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[kylo ren x reader]

author’s note: watched tlj tonight after taking my last two finals and i felt so free walking into the theater lol. i’m so glad it’s break. i’m tired af. def left this open to continue, which i most probably will

no spoilers

word count: 2,046

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TITLE: sleepless


AUTHOR: hiddlemediddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you suffer from insomnia and during those sleepless nights, you take the time for reading. When you start dating Loki, he is at first unaware of it as you hide it well, but he soon realizes that something is amiss..


NOTES/WARNINGS: I’ve been conquering my bad sleeping habits lately (with some success, thankfully!), so this imagine is perfect for me to write in this moment in time :) It’s fairly short, but I really enjoyed writing it :)

The small, crammed room that Loki had assumed to be your own personal storage room in your house was currently your midnight abode. You sat, perusing a book, occasionally looking up to look outside the window to see the stars gleaming over the horizon. You were reading a soppy romance, which wasn’t out of the blue for you given your current state of sheer happiness with Loki. Everything that had once appeared so ‘cliche’ in these books now seemed to be completely and utterly.. normal to you and him. It was not to say that you both resumed a ‘cliched’ relationship, it was more the fact that you could now relate more closely to the love and happiness described in so many of these novels.

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me: honestly im content with just having a small circle of close friends. i enjoy having most of my time to myself anyway

me @ me: you know that the reason why you enjoy time to yourself so much is because youre terrified of rejection so being in the safety of your solitude keeps that fear at bay as well as sticking with the same 4 friends and refusing to branch out to different people prevents you from confronting that same fear so youve learned how to live life on your own in safety even though at your core you desperately crave intimacy and attention


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okay one last colour reading...

This one is for everyone reading this and all the people I couldn’t get to! The colour I pulled for you guys is Magenta, which is kind of appropriate I guess! Its place in this deck lies in the realm of your own inner knowing!

Even though I couldn’t give you answer at this time, you have the power within yourselves to seek and find that answer on your own. Magenta has come forward as the colour to help you do that, so if you’re up to the task, call on its powers to guide you! 


AUTHOR’S NOTE; I got this idea for a fic…..and I don’t know if it’ll be good or not or if i should continue it or not. so you guys let me know?

“Jared stop! Please stop…” your voice trailed off as you attempted to keep the door between the two of you closed. the deep pounding on his end was so powerful that it shook your own body that laid on the other end of it. even though you hadn’t been standing there long you could tell that your weight was not going to be enough to keep him out. 

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Freaking love all of your Sammys, they're all special in their own ways. Though the Sammy over at Lan's place, you and I have some unfinished business. -winks- Should've drowned me while you had the chance, I'm gonna be a thorn in your side.~

Sammy (Lan): I am sure you’re very capable of being a rather strong annoyance. It’ll be a shame if you try to start anything though. After all I am still looking for sacrifices for our Lord.

Sammy YCIMH: Oh boy….

Sammy (Samsam): ….Was I really like that?

Sammy SD: All of you got to spend so much more time being “alive”.

Sammy (Think Ink): I like his thinking.

Warmth fills your body as he holds you close to his own. You don’t have any of your own warmth to share, though you wish you could, but he reassures you that it’s unnecessary. Your love, he promises, will suffice. And, if you’re being completely honest, just the thought that you’re with him– you’re actually with him– is adding to the heat you feel.

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Luke Spiller is a wannabe Freddie Mercury, honestly. But yet again, he's not as good as Freddie Mercury so. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Everyone has their own opinion, thanks for offering yours, though I’m sure many would disagree! Fortunately for you, you’re not forced to follow this blog, and I’m sure there’s tons of Queen content out there on Tumblr for you to look at! :)  

short & sweet ♡

bi asks!
  • violet: what has your experience been like being bi?
  • lavender: when did you realise you were bi?
  • lilac: who or what made you realise you were bi?
  • indigo: are you out?
  • plum: any coming out stories you'd like to share?
  • mauve: do you have a preference for any gender or are you evenly attracted to all of them?
  • orchid: are you attracted to different genders in different ways? if so, how?
  • periwinkle: is there a specific type of person you look for?
  • iris: any cute crush stories you'd like to share?
  • cobalt: (this can be any question about my attraction to boys)
  • rose: (this can be any question about my attraction to girls)
  • grape: (this can be any question about my attraction to nb people)

Allistics have such a double standard….They hate autistic people for existing but if an allistic behaves in an “autistic” way then they’ll praise it, or at the very least excuse it.

If there’s an allistic person who conforms to a schedule and doesn’t like changes of plan, then they’re organized and it’s a wonderful character trait to have! But if an autistic person does that, then it’s weird and they have to learn to adapt to other people.

If there’s an allistic person who has a really intense interest/obsession with something, then it will probably be seen as cute or smart or cool, but when autistics have special interests it’s annoying or it’s “bad behavior”.

If an allistic person doesn’t understand social cues then they’re seen as cute or shy or quirky, maybe a bit weird or “off”, but overall no one has too much of an issue with it. Meanwhile, when autistics doesn’t understand social cues, people will try to abuse them into us!

If an allistic person has a type of sensory issue, then they’ll probably be told, “Oh, that’s okay, we all have our own things that bother us!” and their sensory needs will be respected. Meanwhile, autistics are forced into situations that are very sensory unfriendly - sometimes even on purpose because allistics apparently think that will cure us.

If an allistic person repeats phrases from TV or other people, then it’s just seen as a harmless, silly, endearing behavior. but when autistics do it it’s strange and unacceptable! 

This is one of the many reasons why we (autistics) hate hearing that “everyone is a little bit autistic.” Because not only is it not true, but on the occasions that allistics do behave in ways similar to autistics, then NTs won’t care…all while they punish autistics for existing.

yes, this is okay for allistic people to reblog.


Ib x Undertale crossover doodles (+an accidental paint practice ;u;)

Partially completed in stream! :’)

EXO’rdium [dot] - Baekhyun messages to members

Xiumin Hyung, i really respect the way you put in your everything in whatever you do. Even though you are the eldest, you don’t assert your authority on us, instead you put in effort to live harmoniously with the members, that’s really great. Thank you for cheering us up with ‘fighting’ whenever the members are exhausted.

Suho Hyung, thank you for always receiving my jokes even though i do them overboard sometimes. I am also thankful that whenever i have worries / concerns, you will think about it as though it’s your own worries. Suho Hyung is a hyung that works really hard. The way you work hard is something really great to see, this is something that i really want to tell you.

Chen, someone who joined EXO around the same time as me. He’s a friend that i depend on. Chen, it must have been hard on you to perform all the high notes right? You who complete unpleasant tasks with a smile on your face, thank you for taking care of the members with your cheerful energy.

Chanyeol is a friend that matches well with me. Because he is someone with a weak / soft heart, i’m always worried about him. Chanyeol who has a soft heart, i’m worried that your heart will get hurt because of other people.

D.O. is a friend with a backbone. I like how he holds firm to his own beliefs. I hope you can live your life like how you are right now, never forgetting your principle. D.O. ah, i hope you can believe in yourself, no matter what people say, what you believe in is the answer.

Kai is EXO’s center. I’m always thankful for you - a member that shows EXO’s color so accurately. Kai ah, you who is never swayed by whatever that happens, i’m looking forward to you. I hope you can walk your path honestly.

Sehun is someone who is full of loyalty. The member who created an opportunity to unite the members even more lately is Sehun. To Sehun who seemingly does not care but secretly worries about the members behind our back, i want to say ‘Thank you, and I love you’.

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LIBRA: Occasionally you have to fake it until you make it. I know that this is a cliche you’ve heard many times before, but have you ever actually tried it? Cliches don’t become ‘cliche’ unless a lot of people believe in what they’re implying. Feel free to test this, even if it’s just for a day or two. Pretend that you’re in the right career, pretend that you haven’t been sad at all for the last few weeks, pretend that you’re powerful and comfortable and know exactly who you are. Sometimes a little confidence, even if it begins as a front, is the final piece to the puzzle.

SCORPIO: You’ve had chains wrapped around your ankles for so long now that you hardly ever notice their weight anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that you’ve found a way to cope with the things that try to drag you down. But it seems like you’ve become so complacent in this state of being that you’ve given up on escape. Like you’re an audience member to your own existence. But you aren’t, even though life comes at you so viciously sometimes. You are in charge of your body, and in charge of what you do with it. Now use it.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s always something about the early days of autumn that make you feel as though anything is possible, and this year you should take advantage of that. Now is not the time to play it safe or rein in your grand ideas: now is the time to give them life. You’ve become an expert at putting things on hold for circumstances that are outside of your control and putting an end to that is overdue. The world isn’t always going to give you a green light to move on, sometimes you have to build it yourself. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

CAPRICORN: The world is already cruel enough without adding your own self-doubt into the mix. I think it’s time that you start being kinder to yourself. You’ve been through so much, after all; nobody is expecting you to be perfect or be immune to making mistakes. Take some time to reward yourself for the positive things you’ve accomplished. Buy that coffee, watch that movie, put your feet up and relax. You are so good at making the people around you feel content, apply that talent to your own life.

AQUARIUS: There’s been so much in front of you lately, both positive and negative, that you’ve been letting everything behind you fade into the background. And while moving forward is necessary in order to survive, the things you’ve already experienced are learned lessons that you shouldn’t forget so easily. Do you remember the last thing you cried over? Do you remember why it made you so sad? Now, put that feeling in a bubble and don’t let yourself make the same choices that led you to that feeling. Your past matters, but it will never own you. There’s a difference.

PISCES: Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, can’t it? You aren’t overreacting if lately you’ve felt as though the planet has been taking a toll on you. Just remember, it’s good that you’re busy and that you’re involved with what’s going on around you. There was a time when a past version of yourself wouldn’t have dared to lay their heart out as boldly as you do now, and your progress is cause for celebration. Take everything one day at a time, if it’s getting to be too much. Breathe. Take breaks when needed. Persevere.

ARIES: Everything in your life feels like a big quilt of sorts, every event and person and memory connected to another by a few threads and some time. Lately you’ve found yourself wondering about what the significance of all of that is. But maybe the meaning isn’t within the connections themselves, but in the person that’s tied them all together. You have created a vast network of friends and feelings and you’ve brought positivity and good vibes to every link in this chain of relationships. These interconnected moments all call your heart home. Embrace their warmth.

TAURUS: So, you’re still attached to a lot of things that you thought you’d be disconnected from by now. There are still regrets and past lovers and half finished letters stuffed underneath your mattress and you’ve accepted that this is how it is. You’ve grown resigned to the fact that some things are impossible to move on from. But I’m here to tell you that nothing can keep you in its grasp unless part of you is letting it. If you own a pair of scissors, why aren’t you using them to cut the strings that are tied around you? What possible reason is there to keep suffering?

GEMINI: It’s easy to look in a mirror and point out the parts of yourself that make building relationships difficult. You find yourself constantly having to relearn how to touch people without hurting them or yourself in the process. It isn’t your fault that you’ve tried to give affection to people that are unworthy of it, it’s their fault for fooling you into thinking they deserved what you were providing. Just because this hasn’t been working out for you lately, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever. You are lovable even when nobody is loving you.

CANCER: Enjoying your accomplishments without thinking about the people that should be there celebrating with you is something that you still struggle with from time to time. It’s okay to be sad that there are certain moments you’ll never be able to share with those that would’ve understood your happiness; it isn’t fair that you’ve had to mourn so many missed opportunities. But don’t let what’s absent diminish your successes or make you feel as though you aren’t allowed to be proud of yourself. You’re thriving despite all of that negative space and it’s beautiful.

LEO: Nothing comes as a surprise to you anymore, but despite that you still find yourself stuck with unrealistic expectations at the end of the day. Either you know that you deserve better and you don’t want to admit it, or you’ve become so comfortable with being disappointed that you’re scared of being anything but. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Maybe you know what you want and you know that you shouldn’t want it so you’re self-sabotaging any chance you’re given at obtaining happiness. I think that something inside of you knows the answers to these maybe’s. Let it out.

VIRGO: Self-preservation is an art form you’ve become incredibly dedicated to depicting. If your heart were a gallery, there’d be sculptures of brick walls lurking around every corner and self portraits donned with armor cluttering up the walls. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first, in fact I would encourage you to always do so. But be careful; there’s a fine line between prioritizing yourself over others and knowingly hurting others in the quest to better yourself. You have to find a balance between the two.