A special tribute for my friend @musicianbear72. Peter Molnar the undisputed king of the double bicep, master of the plumped and pumped pectoral. Demi-God of the big and bulked physique,

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I can’t remember who posted it but someone mentioned all the Rangers (expect Billy) jumping over things and doing crazy shit and then just saying “parkour!” Every single time they do and I just wanna let you know that it reminds me of that one episode of the office and I approve of this headcanon

OC Questions

1. How well can they sing?
2. Do they have any hidden talents?
3. Are they good at accents?
4. Do they like to read news articles?
5. What does the place they live in look like?
6. How do get out of tricky situation?
7. Are they good at puzzles?
8. Have they ever dyed their hair?
9. Do they enjoy to be by themselves?
10. Can they cook without a cook book?

hhhhhhhhh I really really reeeeeally want to write this The Martian-Andromeda fic but it’s been so long that I have totally forgotten how to do that sorta thing

I like have five pages of ideas in my little notebook, yet I’m just sitting here, staring at an open google doc, and the only words I have written are “go suck a hanar, Kosta”


La Residence by Tony