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Kingpins an Business Fronts

Part 1


Key As A Boyfriend: Drabble

Y.O.U MV Screenplay

Mystery Lover: Taemin MV Screenplay

Sayonara Hitori: Taemin One Shot

SHINee On Their Wedding Day

Exo/SHINee Fic

A Dance With Necromancy PT.1
A Dance With Necromancy Pt. 2
A Dance With Necromancy PT. 3

A Dance With Necromancy PT. 4


Ilhoon Scenario

Talk Me Down

Keep Your Hands To Yourself


Chen Fluff

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Kai Fluff

My One And Only

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Starry Skies and Cloudy Nights

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by thatsformetoknow

‘I miss you.’ Oikawa says and he doesn’t look away when Iwaizumi does, studies his face as what looks like guilt washes over it.

There’s an unspoken heaviness in the air. Because they still haven’t really spoken of it yet; not properly, anyway, not since it happened.

Not since Iwaizumi got a scholarship to a university, to not Oikawa’s university. Not since Oikawa forced him to take it and pushed him away until he did, and certainly not of how lately their texts have been all the same - good morning, how are you? How’s your day been? Goodnight, sleep well.

Rinse and repeat.

Iwaizumi doesn’t reply because they both know that that 'I miss you’ runs far deeper than the physical distance between them now.

Words: 436, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2fXEzMb

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Cory and Topanga.


Ok.  My feelings on Cory and Topanga are…controversial, I guess. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them in “A Long Walk to Pittsburgh”.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them in “Starry Night”.  I LOVE their entire story up through their high school graduation.

Then…they went to college.

And suddenly, Topanga became a raging bitch.

Yep, I said it and I will stand by that statement forever.

They went to college and Topanga became this completely different person, and unfortunately, she’s still that same selfish, self-centered person who does not (IMHO) deserve Cory Matthews.

There have been flashes of the old Topanga throughout GMW, and I cherish those moments so so so much, because I only have two major gripes with the show and one of them is the characterization of Topanga.  She was so supportive, so kind, such a strong female character through the first five seasons of BMW, but once they graduated high school, she became a character that everybody feared (with good reason). I get the comedic effect of it, but it changed the dynamic between cory and topanga and I just don’t feel as connected to them anymore.  I’m not actively rooting for them anymore.  I don’t want them to split up or anything, but I’m not as drawn to them as a couple anymore.

But damn…at one point, I shipped the hell out of them…and when I watch those first five seasons, I still find myself cooing over their beauty.

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reasons to live: all the beautiful, colorful sunrises/sunsets you'd see in the future, the feeling of hearing a new song you immediately like, the feeling of hearing a quite ok song for couple of times and suddenly understanding it's hidden meaning, quiet, starry nights, those rare moments when you feel happy when you didn't expect that, the sea/ocean's breeze on your cheeks... i could go on for hours. maybe bc i also need those things to encourage me to keep on fighting, so let's fight together

ily so much, I needed that 💚 together let’s breathe together to the beat 💕


Starry night reflecting in a Pacific Northwest Lake