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The cheeky little list

Summary: When you try to liven it up in the bedroom, things get a little out of hand.
Characters: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, so many sexy innuendos and all kinds of implied situations.

A/N: The internet could use a giggle today, so here’s my submission for @bookybuns fic fest. Thanks again for letting me join! The prompt for this one was ‘Accidental Prostitution’, and hands down this is the silliest thing I have ever written, so, anyway. Also, poor Steve…


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The Elements of a Short Program — brought to you by reigning World Champions and current World Record Holders Evgenia Medvedeva and Yuzuru Hanyu

1. A double or triple Axel || Janny: double Axel / Yuzu: triple Axel
2. A triple (Ladies) or quadruple jump (Men) immediately preceded by connecting steps || Janny: triple loop / Yuzu: quad Salchow
3. A jump combination consisting of a double jump and a triple jump, two triple jumps (Ladies), or a quadruple jump and a double or triple jump (Men) || Janny: triple flip + triple toe / Yuzu: quad toe + triple toe
4. A flying spin || Both: flying camel spin
5. A layback spin (Ladies) / A camel spin or sit spin with one change of foot (Men) || Janny: layback spin / Yuzu: sit spin
6. A spin combination with one change of foot
7. A step sequence

Yellow Light

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Pairing: Loki X (frost elemental-Inhuman) Reader
Word Count: 3500
Warnings: Precious touch starved babies

Inspired and elaborated from this headcanon prompt, also this song cause I love this song pertaining anything to Loki

@belloangelus @duckgirl16 @badbitsh13 @emislayyyy74 @ivarinleatherpants @cazycurlyhairgirl @byzantium-glytch

Your abilities of ice and snow have never entirely been within your control. Skin so cold it freezes anything it touches, you’ve been left alone and craving a connection as any Inhuman would, finding the end of your forced seclusion not from a friend like you always imagined, but an enemy.

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Kadena being cute with each other and Sutton/Jane calling them goals.

The next time Adena has a gallery opening in New York City, Kat isn’t pining after her on the sidelines. She isn’t nervously trying to figure out how to approach her, waiting for Jane to give her the push she needs.

She’s there to support her girlfriend, jumping in and out of small talk conversations with the attendees.

Then Kat is standing in the middle of the room, admiring the pieces again on her own as the crowd slowly thins out, and smiles when Adena approaches and sinks into her arms.

Jane tries not to stare, she does, but she and Sutton share a look and then they’re both watching them. They’re watching the ease of their movements, the way that Kat only has eyes for Adena, smiling and talking together in the middle of the gallery.

The last guests finally exit, leaving only the four of them, and Kat holds Adena at her lower back, lifts her off her toes and spins them around, once.

Adena laughs, head bowed into Kat’s hair and hands clutching at her shoulders, while Kat says something they can’t hear.

“You ever get jealous of them?” Jane asks, leaning into Sutton’s side.

Sutton reaches up, wraps her arm around her shoulders. “All the time. Who doesn’t? Those two are like, ultimate goals.”

Kat kisses Adena then, passionate, and Sutton clears her throat loudly, shouts, “Not the show we came here for!” and Jane snorts.

Kat holds out a hand, flips them off while she keeps kissing her girlfriend, and Adena is laughing into her mouth, eventually pulling back and looking over at them.

“Sorry,” Adena says, still smiling.

“I’m not.”

Adena rolls her eyes at Kat and then looks to them, sincere. “Thank you both for coming. I really appreciate your support.”

Tongue Meets Toes

Lips softly enclosing on your big toe.

It feels good. This is going to be nice.

Tongue slowly caressing the underside of your big toe.

You tense up slightly.

Lips and tongue now move to your second toe.

Suddenly you realize how ticklish this is going to be.

You thought it would be sensual, erotic.

It is—but it’s so much more.

Tongue caressing the underside of your second toe, then spinning circles around it.

You reflexively start to pull away.

Hands grip your ankle to keep your foot in place. 

Tongue gets bolder, dancing in between your first two toes, then second and third toes.

The laughter begins to pour out. It accelerates to heavy laughter almost instantly. You have no control over it.

Now your second and third toes enclosed, inside mouth.

Hot, wet tongue and soft, tender lips.

Shrieks punctuate your heavy laughter.

You grip the sides of the bed.

Fourth toe joins them inside.

You writhe on the bed, pounding your fists against the mattress.

This tickles more than you could have ever imagined.

Light caresses of the tongue alternate with wild flutters.

You’re on the edge

of insanity.

You’d give anything to make it stop

and yet you want even more.

Your foot reflexively jerks forcefully, but is held in place.

You try to say, “It tickles too much” through your laughter but you don’t have enough breath.

The sensation pulsates through your entire body like an electric shock.

They pause and look up at you with a smile.

You catch your breath, panting.

“My toes…” you try to say, “they’re just so…”

Are they done? Are they stopping?

Nope. They like it way too much.

The sensation returns. The hysterics return.

You realize they could do this all night.

Then it dawns on you…they’re going to.


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High on You

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Pairing: Yuta x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Warnings: drug abuse
Word count: 3,714

Sighing, you put your phone inside your bag, ready to head home for the night. Bidding the last remaining people at the office goodbye, you headed off towards the elevator. Heaving a sigh, your back slouched as you waited for it to come up, the tiredness of a very long day evident on every inch of your body. You had told yourself that this internship would be a fun and an educational experience, a sample of what your dream job would be like. 

However, it seemed that things didn’t really run so smoothly. Today, had marked one of the worst days here, yet. Mostly because your supervisor had made it their goal to make your experience here a living hell. 

Two more months, you thought to yourself. 

The elevator doors slid open, breaking your train of thought. Clicking the 0 button, you rested your back against the mirror, your bag resting against your thighs. A nice relaxing bath sounded great at that moment, maybe a nice massage too. You definitely knew where you could get the latter one, a smile inevitably creeping onto your lips at the thought of Yuta’s hands on you. 

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Dance Alone To The Tune Of Your Death

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Summary: Request fic for @chloethebinch.  “I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is Frank’s friend and he suggests that she could be Helena in the music video and he gets a huge crush on her in the Helena dress?”

The dance studio at your college’s fine arts building was empty, except for you. You weren’t surprised. It was past midnight. What other student besides you was crazy enough to be pirouetting at this hour? 

Maybe other people would think it was weird, but, when you were stressed, dancing always calmed you down. You slid on your ballet slippers, tying the ribbons tightly so they wouldn’t slip down your ankles. You put a CD onto the stereo and hit play. A normal ballerina would have used classical music. To be honest, you should probably be using the soundtrack to Swan Lake, since you were going to be performing in your school’s production of that ballet later this year. Instead, for some reason, all you wanted to dance to was your friend Frank’s post-hardcore band, My Chemical Romance. 

Frank had dropped out of college to be MCR’s rhythm guitarist full time. At the time, you were worried he was making a mistake (and, of course, sad that he wouldn’t be your classmate anymore). But, his decision seemed to have paid off. His band had been signed to a major label, and last summer, they’d traveled the country as part of Warped Tour. Part of you wondered if Frank was going to forget all about you now that he was getting rich and famous. 

Don’t worry about that right now, you told yourself. Just dance

You pointed your toes and began a spin as the opening notes of ‘Helena’, the first track on the CD, began to play. You did a demi-plie as you let the sound of Frank’s wild instrumentals wash over you. The vocalist, Gerard, was great, too, but when you listened to MCR, your focus was always on Frank. Maybe it was because you had a bit of a crush on him.

So do ten thousand other girls, at this point, you frowned, and threw yourself harder into the dance to distract yourself from your negative thoughts. You whirled and twirled across the floor to every song on the album, and by the time the last track concluded, you were panting, brow streaked with sweat. 

You froze, and gasped, when you heard the sound of someone clapping. 

Who the hell is in here?! you wondered, turning around in shock. Your jaw dropped when you saw Frank Iero standing there in the doorway, grinning at you. 

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You Colour Me Blue  [Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens.]

Author: @galacticstylinson

Word Count: 6.5k

Ratings/Triggers: Mentions of Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Summary: A college au in which John is an art student with soft jumpers and pencils in his hair and Alex is a history major with too much to say and a penchant for quiet shy boys, and somehow manages to make John feel like he belongs.

Also read here on AO3. 


John had never viewed one particular place as home. Not the family home back in Charleston where he had spent the majority of his childhood. Not his stuffy High School bedroom in the European boarding school his father had shipped him off to for his ‘rebellious’ teenage years. Not even his current dorm room at Columbia University, New York, although he supposed it was the place he had felt most at home in his life.

No, for John home was a feeling. The feeling that manifested itself in him when he drew, painted, created. Home was the feeling of getting lost in a world that was entirely his own, full of loud, bright pinks and purples. Pastel blues and greens, warm reds, oranges, yellows. Home was a world of color so vastly different from the landscape of greys his childhood blurred into in his mind. A world void of his father’s critiques and expectations. A world where John was free, and happy, and home.

Spending his days in the whirlwind of rainbow that was being an art student gave John all of these things – and was a world away from the drab dreary court rooms his father had in mind, which was merely a bonus. 

Squinting against the harsh July sunlight, John glanced up at the building ahead of him, comparing it to the miniature Low Library taking form in his sketchbook, its towering white columns and authoritative, imposing aura muted by his soft diluted watercolors. Luminescent sun spots danced across the page where he swirled his brush in the jar on the step beside him, the clear water becoming tainted with smoke-like spirals of pale grey. He was about to dip his brush into his palette once more when a shadow obscured the light from his page. 

“Woah. Dude – you’re good! Like actually fricken’ good!”

Upon looking up to the source of the compliment, John found himself facing a stranger. But maybe stranger wasn’t the right word. Because those wide, excitable eyes seemed a familiar shade of deep mahogany brown, a color that made John feel safe, that he trusted – that gave him the feeling of finding something he didn’t even know he’d been missing. Intelligent eyes as bright as his smile and as warm as the honeyed hue of his skin. Kind eyes that John could revel in forever. His gaze moved away from those eyes, to the heavy bags beneath them and the delicate crinkles around them caused by the wide, warm grin on the man’s face. One look at this boy had John awestruck, falling fast; falling hard, with no signs of slowing.

The stranger continued to talk. 

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Composure » Myoui Mina (Part 1 ➥2.7k)

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Prompt: Have you thought about how that makes me feel?

“What started out as a threat quickly turns into a bond more precious than anything you could ever imagine.”

Part: Ⅰ || || 

The first time you talk to Myoui Mina, you’re still a little kid in third grade with bratty friends and a big mouth.

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Hush (Part Six)

Rafael Barba x Reader
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

You were so close. He was so close.

With just the lift of your heels, his lips would be against yours.

With just the lift of your heels, you could so easily erase the torment that kept you awake at night.

With just the lift of your heels, Rafael could be yours again.

He lowered his head, and in doing so, tempted you further into a place you knew you shouldn’t be. The fervor of his confession combined with the smell of alcohol on his breath made your head spin.

Your toes fidget, threatening to give in and surrender to both your desires.

With just a lift of your heels…

Not like this.

“I can’t.”

You place your fingers over his lips, putting a physical barrier between you to match your words. Your lean your forehead against the back of your hand. You feel his face drop, along with the hands that caressed your neck.

He steps back, making short and uneven steps away from you.

“I’m gonna’ leave.”

The glimmer of hope from earlier faded was already a distant memory, replaced with a nonchalant expression that tore you apart.

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i tried scoring nathan and yuzuru's freeskates again and had hanyu at 202 and nathan at 191. i'm surprised myself at how big the margin of victory i had. hanyu had mostly same GOE but lower PCS and nathan had way lower both, some of nathan's elements were really sloppy like quad toes, spins, axels, but didn't get low execution marks. fan cams show the difference in speed and skating skills and ice coverage. but i think there's american bias in twitter/tumblr/social media..have you tried scoring?

I guess your way of judging may be quite similar to my own. My scoring for FP would have been just below 190 for Nathan and 202+ for Yuzu (explanation for the great part of my GOE and PCS can be found in previous posts):

Same for you, the difference on GOE is huge, even more than the difference on PCS.

As for American bias, I guess it’s unavoidable, sadly. Many people think that FS needs american markets to survive and the way through the market is creating buzz.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about it. A sport is strong if it can stay up on its own, without bending like a weeping willow to external factors.

Watch Out Below (15)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14

You sat in your cell, the dim glow of the elvish celebrations coming hazy through the bars of your door. You kept to the back of the small space, leaning against the wall heavily as your face ached. The flesh was tender to the touch and bruised, the cut healing still after it had been reopened by Thranduil’s blusterous strike. It was at this moment that you wondered what curse had brought you to this foreign land.

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YOUR HEDCANONS ARE SO PERFECT OMG! SENPAI I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 Can I get a request? How would Ace, Sabo and Shanks react to S/O who is usually cool, but at one moment they just cups his face in their hands and peppering his faces with kissus ? ⁽˙³˙⁾

Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you <3

- he would get flustered, this boy blushes easily
- then he would probably start giggling
- probably be a little surprised, too!
- it would usually be him, who covered you in small kisses, so it was nice to change it up a bit.
- if he can’t catch your lips,  he will pick you up and try to force you to kiss him, or you will be thrown overboard
- not that he would actually do it!

- he would probably also be surprised, of course!
- but then he would laugh and enjoy the small kisses
- lay his hands over yours and just smile
- he would think you were the cutest thing to ever walk on earth
- would try to catch your lips with his
- it not successful, he will go for the throat or tickle you!

- he had probably seen it come, because this is Shanks.
- when you started kissing him, he would laugh, and pull you to his lap
- oh, how the tables have turned
- your face is now being littered with small kisses
- he will not stop before you surrender!
- finish off with a big kiss on your lips
- a kiss that makes your toes curl and head spin.