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Night couldn’t tell how long he had walked now..he had awoken a while ago, only to find himself in a place completely unknown to him. He could not remember a thing, at least not anything shortly before he woke up here, or what had happened prior to that. He just remembered having been…feeling deep sorrow.. He eventually had gotten up after a while of contemplating, but truly, this place was completely unfamiliar to him. The sun was in the sky..yet this place seemed so dark..so devoid of light. Dark towers and buildings were reaching up into the sky, almost giving him the feeling as if he was in the middle ages..yet a lot of things seemed…different. He could not point out exactly what it was..but it sent shivers down his spine.

Deciding that staying here would not help him, he began to move, making his way down a path slowly, being rather sunken in thoughts. Many things were crossing his mind..but mostly he felt a deep sense of sorrow..due to something, that had happened back in the past, and the feeling just never left him. After a while of walking, he felt exhausted, but he had to move on..the feeling of being isolated in this unknown place was terrifying to contemplate. His body was beginning to get weaker..


Tormented Artifacts Bootwings Review!

So I’ve been meaning to do this since ummmm January and here it is: my review of the wonderful bootwings by winneganfake! I fucking love these.

I’m obviously awkward as hell in this video but please ignore this and focus on what’s important: winged shoes!! Hopefully this inspires some of you to check these out. :) (xtoxictears – have you seen these yet?!)

lastlunariknight-deactivated201  asked:

( Hey! I hope this isn't rude of me, since we both have the same muse, but could you suggest some roleplayers to me? Since I was on my other League acc here a lot seem to have deactivated and finding people again is hard. ;w; )

( I definitely should be the last person you should ask me this mainly because I barely know anyone and if I do—I forget their URL haha OTL But let’s see what I can do… ; u ; SORRY IF I MISS OUT OTHERS—I’M JUST TYPING URLS THAT I CAN REMEMBER!

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Yeah… Those are all I can think of that I really like following or looking at their interactions with others ; u ; )