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Miyawaki Sakura Karaoke SHOWROOM / 28.05.17

Setlist (Not mine, credit to the uploader)

7:15 Uhho Uhhohho (AKB48)
9:40 Oshibe to Meshibe Yoru no Chouchou (AKB48)
12:00 Kagami no Naka no Jean D’Arc (AKB48)
14:30 Kimi Dake ni Chu Chu Chu (Tentoumu Chu! / AKB48)
16:45 Kimi ni Tsuite (AKB48)
20:30 Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou (AKB48)
22:25 Kondo Koso Ecstasy (Next Girls / AKB48)
24:30 Shiokaze no Shoutaijuu (AKB48)
26:35 Shoot Sign (AKB48)
30:20 Tomaranai Kanransha(HKT48)
32:25 Make noise (HKT48)
35:00 Yume Hitotsu (HKT48)
40:00 Watashi Wa Blueberry Pie (HKT48)
41:40 Yume Miru Team KⅣ (Team KⅣ / HKT48)
44:50 Innocence (SKE48)
47:25 Glory days (SKE48)
50:00 Pinocchio Gun (SKE48)
55:50 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo (NMB48)
57:30 Seishun no Lap Time (NMB48)
1:00:30 Teppen Tottande(NMB48) (HKTver.)
1:03:00 Zutto Mae Kara(French Kiss)
1:06:05 Suika Baby (Not yet)
1:09:10 Naminori Kakigoori (Not yet)
1:11:20 Hirahira (Not yet)
1:13:45 Eccentric (Keyakizaka46)
1:17:25 Bukiyou Taiyou (SKE48)
1:21:00 Soramimi Lock(HKT48)
1:26:45 Otona Ressha(HKT48)
1:31:15 Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara (AKB48)
1:34:35 Yuuhi wo Miteiru Ka? (AKB48)

Sota instagram update:

Jumping around the age of thirty
# Perhaps the last time jump roping for this bro in his 20s
# Besides, it’s on a footbed sheet
# The flow while you’re enduring it is really bad
# But I laugh at this person no matter how many times I see it
# Lovely Tai-chan
# Leader
# In his twenties
# He is also going to be 30 next month
# He doesn’t look like it at all
#He’s releasing a photobook collection for his birthday
# Please buy it.
# I’m sorry for digressing from the first subject of jump roping


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

50 Bookish Questions

Ask Me Anything! Send me a number!

1. What is your favourite book and/or book series of all time?

2. What is the longest book you have ever read? How many pages?

3. What is the oldest book you have ever read? (Based on its written date)

4. What is a book series that everyone else loves but you do not?

5. What book or book series would you like to see turned into a film/ TV series?

6. What is your favourite stand-alone book?

7. What is a book that you feel glad for not reading?

8. What is a book that you feel guilty for not not reading?

9. What is a book you have read that is set in your country of birth?

10. What is a book that you own more than one copy of?

11. What horror book made you really scared?

12. What book do you passionately hate?

13. What is the biggest book series you have read? How many books are in it?

14. What book gives you happy memories?

15. What book made you cry?

16. What book made you laugh?

17. What is your favourite book that contains an LGBTQ+ character?

18. Have you read a book with a male protagonist? What is it?

19. Have you read a book set on another planet? What is it?

20. Have you ever been glad to not finish a series? Which?

21. Have you ever read a book series because you were pressured?

22. What famous author have you not read any books by?

23. Who is your favourite author of all time?

24. How many bookshelves do you own?

25. How many books do you own?

26. What is your favourite non-fiction book?

27. What is your favourite children’s/middle-grade book?

28. What is your next book on your TBR?

29. What book are you currently reading?

30. What book are you planning on buying next?

31. What was the cheapest book you bought?

32. What was the most expensive book you bought?

33. What is a book you read after seeing the movie/ TV series?

34. What is the newest book you have bought?

35. What three books are you most looking forward to reading this year?

36. What is a book you love that has a terrible trope? (Love triangle, etc)

37. Have you read a book in a different language? What was it?

38. What is a book you’ve read that is set in a time period before you were born?

39. What book offended you?

40. What is the weirdest book you have read?

41. What is your favourite duology?

42. What is your favourite trilogy?

43. What book did you buy because of its cover?

44. What is a book that you love, but has a terrible cover?

45. Do you own a poetry anthology? What is your favourite poem from it?

46. Do you own any colouring books based off other books?

47. Do you own any historical fiction?

48. What book made you angry?

49. What book has inspired you?

50. What book got you into reading?

Yume Nikki - month
Day 04 - Crossover between YN and FGs

Y’know, ever since I saw the room with the child effect in Yume 2kki, I always imagine Urotsuki considering Madotsuki as a kind of deity of sorts.

In my mind, she’d be so eager to show the ultimate dreamer her own dreams

Maybe Next Time (m)

[10:36 PM] Jimin: babe, i have an emergency

[10:37 PM] You: what is it??

[10:37 PM] Jimin: um, i’m really hard right now. help me out

[10:38 PM] Jimin: baby, please. i want to fuck you so hard, hear you scream for me so fucking bad

[10:39 PM] Jimin: [image0541.png]

[10:39 PM] Jimin: please? :)

Synopsis: You’re finally seeing Jimin tomorrow after months of amorous skype sex, but the night before he asks for a small favor.

Originally posted by jiminarmy

Pairing: Jimin x Reader // gaming au/long distance relationship

Genre: Smut, Humor

Word Count: 4k

Includes: skype sex, dirty talk

Trilogy: Until Next Time ↣ Maybe Next Time ↣ At Last

A/N: the last part will probably be called “finally” from how i feel abt this trilogy coming to an end HAHA. sorry this fic is really short btw qq i’ll try to bump it up for the next ^^

[11:29 PM] Jimin: is requesting a video call…

[11:30 PM] You: missed a video call from Jimin.

Three months have passed since the accidental encounter with Park Jimin, your cyber fuck buddy. You would have never guessed that a random stranger from a dumb online game would grow the slightest ounce of significance in your life; then again, perhaps you just got lucky.

[11:30 PM] Jimin: wtf are you doing, don’t you want to see my face?

[11:32 PM] You: We have thirty minutes till midnight and i want to sleep

[11:32 PM] Jimin: well i just want to see you

[11:33 PM] You: ur literally seeing me tomorrow. leave me alone omfg

It isn’t a lie that you are going to hop on a short plane ride to see him in person after viewing his face through a small screen for months. Honestly, the few months of phone sex and dirty texts lost their excitement and thrill. So, like every time before, Jimin pressed on the fact that you should see him.

And after giving the same response of “no” for a while, you finally comply and the long awaited day is less than 24 hours away.

So why the fuck is he requesting to video call as if that day is never arriving?

[11:37 PM] Jimin: please, i’m kind of horny rn :)

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Another girl who loves girls dies on my TV screen and people call it poignant. People call it “actually necessary.” People look at her crumpled brown body and call it a brave, artistic choice.

I call it a bag over my head. I call it dry-heaving into a throw pillow.

Girl-who-loves-girls doesn’t get to be called by her name in this poem because she wouldn’t be called by her name on the news. Girl-who-loves-girls is just a trope anyway, just a social justice lesson. Girl-who-loves-girls is just a body, just a prop left on the floor until convenient. Supposed to make you feel some kinda way to see her lying there, all that could-have-been slipping out of the room like air from lungs, or bullets from a gun.

I’m angry but this poem is not to say that I am angry. This poem, like all poems, is a safe space. This poem is not the only place I can kiss my partner without worrying who’s watching, but sometimes it feels like it is. Sometimes kissing her feels like a precursor to violence. 

If we don’t get to be happy, even in fiction, then whose blood shows up for shock value next season? Hers or mine?
—  Trista Mateer

30 day AU challenge: 6. 1920s/Mafia

“Darby ain’t gonna be a problem anymore, boss.”

“Good boy.”

I couldn’t decide if I want to make Eggsy a muscle or a trophy boy. But then again why not both??? I can do whatever I want! ha!