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did you notice how in both scene of Will looking into a shattered mirror the piece over his right eye fell off? foreshadowing for the RD attack, you think? it would fit in nicely with the s1 theme they created with the whole "see, see" thing.

I don’t have the episode in front of me so can’t quote precisely, but there was also that very upsetting line of Hannibal’s to Jack about how our faces are made up of nothing but our scars. (Was it a Hitler quote? I may be misremembering seeing as I watched this episode at 1am while being absolutely beside myself – but did Hannibal seriously quote Hitler there?) But anyway, that line, plus the broken mirror imagery, was very, very foreshadowy. I’m back to feeling convinced Will’s facial disfigurement is gonna be a thing. 

In the RD arc, the show is dealing with issues of identity. Our face is what we present to the world, but does it reflect what’s inside of us? Is Will’s facade–his new life, his new self–an accurate reflection of who he is at heart? Clearly Will already has his doubts.

Oh my Lord, I’m home. I’ve walked ten miles today with a grin on my face, just marveling at the fact that I’m here. I’m in London. I have clamored to be here for the last ten years - since I left. And now I’m back.

I am in my very favorite place with my very favorite person.

I could not be happier. It’s been so nice to be alone with Nate - this is effectively our honeymoon, 8.5 years after our wedding (our actual honeymoon was Nate and me tagging along with my family to Hawaii because they paid for it. It was bad.)

I’m sad that our flight to Boston was delayed because it made us miss the flight to Reykjavik, which meant we didn’t get to go to Reykjavik. That’s disappointing. And we had to sleep on cots in the Boston airport which was awful. But we did get put on a British Airways flight, which was amazing. BA is the shiznit.

But Reykjavik and Boston aside, this trip has been amazing. I’m home. Finally.


Porpoise and dolphin skulls, from when bonemonger and sittaeuropaea took specios and I to Paisley museum

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i dont know how to make it a story but the first time my friend read achilles' famous 'what has hector ever done to me' line he asked 'what? did he try to steal the bae?' in reference to patroclus coz he doesnt know the myth and wHAT I F

hector sees patroclus on the battlefield and he’s like “who’s that fine piece of myrmidon ass”

asks around, finds out that he’s achilles’s bf, and he figures even if achilles isn’t going to face him in battle he can still best achilles in ROMANCING PATROCLUS

hector sends an envoy to the achaean camp with a ton of gifts for patroclus and some preteen girl-level love poetry. everyone is very very confused, except patroclus who is like “well, there was a nice-looking trojan who winked at me the last time i was out fighting, so i guess that might’ve been hector. haha who knew!”

achilles is seething with jealousy because patroclus called hector nice-looking and he sulks for like a week

he also sends all the gifts back to hector with rude messages carved into them

patroclus thinks it’s all hilarious

I have a cold at the moment, which means I’m too out of it to write – so I thought I’d do another 2014 -> 2015 redraw. Left is July 2014, right is July 2015. I draw this guy pretty obsessively in my notebooks so I have a lot of practice at his face/body nowadays – though normally, I draw him in his other outfits.

I think I’ve posted Sinbad before, but if I haven’t, quick intro: this is Sinbad. He’s a sailor. He’s part of a large group of immortal characters I have, and he holds the honour of being my fourth-oldest OC. He’s a character in Inverness Nights, so I need to tiptoe around spoilers for now, but basically he’s a very nice merchant with a very bad influence of a boyfriend (named Porfirio) and together they go on adventures and bicker a lot. Sinbad is cowardly, but compassionate; Firio is brave, and blase when it comes to anyone other than the pair of them. Sailing the seas, Firio’s positive traits tend to find a lot more use than Sinbad’s, which has contributed to Sinbad devaluing his kind, reasonable nature. He needs a pep talk, and probably also to find a third crew member who won’t tease him for being apologetic.

Annnd I’ll sign off this one recommending that anyone who wants an indication of Sinbad’s character from there should listen to these:

Untitled - The Dear Hunter

Wicked Little Town (reprise) - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

: D!