One Supreme Friend

To remain calm and at peace under all circumstances is man’s divine duty. To form a bad opinion of a person just because one has heard some gossip about them is wrong.

Hostility, condemnation, abusive language, ill-feeling and so forth, even if kept concealed within one’s mind, will and must fall back on oneself. Nobody should ever harm himself by harboring such thoughts feelings which are ultimately, detrimental to one’s own self.

If you do not steer your thoughts astray from His Lotus-feet there is hope of your being saved from all manner of temptations.

Man’s duty is to awaken true humanity and to cast aside his animal propensities; to choose what is excellent and to relinquish the merely pleasurable.

Let your mind be like a beautiful flower that may be offered to the Lord in worship. In very truth, man’s sole duty is the search after Self-realization. With but the One Supreme friend, you must try to avoid the ties of worldly friendship.

Losing hope is losing all indeed. But has this loss of everything occurred? Is not the heart still bubbling over with desires and hopes? This is only natural — it is the innate tendency of the individual.

Perfect resignation ushers in the deepest joy of all. Accept it as your sole resource. Whatever God does at any time is wholly benign. If you can bear this in mind, you will be at peace.

By K.Nagori

Your dog understands you more than you may think. Recent studies found that dogs understand both familiar words and tone of voice, which they can combine to correctly interpret what you are saying. So if you’ve ever moaned about getting out of bed for a morning walk, your dog may still get excited, but he knows you aren’t feeling it. Source


Two hours at the Old Man of Storr, Scotland. Note the people for scale.

To become a man, boys from Brazil’s Sateré-Mawé tribe have to wear gloves filled with bullet ants. The boys collect dozens of the ants, which have a sting 30 times worse than a bee’s, weave them into gloves, and wear them while performing a 10-minute ritual dance. They aren’t considered full warriors until they’ve done this 20 times. Source


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