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Don't think I didn't see that thing about Danny being "hotter, funnier, and all around better" than you, mister. You are very, very hot, funny, smart, and nice all on your own.

Yeah, sure. Thanks though.

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I watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden a little when I was younger, and recently I was thinking that I never knew how it ended and I got back into it and I tooootalllyyy ship SasuNaru! Like can they get together already?? Anyway your blog is awesome

hahaha thank you! For your own sake though, that probably wasn’t a very good decision. 

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Why are you so attractive? Pleeeease post more pictures of yourself (out of cosplay would be awesome) uvu <3

Aaah thank you, anon! <3 Trust me though, the cosplay is such an improvement. Which also covers up the fact that I actually own very little pictures of myself out of cosplay?? I keep realising my stellar priorities and life choices.

I dug up the most recent ones I could find so have the classic awkward fitting room picture and the con day just-pre-cosplay selfie. Viewing is entirely at your own risk though.

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I know Marianne is confirmed ace, but is she aromantic too? Sorry, I can't remember if you've said this already such a fake fan.

naw you’re good I never confirmed this. I wouldn’t call her strictly aro, maybe grey-aro? she is most definitely not even slightly in the market currently anyway. Haven’t checked with Elliot though so can’t confirm 100%!

OF COURSE your own interpretation is valid also if you want to see her as aro you go ahead :V


Some sketches/warmups from Twitter

Tbh I keep forgetting to update over here oh gosh I’m sorry everyone;;; My mind’s been all over the place lately hahaha. Anyway! Have a 30-ish min Hiro warmup, Older!Hiro with… a very upgraded Baymax, and some Darkpath Tadashi sketches!

Bonus why not:

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How do you become vegan?

I guess how depends on why you’re going. Either way though go at your own speed. If you stress yourself out you’re most likely gonna fail. Can cut things out slowly or drop everything at once. Remember why you want to go vegan.

I know there’s more products outside the us, so feel free to add some. It’s like 4:30am so i’ll probably have to reread this and edit it later.

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so pleased and… baffled to have reached this many followers. I appreciate every single one of you, for putting up with all of the stupid stuff I post and listening to me complain about life, and making me inspired and happy and grateful for having signed up for this website. Thank you all so much. So, so much ♡

the bae

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Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights Episode One: Pilot.
Gotta get up, little brother. Probably forty-nine players, right now, up and at ‘em. Right now. This minute. Forty-nine players on the move…Tim, they’ll kick you off the team. Yup. You’re a brother, don’t forget. Not a mother. You ain’t that good. Twice the player you ever was, man.





  1. Virtual races.  Where ever you are, you can race on your own time!  No more 6 am races!  
  2. That being said this is the BEST for new runners who may feel super intimated by going to a race with tons of seasoned runners present.  It isn’t timed (only if you want to time yourself).  You can WALK the entire distance if you want, you don’t even need to run.  It’s totally on the honor system, no need to share results.  In fact, you can split up the distance over multiple days if you want!  Perfect for new and old runners alike!  You can do this with friends or on your own (though friends are awesome for post-race selfies).
  3. All races are only $25.  You know how some races are super expensive?Well, this is only $25, for every race.  And HRC is non-profit, and every race donates to a different deserving charity.
  4. Harry Potter.  Did I mention Harry Potter?
  5. You get personalized bibs AND a race medal for every race you complete!  Score!

SERIOUSLY THOUGH CHECK IT OUT.  http://www.hogwartsrunningclub.org/

They also have FB: https://www.facebook.com/hogwartsrunningclub/

Real love brings about calm—not inner torment. True love allows you to be at peace with yourself and with God. That is why Allah says: “that you may dwell in tranquility.” Hawa is the opposite. Hawa will make you miserable. And just like a drug, you will crave it always, but never be satisfied. You will chase it to your own detriment, but never reach it. And though you submit your whole self to it, it will never bring you happiness.

If I remember right there was a part in War Crimes were Anduin was talking to this pandaren and she blushed and went off and I didn’t think much of it at first but???

Then they described him being confused as to why she did that after and I just

AWW ANDUIN someone has a crush on you cause you’re so nice, and of course you’re too sweet to realize.

Walpurgis no Utage [ Eng Sub ] - YouTube
Walpurgis no Utage [ completed ] [ Eng Sub ]

finally done!

sorry for the long wait you guys !! i know i said it was to be done on june 17th, then it got delayed to june 20-something, but that went to hell … it’s july 5th now, & i am so so sorry !! things cropped up — but i still hope you all will enjoy this as much as we have. thank you for being so patient & deepest apologies again !

( p.s. thank you to my dearest twinenie [ irreversibly-problematic ] for being the greatest help during the translations. honestly — please go thank her for her hard work ! <3 )

* turn on caption for the subs !

please do not redistribute this elsewhere.

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Mkay, so I'm gonna do this because I can...how they would react to their s/o walking down the aisle. >: D

((Gosh dangit Jelly, your trying to kill me aren’t ya? *drowning in all the fluff* X3 Thanks for requesting))

France: Overjoyed. The emotion would flow out of him the most naturally, and he could practically make the room glow with the emotion, just as much as your beauty did. Of course the many ways that this expression can be shown are varied, but his would most definitely be a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. Today he would finally have a dream come true, and that would be to spend his days with you as more than just a “maybe”.

England: The moment he saw you walking down the aisle, regal and queen-like, he’d be filled with such a happy pride. The kind that brings butterflies to one’s heart, and makes them feel like leaping for joy. Of course he’d be a bit of a sap and try hard not to blubber in front of everyone. This would be the happiest day of his life, and the start of a new adventure. For the both of you.

Russia: That little smile he always had on his face wouldn’t be little anymore! It would be big, wide, and true. The moment he sees you walking down the aisle would be one he’d never forget. He’d reflect on how lucky he was to have found you, and that now you would become on with him. All he had ever really wanted was a companion like you. He’d surprise everyone by shedding a few tears, and not hurrying to wipe them away. 

America: He’d definitely pull a Tamaki Suoh and blush loudly, making him a bit of a nervous wreck. One thing that never failed to catch him off guard was your beauty. It was always so disarming that sometimes it was all he could do to not stare. On this day in particular, as you walked down the aisle, there was only you. Nothing else would matter to him. 

China: Well to say the least, he’d feel very honored. Honored that you chose him after he gave you his heart since the day he met you. He’d be in that state where he’d want to cry, but something would keep the tears at bay until the moment the two of you were pronounced as “Husband and Wife”.

Italy: This would be another one of those rare moments where he could become serious. Everything about him would be calm, as everything around him would be surreal. And the moment you come down the aisle, it would all take on a dream-like quality. His smile would match yours in brightness and happiness, and his heart would skip a beat. For once, he wouldn’t mind being called the cry-baby.

Germany: Oh boy would he be ever so serious before the ceremony began, never letting on that he was barely holding himself together, he was so nervous. The moment he sees you walking down the aisle, his heart would beat faster than ever, face heating up, and yes, tears welling in his eyes. For a moment he would forget his own nervousness, and be completely immersed in you, not daring to breathe. In just a few steps, a few words, the two of you would be announced as “Herr and Frau”, and that meant the world to him.

Japan: He’d succumb easily to the tears. Of course he’d try for a serious front but it wouldn’t get him very far. Yet he’d cry with pride, overjoyed that finally it was his turn to live something he had only ever dreamed about. He’d vow to himself then that he’d do everything he could and even more to give you all the love you deserved.

Romano: He wasn’t crying, you were! Well to be truthful, you both were crying. Everything he’d hoped for, recognition, love, and someone who cared for him, was really coming together. Before you, he had felt hopeless. But now, as he watched you walk down that aisle, he’d never be so happy that he had found you than in that moment.

Prussia: If you thought that Germany was nervous at his wedding, you have severely underestimated how much his brother could outdo him in this category. The poor fellow would be bouncing on the balls of his feet by the time you made your appearance. Once he sees you though, he’d freeze. A string of what one could only gather as a nervous string of babble would wheeze out of him from under his breath. The tears would only hit him halfway through the ceremony though.

-Mod Germany

[!] Need More Blogs to Follow

My dash has been lacking in variety for a long while now. Hopefully you guys can help me out. If you post/reblog a lot of the following groups, can you please like or reblog this post so I can check out your blog? Thanks in advance! :D

  • Seventeen
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Bonus if you’re a black & white blog/make your own edits. Not necessary though.

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that's no ones fault except your own though. 16 year olds have jobs in the U.S. and pay for their own iPhones.

LMFAO do u know the world is bigger than the U.S. u aint shit! now yall patriotic for legalizing gay marriage.. go learn another lenguage por favor

20. His habits/manias slip into your own.
  • Luke:It was a weird thing. Luke had a reason to do it and when you found yourself tugging at your bottom with your own teeth, you felt yourself laughing at yourself. The kid developed a habit of biting his lip ring, and maybe some of that habit crept on your own personality, even though you had no lip ring. The day you told him you found yourself doing it, he laughed before giving you a smirk, touching your lips with his thumb. "I can do that."
  • Michael:Was it that your boyfriend was a famous guitarist and he was always changing or were you simply obsessed with hair dye? Either way you found yourself looking at pictures of girls with crazy colored hair, thinking about dyeing your own to simply get rid of the boring color you had since you were born. When you told Michael about this, his entire face light up and you swear you saw a spark on his face. "I can help you." Three month later you already went through four different hair colors, most of them matching Michael's somehow.
  • Calum:Two months ago you could barely walk one block without feeling your heart beating hard in your chest and your breathing increasing its rate. But now, it was your third mile running and it was all thanks to Calum. The day he decided to drag you with him in the mornings to have a morning jog changed your life. At the beginning it didn't make you excited; you really enjoyed your bed. But when you two reached the beach and looked at the sunrise together, you knew exactly why Calum did this. "It's beautiful." You mumbled before breathing in deeply, feeling his hand take yours and pulling you to the street again, this time walking back home.
  • Ashton:You didn't noticed until a guy pointed out. "You're always doing beats with your hands." "It's a rhythm." You quickly corrected the kid and right there you realized that, in fact, you always started doing random rhythms at the most random times. And who else did this? Your boyfriend, Ashton. Somewhere along the way this habit of his slipped into your own and now it was part or your person. Somehow it felt nice, knowing that there was a bit of him with you.