In 2016, Cards Against Humanity got people to pay them over $100,000 to dig a hole for no reason.  

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You may remember some of their protests from previous years - like that one time they sold actual bull shit to 30k people:


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Well, there's lots of gay stuff. Way too much, if there was such a thing of way too much gay stuff. Like, Korrasami and Pharmercy and the likes. VIdeo games guest star. There is an insufficient amount of metal (there are no 22 metals here).


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too much

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gay stuff

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When you go overboard in decorating a 🎄 but still proud of it 😂

home from the con. i spent an improbable amount of money for someone who doesn’t watch the show anymore. it was still really fun though, and everyone was really friendly. there were lots of crying people around. like lots. it was a little hilarious. got (horrifyingly expensive) pictures with osric chau, misha collins, mark shepard and julian ruthings (who is literally the cutest person ever). so overall it was very successful and enjoyable 

i’m still not watching supernatural again though

and I mean now that it’s 2 am and I’m scrolling through selfies, I’m so glad my hair grew out again?? not only do I look weird with short hair, but it gets this terrible untameable wave to it. I spent like three months of my life last year looking like a goddamn sports anime protagonist and it was horrible. look. in this one I even know it’s horrible. I am inviting the viewer to share in my pain. there is barely-restrained agony in those eyes.

and the glasses were still ugly hahaha

I am probably going to come to my senses and delete all these selfies in a few hours, idk. selfies is what twitter is for.