Star-studded skies and wispy clouds appear over the ancient Tuzigoot pueblo, situated on a desert hilltop at Tuzigoot National Monument in Arizona. The Sinagua people – farmers and artists with trade connections that spanned hundreds of miles – built a thriving desert community here. Today, you can visit this thousand-year-old pueblo, gaze at dark night skies and contemplate the stories of those who came before. Photo courtesy of Nick Berezenko.

Starry Nights- Castiel x Reader

Summary: On bad days without a word Castiel would take you to a meadow. Your meadow. There the two of you would lay in peace.

Warnings: Someone gets stabbed, not very descriptive. Death (?)

Word Count: 1,228

A/N: Part 2? Also poorly edited at 3 am. My bad. First time posting on tumblr. I mainly use AO3 :) (For my friend who requested something sad)

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