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Des, be honest: does Monster of the Deep justify buying PS VR?

If it’s the only VR game that you’re interested in playing– No. I don’t think any gaming system is worth buying if there’s only one game you want. (I’m looking at you, Nintendo Wii! Resident Evil and Silent Hill could only hold me over for so long!)

That said, Monster of the Deep is fun, and there are other games for VR that I’ve played and enjoyed, too. Resident Evil 7 is probably at the top of the list. Other good VR titles include Batman: Arkham VR (a very short but very, very cool experience for any hardcore Batman fan like me), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (which is free for Playstation Plus users right now!), and VR Worlds. And I haven’t had a chance to play the Voltron VR game yet, but it looks cute enough! :>


I received this clear files I bought on ebay today! You must know I love junior high so I had to spend money on them (expensive as heck because for a mistake it was sent to the wrong address so I had to pay the shiptment twice lol)

And surprise! Those are 2 clear files. I thought it was one of the common size but they are two… 15.5 cm x 22 cm each one xD Very cute hehe ♡

thinkin’ about net neutrality and specifically people fearing certain sites and services being offered in extra packages.

on one hand, if we lose net neutrality and that happens, it seems like another way of controlling media and keeping poor people from accessing it with the same ease they have been able to, and I could do without this Shadowrun dystopian bullshit.

on the other hand, if we lose net neutrality and that happens, I’m hoping that it’ll completely gut all of these major online businesses, media outlets, and services from the influx of people no longer being able to access them with the same ease as before, and what hilarious fucking backlash that would make. Hopefully something like that would, in theory, give rise to startup ISPs that would just offer a flat package without having certain sites behind a paywall.

but it would be really cool to not lose net neutrality in the first place, thanks.


Cuphead: Did I mention that “Marriage” will be 20 Coins extra?
Mugman: CUPHEAD!!!
Cuphead: Dont’cha worry the “Marriage” ain’t real.

May be one of my brother’s dumb crazy ideas again, but as long as it’s for charity, guess I’ll just go with it.