So I recently hit 6k and I’m still so excited, you guys make me really happy and bring a smile on my face even when it’s hard for me to smile. And I’m really happy that I had a chance to meet you, get to know some of you and talk to you. I’ve met so many nice, fun and so damn amazing people here and I’m extremly happy to befriend some.

So yeah, in short I wanted to show you how much I love you at least in some way, so i decided to make this follow forever ^^

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this is arden, your favorite bbq mom reporting for duty! i recently reached a goal that i never thought was possible on this blog. when i first started tumblr i had created it just to reblog some pictures and talk to some of my readers, but it quickly took a different turn ( for the best ). i found many new friends, new pals, and people whom i call family. what started as a small collection of kids a little over two months ago has grown to a large family of 1,111! thank you to all that stuck with me through thick and thin, and have always reached out to me. i appreciate every single message, every single ask, every single interaction between you and i, and it will always be remembered in my heart. now, as your mother, i want to showcase the few superb souls that i’ve met along this exciting journey!

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@ most recent anon: You’ve contacted me multiple times on this and I’ve already said I’m not going to respond to that from a user on anon. I really have no problem discussing it but I’m not going to do it with an anon. This is the last time I’m going to comment on it, if you continue to send questions like that anonymously I’m not going to respond.