Okaaay sooo anyone remember that archive trip I did? I go back into my archive and reblog stuff that I’ve did in the past for four hours straight? Yeah well I’ve gained a lot of followers and I’m glad to have them and all of you to follow me. However, I knew I may lose some because THEY DIDN’T READ MY WARNING. Soo this is a comic of me and mega talking about what happened.

I lost 13 followers after it was time to let the followers off the bus. And he claimed he thought they were tourists…so he took them to (gigantic big human like monster) and that thing ATE THEM AND THEN MEGA HAD TO FIGHT THE THING FOR FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT! SO 13 OF MY FOLLOWERS GOT BORED, WENT OFF THE BUS, AND FOLLOWED MEGA. FFS! 

Anyways….I knew I would lose some followers, but didn’t expect them to get eaten. xD @megametalairman


And then the New 52 reboot happened.

The thing is, I’m not really interested in talking about Wonder Woman’s role in the New 52, because it just makes me irritable and I don’t think there’s anything I could say about it that hasn’t already been said much more eloquently by others.

If you’re interested in a critical discussion of the New 52’s reimagining of Wonder Woman, I recommend this essay, which excellently captures a lot of the issues the problems I have with what’s been done to her.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to talk about the parts I like. Which means I’m going to (mostly) talk about DC’s Digital First publications.

For those who are unfamiliar, DC Digital First is a line of comics that are initially released online and digitally through services like Comixology. Digital issues typically come out weekly or biweekly, cost 99 cents each and run about 10 pages. Every three digital issues are then collected and republished as 30-page print issues for those who prefer their comics in hardcopy form.

That’s the nuts and bolts of it. But what’s pertinent to Wonder Woman fans is this:

  • Digital First comics exist outside of the main DC Universe, i.e. outside of the New 52
  • As a result of this, writers and artists working on Digital First comics seem to be allowed a good deal more creative freedom, and the result has been some AWESOME COMICS THAT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ

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Splatoon : Heroes of Inkopolis Comic - Pages 63 - 69

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Octavio starts losing his cool and channels US Octavio while Agent 1 and 2 reveal their true identities! Octavio targets them after monologing and Orange and Blue need to help them! Charge-&-Roll is a success this time but looks like it was not enough to knock him out. Uh oh…