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Favorite Writing Things: Seven Year Pens

From time to time I wanted to share a few of my favorite writing-related products.  The top item on my list is, without a doubt, the Seven Year Pen from Seltzer Goods. 

I bought my first Seven Year Pen from a book store a little over three years ago with the promise that this pen is supposed to have 7 years worth of ink. I was skeptical. As someone who writes in a notebook every single day, I go through a lot of pens. I have seen favorite pens run dry more times than I can count. I’ve tried refilling some, but more often than not, it isn’t worth the effort. So buying this pen, I figured if it even lasts a year, it’s worth it. (Now, keep in mind, I was coming off a gel pen kick where I was going through a new pen every 3 days to a week. I’ve switched to ballpoint pens just because they last longer.)

Three years later, it’s my favorite pen and even more, it’s lasted three years. Over the past few years, I’ve collected more than a few of these pens, in part because I liked the first one so much and I’m in the habit of misplacing things regularly, but I can say, it’s lasted longer than any pen I’ve ever used and it writes so well. It’s durable, cute, and comfortable to grip. As far as writing with it, it works just about as nicely as any regular pen does. It just works for significantly longer, which is really fantastic. 

To date, I haven’t replaced the ink in the pen I bought three years ago. It’s the one pen I use most, and while it doesn’t look quite as bright and shiny as the day I bought it, it’s traveled with me across the country, out of the country, gotten thrown in purses, suitcases, backpacks. The design on it is a little faded, but it works like new and that’s all that’s mattered to me.

Now more often, I buy these pens as gifts (or really, something to throw on top of a gift or go with a nice journal). They’re cute, durable, and they last. No joke, this is my top recommendation for any writer. 

Pens shown above:  Unicorn Pen  |  Whale Pen  |   Lightning Bolt Pen  |   Note to Self Pen 

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What are your favorite shark facts?

*screeches with glee* Alright nonnie, you have asked me the best question EVER!

Apologies for taking two days to reply to this, life was a bit hectic


Super Awesome Shark Facts


Sharks showed up 400 million years ago in the Devonian 358.9–298.9 aka “The Age of Fish” between the geological Silurian (443.8–419.2 million years ago) and the Carboniferous Periods (358.9–298.9 million years ago). By the time of the Carboniferous, we had amphibians and other small vertebrate creatures capable of crawling about on land. It’s during the Carboniferous Period that the continent of Pangaea first began to form (let that sink in for a second, the sharks were about before Pangaea even began to look like a continent, that’s how long these creatures have been about jfc). 


To date they’ve survived FIVE massive planet extinction events… ya know, those things that KILL PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET?? YEAH, THEM. We know of one that happened pretty recently in geological history; 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went bye-bye. How fucking badass is that, Jesus Christ!


There’s currently over 500 types of Shark in the ocean at present (though not for long if people don’t stop KILLING THEM! CAN YOU NOT?!??). The most famous, of course, is the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) and the Hammerhead (family: Sphyrnidae). For all that there’s a variety of Species, there are, of course, similarities in form and shape including cartilaginous skeletons (they’re literally made of the same stuff as the ridge of your nose is), enhanced electro-static senses (on their nose which is cute but also reason why if you boop them on the nose they ‘nope’ it out of the place; consider it not too dissimilar to bashing your funny bone and deciding to avoid that damned door in the future, same sort of logic tbh).


You can pet a Shark on the nose. This isn’t really a fact so much as an interesting aside that I think is cute and adorable as shit so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[The still looks scary but honestly, he’s just giving the Tiger Shark a snack lol]

[I believe these are Lemon Sharks, which are fucking cute and I would cuddle one of them to the end of my life (I don’t have self-preservation instincts tho soooo)]


You have a higher chance of dying from being attacked by hornets, wasps, bees, dogs and even a fucking coconut (if you live in Asia) than you do of being killed by a Shark. How’s that for some mad stats?


As I’ve said, Sharks have survived FIVE massive planet extinction events but, currently, 20-30% of Sharks are close to extinction because of us, humans. Commercial fishing means Sharks get caught on hooks and nets; homeopathic remedies that require parts of Sharks for them to ‘work’; and Shark Fin Soup all contribute to the decline of these amazing creatures that have lived on this planet longer than even our most distant ancestor has.


Thanks to the media and stupid ass people who think they know everything from a movie marathon of the Jaws series, people think all Sharks are man-eating monsters that want to murder anyone who dares go for a swim in the open water. Here’s the thing though, 97% of over 500 Shark species are HARMLESS to us. The ones that ARE harmful tends to be because we’re in THEIR space and fucking up THEIR shit (personally, I’d beat your ass too if you came near my home so IDK why anyone thinks Sharks are evil; they’re just animals).


The reason why so many Shark attacks happen in California and places like South Africa is simply because of the abundance of food for Sharks; Great Whites especially. Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters are all on the menu for the Great White and us pesky ass humans keep getting in their way. It’s not their fault they mistake us for food. Honest mistake.


Connected to EIGHT. Most of the time, people die from a Shark BITE but the Shark doesn’t come back for a second time (usually) because, unlike pretty much every other species that’s evolved on this planet, Sharks don’t have the opportunity to test what something is before using their teeth on it. Humans bleed out horrendously fast, especially in water, so the cause of death for most Shark attacks is blood loss and shock, not actually being eaten by a Shark.


Whale Sharks are the largest Sharks on record out of all current, living Shark species. They can be over 13 metres in length and, while they look scary considering how humans usually don’t go past 2 metres (imagine seven people stood on top of each other and you’ve got an idea of how long a Whale Shark is), Whale Sharks are the most docile creatures ever. They’re quite similar to Whales (hence the name) that live on plankton, for example the Blue Whale, and are absolutely gorgeous.


Hopefully these have been somewhat educational (while interspersed with my delightful attitude) and everyone can go on with their lives a little more aware and knowledgeable about Sharks.

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Pierce ‘Whaler’s Shoulder’ bomb lance launcher

Manufactured by Eben Pierce in New Bedford, Massachusets for the 1883 International Fisheries Exhibition in London, then donated to the Smithsonian because that’s the kind of shit they’re into apparently.
1″ Pierce bomb lance - an explosive harpoon with a percussion fuse, single shot break action, all gunmetal with fixed skeleton stock.

While researching these strange whaling guns I came to realize just how fucked up the human mind needs to get to catch huge fish-like things. For instance did you know harpoon blades switched inside their target for maximum grappling ability ? I certainly didn’t.

Whaling before bronze grenade launchers happened for some reason.

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Hey, I'm writing this story and I have all my characters planned along with a few main points of the plot. Now, I'm writing a pirate fantasy romance story and I wanted some advice on it, especially on the relationship with the pirate and the main girl. Since most of the story will be set on the pirate ship I needed some help on things that could happen between them on it to get them to get close (The girl is captured by the way). Also about parts of pirate ships if it's too much.

Ooooh boy did you come to the right person! I know a few things about pirates and definitely knows the parts of a ship. I’d say “don’t get me started on pirates” but I’m afraid it’s too late.

Let’s talk about the ship first, since familiarity with it well help you set the scenes more naturally, and then we’ll brainstorm some things that they could do together on board.

First of all, let’s talk about types of ships. There isn’t just one established “pirate ship” that all pirates use. Ships were designed and redesigned for different purposes and conditions- some were built for speed, some for cargo, some for long voyages or harsh conditions, some for defense and some for attack. No single ship would ever be completely perfect- if you want your ship to be fast, for example, you might have to sacrifice some cargo space, which meant a smaller crew and less months at sea before you have to make port to re-stock again.

However, with all that being said, there was definitely some favorites. While it’s true that pirates from different parts of the world sometimes preferred different ships, the most common and popular would probably be the sloop. (Yes, I know it’s a funny word, lots of ships had funny names.) 

Sloops were a favorite among pirates because they were slim and fast, which made them great for intercepting other ships and escaping attacks themselves. They typically only had 1 or very rarely 2-3 masts, and usually had up to 75 crew members, at its largest, and a max of 14 cannons, which is pretty darn good.

Of course there are other options, depending on the needs of your particular pirates. Another popular option was the brigantine, which was not nearly as fast, but better suited for the long term, with a crew closer to 100 members and usually around 12 cannons. 

I know more ships, but let’s not get carried away. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting parts of the ship.


  Port= left, starboard= right, stern=back, and bow=front. When you refer to something as being “aft”, you mean it’s towards the back of the ship, towards stern. When something is “fore”, it means it is found closer to the front of the ship, or the bow. 

Galley= kitchen

Brig= prison

The head= the toilet

The Helm= the “steering wheel” of the ship

First, let’s know our decks. As you probably know, the deck is the top part of the ship, the wood that you walk on and where you see most of the action take place in movies, but there are different names for the different parts of the deck. The “poop deck” is the highest part, usually raised above the captain’s quarters, which was typically found “aft”, towards the back of the ship. The quarterdeck, on the other hand, is the important deck, usually where the captain or quartermaster stands and gives the orders. The big part is just called the deck or main deck.

The Captain’s quarters were briefly mentioned- the captain was the only one who had his own residence, and they were typically pretty luxurious.

Now the actually somewhat interesting parts.

NOT “The Crow’s Nest”!!!: The part you know as the “crow’s nest” is not actually called a crow’s nest, or at least, not on a pirate ship. That’s actually whaling terminology. The platform at the top of the mast is actually called the “top” or “fighting top” and yes, it can be used for scouting out land or obstacles, but it was actually known for a being a good place to sit with a gun and shoot your enemies on the deck, like a pirate sniper.

The Forecastle: This is the quarters of the crew. Often times in stories I see the crew each having their own cabins, or at the most, a roommate or two. That’s not exactly how it worked on an actual ship. Not that they actually spent much time in the bunk- it was really just a place to sleep when not on duty.

The Bilge: The is the bottom part of the ship. Dark, dank, musty, gross, but also the first place to tell if you have a leak. If you do have a leak, you want to run down to the bilge and fix them quickly, because if it fills up, you’re going down.

The Mast: There are actually different names for the different masts, depending on how many your ship has. If you have a speedy ship, it’s probably slow and you probably only have the one “main mast.” If the mast is destroyed, it’s not uncommon to build an emergency one really fast, called the “jury mast”- since you do need a mast to sail. The mast is the big wooden pole in the middle from which the sails are hung.

The Yardarm: This is the long pole that goes across the mast to hold the sails. I included it because it was also a popular place to hang people on.

Gangway/Gangplank: They’re actually different things. The gangWAY is the passages along the side of a ship, like a hallway. The gangPLANK is what is set down to walk on between ship and pier. 

In honesty, all of the sails and lines have different names and purposes too, but I’m not going to get too into it right now. You can find some of them on websites like this or this.

Now for what they can do together…

A lot depends on their status on board. If the girl has been captured, determine how her captivity is taking place. If she’s being locked in the brig or cabin, their first interactions might involve them bringing her food or care, etc.

- It’s also possible that they are made to guard her, and hours of boredom turns to conversation after a while

It also matters what role the pirate has on board the ship. Here is an idea of roles on board a pirate ship.

If she has some amount of freedom (it is a ship at sea, what’s she gonna do, run away?), that will open up some more possibilities.

  • If the girl is curious, she might be interested in seeing how the ship is run. Or, the captain could potentially decide to make her help out with things. She is an extra pair of hands, after all. 
  • There are lots of tasks involved within the running of a ship. She doesn’t necessarily have to be doing the sailing- she could help out in the galley, sew sails or clothes, maintain weapons, and so on. 
  • Maybe she is made to do some tasks, but she doesn’t know how, and they take pity and try to help her out a little
  •  There’s nothing like a nice emergency to make people work together. Being forced to work together for survival- a storm, a mutiny, an attack,etc- is a great bonding experience for anyone.
  • Perhaps the girl has something that the pirate wants, depending on her background. A random example- perhaps she has an educated background, and the pirate has something that they need read, or written, or something else. Really, it could be any knowledge that she has that they might be interested in.
  • Maybe she has something they want to know, so they’re nice to her in trying to get information, but then end up actually becoming close
  • Conversely, maybe she is interested in something that they can do, and keeps talking to them about it until their interest becomes mutual

I’m going to have to wrap this up, as it exciting as it is, my inbox is flooding, but I hope this helps some! Good luck, sounds like fun! Hit me up for any additional help with pirates or otherwise!


Update Projected UK Charts Excl. Physical Copies


I took the numbers from over the last 7 days from UK iTunes and UK Spotify, using Digital Sales Data and Kworb and Whale Report.

The top 20 would then look like this: 


That’s Louis. At sixteen. The difference is almost 7000 sales units to make it to the top 10. 

So really it all depends on how many physical CDs he’s sold and whether or not we’ve fallen behind in streaming or have significantly increased streaming (also dependent on how strict this whole 10 streams/account per day is)


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Hi! I just fell upon your page and fell in LOVE. Do you have any DIYs/crafts on sharks besides the pencil case? If not then whales?

Hey! I’m so happy you enjoy my blog! I really appreciate it. I found some more shark and whale DIY projects just for you!

DIY Clothespin Crafts

I thought these were cutest little things. Great way to use up clothespins!

DIY Whale Cookies

I’m always down for some cookies. Make a splash at your next party!

DIY Shark Attack Hat

Vicious shark attack hat!!

DIY Shark Sweatshirt

A little more of an abstract allusion, some sweet shark teeth.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

If you enjoy my blog and would like to support me further, my Amazon Wish List is available here!

Need help finding tutorials? Send me a request!

here’s a thing. i have no idea what i was trying to do. 

lily evans, twenty years old, resting on her side, looking small in a king-sized bed. spine curved over, and a frown buried deep in her face. without it, she looks exhausted and stressed, but happy. with it, she looks weathered, and much older than she is. 

james potter, also twenty years old, but two months less so. towels his face as he leaves the bathroom. bare chest and pyjama bottoms hanging low on his hips. he catches sight of his wife’s expression and pauses.

what is it? he asks carefully, and she always smiles at his concern. 

look at me she says glumly, and he’s never one to forgo such an invitation. 

lily evans knows the pair of hazel eyes raking over her better than she knows anything else in the world and feels good again. she watches his face and drinks in his expression, sees his mouth quirk up at one side in an appreciative smirk, and feels great for a moment. so grateful and happy to be married to a man who makes her feel that way.

james potter thinks he’ll never get tired of looking at her. he takes in every inch of her and does his best to commit it to memory, sees her eyes widen as they fix on his face and wait for a response, and feels his herartrate increase. so lucky to be loved by someone like her. 

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Top 10 Anime Of The Week: Fall 2017 (Anime Trending)


“I can’t do this anymore.” Sam cries, throwing his hands up. “Please just stop!”

You watch as Sam runs his hands through his hair in exasperation. He moved from tired and into state of perpetual exhaustion a week ago.

He’s at his wit’s end.

You shift your gaze from Sam to your son, Henry, his small mouth twisted in some unknown agony, whaling at the top of his lungs. Such piercing, unrelenting screams for such a small body. He’s bouncing on chubby legs, balancing himself at the edge of his crib. His small face is red-raw from crying, crocodile tears spilling down his cheeks.

“Dada!” the little boy hiccups between wails, his thick arms reaching out. He’s just shy of a year and it’s his first and only word. He can only call for his dad. He coughs, stuttering before shrieking again, “Dada!”

The muscles of Sam’s chin begin to quiver as his son begs for him.

“Pick him up Sam, he needs you to hold him. He needs his father.” You plead, stepping closer Sam, wishing you could shake him.  

Of course Sam can’t hear you…can’t see you. You’re just a shadow now, a ghost.

“I’m sorry, I got cha. Daddy’s got you.” Sam coos, his spirit breaking as he relents, a tear slipping down his cheek, dripping salty into his mouth. Sam plucks Henry from his crib and holds him to his chest, lying back onto the bed. The child’s cries soften as he melts into Sam’s arms, his small head resting on a warm, familiar chest.

Sam rubs his back until the only sounds left are that of Henry’s gentle sucking of his thumb and Sam’s ragged breath, trying to hold back his own grief.

“I know you miss your mom. I do too, but it’s just us now.” Sam whispers, gently cupping his little boy’s head. “You can’t cry all the time. We need to sleep, I need to sleep.”

Sam takes a deep breath, it helps to calm the ache in his heart. The pain comes in waves, but in this moment, with his son drifting to sleep on his chest, it’s bearable.

“I’m here.” Your words fall on deaf ears. You sit, devastatingly invisible at the edge of the mattress. “I’m here.”


Leopard Seal

The leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx), also referred to as the sea leopard, is the second largest species of seal in the Antarctic (after the southern elephant seal). The leopard seal is large and muscular, with a dark grey back and light grey on its stomach. Its throat is whitish with the black spots that give the seal its common name. The overall length of this seal is 7.9–11.5 feet and weight is from 440 to 1,320 pounds. 

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What are your top 5 killugon moments?

1. the Whale Island episode, all of it

2. “You’ve got it backwards Gon, I am the fortunate one.”


4. At the end of the dodgeball game when Gon warns Killua, “Killua, I’m going all out” “You’d better. If you don’t, I’ll smack you”

5. Laying Gon down gently under the shade of a tree and covering him up with his shirt, so gently

honorable mention: their first meeting in 1999, it was quiet and sweet in the first anime, with Gon asking “Will you let me use [the skateboard] sometime?” and Killua saying “If you let me use that fishing rod… Gon” the way he says it with a side glance and a small smile like he’s testing the name for the first time YEAH BYE

🎂🐋 Happy birthday to Stellwagen Bank and Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale national marine sanctuaries! 

Though thousands of miles apart, both of these sanctuaries have offered refuge to humpback whales for the past 25 years. Each summer, humpback whales migrate from the Caribbean to Stellwagen Bank off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where they and other whales feast on the food that flourishes in sanctuary waters. And in the Pacific, humpback whales journey to the warm waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands each winter to mate, calve, and raise their young. 

(Top photo: Peter Flood. Bottom photo: NOAA, under NOAA permit #774-1714)

“If he was a...” : Jungkook

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if he was a month…: he’d be September. warm, beginning of the best season, kind of just sneaks up on you without notice.

if he was a day…: he’d be Wednesday. a good day to get things done and leaves time for fun activities. serious but still silly.

if he was a planet…: he’d be Saturn. symbolizes disclipline, strength, fears and challenges. determined, competitive.

if he was a god/goddess…: he’d be Kratos. god of strength and power. large, brave, intelligent. can use their body to their advantage.

if he was a sea animal...: he’d be a killer whale. powerful, top of the food chain, wonderful performers, skilled.

if he was a piece of furniture…: he’d be a four poster bed with curtains. decorative, hidden, secure, well-built.

if he was a gemstone…: he’d be a Tourmaline. believed to strengthen the body and spirit. attracts inspiration, concentration and balance.

if he was a flower…: he’d be a Calla Lily. represents magnificence and beauty. innocence and purity.

if he was a natural phenomenon/weather…: he’d be a monsoon. intense, unforgettable, forceful, abrasive.

if he was a color…: he’d be white. light and comfortable. opaque or thick. innocent and stylish.

if he was a feeling of emotion…: he’d be determination. craves success, one track minded, nonstop until he sees results.

if he was a fruit…: he’d be passionfruit. unique, tangy, sweet.

if he was an element…: he’d be Earth. grounded, stable, reliable, sturdy, caring.

if he was a place...: he’d be a practice room. in constant use, safe, secure, allows you to grow and progress.

if he was a taste…: he’d be sweet. like fruit rather than candy. the sweetest passionfruit you can imagine.

if he was a scent…: he’d be masculine and suave. the cologne you can’t stop sniffing off his clothes.

if he was a body part…: he’d be thighs. strong, thick, killer. sexy, useful, wide.

if he was a pair of shoes…: he’d be tan Timberlands.

a/n: happy birthday baby boi <3 reposted because the other link had lots of issues :(

Some McHanzo fic recs cause yknow… i like ‘em. There’s a lot and they’re in no particular order.

Your Cheatin’ Heart by SleepySkies

  • Summary: “A stowaway, a wager, a deck of cards. Sex on a riverboat.”
  • Historical AU, completed, Explicit
  • Words: 6,829

A faithful companion by kaijuborn

  • Summary: “Hanzo is a wanderer, always on the move after leaving his home and his duties. However, when winter comes and he finds himself in an abandoned town, he decides to stay for a while. A large, three-legged wolf accompanies him, though the animal appears to be more than what first meets the eye.”
  • McWerewolf AU, completed, Teen and Up
  • Words: 10,195

Continued under Read More

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