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request: Can you do one (if you have the pictures or video better) of the day that Shawn got hickeys on his neck (i hope you remember the shapchat video he had a white shirt)

a/n: i’m a #fakefan and don’t recall these videos or photos 

You and Shawn were both shirtless when Geoff walked into the hotel room, and immediately turned away and screamed. “Good lord cover yourselves!”

You jumped off of your boyfriend, and he threw you your shirt, which you put on very quickly. “Sorry you had to see that.” You said, cheeks a deep shade of read

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Geoff said dryly. “Shawn, you’ve gotta get down there so you can get to the venue on time.” He pointed his thumb towards the door.

“Ok, give me a couple of minutes to get dressed.” Shawn said, grabbing a white tee from his suitcase. You fixed your hair, and your lipstick. “Well, that was exciting.”

You snorted, and tied your hair back. You looked at Shawn, and pecked his lips. “Maybe we’ll continue that later. When you don’t have to get out for a concert.” You smiled, grabbing your purse. “I’m going to hit the shops, I’ll text you when I’m heading to the venue!” You left the hotel room, and Shawn sighed, fixing his hair.

Stepping out into the front of the hotel, Shawn smiled at the girls who were lining up for photos. He was going down the line, taking selfies with each of them, when one girl stopped him. “Was Y/N with you in the hotel room?” She asked, smirking.

“What?” Shawn asked, confused. He saw a few other girls smiling at him, like they knew something he didn’t.

“Nothing, nothing.” She smiled, posing for a photo with the singer.

Shawn kept her question in the back of his mind, but finished takinf selfies and got into the SUV on the way to the venue. “Geoff, one of the girls asked if Y/N was with me, you know why they’d ask?” He questioned, looking at his phone.

“Yep.” Geoff nodded, and Andrew covered his laugh with a cough.


“Look at your neck, dude.” Geoff laughed, and Shawn opened his camera, and groaned. There were about four visible hickeys along his neck, down to his collar bone.

“Oh my God.” He opened is messages app, and sent a text to his girlfriend, thanking her for the decorations his body now had. “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

Geoff shrugged. “Consider it payback for me walking in on you two making out earlier.” He looked at Andrew, who choked on some water when Geoff said that. “Yeah, thanks for making me go make sure Shawn was ready.”

Shawn knocked his head on the headrest of the seat. “Unbelievable.” He made sure to put a little concealer on his love marks before the meet and greet, so no other girls would tease him, even though there were photos and videos all over the Internet at this point.


request: dad!shawn

Your sixteen-year-old son was sitting on the couch, texting one of his friends, when Shawn tossed him a key. “Go cut the grass. Gettin’ long.”

“Can’t you do it?” He asked, groaning.

“C’mon, it’s just the grass. And ll you have to do is sit and steer!” Shawn laughed, walking over to the fridge. “Babe, are you going grocery shopping soon?” He asked, looking at you.

“Yeah, probably this afternoon. Why?”

“Curious.” Shawn said, taking out an apple. He walked down the hall to the small in-home studio that was built years ago, and before he shut the door, he yelled, “Cut the damn grass!”

Your son groaned, but stood up, and went to put on shoes. “Watch out for your sister’s tree, she got it from some field trip, and it’s pretty small. Don’t run over it!” You warned, going to get dressed, and wake up the still-sleeping four-year-old.

After waking her up, and getting dressed, you saw the neighbors that had bought the house across the street were moving in, and it looked like there was a girl about your son’s age. “Momma, are we going shopping?” Your daughter asked, noticing the reusable bags were sitting on the table.

“Yeah, wanna go get Dad with me?” You asked, taking her hand and walking down the hall. You opened the door and the small girl ran into the room, hopping onto Shawn’s knee.

“Hey, sweetie!” Shawn smiled, dropping the pen he was using on the desk, and wrapping his arms around her. “What’re you doing?” He asked, laughing when she began to draw smiley faces on his sheet music.

“Drawin’!” She said, not looking up.

“Do you wanna go shopping with us?” You asked, walking into the room, running your hand through Shawn’s curly locks.

“Yeah, lemme just go change into somehting more appropriate.” He said, standing up. He was wearing some old basketball shorts, and an old John Mayer tee.

You nodded, going out to tell your son that you were leaving. He saw you and stopped the mower, and walked over to you. “Why did you and Dad have to buy such a big yard, oh my God.” He complained.

“Hey, you didn’t seem to mind at your party, when you had friends literally everywhere.” You teased, smiling. “Your dad, sister, and I are going food shopping. Maybe you should surprise your father and wash the car before we get back.” You smiled, knowing the Jeep needed a wash.

“Maybe. Let me finish the yard first, Mom!” He smiled. “Can you get that cereal I finished yesterday?” He asked, eyes hopeful.

“Sure, sure. If you need anything else, just text me.” You said, heading back into the house.

At the grocery store, you were pushing the cart, and occasionally adding things into it, while Shawn was walking behind you with your daughter next to him. “Ooh, can we et this!? Please?” She asked, holding up a pop-out spaghetti strainer.

“Why? We don’t need that, sweetie.” Shawn laughed, taking it from her hands.

“Oh,” She said, shoulders dropping. “Can we get- can we get ice cream!?” She asked, jumping up and down.

You smiled, nodding. “Since someone finished it without telling anyone, we need some anyway.” You said, giving a pointed look towards your husband, who was suddenly interested in the cake mix next to him.

“You know,” Shawn said, walking up to you. “My parents can take the kids for the weekend, give us a little alone time.” He whispered, knowing it had been a while since you two were alone.

“Not this weekend, maybe next.” You said, tossing a box of tampons into the cart.

“Damn.” Shawn grumbled, looking at his phone when it went off. “Looks like the kid found out there’s a girl his age across the street.” Shawn laughed, texting his son back.

“Hmm, maybe if he listened at dinner, he would know.” You smiled, steering the cart towards the checkout lanes.

Back at home, you and Shawn unloaded the groceries, with your daughter helping out when she could. Once everything was put away, you peeked outside, and saw your son finishing up the front yard. “He’s still not finished?” You questioned, mostly just talking out loud.

You walked out to the front porch, and sat down in the swing that was on the porch, and soon Shawn joined you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “I like this, I didn’t have to cut the grass, get to relax with you while-”

“My tree!” Your daughter went zooming by at breakneck speeds for her age, and ran over to the small conifer tree that was not a tree anymore.

You snorted, and stood up, going to console her, as you saw her start to cry. Shawn followed, wanting to see what was on his son’s mind. “It’s ok, honey, we can get you another one.” You picked her up, and she nodded, wiping her tears.

“How didn’t you see the bright pink tape tied to the top of the tree?” Shawn asked, curious.

“Umm,” Your son looked across the street, where the neighbors were setting up a bench in their porch, and you smirked.

“Someone’s got a crush!” You teased, walking back inside.

“Shut up, Mom!” Your son looked at the ground, but you could see his face was a deep red.

Shawn laughed, following his family inside.

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