BMC Somebody to Love Me (Expensive Headphones); Two Dudes in a Bathroom

Jake glared from across the lunchroom as he came through the door. Michael sat in his spot at their lunch table, next to Rich as he talked to Jenna. This was a little too close for his comfort, especially with the way he stared at Rich. Taking a sip of his slushie he tapped Rich on the shoulder, saying something that made him laugh. Getting up from the table he walked into the men’s restroom with Jake following close behind.


“Okay, listen to this one, what’s better then roses on a piano?” The beginning of the lunch period had been spent between the group telling the dumbest jokes they could think of when Michael remembered I’ve he heard from Jeremy a few days ago.

“I don’t know, what?”

“Tu-lips on an organ.” Rich laughed as Jenna made a face before she realized the pun.

“Oh, ew gross.”

“Hey, I will have you know that it’s a clever play on words.” As Michael said this he felt his stomach move. “Be right back.”

“Sure,” Rich watched as Michael walked over to the restrooms before turning back to Jenna.


Unzipping his pants Michael almost jumped when the door opened. He hated using the urinal but the stall was broken. In came Jake Dillinger, taking the one right next to Michael who tried not looking at him.

‘Why the hell is he so close? There’s literally three other stalls he could have taken, not next to me. What if he talks to me?’

Trying to avoid this Michael hurried, quickly pulling up his pants as he went over to the sink.

“Yo, Michael right?”

‘Shit, he’s talking to me…’

“Yeah?” He didn’t look over, focusing on his hands.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Uh, sure?”

“How often do you hang out with other people’s boyfriends?”

“What?” Michael was surprised when he looked up to see Jake standing behind him in the mirror. “Jesus!”

“I want you to stay away from Rich.”

“Stay away fr-what are you talking about?”

“I saw you this morning, you had his jacket.”

“Yeah, he left it in my car last night,” Michael’s back was to the sink as Jake got closer to him making him nervous as he saw the angry look on Jake’s face. “It’s just a jacket, nothing to get upset over-” Michael tried pushing past him but was surprised when Jake punched him in the stomach. Falling to the ground Michael found himself gasping for air as Jake kneeled down.

“I saw you staring at him and I don’t like that. You’re going to go down to the nurse’s office and not talk to Rich for the rest of the day, capiche?” Michael nodded his head as Jake got up and left the bathroom.


Rich looked at the empty seat right next to him wondering where Michael went when he felt two hands cover his eyes as a kiss was planted on his cheek.

“Guess who.”


“And we have a winner!” He removed the hands, sitting down next to Rich.

“Hey, where were you today? I didn’t see you in Shop today.”

“I was busy, stuff to do. Things to get rid of. Who’s drink is this?” Looking over Rich saw his boyfriend holding a 7/11 slushie cup.


“Where is he? He went to use the bathroom like five minutes ago.” Jenna asked noticing Michael’s now filled space.

“Aw man, just got out of the bathroom when I heard someone in the stall barfing.”

“Maybe we should go check on him-”

“Dude he’s probably fine.”

“But what-” Jake moved his left arm around Rich’s waist with a tight squeeze.

“Rich he’s probably fine.” Not wanting to argue Rich leaned into the hold when he remembered something.

‘Didn’t they close the stall down?’

A boring story about my sleep habits

I bought a new eye mask and oh boy I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. I got to sleep so much quicker, woke fewer times overnight (at one point I’d taken off the mask and was holding it under my pillow though?) and when I did wake, I went right back to sleep.

When we moved in, the bedroom had woeful salmon pink vertical blinds, which did absolutely nothing to block out any light. We replaced them with roller blinds and whilst they’re much better, there’s still gaps. Gaps let in light - from street lights, a full moon, passing cars, sunrise. And for whatever reason, I’m really sensitive to light when I’m sleeping so it wakes me up / makes it hard for me to fall asleep.

warfstxche  asked:

hey mint, what do you use to make your art? is it like a normal tablet or one of those super expensive wacom drawing tablets? and which art program do you use?

okay so lemme do a #setuptour 
I use a Wacom intuos draw it’s hella cheap costs 60 euros and works very neato (tho I’ve had it for 2 years now and it might die in a few months, I got the blue one!)
for drawing literally everyone will recommend u photoshop or paint tool sai but we’re both cheap hoes so u just use firealpaca. basically the same expect not overly complicated and available online for the low price of free