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One of the reasons I could never get into SS was because of the way Sakura chased after Sasuke. I've never been a fan of relationships where the girl chased the guy.

Right, but you have no problems with relationships where the guy chases the girl yes? Because reasons? Or are you actually gonna give me that BS and archaic excuse about how “that’s the way it’s meant to be”? In 2017?

Friendly reminder that you are allowed to have your own opinions and there is no such thing as right or wrong headcanons. We all see things (for example fictional characters) differently and that’s great; it would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything. What’s not great is bashing someone simply for disagreeing with you and making them feel they are wrong etc. 

Song thingy

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  1. Reckless Love - Hot Rain
  2. Apocalyptica - Betrayal/Forgiveness
  3. Olly Murs - Sacrifice
  4. Dream Theatre - Metropolis - Part 1 [The Miracle and the Sleeper]
  5. Linkin Park - Wake
  6. Papa Roach - Not That Beautiful
  7. Nightwish - Our Decades in the Sun
  8. Sunrise Avenue - Lifesaver
  9. Sonata Arctica - My Land
  10. In This Moment - Blazin’

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as a fellow ND who has issues clicking every source on a blocked post to actually be able to see it and who's a minor who can't turn it off, i'm so sorry this ridiculous thing has been implemented. it's unfair to so many people ESPECIALLY because it adheres to some misinformed algorithm's idea of "sensitive", and barring that we already have third party blocklists. it's infuriating and exhausting and i don't know what to do. it has yet to block a post that isn't about cosplay or the frog log.

Anon, even I haven’t fully discussed the ableism side of expecting people to constantly make the extra mouse-clicks to open the post in the sidebar and then check “yes” or “no” to “teach” Tumblr how better to classify photosets. Or the extra mouse-clicks to file the report and then hit the accept button when Tumblr says it will send the review result to my email. Each of those things costs different kinds of spoons, so, even if this weren’t a matter of denying minors access to full participation on this website, it would still be ableism to make people using or forced to use “safe mode” more work to access safe content.

It’s just even for me, a person who counts mouse clicks, the ableism takes a back seat to the restriction of content and the resulting censorship. How badly did Tumblr screw it up that I haven’t even had the time or headspace to properly explore how ableist their “fix” is to their horrifically-implemented “safe mode” in terms of increasing the workload on disabled people just to access content? (If I weren’t clicking that “nope” as an act of war, I’d be scrolling past.) I think you all know me well enough by now that I don’t hold back when it comes to talking about hand pain!

It’s ableist, extremely ableist, and it doesn’t solve the problems minors do face (porn bot followers, for example). It just excludes you from full access to and participation in your own communities.

It’s infuriating for informative, support, positivity and community blogs, like disability, ND and LGBTQAI+ blogs, but I know many doll bloggers who have been hit hard as well, even though their photos have no nudity and are strictly safe for work. There’s no reason why minors shouldn’t have full access to all SFW content on this site, be it fandom, hobbies or information. This said, CD and I were chatting today, and we have the distinct impression that Tumblr “tested” their “safe mode” on more mainstream blogs (I’m thinking fashion, general photography) since it appears to be those are impacted least. I don’t know if anyone’s put together any data on this, but I’d be very curious to know what the actual comparisons are.

(I apologise: I cannot write “safe mode” without scare quoting!)

I wish I had a better solution. I wish they’d given blog owners/admins, at the very least, the ability to judge our content ourselves and permanently unflag it so everyone can access. Going through the blog was a pain, but if I could fix it and have it stay fixed myself, I’d do it all again. This “reporting” nonsense is ridiculous and unreasonable, especially since Tumblr appears to have such a backlog they can’t fix a miss-flagged post in 24 hours.

I’ve already started looking into crossposting options, because the ongoing silence from Tumblr (not to mention the lack of fixing any of the posts for which I’ve requested reports) has me concerned. Besides, with the change over to Verizon, I’m thinking that it’s not such a bad thing to have our content backed up and a community ready to go somewhere else should it be necessary. This debacle isn’t a good sign, and I think we need to treat it as such.

(I wish, @staff, you’d take that as a measure of just how much you have alienated your user base.)

Anon, I really hate that you and every other minor on this site have been denied full access to your own spaces. I wish I had more to offer you than mutual complaining, sympathy and frustration at your helplessness in this awful situation.

- Mod K.A.


Though “When All Your Friends Are Gone/Crash” is my favorite piece from the the Cars 3 score, the first 26 seconds of “Fireball Beach” are incredible. (The rest of this track is great too of course)

Music by Randy Newman.

Random post but

Who else feels lilo and stitch is an adorable and heart touching movie that’s original movie should never be forgotten or replaced by it’s, admirably funny, but lesser tv show and try hard or cash grab sequels? I feel this way. Like this movie made me cry because I’m in a broken family that fights often and gets in trouble with dcf (or child protection services here) but still cannot live without each other… I love it so much and just really hate how the movie’s original message was over shadowed by the joking nature of the tv show. Heck lilo and stitch 2 stitch has a glitch is an amazing follow up but it’s only remembered FOR the jokes in it! Please if you haven’t watched those two go watch both of them! They’re on Netflix (which is why I’m talking about them now) and totally deserve to be remembered for the messages and issues conveyed in them!

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I've read through your posts with information but im still a bit confused as to what a responder is. If i signed up to be a responder does that mean i can draw artwork for a fic entry?


you can:

  • draw art (the traditional thing!)
  • voiceact podfic
  • make music videos
  • make or act in cosplay
  • make jewelry
  • knit
  • sing song covers
  • compose
  • write meta/analyses
  • sculpt
  • write fanfic of the fanfic
  • compile playlists
  • edit still images or gifs
  • typograh quotes
  • do interpretive dance?
  • idek man
  • whatever your Thing is
  • go wild
  • there are so many different types of expression and they’re all Great and we’d love to see them all here ♥

Ok… Yes this is what you would call a “sub tweet” if this were Twitter. So it’s like a “sub post” cuz something someone said has been hanging around in my head and I kinda need to vent it off. But I don’t like drama cuz this really isn’t intended to be mean. It’s just me expressing my opinion on a topic that was brought up. Prepare… cuz this is long and you really don’t have to read it. I just need to type it lol

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