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Sprain (Reader x Genji Shimada)

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“Ugh, sorry about this Genji…”

Genji chuckled at your soft apology. “You need not be.”

You pressed your cheek against his head. The cyborg as kind enough to give you a piggy back ride back to base. There was no way you could walk on your sprained ankle. “Mercy is going to murder me when she finds out how I did this.” You whined.

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Arguments the Gems Have Had
  • the great lizards vs snakes debate of ‘14
    • Amethyst is all for lizards, they lick their eyeballs and that’s rad, we know how Steven feels about snakes. Pearl finds snakes more practical, though she won’t admit she’s actually arguing with them
  • when will the Breakfast friends STOP crying
  • merits of posing before or after the attack
  • if putting your star over your knees is disrespectful because you kneel on them and also dirt
    • this one was just Pearl and Amethyst
  • Does Connie think they are cool yet??
  • merits of how freakin rad it is eating a burning tire in the house vs dangers of burning the house down
    • Garnet: “I’ll allow it.”
  • Peridot: it is clear that earth felines recognize ME as their master and will lose all sense of order if I do not let them sleep on my face in the barn Lapis: earth cats are free and c a n n o t be controlled. But I’m pretty sure they’ll eat your face given the chance, let’s get 10 more.
    • ensuing ‘how many cats is too many’ argument
  • validity of astrology
    • Pearl: it’s all a bunch of nonsense!
    • Amethyst: ooh, sounds like such a Gemini thing to say
  • why their wikipedia page is literally so poorly formatted (and probably written by Ronaldo)
Uncommon Love pt. 4

You will all hate me for this whoops. @agent-fangirl @notthrowingawaymyshit 

  Uncommon Love pt. 2  pt. 3

His head? They wanted the King’s head?

That thought alone made you freeze up in terror. You could feel your knees lock and your breaths coming out in short spurts.

Hercules stared them down, his eyes harsh and cold. Everyone stood around with baited breath, waiting to see what would happen.

It occurred to you that after this night the kingdom could be in ruins, if something didn’t happen soon.  

But then you remembered the oath that all servants and workers of the palace took when they started.

It basically said that you would protect the members of the royal family with your lives. There was a plan in place if something like this would happen.

You didn’t have all the details because you were a lower worker, but you knew that something would get done.

The guards were likely setting up some sort of system to get the King and nobles out of the castle so that the country would be safe.

You just had to make sure that the King wasn’t hurt before then.

You took several deep breaths, looking around the ballroom. You saw that a few guards were in a hidden position. The men in black didn’t seem to notice them.

You could see part of Emily’s dress behind the door. You should have known that she would be part of this, she was strong and her family had been servants for years. They were extremely close to the King.

But what they didn’t seem to see was an archer in the rafters of the ball room.

Time seemed to slow as you could see him slowly pull out an arrow and put it in his bow.

He aimed it sharply at Hercules. You traced its path and it went straight to the heart.


You couldn’t let this happen.

As soon as you saw the arrow fly you jumped around and pushed the King out of the way.

The arrow flew straight to you-

-and into your stomach.

You could hear shouts and screams. There wasn’t much for you to feel but pressure on the wound.

Someone was calling your name but you couldn’t tell who it was.

Everything was merging together, you could barely tell what was what.

You let your head roll to the side, seeing the guards fighting the rebels. Nobles and others were running for their lives, right out of the ball room.

When you looked to the other side you could see servants wrestling the King out of the room.

His mouth was moving in the shape of your name, a horrified look on his face.

He was trying to get to you.

Black dots started covering your vision and the room was spinning. You felt so cold.

You couldn’t stay awake much longer, despite Emily telling you to keep your eyes open.

“I’m coming mom. I’m sorry.”

It was lights out for you.

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Lu comforting sad reader?

“You know, when I was Queen, I got emotional over the smallest things.”

Lu sits down beside you, apparently having noticed your melancholy. She doesn’t touch you, doesn’t look at you, just talks quietly, staring into the middle distance.

“I’d be mad when one of my schemes didn’t work.  I’d cry over the smallest loss of territory. I’d scream and go into rages when troops from my elite units died.  I think that was part of the reason I was betrayed so readily.”

Why is she telling you this?  It has no bearing on why you’re sad.  Her small hand reaches for your knee, resting on it.

“But when I was chained, I only felt regret – that I had thought all of those were such terrible things.”

She turns and looks up at you. There’s an odd age in her eyes, not at all the child whose body she’s stuck in.

“Don’t be like that.  So long as you’re not past the point of no return, and even then, there’s hope. Don’t focus on what’s hard, focus on what you can do to fix it.”

Her eyes are piercing, leaving you unable to look away.  Then the gaze passes.  Lu looks like her normal self again.

“Come on.  Ciel’s baking cookies, and then you can tell me all about who I have to kill – ah, I mean, who made you sad.”

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I'm having trouble woth two-foot turns on a circle... I either loose too much speed to turn back around, or I turn around and completely come to a stop... any tips?

Go into the turn faster, work up some more speed and then you’ll find there is less of a chance to stop or slow to a stop when you make the turn.

The motion of the turn should actually build momentum so in order to achieve this you need a really bouncy motion, the way I explain is with verbal inflections so my kids get what i mean ‘down-UP-down’ as you enter the turn bend your knees, come up as you turn and then straight back into the knee bend. 

Good luck!

Rocking in bed, trying to keep yourself sane. Arms wrapped around your knees. The panic raising in your chest ready to explode. Mind is going 100 miles an hour. Ears ringing, tears rolling, and there is nothing you can do, no one to help you. And you stay like that till you pass out because that’s how it works. That’s how you live through life when you are alone and fucked up.

dinamitelove replied to your photoset: kizunatsudoishi: “ On your knees. I want you to…

What about the way he whispers “my puppet” to his ear? I need 10.000 fics about that.

Agreed, and I would like to put this motion forward to the general puppet Cloud committee. 10,000 fics, stat. x3

I still can’t believe Sephiroth seductively whispering in Cloud’s ear like that is fucking canon omgggg.

hitchhikingmuse replied to your photoset “kizunatsudoishi: “ On your knees. I want you to beg for…”

Um, so basically Dark Depths, which I have probably literally read thirty times. http://archiveofourown.org/works/2334617/chapters/5144783

It doesn’t count if I wrote it myself though. xp Besides, I still need more puppet Cloud bondage. All the puppet Cloud bondage. Hnnng.