Do you ever think about Leo being abused by his foster parents? I mean it was mentioned only very briefly, but that was only one parent, and there are many different types of abuse. Leo ran away from his foster homes seven times. What happened those other six?

I mean, do you ever wonder if he always has to initiate touch? Do you ever think maybe he has such burdening issues because he was constantly told he was one? Do you ever think he swears so much because he grew up around people who would swear at him? Call him ugly, worthless, pathetic, stupid, useless, a monster? Do you ever think they used him, or shoved him into a closet for hours on end? Why do you think he’s more comfortable around machines? Why do you think he’s so scrawny? Why do you think his first reaction to meeting new people is to make them like him?

I know we all like to paint Leo off as the butt of the joke but, I mean, just imagine for one second after a battle during the Giant War where Leo’s getting treated, and Percy’s there to see his shirt off, and he sees his bare, skinny back, and for one sickening, horrific second he recognizes old scars. From a belt, from a boot, from a knife. For a second he remembers Gabe and everything he went through with him and he realizes–even if no one else does–exactly what Leo went through as a kid. Just think about that.


Guardians - Vertigo by Pawel Pentlinowski

Given the freedom to choose, Kubrick seems to be saying, some people will inevitably choose to be violent, yet for the state to deny men freedom of choice is itself an act of violence. Both these extremes—the justification of state violence and the glorification of individualistic violence—are often labeled fascist. A Clockwork Orange pits them against each other, opting ultimately (and uneasily) for the individual when the state is forced by the scandal of Alex’s suicide attempt to restore him to his antisocial old self. Kubrick’s pessimism is thus fully expressed. “Man isn’t a noble savage, he’s an ignoble savage,” he told a Times reporter. “He’s irrational, brutal, weak, silly, unable to be objective about anything where his own interests are involved—that about sums it up. I’m interested in the brutal and violent nature of man because it’s a true picture of him. Any attempt to create social institutions on a false view of the nature of man is probably doomed to failure.

“One cannot say that Christianity is a religion. Christianity, is a revelation of eternity and life. The angels rejoice greatly, because God has revealed Himself - mystically - to His creature: man. Our human nature has become part of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and that is a great gift that we do not even appreciate. Instead, we have cleaved to the things of this world.”
–Blessed Elder Thaddeus

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If your still open for headcannons, can I ask for a one where s/o's birthday is coming up and mei, tracer, mercy, and zarya want to do something special for them as a surprise? Also thank you for opening up this blog. I'm really enjoying it!

A/N: You’re too kind nonnie! We’re glad you like the blog! - Mod D.Va


  • She’ll surprise you with flowers and a delicious homemade breakfast
  • Then she’ll bring you to some of her favourite nature spots in your town to go explore and celebrate (be sure to bring good walking shoes)
  • The two of you will take lots of pictures of the scenery and just when you think the day can’t get any better you turn and see Mei setting up a picnic in a nice shady spot
  • The two of you spend the rest of the day eating and chatting while being enveloped by the nature all around you.


  • Oh man, this girl. She’ll be so excited about celebrating your birthday that she practically bounds into your room and excitedly starts waking you up.
    • “Come on come on! You have a big day ahead of you!” “Lena please it’s 8 AM let me sleep in on my birthday.”
  • Tracer and you go all around the town that’s stationed near the base you two are currently assigned at, and spend the time walking around hand-in-hand and shopping, chatting, and being all lovely-dovey.
  • After a long day out and about when you get home you’re ready to sleep until you walk in an hear a simultaneous “Surprise!” turns out she set up a surprise birthday party for you back at the base and the party picks right back up.
  • At the end when everyone’s retired back to their rooms Tracer comes by and shyly hands you a gift, have you ever seen a shy Tracer? She’s cute af. It’s a small necklace with both your initials engraved into it and you pull her into a hug and kiss before she has a chance to say anything.


  • You and Mercy have a lazy start to the morning with some morning cuddling and kisses and you could honestly just spend the whole day in bed with her if you could.
    • Eventually you two get out of bed, eventually. You and Mercy go to a nearby little café to get some breakfast while you two decide what you want to do for your birthday.
  • You two opt for a quiet celebration back at the base, curling up with each other and watching movies, tv shows, reading. Any sort of activity where you two could just enjoy each other’s presence.
  • You and Mercy end up getting called away to do some work around the base and you two don’t really see each other for the rest of the day. When you get back to your room however there’s a gift lying gently on the sheets and you know it’s from her.
  • When she gets back to her room she’s immediately pulled into a cuddling and kissing session that lasts the whole night.


  • When you wake up that morning Zarya’s already gone, and you alter find her working out in the weights room (of course).
    • Of course you’re in the mood for some loving from your Russian girlfriend and walk up to her, giving her a hug and sleepily asking her to come back to bed with you.
  • While she normally would have said she’d come back once she was done with her routine there was something about you in your half asleep state that she found so attractive, coupled with the fact that it’s your birthday she doesn’t have it in her heart to say no to you. You two spend most of the day snuggling in bed and making small talk.
  • Of course she’ll take you out to dinner in a nice little restaurant where you two chat over food and drinks. Also when she first sees you dressed in your best you can see that she’s trying really hard not to blush at the sight of you.
  • Before the night ends she gives you your gift and you can’t help but notice that you two have caught the eye of a few people near your table, who are currently making noises at how cute you two looked and you almost fainted right then and there.

Please allow me to present my rareship, Inquisitior Yavanna Lavellan and Gereon Alexius, reflected symbolically through the changing of the seasons.

Autumn shows despair and decay; Alexius’ only son, his dear Felix, who he would have done anything to protect, is dying of the Blight, and the grieving, guilt-ridden father is desperately trying to save him.

Winter is cold and deadly; at his wits’ end, Alexius has agreed to join the evil Venatori cult and work against the Inquisition, in exchange for a vague promise of a cure for his beloved child. This is when he first meets Yavanna Lavellan, the Herald of Andraste - a mistake that should never have existed. After being sent forward through time, Yavanna sees the depths of depravity that Alexius has sunk to, but her new friend Dorian reassures her that this is not the man that was once his mentor; and, being compassionate by nature, even to her enemies, the Herald takes pity on the Venatori and, once the true reality is restored, sets herself a goal of helping him redeem himself.

Spring means new beginnings; Alexius has been defeated and captured by the Inquisition, while his son is left to die. During the Elder One’s attack on Haven, he is left behind in the dungeon while the evacuation takes place above, and almost suffocates under the avalanche that the Herald has set loose. But the newest member of the Inquisition’s motley gang, an odd boy name Cole, finds Alexius in his dreams (where he believes himself to be back at home, having dinner with his family) and wakes him up. Making his way to safety through the dark and cold of the mountainous wilderness, Alexius crosses paths with Yavanna, who is still recovering from her trebuchet heroics. Side by side, they catch up with the Inquisition, and the first inklings of friendship appear between them - so, not surprisingly, when Alexius’ trial comes, the newly appointed Inquisitor Lavellan shows him mercy. She assigns him to assist the mages from Redcliffe, and keeps visiting him from time to time, especially after news of Felix’s death arrives from Tevinter.

(On a semi-unrelated note, I referenced those hands from pardoned!Blackwall’s epilogue slide).

And finally, the central panel is Summer, showing that Alexius and the Inquisitor have gone from enemies to friends to lovers.

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Claudio Villanueva was the first of his family to be born on American soil. A boy of sunny temperament and precocious nature, he grew into a man who seemed in constant awe of the world and its beauty. He often fell into periods of enchantment over new discoveries, which he related in a manner most flamboyant, though passionate, even exaggerating his presence to bring humor to those who knew him. 

For him, though, such moments were an oasis amid a life that was not so easy or idyllic as he might have hoped. His father, himself the Spanish-born son of an entrepreneur, proved a disciplined, prudent man who would see the same qualities passed to his own. He pushed the young Claudio to find work so that his mother and younger sister would be provided for, an undertaking that was not altogether unsuccessful and yet a heavy thing for him to shoulder. 

The ennui present in the long hours he toiled away from home, though suffocating at times, were nevertheless quieted when he returned to see the results of his efforts. Within the faces of his family who could eat and live cleanly, due in part to him, Claudio found the resolve to continue with few complaints (save for those that offered a good tale to share), until tragedy visited the household. 

Following several years of health concerns, his father fell ill with pneumonia and succumbed to complications. By then, Claudio worked as the man’s assistant in a butchery he purchased a time prior, but was himself unable to maintain alone and absent the guidance he once knew. Luisa, his sister, soon joined him in a quest to see ends meet that their mother, then sickly herself and set upon by grief, would not suffer. Moved by her childrens’ devotion, yet wishing to ease their sacrifices, she began to sell paintings she created as a younger woman of some local renown.

Upon learning that his mother, a Mexicana artist, had auctioned her work, Claudio felt galvanized in ensuring she could keep those pieces most precious to her. Despite the effects of labor and scarce time to cultivate a similar talent, he turned to producing romantic literature and poetry like those that had soared in popularity, and comforted his stifled mind. However, noble as his intent was, he did not always come upon inspiration honorably, or with a standard for originality.

Soon, others drew notice. One man in particular, who Claudio admired for his prose, became enraged when he discovered it published under the desperate aspirant’s name. Equipped with such means, he sent paid thugs to chase after him on a night he ventured into town to collect his earnings. Claudio was cornered, beaten from recognition, and left to die. He thought himself for Heaven’s gates when darkness swelled in his vision, and awoke to a face he took for an angel. Corauni, as she called herself, indeed plucked him from the streets, but it was another woman with dark hair and calm, focused eyes who revived him. 

Yet his gratitude and inexplicable, heightened affection for the Romani saw him to press with further questions and flirtation. She asked if he would live free of the threats he knew then, which would undoubtedly flourish if he was discovered alive, and though he still worried for his family, said yes. He was then spirited to nearby Sacramento where, upon securing permission from Prince Mateo, Corauni Embraced him. 

Bestowed with life eternal, he was diligently schooled in the basic code and conduct of Kindred society. Corauni was indeed willing to instruct her childe until he was ready to stand for himself, but so too was she who brought him from the precipice of death, who he learned was the lover of his sire. Called Liu Ling, she imparted her knowledge to the fledgling and aided Corauni in acclimating him to his new life.

Though enamored with his sire for a short time, a notion she encouraged a time or two, Claudio eventually came to view she and Liu Ling as mothers. When it was time for him to make his own mark on the world, just over a decade later, he was somewhat saddened to be parted from their company, but was grateful for their parts and expressed an eagerness to meet with them again, whenever that might be.

Upon inspection not long after his Embrace, he investigated his former home for sign of his mother and sister. Both were present within, but Claudio tasted sorrow that, by word of Corauni and Liu Ling, it would be unwise for him to speak with them. Mostly abiding their advice, on occasion the women were visited by a roll of cash atop their doorstep, addressed to them by name yet unsigned.

Death was God’s creation in the beginning. Man naturally fears him. Dark toxins rotted his flesh away, leaving nothing but pure white bone. Should his lips connect with the victim’s, Death will release a poison unknown to nature. 
Did she fear death? No. Had Death given her that final kiss, she would be all the more happier; she’d be free to bloom like the irises in early spring. Yet, Death was a figure who worked all on his own. His lips were laid on the girl’s life, indeed. But she did not die. Death had merely killed the old, cold, emotionless her, and crafted a woman with a desire to live and love. 

                 Death had certainly created a master piece.

Your dog understands you more than you may think. Recent studies found that dogs understand both familiar words and tone of voice, which they can combine to correctly interpret what you are saying. So if you’ve ever moaned about getting out of bed for a morning walk, your dog may still get excited, but he knows you aren’t feeling it. Source