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Q3: In relation to the lyrics in「JUST ONE DAY」「I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent」what’s your favorite scent?

A3. Scent of fruits. Not those artificial, but natural things. If there’s someone that I like, I hope that she will have the scent of body lotions instead of perfumes. If there’s too much perfume, my head will hurt. I prefer perfumes that are not too strong.

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(Fragrances used by bangtan)

Victoria’s Secret Sexy little things Noir Tease body mist (black vanilla + pear + gardenia / elegant, lovely and seductive)

Bath and Body Works Mango Tango Twist body lotion

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour body lotion (strawberry + not so sweet floral note with musk and sandalwood, it’s a warm scent)

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YOU GUUUYYYYSSS!! I snuck over the 19K follower mark yesterday evening, but apparently I gained a whole bunch overnight as well (*≧ω≦*) 

God I always worry that these posts sound contrived and insincere, but I honestly, genuinely, am 100% continually delighted, touched and overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. Every like and reblog and added tag and message mean so much to me and the enthusiasm for my Haikyuu!! AUs never fails to blow my mind. 

Thank you for being the best bunch of followers a person could ask for <3

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I almost can’t believe that tomorrow we get to see Captain Cold back on The Flash

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Um it's actually Negan's fault that Glenn died. Because, you know, he was the one who fucking beat him to death. Are you gonna blame Rick for Dawn shooting Beth in the head, since it was his choice to storm into the hospital? Or are you gonna blame Andrea for Hershel's death, since she didn't kill The Governor when she had the chance? Nah, you'll happily blame Daryl for Glenn's death while you sit there and thirst over Negan. I hate this fandom.

Did I say it was completely 100% Daryl’s fault? No. I’m fully aware that Negan is the one that killed Glenn and he is also to blame. But guess what? If Daryl didn’t get out of line to punch Negan in the face, the rest of it never would’ve happened. 

Pushing that aside you’re acting as if it’s against the law to be mad at Daryl for something that he played a role in. Because whether you like it or not, that’s what happened. Daryl is not a saint. Daryl should be held accountable for his actions just as much as any other character on this show has been. I don’t have to coddle the fan favorite character just because it might hurt this fandom’s feelings. 

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