on what i'm not entirely sure but i do

  • some edgy loner character in a TV show: do you know.... do you KNOW what it's like? to be AFRAID of YOURSELF?
  • me, thinking about that time i ate an entire family sized bag of doritos in one evening: god dude i sure do

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kim namjoon is the backbone of bts. if there was no namjoon, there would be no bts. jungkook would not be a member without namjoon. bts would not be the band they are without their intelligent, compassionate, gentle leader. if you take namjoon away, you take away the entire band. you take away the essence of bts. sure, they’d still be a big band, but it wouldn’t feel the same. it would feel off, it wouldn’t feel right with namjooon as their leader. the boys look up so much to namjoon, they admire him so much. so why don’t we? why do we not cheer for him instead? why do we push him aside in favor of the other members instead? why do we call him ugly, untalented, a bad singer and dancer instead? we don’t deserve kim namjoon, not in the fucking slightest. especially with the way that so many “fans” treat him. but he’s still there for us, he still loves us unconditionally. so why don’t we love him the same way? why do we only love him when it’s convienent? when the other members aren’t around to shower affection on instead? kim namjoon is a fucking blessing, a literal angel that deserves the entire world. but the world sure as hell doesn’t deserve him. in this essay i will

  • Series 1
  • Martin: So...umm... Mark and Steven didn't discuss this with me but it is my understanding that Sherlock and John fall in love. So I guess I will have to act accordingly, right?
  • Benedict: Yes, this is what I understood from the script too. It's an innovative version of Sherlock Holmes. That's how we should act.
  • Martin: Great.
  • Series 4
  • Martin: What do you mean this was never your intention?
  • Mark: As we have explained many times, people tend to read far too much into-
  • Benedict: Then why didn't you stop me when I was looking at Martin longingly and sadly all the time?
  • Steven: Well, Sherlock is a sad and lonely man in general so your expression actually fitted for the-
  • Martin: And why the fuck nobody stopped me when I was walking around like I had a constant hard on
  • Mark: To be honest, we were not entirely sure you were acting
  • Martin: Bitch, I'm out

#well that plan definitely backfired

anyone else who thinks this is fucking terrifying? he’s straight up telling everyone to blame the judge and the entire court system for any future terrorist attack. this isn’t just mr. pissboy throwing a tantrum, it’s worse than that. this is preparing the groundwork, so that when a terrorist attack happens, trump can blame the court system and justify weakening it to gain more power. it’s the fucking Reichstag fire all over again

hi! if you’re reading this, and you’re currently on medication that decreases your appetite, this is your reminder to please go eat if you’ve forgotten. please make sure not to skip meals, set a reminder on your phone if you need to! meds that decrease your appetite can be dangerous to your health, and you need to make sure you’re eating a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner <3

Okay but y'all lisTEN trampoline park AU’s.

•contests to see who can jump higher eventually leading to crashing into each other and falling

•"you got into a fight with a TWELVE YEAR OLD.“

•"babe bet I can backflip.“
"Please don’t.”

•the one friend that gets annoyed with the competitive ones.

•"Bro bet i can get out of the block pit faster than you.“
"You’re on bro.”
*from across the building* “YOU’RE GONNA GET US THROWN OUT.”

•the OTP secretly making out during the blackout jump.

•"please stop landing in front of me and telling me you fell for me we’ve been dating for three years”

•the one that takes the obstacle course way too seriously, eventually leading to being thrown out of the place.

•the one that gets way too into dodgeball and leaves several 13 year olds with black eyes and bruised ribs.

•the squad goofing around and acting like children.

“The last time you tried
You were in the hospital for FOUR DAYS.”

Feel free to add more!

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Hey Climb, do you have any tips for coloring cats in a night scene? I'm a newb to coloring, so I don't know what the right colors are for all the furs

yeah sure i can show you how i do it 

((lineart + character design by @hoxau))

so first things first is color in your character. it helps to already have the background done so you can pull the colors from it and help make your character blend in more. 

new layer set at normal - 20%

i use a blue i picked from the bg, and cover the entire character. darker characters need a lower opacity while lighter characters need a higher opacity. this mutes your colors and makes your character seem more natural 

new layer set at multiply - 50%

here i shade the character, using the same blue i used before. i locked the shading layer, then used the airbrush and a lighter blue color to help soften the edges. 

new layer set at overlay - 100%

using a airbrush i take a light neon blue and add a soft highlight

new layer set at multiply - 45%

taking a dark blue/black from the bg, i added another shadow under the chin to make the angle more dramatic

finally i color the lineart and add a glow behind him. ta-da 

Exo in Power MV

Suho: “My glasses, I can’t see a thing without my glasses.”

Xiumin: Little fucker was plugging something in, Idk what it was, someone will probably figure it out, but that boy knew what he was doing. Or he didn’t, either way he knew he wanted to do it.

Sehun: Danger to his own men. Suho probably gave him that radio just so he would stay out of the way. (Still manages to terrorize Kyungsoo)

Kai: The badass. Only one who knows how to properly use the gun. Saved Suho’s blind ass.

Kyungsoo: Trying not to die. Got a massive egg after him (probably is the living embodiment of ‘eggsoo’ rising from the grave to destroy him) and has death hazard Sehun blind shooting him. Probably will needs therapy after this is over.

Chanyeol: Being cool as always, got a severe case of pinkeye.

Chen: Either continued what Xiumin did or stopped what Xiumin was doing, not sure. Either way he’s the real MVP here. We don’t need to tell him, he knew he was the mvp before he even made his first move.

Baekhyun: Left Exo for a cat, and decided to go skydiving. He’s on vacation.

Yixing: The narrator.

Voltron Fandom: *extreme theory building about season 5, shipping, countdowns, going crazy*

Me: *sitting in my chair, staring at my cat* Does the Galra Empire have accountants? Does Zarkon fear the Head of the Financial & Budgeting Department every time galra fleets get destroyed? I mean, there is the GAC, surely there must be a department that regulates inflation and minting it… Do they hold a annual budget meetings? (Zarkon: I want a giant mecha suit. Accountant: Uh, no sir, that’s the entire budget for 500 years. Zarkon: Get rid of Lotor’s allowance then.) What about the Blade of Marmora??? Someone’s got to find the money for their outfits…!

My cat: Meow.

Me: I know.


one scene in every episode: 12x12 a good husband

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yumikuri has so many official art, i'm so jealous; eruri would never get what yumikuri has bc they're men, i'm so sad

and not to mention the entirety of acwnr. i mean… yumikuri didn’t get an entire two part manga to develop their relationship as well.

ok, i realize that i’m doing the fangirl “THEY’RE STANDING NEXT TO EACH OHTER THEREFORE” thing… but i’m not sure how much yumikuri stuff is them being all over each other? plus, their relationship is much different than one eruri would have. they’re men that understand they’re place and power–they would not be outwardly affectionate to each other. so it’s always nice seeing them in official artwork looking at each other–or more so, erwin looking at levi–and just expressing a general look of admiration (that winter pic will ALWAYS kill me)

so anyway. i disagree.


atla ladies + @closetedsapphicopinions posts

aka an au where they’re all gay what do you mean that’s not canon

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I didn't see anything in the index for it and I was wondering if you had any advice on moving in with your s/o (it'll be my first time living where i have to pay rent, living with an s/o, and i would be in a state 10 hours from my current one) I've been trying to move out for a while so I have some savings and some other necessities (furniture, dishes) but I'm not entirely sure what to expect

Moving in With Your So

  1. Moving list. I’ve gotten to the stage of my life where I’ll freely admit that I love lists. Anytime my boyfriend and I have a big project to do you know I’m sitting down for five minutes and putting together an itemized list. Before moving in with your SO, make a list of all of the furniture/supplies you will need for your new home. I would recommend that you do this at least a month in advance, because you will think of things after the fact and should add them to the list. Here is a good supplies list to get you started.
  2. Furniture. You and your SO will have accumulated some amount of furniture or “stuff” over the years of living at your parent’s homes. Sit down and work together to decide what should be kept. It’s my opinion that (sentimental feelings aside) the piece of furniture that is in better condition should be the one kept, because it will last longer. There will be things you need to buy together, and it’s 100% fine to have placeholder furniture if you need it. For example, we took some ugly lamps from my boyfriend’s grandmother’s 70′s-inspired house, and threw them out when we could afford to buy our own lamps. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more minimalist look, now is the time to get rid of all that extra clutter. Get rid of all those doohickeys and chachkis! Here is a post on furnishing your apartment. 
  3. Bills. Before moving, decide how you and your SO will pay for bills. It may be best to just split everything 50/50 for a least a little while. Speaking of bills, only one person’s name can be on the account for your cable/internet and electric bills. I do not recommend getting a joint bank account until you’ve lived together for at least a few years. Just, don’t do it. Instead, have the internet/cable is in your name and taken out of your account, then have the electric in your SO’s name. 
    1. As a side bar to this, if you are splitting 50/50, making a monthly expense list will be super helpful for you (I told you I love lists lol). Both you and your SO should write down all of the expenses that come directly out of your accounts. At the end of the month, add up your expenses and your SO’s expenses, and if someone spent more, the other person writes a check for the difference. 
    2. Another sidebar, if one of you is better about paying bills than the other, you may just want to take on the entire responsibility of it. Paying bills is done online now for the most part, so paying them literally takes two seconds. I love my boyfriend, but I do our bills because he literally will wait until the last minute to pay and I’m not trying to lose sleep.
  4. Apartments. I wrote an extremely thorough apartment hunting post already, so I’m going to ask that you refer to that for the apartment hunting side of things. What I am going to say is that I truly believe in the importance of a one bedroom apartment for couples. Studio apartments are cheaper, but they don’t have a door that you can slam shut if you need space from your SO. I don’t care how much you love them, you will fight at some point, and having a door to shut is so, so important. Spend the extra $100 and get yourself a one bedroom. Trust me.
  5. Designing your space. You should both work together to create your new space. You’ll have to make compromises, and that’s totally fine. We had a situation when we first moved where we both wanted to hang posters that the other one didn’t like. We hung both posters, and then bought a third poster that we both liked. If there is something that you feel strongly about, talk to your SO! If they really hate it you can choose to pack it away for a later apartment, or you can ask if there is anything they want to change to compensate it.
  6. Household chores. Work together to figure out your household chore schedule. I do think that if one of you works significantly more than the other (or has a heavier class schedule), that this should be taken into consideration when divvying up chores. There may be chores that it makes more sense for your SO to do than you (we have huge industrial sized dumpsters and I’m short, so my boyfriend takes care of the trash), but it’s a good idea to keep things as even as possible. Here are some ideas for you:
    1. Split them right down the middle- you’re responsible for laundry and dishes. Your SO is responsible for vacuuming, trash, mopping.
    2. Be responsible for chores on odd days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and your SO on even days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and switch off Sundays.
    3. Be responsible for chores every other week.
  7. Having people over. Take in to consideration your SO when having people over at your new home. If your SO has work or school early the next morning, don’t be rude and have your friends over super late! Don’t have your friends over every week and commandeer the space, you can always go out with your friends or go over to some one else’s place.
  8. Fighting. Living with someone takes a while to get used to, regardless of how long you’ve been dating. Sharing a home, chores, and other responsibilities takes a toll on any relationship. That said, if you can make it work, it’s so much fun and worth the trouble! But expect to fight and bicker amongst yourself, especially about stupid things. Work together to find a way to get through these tough moments. 
  9. Making Space for yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself while balancing a million other responsibilities. Moving out with your SO will be stressful enough as it is, make sure you take some time to do things that matter to you. Pursue your hobbies, hang out with your friends, treat yourself to a mani-pedi, whatever floats your boat. 
  10. Have fun. I’m not trying to sugar-coat it, living with your SO will not be an easy adjustment. Everything takes time to get used to, especially having all these new responsibilities on your plates. But with great responsibility comes great freedom, the freedom to walk around naked eating pizza at 3:30am if you so choose to. Take advantage of this freedom to create your own schedules, eat what makes you happy, and to design your new life together whichever way you see fit. Living with your SO is so much better than not living with your SO, and I am so excited for you to begin this exciting journey!

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Sometimes I wonder if poeple don't take Phil too seriously (and partly it is because Phil himself doesn't want to show himself too serious) but I mean this is the man who was with Dan when he made the decision to drop out, and somehow had to help him through it (and those were the years where I do believe Dan's crisis were quite strong ones), he also somehow sticked by Dan's side when he was in his 2012!period which I'm sure affected (hurt) Phil as well. What do you think?

Anyone who doesn’t take Phil seriously isn’t paying very much attention to Phil. 

He’s someone who made an entire career out of something that wasn’t a career, just on the grounds that he wanted to be doing something he liked for a living. That takes a little bit of luck, sure, and he did start out in the fortunate situation of having parents who helped support him. I don’t want to seem like I’m being blind to his advantages, because I’m sure as hell not. 

But luck and rich parents alone can’t make an empire out of nothing. It also takes determination and faith in himself and work. A whole lot of fucking work. I don’t mean at making videos; I mean at building connections, setting goals and seeing them happen, reaching out and finessing the luck he was granted into something sustainable long term. He took an offer to do a segment on BBC radio and turned it into a years long weekly stint on a popular radio show. Dan was part of it, but back when they first started with BBC Phil was by far the more influential name with a bigger subscriber base. 

You can see elements of the same attitude in everything Dan and Phil do, and I don’t want to diminish Dan’s role in it but the pattern of behavior is so strongly Phil: they’re offered a book, they spend a year writing it and make it the best book they could make. They have to do signings, they turn it into a year long stage show. Crunchy Roll and Dragon City want them to do a sponsored video, they end up sponsoring the entire show. That’s what people underestimate in Phil, I think - the guy who see what he wants, ignores that it shouldn’t really be possible, does it anyway. 

I think you’re right that it isn’t a side of Phil that we’re really supposed to see, because Phil has such a firm sense of boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Just like we don’t see business-guy-Phil except in the sense that we see the final product that emerges, we also don’t see supportive-partner-Phil except in the final product that emerges: Dan himself, and Dan’s dedication to Phil, his constant almost-awe of everything Phil does despite the more immediate fond mocking we see in actual videos. 

Am I even answering your question? Sorry, I just have strong feelings on the minimization of Phil’s complexity that happens in phandom. Actually, reading it back, it seems like you were asking more about if I thought that Phil was as hurt in 2012 as Dan was; the answer is yes, of course, I totally agree with you, anon. That definitely goes back to Phil having a stronger boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Dan handled his upset by slamming figurative doors and shouting at us across the room, Phil handled it by just quietly locking that door and effectively shutting us out of his mental process for years. But it feels like it should go without saying that just because someone doesn’t want hundreds of thousands of people he doesn’t know to know when he’s hurt or upset, it doesn’t mean those feelings don’t exist. 

Bakugou: [Fails the Provisional License Exam]

Bakugou: Ok go ahead, say it.

Kirishima: Huh?

Bakugou: During the entire exam you’ve been telling me to watch my mouth and that’s pretty much why I failed, go on, shove it into my fucking face.

Kirishima: What!? No I’d never do that!

Bakugou: ?

Kirishima: Look, you do have some edges to polish but I still really admire the way you are. You just gotta work on some details and I’m sure you’ll be even better.

Kirishima: [Is being called so he walks away]

Bakugou (to himself): Holy shit, I think I wanna have his babies.

it feels incredibly nice to have finally reached the point where i can look at my own art days and weeks and even months after finishing it and genuinely say that i like it and that i tried my best and did very good job at that