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Alright, so. Hajime, Makoto. While your boyfriends are busy arguing, why not fuck with them? QUICK. Change outfits!

….You realize that Byakuya and Komaeda-kun aren’t stupid, right? They are not going to not know who we are just because we switch clothes. We’re not twins. And even if we were, they know us enough to know who is who.

Yeah, besides we don’t even have the same size, our clothes wouldn’t fit the other.

Clothing Prompts

Draw your OC wearing…

..a police uniform

..a school uniform

..a maid dress

..swim wear

..victorian fashion

..a yukata/kimono



..a suit

..a flowercrown

..a nuns dress

..a jumpsuit

..a bodysuit

..a pikachu hat


..a wedding dress

..a lolita dress

..a gas mask

..an eye patch

..your favorite piece of clothing

..a hijab



                                    modern companions + period costumes

some good things

•girls in suits
•masculine girls in suits
•feminine girls in suits
•girls in suits with makeup
•girls in suits with heels
•girls in suits with men’s shoes
•girls in suits