dating justin would involve (part one):

  • him randomly sending flowers to your house/job
  • kissing your nose and then biting it
  • him attempting to cook for you while he narrates everything he does like he’s on food network
  • you having to jump in when he burns something
  • LOTS of butt touching/grabbing/etc.
  • sex before his concerts
  • sex after his concerts
  • him singing random songs in a country accent
  • clinging to his back like a koala while he works on music stuff late at night
  • wearing his shirt on your lazy days while he remains shirtless
  • pouting at you and saying “babe just one more kiss” whenever you have to leave him
  • you yelling at him when he does something stupid while he just listens silently and clenches his jaw
  • him kissing you in the middle of you yelling at him
  • yanking down his pants when he’s sagging too much to teach him a lesson
  • stupid freestyle rap battles
  • calling him “daddy”
  • silently laying in bed with him after having sex and tracing your fingers over his tattoos
  • him frantically coming home late from the studio screaming “babe! babe! you gotta listen to this!”
  • trying to get you to dance with him while you’re cleaning the house
  • super cute voicemails of him just saying he misses you
  • going on spontaneous dates in a different country
  • him coming up from behind you and pinching your waist to scare you
  • flirting with you and formally asking you out on a date even though you’re already together

anonymous asked:

Taylor swift is friends with lena dunham! You who lena dunham is i hope?unapologetic racist and rapist. And there have been a leaked dms of taylors and lenas discussion about it. There is a photo of taylor with a swastika on her shirt! So please explain how taylor swift is a femenist? Or we allow racists and rapists and their comrades in our rank?

The swastika was explained a long time ago. Someone drew it on her at a party and she had no idea and the guy who drew it on there (funny how he never gets blamed for it) insists it wasn’t even meant to be a swastika, if you believe him. 

I do know who Lena Dunham is and have very strong opinions about her, but again shockingly having shitty friends doesn’t exclude someone from being a feminist. And yes, we do have fucking racists in our rank. That is sort of the point of my whole “we don’t get to decide who is a feminist” thing, because we can’t pretend that there are not racist and biphobic and bigoted people who are feminists. 

Gatekeeping feminism doesn’t help anything so feel free to take your passive aggressive condescending attitude elsewhere.