"Watercolored Dreams"

Our hearts collide
Where earth and sky
Meet canvas and brush
Fires rage out west
Sun scorches desert sage
We are watercolored dreams
Clear running streams
Our distinctive journeys
Turn and twist and interwine
Two unsuspecting strangers
Serendipitous friends
Poets of the heart aging like wine
Our lives are finer
Than these ceaseless waves
We paint with broken lines
You are beautiful white sand beaches
I keep on rolling in…
Attempts and arms length reaches
We live in concert
Two parts harmony
One simple played out melody
Paint us simple
Simply paint us…as an us
That’s where we meet
Colors shade our days
Pictures put out on display
Created for each other
To capture
Sunsets and starry nights
Canvases of snow white
We are poets
Painting with words
Watercolor covered dreams
We are something
Artists attempt to achieve

Copyright 2015 Chris Bartlett/FollowCB


One of the posters I had to make for my final Design Project for my card game. This took me so long to make. It’s stupid. I’m proud of it.

And guess what? YOU CAN BUY IT AS AN ACTUAL POSTER ON REDBUBBLE. YOU CAN ALSO BUY IT AS OTHER STUFF LIKE PHONE CASES OR MUGS. The bold text are links. That’s why they’re shouting.

I need to sleep…

Title: The Starry Night Agent and the Mystery of the Disappearing Idols ~Day 6

Protagonists: VIXX, Reader

Warnings: Mystery, Detectives, Missing Persons, Stalkers, Violence, Crack

Word Count: 4393 (this chapter)

Summary: Shortly after Ken and N started acting strangely, they disappeared. With only three weeks left until their comeback, Rovix called for a Starry Night Agent to help get to the bottom of this mystery and find the missing boys.

Author’s Note: Day 6 of 6 days. I had played with the idea of actually writing the multiple endings, but I didn’t. I might if several people ask me, but otherwise, I’ll let the ending of this chapter serve as the ending of the fic. Hope you all enjoy!

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I don’t think I’ve ever spent so long on a single drawing, but I fell in love with the concept I came up with so I tried to do it justice. Thanks to everyone who helped giving opinions earlier on! I’m going to be gifting this so Dan when I meet him later in the year and a Phil one is currently in the works too!

danisnotonfire x Starry Night Portrait -27 hours

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