Please Help me and my cat!

Hello there and sorry for taking up some of your time but if you could help me it would be really much appreciated!

First of all my name is Killian, I’m 20 and living at home in germany with my parents and my precious cat who helped me through a lot of trouble and emotional stuff, and I’m really really grateful for having him.

Around a month ago he started crying all the time, had trouble peeing and some other issues. We went to the vet and they managed to fix it for around 3 weeks, but now the same issue is back, and even worse. We went there again but it’s not clear what he has and how bad it is and worst; how expensive it could be to find out and fix it. I’m currently without a job because of my apprenticeship (which I’m not getting paid for), I get around (~80€) $90 a month from my parents but I have to buy food for myself and for the cat so I don’t really have any to pay what’s coming up. But the vet expects it to be at least ~(280€) $300, which is terribly expensive. And I’m in (~150€) $160 dollar in debt because of an uncleared issue with the registry office and it might get more and more expensive.

I’m trying to earn money with drawing and selling designs but it doesn’t give me that much, my friends can’t help me because they don’t have any money themself.

Any help will be appreciated, even if it’s just $1 or even less, I need anything I can get. Reblogging would also help a lot to share it, so if you can’t help us, maybe someone else can..

If you wanna help me, my paypal is: askjell.lindner@googlemail.com


Asajj Ventress opens up the Nightsisters Bakery on Coruscant, just around the corner from the Jedi Temple. She knows her target consumers.

“Ah, Kenobi. Good news–today we’re having a Darth Maul sale on our donuts.”


“Half off. What’s your problem, Skywalker?”

“Well…to be honest, I find your lack of sprinkles disturbing.”

“Tell you what. I’ll let you have this one on the house. It’s burnt.”

i laughed about how most zookeepers’ animals eat better than they do, but then literally that night my dog got his kibble with fresh tender chicken, carrots, and apples while i ate a $2 chicken tender meal from the store with chicken so dry and hard that the lady behind the counter literally asked me if i thought it was edible.

WOO I finally got a contracted freelance gig that pays like a normal salary so I CAN FINALLY GO SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES. I came to europe with one suitcase because I had no idea I would be staying permanently so like I have been wearing the same clothes repeatedly and I am genuinely so excited to amp up my wardrobe to the european-chic girl I have always dreamed of being