy print but…

“I like to think of myself more of a…southern magnolia. But I love lilies, too.”
“Lilies are my favorite!”
“Like the water lily on my dress?”
“It’s why it’s my favorite dress, Tiana!”

And it is. I am completely in love with Tiana’s dress. Words cannot say.

We talked cooking. I told her about how I make clams and spaghetti with my mother. She wanted the recipe. <3 And she talked about gumbo.

Oh my goodness she gave me so many gentle and graceful hugs…

Really just… I was in shock. This was Tiana. She had a bit of fire behind her words but there was still that grace. It was like a DREAM to talk to her and she’s on my MUST SEE character list the next time I visit.

The thing is, her gazebo is hardly visited! When I was there, the line was two people! They were waving people over!


Trailer for Common (airs July 6 on BBC One)

Clouds of Sils Maria was getting rave reviews at Cannes, and with a cast that included Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart, and Chloë Grace Moretz, it was definitely at the top of my must see list. 

The film, directed by Olivier Assayas, follows Binoche who struggles with adapting to a life where she is no longer the youthful, wide-eyed innocent actress that she once was. She’s approached to star in a remake of the play that launched her career, but as a different character – one she feels she cannot relate to. In her best role to date, Kristen Stewart is absolutely refreshing as Binoche’s assistant who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. As much as I loved Binoche’s ability to portray her character’s vulnerability, it was Stewart that stole the show for me. I was absolutely captivated by her performance. From the very first scene in which she appears, I was drawn to her.

Assayas stated, as he introduced the film, that it is definitely a women’s film. Sure there are male characters, but it really was all about the three main leads. The film is very dialogue driven, but if you can hold focus long enough, you will realize that the film is actually incredibly smart in which everything ties together. Mini spoiler alert: If you’re the type of person who needs closure, this film may make you a little bit crazy. 


“We all make journeys for reasons that are not exactly clear.”