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Warcraft Zoology Prompts

So I’m remaking a combination post of my previous WoW zoology prompts I wrote up some time ago. :

Fjord Penguin - Does your character put on their best outfit when going to social outings? In other words, do they prefer to keep up their appearance?

Spirit Beast - If there is something that your character wants that is unattainable does your character let it be or do they continue to fight for it?

Warp Stalker - Does your character prefer to fight from the shadows or face to face?

Wyvern - Is there someone in your character’s life they feel indebted to? How does your character prefer to “return a favor”?

Spore Walker - Is your character open about their emotions or do they tend to bottle them up? Has your character been known to emotionally lash out?

Crawdad - Time for a scavenger hunt. Find three items that represent your character. (bonus if pictures are included)

Rylak - Does your character have a preferred mount they use? If so, what?

Hippogryph - Has your character taken someone under their wing? An apprentice? Adoption?

Nian - Is your character superstitious?

Jormungar - Is there anything your character wants to free themselves from?

Whale Shark - Do they wait for others to approach them or are they the ones to initiate conversation first?

Fox - Does your character tackle a problem head on or do they look for alternative ways to solve something?

Zhevra - Does your character follow/wield the Light? Are they more connected to Shadow magic? Perhaps they follow a more neutral path? Something completely different?

Quilen - Is your character a leader or a follower? Somewhere in between?

Mud Jumper Toad - Your character gets to make three wishes. What would they be?

Scorpid - Does your character prefer to fight alone or fight along side someone?

Crystal Spider - What are your character’s thoughts on technology? Or do they prefer to use more primitive tools?

Jungle Axebeak - Does your character belief in luck? Do they tend to have good or bad luck?

Pandaren Phoenix - Does your character have high moral standards?

Skytalon -  Does your character remember their dreams? What is a reoccurring dream your character has? Any nightmares?

Mana Wyrm - Has your character performed any sort of experiments? If so, provide an example of one? How does your character feel about them?

Kunchong - If your character had to eat one type of food for the rest of their lives what would it be?

Ravager - Has your character gone through any significant physical changes recently? And tattoos, scars, or body modifications?

Saber Cat - Does your character belief in fight or flight?

Reef Cow - Does your character have any children? If not, do they want children?

Talbuk - Does your character partake in any sort of ritual(s)?

Elderhorn - Does your character fight for their convictions?

Pterrodax - Does your character take more after their mother or father? How so?

Crested Basilisk - Is your character stubborn? Is there any wiggle room when it comes to changing their mind?

Bat - What if your character lost their sight? How would they react and cope?

Bear - Is your character strong physically? If not, what attributes makes up for a lack in such?

Scarab Beetle - How resilient is your character?

Boar - What smell brings about pleasant memories for your character? Unpleasant memories?

Warden Owl - How lawful is your character? Do they take the law in their own hands?

Draenor Kaliri - Does your character prefer the day or night time? If they had to stay awake during hours they aren’t use to, how would they cope?

Carrion Bird - Is your character neat and tidy or are they messy?

Chimaera - Does your character have a duel type personality? Is there a part of them they hide from the general public?

Clefthoof - How does your character feel about hunting? Do they hunt? If so, are they are big game hunter or do they believe in hunting as a means to survival?

Corehound - Who is someone your character is fiercely loyal to?

Spiked Crab - Does your character ever get moody? What would bring about such an attitude?

Crane - What is your character’s preferred method of communication?

Crocolisk - Does your character like to take risks? Do they lie and wait for the right opportunity?

Devilsaur - Is your character intimidating? What would be something that would intimidate your character?

Dragonhawk - Your character’s thoughts on magic and its uses.

Hecklefang Hyena - How is your character’s sense of humor? What are some things that your character finds funny? What makes them laugh?

Moth - How intuitive is your character? Are they highly aware of their surroundings? Or do they tend to have tunnel vision?

Nether Ray - Does your character have a good sense of direction? Or do they get lost easily?

Shoveltusk - Is there a talent your character has that not many people know about?

Riverbeast - Is your character predictable or not?

Wolf - Does your character like to travel with a group or by themselves?

Silithid - Does your character fall in line and conform with their society, or do they take their own path?

No concept of personal space

Even if it doesn’t cure anything, increasing blood flow to the muscles might still help with the ache. :)
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The Abuse Double Standard

I was discussing the idea of people thinking of Harley as an innocent angel the other night with someone and I just had an epiphany. It’s something I’m pretty sure I’ve seen before, but I never paid any mind to it.

Let me start off by giving you a list of Batman villains that have been abused in their backstory (or currently in one case).

  • Jonathan Crane - Bullied relentlessly and abused by his grandmother.
  • Thomas Elliot - Suffered emotional abuse at the hands of his mother even before the car accident. His father’s death just made it worse.
  • Harleen Quinzel - Continually abused by the Joker both physically and psychologically.
  • Oswald Cobblepot - Mocked for his appearance both by other children and his own parents.
  • Pamela Isley - Manipulated and experimented on by Jason Woodrue.
  • Edward Nigma - Beaten by his father often.
  • Roman Sionis - Dropped as a baby and his parents paid off the hospital to pretend it didn’t happen. And his parents were overall neglectful.
  • Waylon Jones - bullied for his appearance and had an abusive alcoholic aunt.

Okay now. There are a lot of villains that happen to be abuse victims. However, there are only two of them who are consistently treated as innocent in spite of the horrible things they’ve done. And I think you know which two they are.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Black Mask, Scarecrow, and Hush are almost never excused for their abhorrent actions (Scarecrow on very rare occasions). And the Riddler, the Penguin, and Killer Croc don’t have nearly the same outcry of victimhood as Harley and Ivy do. This is one of the reasons why I believe that it’s based on the idea that people (especially on Tumblr) cannot accept the fact that a woman can be just as cruel as a man or need to be pushed into it. Therefore they cling to this idea of victimhood as a means to justify whitewashing the morality of (originally) intentionally morally complex characters.

The idea that Harley chose to join the Joker is immediately shot down because of the idea that it perpetuates victim-blaming and makes it look like she asked for the abuse. Clearly, she didn’t ask for the abuse. She asked for the criminal lifestyle. The excitement of causing chaos and destruction to get into the spotlight. She only puts up with the abuse because of her mad love for him and that desire to cause chaos and be seen. It’s not like she always wants to hurt people, but she does sometimes enjoy it. And it’s an aspect that is often ignored in favor of her sympathetic traits.

Same thing goes for Poison Ivy. Ivy is an ecoterrorist with good intentions. However, people see her “protector of mother nature” thing and emphasize that aspect. They often forget or ignore the often borderline genocidal methods that she has used to carry this out. And they’ve forgotten the fact that while she deserves some sympathy, she’s still a homicidal maniac at the end of the day. And no amount of good intentions can justify that.

When’s the last time you ever saw someone defending Hush in spite of him cutting out Catwoman’s heart? Do people ever try to bring up the abuse victim defense for him? No. He’s almost always considered a horrible person with no consideration taken for his past. Probably has something to do with his misogyny and racism. When’s the last time you ever saw anyone defending Black Mask in spite of him sadistically and brutally torturing a teenage girl? Do people ever try to bring up his neglectful parents? …Well, now that I think about it, people barely bring him up at all, which is a shame.

And how about Scarecrow, huh? I have yet to see someone try to use his past of bullying and abuse being used to justify performing horrific experiments on innocent people using his fear gas. Never. Even the people who acknowledge his past never sugarcoat his actions. He’s still portrayed as fairly sadistic and often remorseless. The only one who gets any kind of consistent pass is Croc and yet rarely will you ever see anyone ignoring the fact that he eats people. But as a whole, the male villains don’t get that consistent pass.

So you can’t tell me that Harley being an abuse victim is a good reason to excuse or ignore her villainous qualities. In spite of her good qualities, she has aided in some terrible things and done terrible things on her own. She isn’t an innocent angel who was corrupted and needs to be protected. She was already shady. Batman even says she was no angel in Mad Love! If you wanna bring up the fact that she was abused (and this includes bringing up Ivy as well), think of all those other villains I mentioned and tell me if you would extend the same sympathies to them as you do to the female victims.


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How were the husbands? (Sid and geno ofc)

AKLDFDSJLSLDF nonnie, the unnecessary closeness! This picture from @Hockey_Baker1 on twitter doesn’t even do it justice:

My no. 1 takeaway from the game was how much they clearly love being in each other’s space.

One of the many reasons why Nygmobblepot is gonna happen

Okay fellow Nygmobblepot people, let’s think about this: a season of Gotham has 22 episodes and we’re just seven episodes in. And what has happened so far: they developed the relationship between Oswald and Edward to a maximum, gave us some beautiful moments between the two and in this “short time” Oswald has ”already” confessed to having feelings for Edward.

Now we’ve had Isabella around for two episodes but it looks like she’s not gonna stick around for very long. Why? Well, she seems to become increasingly more creepy (possibly frightening even Edward) and if she doesn’t go on her own, or Edward leaves her, Oswald won’t be able to keep his anger down forever and just kill that woman. Any of these scenarios is possible, but I’m fairly certain: Isabella is not gonna stick around much longer.

So what’s my point? There are still 14 episodes of this season to come, a lot can happen in 14 episodes. What else is Gotham gonna do with Oswald and Edward once Isabella is gone? I’m pretty sure they’ll make Nygmobblepot real for at least a few episodes (hopefully longer), it would just make sense. There are still 14 episodes, and the way I’m seeing this relationship developed, I’m sure we’ll get some Nygmobblepot action somewhere in there. It wouldn’t be very clever or make a lot of sense if they made Penguin and Riddler enemies so quickly so soon (and over a woman at that), story- and character-wise I’m honestly seeing no other path then the two getting together somehow.

So, unless if Gotham decides to completely screw this up and make a lot of their fans go crazy (in a bad way), I would like to keep this hope up that Nygmobblepot is going to happen.

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