on this 20 day thing

*finishes a 60 episode american cartoon series*
Man, that was really good! I wanna get that on DVD so I can watch it over and over!
Amazon: That’ll be $25 + free shipping!

*finishes a 12 episode anime*
Man, that was really good! I wanna get that on DVD so I ca–
CDJapan: That’ll be $782.67 + $95 shipping and it won’t arrive for 3 months and in 12 separate boxes


So! we have had a Matt appreciation month, an Edd appreciation and now im putting together a tom apreciation month because hes a pretty darn cool dude ya know. He was in charge of legecy, voice of tom, and still does his own stuff with that one youtube channel named Tomska (Ill tag his ass later)

BUT TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF! Note: I will say Tom and then Tomska, Tom refering to eddsworld and Tomska refering to IRL Tom so yeah. Rules: dont be a goddamn dick for once, lets not put ship stuff in the tag, uhhhhhhh that should be good


(And if ya really wanna you can switch Tom to Tomska with a few of these but please dont make them the same people)

Day 1: Draw Tom
Day 2: Draw Tom being drunk, or getting drinks or something (chill with the drinks if ya drawing Tomska)
Day 3: Draw Tom with a harpoon
Day 4: Draw Tom with eyes
Day 5: Draw Scribble Tom! (or really any other reject with tom in it)
Day 6 Young Tom
Day 7: Toms parents
Day 8:Tom Doing a funny face
Day 9: Screenshot redraw of choice (with tom)
Day 10: Draw Tomska!
Day 11: Tom with Edd and Matt (Tord is optional)
Day 12: Draw Tom with outfit of choice
Day 13: Draw Black Tom (or any POC Tom, make hiim look fucking dope tho)
Day 14: Draw an EXTREAMLY small Tom right next to a GIGANTIC Tom
Day 15: Draw Jon I dont fucking know
Day 16: Look at or Binge watch Tomskas channel (its tomska or darksquidge)
Day 17: Draw your favorite Tomska video or like ASDF or something
Day 18: Sheriff Tom
Day 19: Future Tom
Day 20: Draw or say your favorite thing about Tom/ Tomska
Day 21: Draw or say your opinon on Toms eyes (orbs, empty, headcannon, etc)
Day 22: Tom or Tomska in a suit
Day 23: Tom with ringo, Or Tomska with his pet fox
Day 24: Monter Tom
Day 25: Tom with susan
Day 26: Tom with Tomme bear
Day 27: Just draw Tom straight up punching tord, just right in the face
Day 28:  Tom or Tomska doing something dumb
Day 29: Draw Dat boi or just post it and tag tomska with no context
Day 30: Tom and Tomska together
Day 31: Write a coolio heart felt note to Tomska

The tag is #Tomskaam and spread this to every site! (i swear i dont mean it to say scam)

20 Things in 20 Years

1. Academics aren’t the most important thing. Yes, learning and school are important, but don’t let them become more important than your health, your family, or your friends.

2. Take less photos and experience more. If your focus is behind the camera lens you miss what is actually going on around you.

3. Your parents are almost always right– save yourself the argument.

4. Make a point to catch some sunrises, sunsets, and starry skies. Nature is amazing; get outside as much as you can.

5. You’ll be amazed at what you can get accomplished and how great you will feel about yourself if you wake up early, but also don’t be ashamed of sleeping in.

6. Stop waiting. Stop waiting for the weekend, for summer, to turn a certain age. Do what you can now.

7. Bad day? Animals understand. Music is your release. Laughter really is the best medicine.

8. Wherever you are be all there.

9. Stop saying maybe when you want to say no. If someone asks you to do something you don’t want to, don’t be afraid to say no.

10. Never underestimate the power of a kind and gentle spirit. Don’t let the world change you, don’t let people shame you for who you are, but also don’t be so “kind” that you let people walk over you.

11. If your beliefs are never challenged your faith will never grow. Spiritual low points and doubts can be the start of growth, depth, and renewal. 

12. Don’t be ashamed of where you’re from.

13. Grandparents are your lifeline. Love and cherish them.

14. Prayer is important. So is verse memorization. 

15. Being picky is okay.

16. Do not rely on others for happiness or to “complete” you. You have to be whole on your own. Also, learn to differentiate between liking the attention someone gives you and actually liking them.

17. Know who your real friends are. They’re the ones you can go to any time for anything. The ones who you can go without seeing for weeks or months and still pick up where you left off. The ones you feel you can be yourself around. These will be very few. And if you end up becoming friends with your roommate, you’re very lucky. (Treasure good roommates, really though.)

18. Know your limits but push them.

19. Write. Everything. Your feelings, your thoughts, events… your class notes and due dates ;).

20. Don’t be so caught up in yourself that you forget others are struggling too. Small acts of kindness are wonderful. Always check on your friends and family.

—  me 
Don’t Fear the Reaper MasterPost

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: Raising Death

Chapter 3: Tense

Chapter 4: Leading a Double Life

Chapter 5: Coffee

Chapter 6: Pushing the Limits

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i was kind of considering deleting my tumblr. but I’ve decided not to. I’d miss the cool people I’ve met and all the stupid memes too much

what i WILL do is stop queuing. when i started this blog, i posted whenever i was online and thats it. i might still be online every day, idk, but the blog will only be active when i am from now on

…i feel like most people do this anyway lol but idk i used to put all this pressure on myself to have an active blog 24/7 and that takes the fun out of it so

Hour 1
I miss you. I’ve just woken up. But, you aren’t here.

Hour 2
I made us coffee. I take mine the way you do yours. Or, used to. I think.

Hour 3
It’s strange – I need to breathe and I’m having a cigarette. I panic when I remember that you aren’t with me. I know this. But, I try not to think about it.

Hour 4
I am watching the smoke. I wish I could exhale you like the smoke from my cigarette.

Hour 5
I want to cry. I don’t like telling people why you left. But, they ask. It makes me feel more flawed and empty than I am, or want to be.

Hour 6
I never smoked inside, but I can still smell the incense you used around the house. It continues to haunt me. I light every cigarette inside with the hope of not having the incense linger.

Hour 7
There’s no one to ask if I’m stressed. I take a drag, slowly. If you were here and you asked, I would say it’s you. But, you aren’t.

Hour 8
The past won’t go up in smoke. I try. I have tried, but I keep failing. Staring at the smoke.

Hour 9
Sometimes you just need someone by your side. And you trust them when they tell you that they love you. I trusted you. It meant something. And now, it’s all gone up in smoke.

Hour 10
I couldn’t finish the cigarette at first. But, I couldn’t leave things incomplete. I lit it again. It tastes like the concrete on which I put it out. Perhaps, that’s what we would be like – soulless.

Hour 11
Things come though at the eleventh hour. But, not here. Not today. All I do is wait.

Hour 12
There is no darkness, I tell myself. I fear myself now. Not the known past or the unknown future. But, I’m just lying to myself. I exhale.

Hour 13
What I do know is that even in the company of others, I feel lonely. It is then that I ask again.
I ask, for loneliness to be my friend. But, that’s not what I want. I want you here.

Hour 14
My lips sealed off from the truth. My words, my lies, my reality. I exhale, but I cannot escape.

Hour 15
The distractions, still there. The blank stares continue. Love is only a word now. I see it in other people. I hear it in others words.

Hour 16
Three a.m. again. The effects have worn off. One hour is nothing. I can feel the silence. Interrupted, by my own thoughts. I exhale.

Hour 17
You continue to evade me. I cannot help but be consumed in this madness. In your madness.

Hour 18
Can a mirror ever lie? Would it? The smoke absorbed by the mirror. Fading before my eyes. Sometimes, it’s that simple isn’t it? Just watching something disappear before your own eyes.

Hour 19
A prisoner in my own body. This need – unexplainable. Fuck, even I cannot comprehend where we broke into countless fragments.

Hour 20
I dream of the days when we did things together. Now, I just wish to be able to hear from you.  All I hold on to now are memories. Even they seem to be slipping away.

Hour 21
Too afraid to speak in this darkness. I don’t want to hear emptiness or my own voice echoing. I want to hear you whispering in my ears.

Hour 22
I exhale. Slowly. Wishing for the fire that was once us to not be extinguished. But, it was over. It was over well before the day you walked out. It was over well before I sat in silence.

Hour 23
If I knew…If I knew where it went wrong would it be different today? The cigarette twirling in my hand, waiting to be lit, knowing that it will be stubbed out.

Hour 24
Another day, another cigarette. I take you in with every breath. Only to exhale again.

—  Navin E. (24 cigarettes in 24 hours)

28.2.17// Today I chose the HU again cause it´s closer to my place. Yesterday I had a lovely birthday party in Kreuzberg and I came back home at 2 in the morning, so today I didn´t want to travel much. Anyway I´m starting getting really really worried about this Hausarbeit-thing because I have about 15-20 day to write 20 pages and I´m still reading and taking notes.
I really need to speed up ASAP. 

and now i´m picking up the pieces (of my broken heart), pt. 2 (liv)

ao3 link 

previous: pt.1 (robert) 

summary: months after the breakup, robert, liv and aaron try to pick up the pieces.

It was only 6 am when Liv woke up. 

Her eyes were still tired and she certainly wasn´t ready to climb out of bed and leave the warm comfort of her duvet just yet, but the Christmas excitement must have gotten to her anyway. She was never up this early, not even if she had school not to look forward to.

Liv had never cared much about Christmas. It had always just been yet another day of the year that made her miss people she could barely remember and long for a family she´d never really had to begin with. Though that lack of knowledge didn´t stop the pang of jealousy she felt whenever her mates from school talked about all their elaborate Christmas family traditions, or when they left to see the extended family in cars packed to the brim with presents and food.

It also didn´t make caring for her mum easier, who always took the holidays especially hard. Liv had learned the hard way to count Christmas mornings that Sandra spent with her at the kitchen table, her eyes unfocused her mind lulled into apathy by sleeping pills, as good ones.

That was until she had come to live with her brother.

Suddenly, she had gotten to wake up to a big cup of hot chocolate with a bit of whipped cream on top, courtesy of Chas, and a Christmas tree littered with mismatched ornaments. The air had been filled with the smell of home-cooked meals and the voices of the whirlwind of Dingles she was surrounded by, singing along to Adele out of key.
She had gotten to fall asleep with her head on Belle´s lap and Alfie curled around her feet on the sofa in Wishing Well Cottage. Cheeks rosy and a bright smile on her face the next morning, when Robert and Aaron had picked her up and they had spent their walk back to the Woolpack in the cold winter air with an impromptu snowball fight that ended with her and Aaron throwing snowballs into Robert´s then already wet mob of blond hair.

Last year, Christmas had started to feel like family. Like home.

Problem was that Liv knew full-well that this year wouldn´t be the same. One glorious family Christmas seemed to be all she was going to get.

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Happy 4/20! The day when ponies can’t feel their arms (and other things).

In collaboration with my friend Tails_Doll, featuring OCs of AnonymousHatter (Hattsy), dsp2003 (Meadow), Tails_Doll (Stone) and ZippySqrl (Sign).

Sketched and lined in Autodesk by Tails_Doll. Further lined, texted and coloured by dsp2003 at 2017/04/20. Took ~5 hours.

Birthday Surprises- Ethan Dolan

Author: grethansdolans

Pairing: Ethan x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: Can you do an Ethan imagine where it’s your birthday and he does all these really cute surprises for you and maybe some gifts or something as well. Basically just him being the cutest and best boyfriend ever 

Warnings: Fluff c;

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

You woke up to the sound of birds chirping near the bedroom window. The sun shinning through the blinds casting a warm glow into the room. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, stretching your arms as you sit up.

You look to the side of the bed where Ethan would be only to see a tray with breakfast on it with a cute little note besides the juice. You take the note delicately in your hand reading the hand writing you recognized as Ethan’s. You open and read the note.

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i would pay full movie price for a short of derek hale going about his day doing mundane things

i would literally pay $20 for a montage of him getting dressed and going to the store

How do so many people have the time to make a blog and post like 20 + things a day about how much they hate specific sexualities.

Literally my dudes if you don’t want to interact with a certain kind of person, it’s really easy to! If you hate a thing why would you surround yourself in hating that thing fucking all that long. Like, regurgitating old homophobic rhetoric like “aces are pedophiles corrupting the youth” all day long sounds fucking unhealthy to me.

There’s method in my madness, there’s no logic in your sadness
You don’t gain a single thing from misery, take it from me

Huevember Day 20: I have decided that King by Lauren Aquilina would be Reigen’s song to Mob. I had this sketch sitting there for a couple days but I kept falling asleep after work…

One of the things that Mob Psycho 100 excels at is it’s portrayal of the characters and their relationships. They are perfect in their imperfection and their complexity and the intricate nature of the give and take is fascinating. None are more so then Reigen’s and Mob’s relationship, especially if you’re caught up on the comic and you know how intricate it gets. Reigen is still trying to understand Mob and Mob is growing up… and away… I’m not crying, you’re crying