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I’m really getting into the autumn/winter spirit right now so I thought I’d suggest a little study challenge for October! You can find the prompts below.

Some notes:

  • tag your posts with #octoberstudychallenge so i can see them! 
  • You don’t have to participate each day, and you can join later if you want.
  • Post what you like! Masterposts, pictures, text posts… The prompts are open for interpretation and a little tweaking.
  • Please reblog this post so more people can see it. :) 


1. Hello October
2. Weekly Tasks
3. Handwritten
4. Productivity
5. Study Spaces
6. Late Nights
7. Autumn Feels 
8. Outdoors
9. To Do List
10. Languages
11. Planning
12. Stationery
13. Friday the 13th
14. Warming Up
15. My Studyblr Story
16. Exams 
17. Study Snacks
18. Organising and Planning
19. Arts and Doodles
20. Time Management
21. Take a Break
22. Long-Term Goals
23. Early Mornings
24. Note Taking
25. Music
26. Inspiration
27. Favourites
28. Cosy Vibes
29. Self-Care
30. Motivation
31. Trick or Treat!

I’m looking forward to seeing your posts! I will participate as well! :) 

okay, okay

Sybok: born 2224 (according to non canon source)

Spock: born 2230

Michael: no canon age yet but Sonequa Martin-Green is 32 so if we assume that’s Michael’s age as well, born 2223

09242017 // 28/100 Days of Productivity. - My Astronomy Notes on Events after the Big Bang. 

I’ve been posting everyday for a little bit over the past week now, and it is a little harder than I thought - but I like it. 

Well, today was extremely unproductive - little less than yesterday, but not even close to where I need/want to be. Well, hopefully I’ll get the important stuff done. Hopefully. 

Dyrwood Dignitary

For @pillarspromptsweekly​ Prompt 0006, “Birthday,” because it was my birthday, I present a prank in the form of a surprise birthday party. :-D Inspired by this quote of Eder’s after the restoration of Brighthollow:

  • Word count: 1445
  • Rating: G
  • Characters:  Edér, Aloth, Watcher Lenneth
  • Pairing: Background Lenneth/Aloth, but just barely; the focus is on Edér & Lenni’s friendship
  • Read here or on AO3

Edér Teylecg was a man of simple tastes, he told himself as he grudgingly worked his way into the fancy attire Lenneth had sent up to his room. Simple foods, everyday ales. Simple and comfortable clothing you could do a fair day’s work in, out in the fields or mucking out stables. Clothes that could be dirtied or torn without worrying about what they must’ve cost.

Well, if he spilled fancy wine on these fancy togs or got into a fancy duel and got a fancy slash cut in the doublet, Lenni could worry about the cost. Besides, it already had so many fashionable slashes, who’d notice another one? And the heavy wool fabric was already pretty close to wine-colored. Not a problem. Edér grinned at the thought of all the retaliatory trouble he could get into in this garb. Serve his Watcher friend right for making them all attend her fancy party. Maybe this mysterious visiting dignitary they were greeting merited a big to-do, and sure, Brighthollow was looking especially bright and shiny these days and could pull off a fancy dinner party, but none of that meant Edér really had to be there, right? Especially not in overembellished Vailian clothes.

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Here is our card! Just a little more till we hit Oct! Who’s all excited for Oct? I know I am! Hehehe…. We have Dai-chan, Yamada, and Takaki on side one. Inoo on side two. I was super excited when I saw I had Dai-chan, Yama-chan, and Takaki together as they are my babies! I love them so much, and they will be out for my week. Enjoy your week everyone!