Ok I was thinking about a witch au and I was thinking equally hard about their outfits as well as what magick they’d practice so this is all I have rn HAHA but.

Pidge dabbles in both green magic and techno magic. Hunk is a crystal witch! Lance comes from a family of sea witches and he lives by the beach…Keith I’m not sure about yet but I really needed to draw him with an athame. Fire? Knife? It’s perfect

the last one was just an excuse to cover them all in their elements, rituals arent actually that messy ksj

I can’t believe my first MM ‘art’ was a shitty vent doodle at 3am.

Soon enough I’ll draw proper fanart!!I swear!!! 
It’ll probably be of my generic mc being cute with Jaehee though haha;;

Mostly putting this here for reference later, but I actually really love this chapter starter page. I want to do a redraw of this, or attempt to. Believe it or not I’ve only done one mangacap redraw since I’ve been in the fandom. Still hard to believe that I’ve only been involved for a year…

Moogster Hair

Surprise snitch, she was the leader of the Spiders all along! ( someone help her she can not read )

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I felt like doing a follow-forever! So I’m going to list below all the blogs who I will follow forever since they are so fantastic! You all have inspired me to take a new view on the sims 4 and actually leave my little shell and be more social – not only on this community but on tumblr as well, so thank for being yourselves and being amazing!
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anonymous asked:

I have a few questions about Caleb's ability. Can he feel others when they're in pain and can he localize it to a certain area? And this one's a bit stupid, but does his ability only work on humans?

This is such a great question! The short answer is sometimes, yes, he can feel physical pain. But Caleb is not personally able to localize it at this time. If someone is in physical pain, Caleb will feel a general kind of pain. Rather than his body drawing attention to a specific area of his body that needs seeing to (like it would if he himself stubbed his toe), feeling the pain of others is his body drawing attention to that specific person in need. 

All the same rules apply though - proximity, strength of feeling, Caleb’s own mindset. And his empathy tends to prioritize emotional signals over physical ones. This is why he enjoys football. Because everyone, including himself, is physically exerting themselves, it all sort of evens out. His body can’t process every little twinge and ache in every player and instead he feels that kind of good burning soreness that you feel when you have a good workout. People getting seriously injured is a different story. 

Caleb’s ability works best on humans. The closer something’s neurology is to his own, the better it works. So, if Caleb spent a lot of time one-on-one with a chimpanzee or other primate, he could probably get it working pretty well. As for dogs and cats and other domestic animals, he is only slightly more in tune with them than their owners would be - he can tell when they’re happy and when they’re freaked, but it isn’t as much of a conscious things as it is with humans. Caleb could definitely be described as an animal person in the sense that he’s naturally very good with them. 


This week on TPoH: Mod is literally trying to murder me with Melody not only yelling “D” with increasing desperation, but having the second one be ‘choked’.

I Don’t Need Everything... Just Your Heart Will Do, Chapter 2

A/N: And the award for the longest fic title goes to… Just kidding. So here’s part two for that experiment AU that was requested to me. This fic keeps trying to take a darker route, but I’ll try to keep it under a ‘T’ rating. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading!

part one // FFN link

No. Eight-Eight Rho

You are a weapon…

She watched him, her stomach twisting in knots the longer she stared. This… response was not anticipated. Was not warranted.

You do not think.

She traced along the edge of the bloodied steel blade, applying enough pressure to almost cut through the flesh of her thumb. Just enough to remind her of its capacity.

Of its purpose.

You do not feel.

His chest still rose and fell methodically. Breathing in and out.

In and out.

You have one purpose, and one purpose only.

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gone series meme: [4/5] heartbreaking scenes → plague; literally just diana at the mansion

↳  “You’re going? ” Diana asked. 

      “Of course,” Caine said. “We’re going. We’re even going to bring Penny. She’ll come in handy. Maybe Lana can fix her legs. And then she’ll be very useful at controlling people.”

      Caine started whistling happily as he stuffed clothing into a Dolce & Gabbana bag. 

      “You should grab some clothes,” Caine said. “It might be a while before we get back here.” 

      “I’m not going,” Diana said. 

      Caine stopped. He smiled at her. Then his eyes went dead and she felt herself pushed by an invisible hand, shoved toward the closet. “I said pack,” Caine said. 


      “Don’t make me do something we’ll both regret,” he warned. Then in a more reasonable tone, “I thought you loved me. What’s all this about?”