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Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska is 6 millions acres of wild lands with a single, 92-mile long road traveling through it. The places to go for adventure, solitude and recreation are nearly endless. Rainbow over Polychrome Overlook by Ken Conger, National Park Service.


Mirai Nagasu’s new FS in the ladies’ final round at Skate Detroit. She attempted 8 triples, including a 3F3T and 3A (downgraded).


So, @itza322 and I went to Chris’ book event in Houston. What a gem. I’ve been to a few of his signings, but never got to see him do anything like this. I twas so worth the six hour drive. Lol He was sweet and funny and thankfully, there weren’t any awkward Klaine questions. Here’s what we can remember from last night!! See Maritza’s pictures here!

Under a read more because this got long. I transcribed his answers from my audio, so they are are exact quotes. Enjoy!

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Vincent Zhou’s new “Romeo + Juliet” FS at 2017 Skate Detroit

oblivionsower replied to your postSince Steamflogger Boss is on the land sheet, does…

Fate reforged had basics tho?

Not in English packs. The basic land slot was always a tapland or a fetch. You could open foil ones instead of a common, but the only ways to get a nonfoil English Fate Reforged basic were in the Fat Pack, Ugin’s Fate, Intro Deck, and Clash Packs.