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Reblog with how you decided on your pets’ names! :D

Pazelle’s (my male apricot standard poodle) name is explained here [x]

Marley (my parents’ male white and light fawn chipoo) was named by my parents after, you guessed it, Marley & Me.

Maya (my sister’s female black-&-cream shepsky) was originally named Athena by the shelter she came from, but my mom and sister changed it, naming her after a husky in the film Eight Below. Maya also means “Illusion.” 

Lestat (my male tuxedo cat) was named after Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicle” series’ Lestat. His litter was themed, and he has siblings named Louis and Claudia. He was later joined by a foster named Marceline. I love my vampires. :P 

Vladimir (my black-&-white CRD hamster) was named after Vlad the Impaler. For reasons. Vampire reasons.

Well, this happened!

I had most definitely not expecting this blog to be this popular when I started out on it back in December, never mind in this quick of a time (and with a long downtime between).

I’m truly humbled that so many of you consider my work worth watching.

I want to give something back to you, as you have made my time here wonderful. Although, I cannot give away physical in nature at this point in time…

I can put what skills I do have to use.

Sometime tomorrow evening, Wednesday March 29th, I will be posting up details on an art-piece giveaway to commemorate reaching this milestone; I need some time to figure out what is feasible for me to achieve. Please, stay tuned for more information.

And, truly, thank you all. You make it so very much worth the effort.

Soooo just went to this lecture on my campus about decriminalizing sex work

and the speaker was like….

 “we are all exploited under capitalism, prostitution isn’t any worse than another job :)” and all the liberal queers around me clapped and I was so fucking confused and angry.

Then later she was like, “Our society is full of people negotiating sex, like women who have sex with their husbands for security, so why should we be looking down on prostitutes for negotiating sex?”

Then she also said, “You don’t have to be happy to deserve labor rights”
….and like I agree, but should we ever be supporting a culture which sees nothing wrong with a person having unwanted sex, as long as it is labeled “work” or if the person is doing it for “money or security”?? Should we not aim for a world where sex is always done when a person is 100% willing??

She also talked about how porn/sex addiction was 100% a myth, and this just seemed false to me. Like are there not now men that can only get off on violent porn? 

The only good I think she talk about who de-stigmatizing prostitutes…but everything else was ugh…ugh to me D: I mean prostitution is such a difficult topic…I don’t think anyone truly knows the best answer. I really just hated the way she defining prostitution as “just another job”.