on ur chest

@insomniis replied to your post: leaves a /slightly/ ripped vest on the couch for… 

smooches them marks tbh?,,,,

@crownsguardian replied to your postleaves a /slightly/ ripped vest on the couch for…

he receives many smooches upon return



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the thing that i think MOST accurately resonates w/ jjba is when ur a little kid and ur on the elementary school playground and u larp with the other little children and someone is like “i shot you youre dead” and then ur like “but i was wearing a bullet proof vest!!!” and theyre like “well i shot u in the head with my special diamond bullets that also hit ur chest and u died” and ur like “but i was an alien the entire time and diamond bullets dont affect me” and so it goes until u get tired and go in for snack time

Dysphoria Tips!(Trans Male)

1. ADAMS APPLE. EVERYONE HAS ONE. if u press down on it it seems bigger

2. GAB BETWEEN UR CHEST. ITS FLAT. TOUCH IT. ur chest is technically flat there u go son



5. good job man u did it look how good u are dude. frick, ur masculine.

support trans men who don’t want to or can’t transition
support trans men with effeminate voices and breasts
support trans men who wear make up or womens clothing
support trans women who don’t want to or can’t transition
support trans women without breasts and deep voices
support trans women who don’t dress particularly “girly”
don’t just support acceptable “cis-passing” trans people. 

Yoongi As Your Lover

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  • deep deep down in yoongi’s soul he is a total fluff ball
  • i mean if you just look at his gummy smile you could tell he’s a fluff ball 
  • which means gummy smiles whenever he’s with you
  • if you made one of those corny jokes he would just look at you and then burst out laughing 
  • you would be the first person to hear his music 
  • you would sit on his lap while listening to his music and he would just stare intently at you
  • (then sex in the studio will take place)
  • lazy sundays everyday
  • he’s a big cuddler so that means cuddling everyday too
  • either he would be laying on you with his head on ur chest or you would be laying ur head down on his lap
  • and if ur were laying in his lap, he would play with ur hair 
  • “yoongi stop playing with my hair”
  • “i wasn’t, jackass” but he was
  • if he was laying on you: “ur boobs are so comfy”
  • “my god yoongi”
  • if ur just sitting on the couch he would grab ur hand and hold it tight
  • or he would grab ur thigh
  • he would be a thigh and butt grabber believe me
  • like if you were walking or bending down in front of him he would just stare the soul out of ur ass and reach out and grab it
  • maybe even slap it
  • but he would totally slap it in bed
  • another daddy here
  • slow but deep and passionate kisses 
  • bruises too
  • sleeping in ‘till the late afternoon
  • him being smug when you can’t walk right
  • “i love you yoongi”
  • “….”
  • “hey yoongi, i love you”
  • “……i love you too”

i have died

gifs aren’t mine

Fake fur coat & fake emotions.
3am with my head on ur chest.
I haven’t even slept with you yet,
but you pull my hair back
like the covers.
You tell me that I’m prettier
than all your other lovers
but I know it’s not important.
And I know,
that I’d probably always do something
I shouldn’t cos I was born
with my mothers badness &
my fathers ability to abandon.
I put my hand in yours cos
I’m not sure how it would feel
to be alone or
how it would feel to make a home
out of someones bones that will
always rot.
I’m ripe fruits and blood clots.
I’m the sweetest thing he’s got
but I’m only sweet like a
lemon chaser. He wants me
but I want the paper.
I’m on my good behaviour
but it’s so hard when you’re the kind
of girl who has never had
a saviour or when you’re flavoured
like cherry & vanilla.
And every man is a killer with a
hunger for the sugar and nothing
is as sweet as girl meat soft
& falling off the bone.
But when touches me, I’m stone
so I stay frozen on his throne
cos it’s all just starlight & fires
& motions to me…
And I’ve only ever found God
in the commotion.
She’s like an ocean in me.

yall: mercury is in retrograde again and its going to be WILD! anything you hiding rn WILL come to light so might as well get it off ur chest now bitch cos u will be exposed :)

my secretive ass:

sleeping with taehyung

- what is sleeping normal on the bed 

- in weird positions with his feet on the bed frame and ur legs on his chest with the blanket all tangled up between the two of you

- surprisingly comfortable despite the weird positions and ending up falling asleep like that 

- waking up to him tickling your feet and not stopping until you’re screaming that you’re going to pee

- building a blanket fort and laughing underneath it because it’s cold outside of the blankets

- tickle fits and tackling one another until your hair and the bed sheets are in tangles 

- him eventually getting out of bed first and carrying you out of bed like a potato sack with half of your body dangling over his shoulder “taE PUT ME DOWN” “lol no”

in bruges colin farrell: a soft irish potato, round and smol. needs many hugs cuddling comfort love. moody, bad at maths, sad, deserved better. may or may not be dead. eyebrows. 

fright night colin farrell: what the fucking flying fuck happened here i mean jesus christ this dude t h i s  d u d e what the F U C K happened what the h e l l oh my god even ur grandma is blushing he smiles and u burst into flames the fuck is wrong with you my man why u rubbing apples on ur chest how did so much change in 3 years this is NOT OKAY im yellign the fuck ?? is happening fucking fuck time to fucking die holy hecking hell im sw e a ti n g aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-

The only reason kaz didn’t have a tramp stamp in peacewalker was because the graphics wouldn’t support a detailed cursive rendering of the words “Kojima was here”