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Birthday Promise

Joe grinned as he listened to the bickering between siblings on the other side of the door, knowing exactly what was happening.

“FINE! I’LL GET IT!” Jack yelled moments before the door was swung open, and his face changed to one of utter surprise. “Joe?”

This is why Anna and Conor refused to get the door.”

“What are you doing here?!” Jack laughed, pulling Joe in for a hug.

“It’s your birthday, babe,” Joe pulled back enough to find Jack’s lips. “And I wouldn’t miss that for the world.”


“Finished or rescheduled.”


“Can wait.”

“Phone calls?”

“Unless I’m mistaken, you get reception in Brighton.” Joe took a small step back, cocking his head, “I mean, if you don’t want me here, I can just go back to London…” He half turned to head for his car, but Jack’s hand reached out quickly to grab his.

“No, no, no! I want you here.”

“Then stop making up excuses as to why I shouldn’t be here,” Joe teased, allowing Jack to pull him back, their bodies colliding slightly. “I’m here for you, babe. Accept it.”

“I’m just surprised. Definitely the best birthday present.”

“You haven’t seen what I got you yet.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything…” Jack mumbled, blushing lightly.

“Of course I did.” Joe smiled, pecking him on the lips quickly. “Now let me in, I want to say hi to Anna.”

“I’m so glad you could join us, Joe.” Helen told him as they carried plates into the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t miss Jack’s birthday for anything.” He replied, placing the stack carefully on the counter.

“You’ve been good to him,” She watched him as he puttered around the kitchen, cleaning up a few items. “Oh, do leave that be.”

“Sorry, habit.” Joe blushed, looking over at her.

“I don’t think I’ve thanked you yet, for surprising Jack today. I mean it, dear. You’re good for him. A mother knows when her child has found their person.”

“He’s good for me as well,” He fiddled with a stray fork, “Just don’t let him hear me tell you that.”

“Of course not, our secret.” Helen winked over at him, “Now, help me with the cake.”

“Night, Jack!” Anna called out as she shut her bedroom door, but it opened a moment later, and her head popped out. “Oh, and night Joe!”

“Night Anna.” The two replied in unison, heading for Jack’s room.

“Happy birthday,” Joe tugged the younger man closer once the door was shut, his arms wrapping around Jack’s neck.

“Is this my present?” Jack smirked into the kiss, pressing Joe against the door.

“No,” Joe tilted his head back as Jack’s lips moved down along his neck, “You’re family is just outside.”

“Way to kill the mood, love.” Jack muttered, his forehead falling against Joe’s shoulder.

“How about your actual present then?”

“Wait, you actually got me something?” Jack lifted his head to look at Joe.

“You thought I didn’t?” Joe chuckled, pushing the other man away lightly. “It’s your birthday!”

“But…you coming here was enough.” Jack replied weakly, sitting on the bed as Joe headed over to his bag.

“No it wasn’t. That was because I should be here.” He took a seat beside Jack, their legs pressed against each other. “This is your present.” Joe handed over the small item, wrapped neatly.

“Who wrapped this?” Jack asked, a teasing smile on his lips. “Because you don’t know how to wrap this good.”

“Shut up and open your present.”

“Okay, okay.”

Joe watched nervously as Jack slowly unwrapped the black box and then opened it, gasping lightly.

“I’m not proposing!” Joe said quickly when Jack lifted his gaze to look at him, “Not yet. This is just a promise.” He reached over to remove the silver band from the box, taking Jack’s hand in his free one, “A promise that I will one day. But I’m still yours. If you’ll have me.”


“You can say no.” Joe hesitated, the ring at the tip of Jack’s finger, “We can pretend this didn’t just happen.”

“I love you.” Jack said instead, his finger slipping through the band as he leaned forward, kissing Joe softly. “And I’ll always have you.”

“Oh thank gods,” Joe breathed, lacing his fingers through Jack’s, “I was terrified you’d say no.”

“Sorry, you’re stuck with me. For life.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Joe smiled, brushing his thumb over the cool metal, “Happy birthday, Jack. I love you.”

“Thank you for surprising me. Best birthday ever.”

Justo este día que me propongo dejar el internet y hacer todos los trabajos del colegio, APM5, VEGETTA SUBE HITMAN, WILLY SUBE HTC VIVE (donde se ve de cuerpo entero🌚), SON LOS OSCARS Y ESTÁN DANDO TODAS LAS SERIES Y PELÍCULAS QUE ME GUSTAN EN CUALQUIER CANAL DE T.V.

Gracias universo .l.(°U°).l. ~💚🐢zWIGETTA⁴🐐💜~

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Made a handy comprehensive guide on How to YouTube for all the NewTubers out there wanting to get started. This is basically everything important I’ve picked up in three years posting videos.

I know this may sound kinda weird, but can you just imagine a scorpion youtuber AU?  Like

- Toby and Paige would be the main vloggers and ALWAYS carry around a camera it starts to get annoying

-Walter and Sly edit the videos perfectly

-Happy and Walter being the most reluctant to be in videos but Toby and Paige always wrangle them in eventually

-A whole fan base grows, shipping Toby and Happy together and Walter and Paige together and soon all the comments read ‘otp’ and 'I ship it’

-Sylvester usually is behind the camera and is the scared voice in the background when ever they decide to do some dangerous challenge

-Ralph just shakes his head and has the first aid kit ready

-Toby does morning vlogs while he’s still in bed and Happy’s curled against side and you can just hear her mutter 'put the fucking camera down it’s seven in the morning’ and Toby just chuckles

-There is always at least one point in Paige’s videos where Walter says 'I still don’t see the point of this’ but he always goes along with it to make Paige happy

-Paige probably would do make up tutorials and vlogs about her favorite geniuses and diys

-Toby’s channel would consists of random videos to vlogs, challenges, and anything Happy Quinn related

- Sylvester would later on make his own channel honoring the Megan Dodd Pediatric Ward

- Happy never makes a channel for herself but can always be seen on Toby’s and certain videos when Paige drags her into them

-The only time Happy would willingly work the camera is when her and Ralph pulls pranks on the others

-Cabe somehow gets roped into it and gets so exasperated he threatens to shoot the camera

The possibilities are endless!! and NOW IM ATTACHED I WANT TO wRiTE THIS


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Ity3bauVI)

I do think that we can make a difference, not in arguing with each other, but by showing example to each other, with kindness, love, compassion, and respect. We all deserve good, even if we don’t agree with everything that our friends do. I believe we should stand for ourselves, for our friends, for our community, and for the liberty of expression, because Youtube is a marvelous place, so let’s not bring it down. I send love to each and everyone of you, people who read this.

I stand with you, @doddleoddle.

I stand with you, @pewdie.

I stand with you, @therealjacksepticeye.

I stand with you, @markiplier.

You all have a message to share, and right now, mine is that I feel like the bond that we share with the Youtube community is more strong then ever. Keep it up, guys.