aoikouryuu  asked:

....I got a silly request. You know the anime character that eats like crazy...but it never affects their figure or health? [In fact = the more things+better quality food=more look improvement...] What if the RFA'S S/O [aka the MC] is like this?...But in exchange she gets hungry faster...Like she needs to eat x2 the amount an average people her age/size needs daily at least...

(idk if you wanted the entire main gang but im just gonna do 707, message me if you want the rest of the pals!)

707 watches on in amazement– and slight disgust, just a tiny bit– at how you finish off you’re third Whopper©. This was MC’s fifth meal of the day and it was only 11 o'clock in the morning.

“Don’t you think you should, ah, slow down, MC?” He tries out carefully.

Your head snaps to him and your invisible eyes narrow in a glare before 707 squeaks and ducks under the table, “Not that I’m implying anything, sweetheart! I-I just don’t want you to get a stomachache if you eat too quickly!…Yeah! That’s it!”

A growl slips through your lips and 707 is terrified for his fucking life. The only good thing out of all this is that the two of you are using Jumin’s card to pay for everything.

Somewhere in the distance, Jumin sneezes.