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Remember when I said that Paper Crane wasn’t a character that you should trust ? And that this tol bean is kinda dangerous ? You might have seen a drawing or two of this design on my tumblr… So uhm… here it is. Blaster!Crane form.

In that form Crane act rather feral and berserk which is actually a self-defense mechanism. As he doesn’t have any form of magic attack that he can use to defend himself, paper crane use the magic he stoked in his spark of determination to regurgitate it in form of pure light beam just like a gaster blaster.

So uhm… yeah… leaving this here, might turn this into a proper drawing because I love that quick sketch.

Art & Paper Crane© @little-noko


I was watching a very potter musical for fun bc I’ve never seen it, and I got a text that was like “happy b day” and I was like “lol that’s tomorrow”. Then I realized that it was 12:40 am. I started off my 16th year of my life, the prime of my teen years, watching a very potter musical. U know most teens are partying on their “sweet 16th”. I ju s t

Sophie Blanchard (1778-1819) was the first female balloonist in the world. She made more than 60 ascents in hot air balloons, and was given the title of “Aeronaut of Official Festivals” by Napoleon Bonaparte.

She made her first ascent in 1804, and even though she was not the first woman to ride in a hot air balloon, she was the first to pilot one on her own, and to make a career out of it. She continued to perform remarkable stunts – such as crossing the Alps in a balloon – until her death in an accident in 1819.