Can we talk Yuri! on Ice? Part 3

Or about how Georgi looked like he was on a date and moving on?

Or about how Sala texted Seung-gil?

Or about how she apparently texts so often Seung-gil doesn’t feel like answering?

Or about how Emil is still trying to hang out with Mickey?

Or about Yuuri and Chris poll dancing together?

Or about the people in the background of the banquet photos?

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 11) Senior Year: Nursey

Nursey has never looked less chill. He’s practically vibrating as he props up the wall in the attic. “Bro, I don’t think I can.”

“Nurse,” says Holster, wondering where he went wrong. “Bro. It’s dibs. Isn’t this literally what you’ve been working for all year? You cleaned my haunted jockstrap. Twice.”

“Yeah,” says Nursey, spacing out. “But Ransom asked Dex yesterday.”

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I want Ian and Mickey to just talk; a good long chat about each other and how they’re doing. I want Ian to ask Mick about prison, I want them to talk about micks tattoo, I want Mickey to ask how Ian is doing with his disorder and how his mental state is. I want them to share each other in a moment of Just them no cares in the world and a quite moment. I just want them to say I love you face to face for real, NO ulterior. I don’t really care if gallavich is END game, like yes it would be nice but I just want a good
Moment of Ian and Mickey, two separate beings talking about their lives in the past few years.

About “historically accurate”

Yes, it may have been a historical fact for that time.  


a)  it was published in 1993 and carries with it those tropes and ideals

b)  is being read and adapted NOW and so is being read and interpreted by people with different sensibilities than those in 18th century Britain, or 20th century.

What is on the page is a fixed point.  The words cannot change.  However, how they are read and interpreted can and should change.   


Here’s some of the photos I’ve found of Kyungil’s enlistment today, photo credit to their respective owners and bless them for taking them

I’m gonna link some videos and hope they don’t delete them: x x x x x

Look at him guys! He’s so adorable, still smiley. I’m not gonna start rambling in this post, I just wanted to share the photos since I haven’t seen them on here yet.

He will be back early September 2018 <3

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what's your opinion on aliens, josh? 👽

I’m gonna hack the universe if it’s the last thing I do, and they’ve got the technology to do it… (insp.)

Hey guys so I can’t afford to buy my friends and family Christmas gifts this year. So I set up a seller account on amazon to sell some of my academic books. If anyone is interested in checking the books out here is the link.

It’s a long shot but I figured I’d offer. I am keeping my Holocaust books so most are history, education, or minority studies related. I also have a few comics for sale. Most of the books are listed for the cheapest price on amazon. 

edit: I also have the pipboy edition of Fallout 4 (in the metal case with the perks poster) that I’m willing to sell since I use a steam bought copy. Price is flexible but I’d prefer around 30-35 for it. Message me if you’re interested (amazon doesn’t have a category for it).

Pudding has visions of the future?

It’s been all but confirmed that Pudding is the three-eyed girl we saw near the end of the Fishman Island arc. Among her siblings Pudding seems far too ‘normal’. No crazy character design, not combat strength, no evil tendencies. There is one thing she’s still hiding though, and it’s her third eye. Third eyes are symbolic, signs of great spiritual wisdom “which provide perception beyond ordinary sight”.

Psychics and fortune tellers aren’t unheard of in One Piece. Madame Shyarly is the most competent one we’ve seen so far and she uses her crystal ball as a medium. What if Pudding uses her third eye as a medium? 

Have we already witnessed her use it too?

In chapter 828 we see her tell the Strawhats that she met Sanji and he told her that he can’t marry her because “he has to return to his friends”. Obviously the two hadn’t met at this point, but perhaps because of this vision she saw, she was hesitant about the marriage from the very beginning. She doesn’t want to marry a man that doesn’t love her back. So because of this foresight, she decided to do what she could to aid the Strawhats in their rescue mission.

Jump to twenty chapters later…

Note that Oda has put emphasis on this bouquet of flowers, even showing Sanji picking them from the garden the chapter before. And what’s Sanji holding in Pudding’s vision? Flowers.

If you’ll notice in the background here, we see the same gazebo and flower arches as in Pudding’s flashback/vision as well.

So what does this all mean? Perhaps we won’t see Pudding’s vision come true because of how much the future’s been changed since then, but if we do see it, it will be at the end of the arc when Sanji is safe again.

“At the very end he shared something with me… ‘I really want to marry you but I cant. I’ve gotta return to my friends.”


Rather than 12 Days of OCS because lord knows I won’t be posting one a day, what I WILL be doing is 12 liveblogs throughout this month to celebrate some of the lovely OC fanfics that I haven’t had a chance to keep updated on or haven’t had a chance to read at all yet. So here is the list of the 12 OCs I’ve picked so stay tuned for my liveblogs of these lovely fics!

  1. Ellie Connor by @lady-baratheon
  2. Emery Duran by @dubonet
  3. Riley Haven by @havenboundinbeaconhills
  4. Maggie Stevens by @angelsanarchy
  5. Olivia Dunbar by @catgrant
  6. Cassandra Argent by @bellamysgirl
  7. Sadie Bennet by @thetenthdoctorscompanion
  8. Nikita Grace by @papermoon262
  9. Joanne McLaughlin by @drbobbimorse
  10. Eleanora Argent by @eleanoraargent
  11. Aneksi Stone Malek by @nefertiris 
  12. Madeline Hayes by @anarchxst

I’m so tired…

I’m pretty sure the vast majority of you don’t care, (no one usually cares about personal posts on aesthetic blogs,,,) but I’m thinking about coming back to this blog. However, in addition to pastel pink (and maybe other pastel colors. Idk yet) posts, I want to make this my Love Live! blog as well. (Tbh I reblogged a lot of love live aesthetic posts in the past so this isn’t that big of a change anyway.) That’s the only way for me to start using this blog more often.

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the writer's shouldn't have tried to humanize Ben; he was trash even when they tried to paint him as not so

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

this is a tricky one, because this is an opinion that i definitely respect. however, at the end of the day i gotta disagree. i absolutely LOVE ben. yes, he did a lot of bad shit. which is the understatement of the century. but there are so many facets to his character and so many reasons for why he does the things he does. although it happens closer to the end of the show, i think he has one of the best character arcs/development there is. i’ve actually written a long meta-y post on ben before, so i’m not gonna type too much more here. but yeah. again, i’ll just say that while i completely respect this opinion, i gotta disagree with you. i love ben and i love their decision to humanize him. he always ends up a fave™ in the end for me.

send unpopular opinions!


((So I’ve just had an ask about RPing non- consent (non con) and I know exactly where this has come from because although I have been no part of the drama that has been going on, I am aware of it. I haven’t posted the ask because frankly I didn’t like it’s accusatory tone and would have preferred the poster to contact me via chat or not on anon…never be scared to express your views to me, I may not agree with them but I will always be polite during the debate of them.

So here we go folks, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, I knew I would only inflate this issue which has already grown out of all proportion but hey, so….

I RP a villian and I RP a lot of dark shit on this blog…sex, murder, necrophellia (the last one admittedly hinted at but not RPed) and while I am well aware ER has made non-con threats towards other Ricks this was only actually RPed with consent from the other mun in Feral Youth an AU of my current ship and it is something I believe is also about to be explored in another thread with someone else that is due to be continued…well perhaps not, we’ll see how they feel about it after all this.

Yes it is an ugly, awful thing, but life is ugly and this exists in our world and it is one teeny tiny aspect of this blog, in fact non con rarely features at all. But that is not to say it is out of bounds for my muse…that is what it is important for me to let you know, I may choose to RP it at some point.

I tag my stuff when this rarely happens usually with #noncon I am happy to tag what people ask me to.

Most significantly I feel that mun and muse are separate…my muse’s perspective and views do not necessarily represent my own. In fact some of the best character writers are those that can express something that sits entirely at odds with their own perspective. There is an important differentiation here and it should not be overlooked. Which I think is a large part of the debate that has been going on between some factions of this community tonight.

If you want to unfollow me because of my views / the fact I may RP non con at some point you are quite welcome to. That is your choice just like it is my choice to unfollow or block C-137 cest blogs.

I know there is a lot of talk about triggers going on but I think if you are going to have a discussion about that there needs to be an equally important discussion about censorship. By publically vilifying a mun whose muse says something or does something you find morally repulsive/ triggering you are censoring them and accusing them of holding beliefs which may not be their own. There needs to be careful discussion about this kind of thing not flared outbursts and accusations.

These are my views, as always I make no apology for them.))

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Sansa x Edric?

  1. Angst - he does not like to think of her as a traitor whose head may end up on a spike, but they say she’s committed treason, and for all he knows his boyhood dreams of a smile may never come to pass.
  2. AU - sansa pretends not to notice but there’s a boy dressed up as robin hood for halloween and she loves robin hood because she always thought she looked like maid marian with her fox-colored hair and her bright blue eyes, even if she’s not a fox.
  3. Crack - sansa’s never liked riding segways, and gods only know they aren’t made for forest terrain, but she stands between ned and his handlebars and she’s sure that if only they can escape from lord baelish’s outriders, he’ll carry through on his promise to bring her to winterfell. 
  4. Future fic - she reaches out a hand to touch it, knowing that her father had once held it in his hands, and she wonders if the trace of warmth in the hilt comes from edric or from the memory of her father.
  5. First Time - they could very well be dead and enslaved on the morrow, what does a maidenhead matter anyway?
  6. Fluff - “my lady,” he says and he sees a flush creep up her neck as he hands her a rose and she knows that ned will remember it, will treasure it even if loras didn’t.
  7. Humor - “look i can’t call you ned that’s my dad’s name and i know that you can’t avoid the freudian in life but that crosses a line.”
  8. Hurt/Comfort - he can’t replace the family she’s lost, nor can she replace his, but sitting by the fire together almost makes him believe he can.
  9. Smut - there are stars everywhere in starfall, carved into walls and outside of their window, and behind the backs of sansa’s eyes as she gasps and her heart roars and her sex convulses against his tongue.
  10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) - she wonders if he glances at her before couching his lance, if he sees the way she holds his rose to her nose and smiles into it, or if he knows that she’s watching the way he sits so gracefully atop his horse.