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Mark: Do you like my hair???

Haechan: It looks like you’re wearing a helmet made of wig hair


Haechan: but yeah

Jackie actually does likes gross ass burgers with lots of fries, and she is serious about it like– She knows the places where you can get the best burgers in town and has it as her personal job to find the best burgers on every place she visits.

She doesn’t let anyone know this, until Hyde finds out. Or more like, he notices.

Her first reaction is to panic and deny it, but he assures her he doesn’t care. He’s glad she likes to eat, because boy if he hates it when girls think they aren’t, like, allowed to eat or something.

After that, she starts happily eating in front of him without shame. Asking for what she really wants at restaurants and whatnot.

But Hyde, man. He’s just glad to see her eat. Not only because she does it with such joy, you want to eat as much as her, but because after her mother left, she got a little bony and damn, if he lives worried she isn’t eating enough and not telling him.

And the way she eats her burgers? So not her at all, almost messy and gross? He fucking loves it.


└ Seriously old man! You CAN’T look THAT adorably cute when owning up to members!

Cr: VS Arashi 02.02.2017