on their wedding day

  • Emmerdale springing all these surprise unlocks and random quotes on us
  • all the theories and the guesses coming out of the woodwork
  • 10 seconds of adorable Ryan Hawley stealing my heart in blue
  • the first insight into the robron wedding!!!
  • more possible teasers as the build up to the day these boys vow their life to each other is filmed
  • NTA preparation and interviews
  • Danny’s Twitter Q&A tomorrow between the half hour break of a double episode where robron are full of angst and tensions are running high
  • another Q&A with Iain on Friday where he’ll more than likely fear for his life
  • The Vamps somehow taking on Robert Sugden as a fourth band member in the crazy world that is social media
  • me trying to control myself throughout

I have a very strong feeling my weekend will end up being spent like this:

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DAY 3217

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Jan 18/19,    2017                     Wed/Thu 1:04 am

Birthday - EF - Dipal, Jyoti Punjabi  .. on the 19th of January the celebration for the birth of our two dynamic Ef’s prevail .. our wishes for a lovely and enjoyable year .. love

So what do old friends bring with them … some old memories and days of happiness and enjoyment .. long conversations of the days we were and the days we were not aware .. life shall always test one in either which direction they wish to choose .. 

And that is what exactly happened . … till the time for meals came about, more liberalisation of a topic that never invaded our privacy, came and some lived with us .. we are a nation of great achievements and candour and excitement .. to the core of each heart .. live then with it for eternity and feel the presence of HIM that giveth and taketh ..

At around this time was there the deliverance of a soul .. a soul that ignited our imagination and love and continuance .. ever .. the soul has left us and has stabilised itself in another world for sure .. a world we believe better and more controlled and legible ..

BUT … the stories of yore .. the laughter and the sadness and the waking up to the coffee that needs the smelling, shall ever remain in the hearts of our being ..

There is an emptiness about the city .. a city that has bravely conducted itself in a manner which is now beginning to respect other people .. it is grossly embarrassing for  someone like me to visit you as you leave , in remembrance of the lovely short holiday that I conducted some years ago and also, the cleaning of the lake by the Guru Harmandir Saheb ..

Ok emptiness can be handled :

But never can one imagine that accomplished smile so giving and yet so dignified, when we or ‘he’ talks about his Ef and the many phases that he has witnesses before .. thank you ..

And it is time to say good bye to the host , so :

But there is a lot more to say .. its just that if I do that, my rehab time shall overflow with trouble .. to save others life to turn round and travel to the Men’s is one example of where it could have gone .. but in its absence, one can do only the best of one’s ability ones sincerity and ones humbled presence ..

I did the last post, and the list approached today which the army personnel accepted and guided me out, has yet to be accelerated ..

It has been a bit of incoherent ramblings that have alarmed me and if you have all been equally alarmed .. apologies ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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Can we get Dazai’s reaction seeing his bride walk down the aisle on their wedding day?

This is such an adorable ask omgg (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾

Osamu Dazai

  • Dazai undoubtedly experiences pre-wedding jitters like any typical groom would before the big day, but he finds those nerves vanishing without a trace the second you come around the corner and your eyes meet for the first time all day, and he could feel a smile instantly blossoming on his face at the sight of his blushing bride. He could’ve sworn that he felt his heart stood still when he saw just how absolutely stunning you looked in your gorgeous bridal gown, with your hair all done up beautifully, and that lovely face of yours enchanted with a timeless beauty.. Dazai nearly lost his breath at the sight of you, and it felt like the whole world had went away and it was just you and him.
  • Dazai could feel his eyes tearing up slightly as he watches you walk down the pathway adorned in pretty flower petals with the most amazing stride, and he has so many thoughts racing through his mind while he eagerly waits for you at the altar. Some of which would be, “Aw, there goes the woman that I love, and she looks so happy to be marrying me.” “I bet she’s wearing something really sexy under that dress.” “She’s so beautiful.. how did I wind up getting so lucky?” “Oh god, don’t cry, don’t cry. Keep yourself together just for a little while longer.” “Okay, don’t laugh if she trips..”
  • When you finally reach the altar and stand before Dazai with your hands joined together, he playfully squeezes your hand with a stupidly happy grin on his face. You think that he’s just really excited as you are and you joyfully squeeze his hand back with a smile of your own, but he’s actually just making sure that this is all real and not just a wonderful dream that he’s having right now, because it’s so surreal to him that he’s going to be marrying the woman that he loves and adores.. (and that he actually managed to find his other half in the enormously vast world that he lives in, and that they accepted him for who he is as a person and all of the sides to him that makes him.. well, him.)
  • After Dazai’s relatively short daze, he’s brought back to reality when the minister clears his throat loud enough to gain his attention, so that the ceremony can now move on to the groom and bride saying their respective vows. Dazai suddenly realizes that everything leading up to this perfect moment wasn’t a beautiful hallucination that he’s experiencing and that it’s all really, truly happening. He starts to feel extremely giddy thinking that from this day onward, he gets to spend the rest of his days with you, make adorable, cute little babies with you someday down the road (one of which he’d love to name after Odasaku), and brag about the magical and boundless love that you both share to others. Dazai can definitely say that he’s found his happy ending, and that you’re his happy ending. 

Where’s the staircase parallel of Robert being all “I can wait (forever and ever for you to say I love you again)” paired with today’s Robert “we love each other I can’t wait another second I’ve been researching wedding chapels all day so we can get married as soon as possible…”

052: If You Shove That Cake In My Face..- EXO D.O.

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D.O. x You

Fluff/ Wedding Prompts/Tease-ish

Words: 998

Prompt 052: “If you shove cake in my face, this will be the worst wedding night of your life.”

The wedding day has finally arrived after a long time of planning and preparing. Finally, it is finally your and Kyungsoo’s day. You two both decided to not do a big party and went for a small one for friends, family, and relatives instead. You two figured that since his schedule is so hectic, the honeymoon can also come later. The ladies compliment you telling you how stunning you looked, the most beautiful bride, and how low Kyungsoo’s jaw going to drop seeing you.

You stood behind the door, locked arms with your father as the ceremony was about to begin. Your father gave you one last lecture about how you should be a good wife to him no matter how terrible or good he is before the doors opened. As you stride down the aisle with all eyes on you and your father, you eyes focused on him. Your smile widen seeing his from one ear to the other.

As you both reached the alter, your father gave your hand to Kyungsoo wishing you two the best and to love each other, you stood before him with wide smiles. “You look beautiful.” he mouthed. You giggled a small one and mouthed back, “Thank you.” As the ceremony took place, you both exchanged your vows and “I do’s”.

“I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride.”

He smiled widely before resting his hand upon your cheek closing the gap between you two. You held onto his arm and kissed him back. Everyone in the room screamed and clapped. You retracted yourself and saw the slightest lipstick stain on his lips. You laughed a bit and wiped his lips as he smiled. Leading you down the aisle with him as everyone stood up and congratulated you two on the way out towards the car and heading for the reception.

The first speech was given and so were the rest of the people who wanted to give speeches. Everyone applauded. Kyungsoo held out his hand for you and you accepted it although you didn’t really know what he was doing. You looked at him confused, “The first dance.” he said as you two have already reached the dance floor. You mouth an ‘Oh’ and followed his lead. He stopped and held you close as the music began. The smiles just wouldn’t fade off his face making you smile a lot too seeing his smile all over his face. “It’s so weird having so many eyes on you.” he said as you two danced alone. You laughed a bit, “I know. I’m starting to feel self conscious.” you added. He chuckles leaning his forehead against yours, “There’s no need to.”


“Finally we’re home.” you walked through the door with your dress being dragged behind you. He laughed at how you held onto your shoes and your hair is already dying. “Help me take off my dress.” stopping in the walkway tossing your shoes in the bedroom then attacking your dress, “Hurry so I can eat that cake on the table.”

“Here, let me to it.” he chuckles undoing your dress. You exhaled feeling how loose the dress feels and it felt wonderful. “Okay. I can do it myself now.” holding onto your dress turning around and pecking him on the lips, “Thanks honey.”

Engulfing you in his arms, “Let’s have some fun first.” he adds with a smirk. He walked you slowly into the dark bedroom, “But I need to shower.”

“You can shower after,” he mumbled against your skin as he plants small kisses against your neck.

“But I want to eat the cake.”

“We just ate.” he adds a little impatient now.

“Let me eat a small piece of the cake first then we can do whatever you want.” Grasping onto his chubby cheeks and pulling him up to look at you, “Okay?” He gave you a small pout and let go of you. You gave him a small smile letting go of the dress and leaving it on the bed as he begins to undo his suit.

“Maybe you should eat so you’ll have some energy for tonight.” he laughs. You scoffed at his comment, throwing on sleeping shorts and a shirt of his.

Walking out and heading straight for the cake as he follows right behind you. You grabbed a small knife and cut into the cake, one for him and one for you. He looks at the cake then you. You noticed a sly smile on that face of his as he sat down beside you. “I swear.. If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life.“ you warned him. He only laughs, “Okay okay, I wasn’t going to anyways.” smiling at you. You only narrowed your eyes at him. You looked at both his and your plate, ‘His has more cream.’ you thought then look at him, “Can you grab us some spoons?” he nods and got up, “Wait,” as he turns back. “you have something–” you smacked his plate cake in his face.

Pieces of cake flew everywhere as he turned away. He turns around and looks at you, his face covered in cream and cake. You stood up and walked around the table, “Babe that was good wasn’t it?” you add a bit childishly. He starts to circle the table as he wiped off the cream, with his hand held out towards you, “Come here.” You only shook your head as you laugh, “I knew you wanted to do that to me.” you add again.

“Come here.” as he starts to pick up the pace. You shook your head and headed for the bedroom as he chased after you. He picked you up and placed you on the bed, hovering over you as he held onto your hands, “Oh it’s gonna be good alright. I’m gonna leave you asking for more.”

“Suurree..” you teased wrapping your legs around his hips.

“Watch me.”


I love these old school cool posts!

I graduated high school in 2009 so top 2 pictures are from my senior year, first just walking around the Museum Campus in Chicago & second is one of my senior portraits.

Repost, but most recent picture of me below.

I have a bunch of old family photos saved to my iPad since I’ve been reconstructing my family tree. First, Grams (Paternal) infant me somewhere in Bavaria. Second is my maternal grandmother from her high school yearbook in 1941, she’s from a small town along the Germany-Polish border. Then my mum in her wedding day with her mum.

My mum always felt really bad because we don’t really look alike, a lot of people used to think I was adopted when she’d take me out in public as a kid. Not something I ever think to mention, but I’m about as “mixed” as you can get for a Jew. My father’s family is Sephardic (North African / Spain descendants) & my mum’s family is Ashkenazic (German descendants) so I never really looked like either side of the family.

A bit of after-wedding fluff on what’s sure to be a very trying day :)

The pub is loud, the sounds of family, their family, moving around-laughing, happy and excited and he closes his eyes, relishes it, amazed and in awe of all he’s gained-he’d thought, for so long, that his life was to be defined by his losses and yet somehow, some way, he ended up here and he opens his eyes, sees Aaron smile at him from across the room and is struck by him, his unguarded expression- his gaze steady and strong and so, so full. Full of their past and present and all the memories that make up them and Robert’s already been given so much-he’s not sure he deserves this, but when he thinks of Aaron, thinks of everything they’ve done and said and lived and loved through he knows he doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Because when he thinks back, it’s all Aaron, it’s all them, always.

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Prompto request for you! Can you do a one shot about his wedding day with a female s/o, like the anticipation and his reaction to her walking down the aisle in her dress, etc :) if you can find a way to sneak in nsfw then feel free, but this is mostly a fluff prompt 💕

Oh man, this sounds so cute.


He can’t stand still, poor guy. This is one of the most important days of his life and it’s a day he never thought he’d experience, and the guys are there, waiting by the altar for you to walk down the aisle. He couldn’t choose one best man. All three of them are his best men. He even tried to tame his hair for the occasion, but it didn’t work, and his hair stuck up at every angle just like it always does.

You didn’t go with the traditional white dress and he didn’t go with a black suit. Instead it’s orange, of all things. He looked up complimentary colors and saw orange complimented blue and figured it might bring out his eyes a bit more. Silly guy. His eyes are already bright and luminous, especially to you.

Your wore your favorite color for the dress, and as nervous as you were, all anxiousness faded away when the doors swung open and you saw him at the end of the aisle, jittery as ever until he saw you. He gasped, and even with the distance, you heard it. Gladio is closest to him, so Prompto leans over a bit and speaks in what he thinks is a hushed whisper, but you can hear every word as you get closer.

“Oh my god, oh my god do you see her, Gladio-“

“She looks good.”

Good?! Try stunning, big guy.”

When you’re standing before him, whatever words he had prepared for his vows have clearly been lost. He gushes over you, how much he loves you and how much he adores you and wants to spend the rest of his life beside you, then goes on about how you and him will be the coolest parents, and grandparents, and it’s utterly sweet. He does drag on a bit, judging by the way Ignis audibly clears his throat about the same time that the priest does, but Prompto doesn’t care and you don’t care. It’s your day.

Rings are exchanged and before the priest can say the words, he’s already pulled you into a kiss.

The reception is a blast. Cake’s got a chocobo theme (naturally) with little gum paste chocobos covering the cake, and your first dance together catches you off guard. He whispers in your ear that he’s been taking a few dance lessons in secret for today, and it shows. Prompto knows how to move! He gives Ignis a thumbs up when he sees him – he owes Specs big time. Then the music gets more upbeat and he starts dancing like the two of you do back home, and you can’t help joining in. He hired a photographer, but he’s also snapping pictures of the two of you himself.

After the guests have left and you two are alone, Prompto and you hug for what has to be the millionth time that day. He’s yours, you’re his, and he couldn’t be happier.

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ANNNNDDDD because I'm sappier than most LOL,I've got two (if you don't mind?) How would the guys react to 1) seeing you walk down the aisle to them on your wedding day and 2) seeing you holding y'all's baby for the first time? **HAPPY SIGH**

Heyyyyy I like sap. Sap is good. You can never have enough sappiness. ^_^


The guys seeing you walk down the aisle.

Roman: *thinking* “Christ, she’s beautiful…”

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Dean: *thinking* “There’s my girl…”

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But I can see him doing this too. Just to make you laugh.

Pointing is rude, Dean. Stop it. xD

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Seth: *thinking* “Oh my god… she looks beautiful!”

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Seeing you hold your baby for the first time.

Roman: “She looks just like you, Y/n… Just like her momma…”

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Dean: “I can tell you got your looks from your mom, kid. I was hoping you would. …Your mom’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…”

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Then probably this. He’d leave the room to let you and the baby have some time alone.

Or… just so he doesn’t have to change the baby’s diaper. Whichever one. xD

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Seth: “Now you REALLY look like a mom, Y/n. …..But can I hold her now?”

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Yaaay an open askbox! Can I request Chuuya marriage headcanons? Either the wedding day or early married life , thank you!

Wedding day

  1. Wakes up nervous af
  2. Gets ready nervous af
  3. This boy is just nervousness in a hat, pls help him
  4. He will try to play off like he’s just sweating bc of the suit, but he doesn’t even have on the damn suit yet
  5. Ozaki has to put her hand on Chuuyas shoulder as you walk down the aisle or he’s gonna hyperventilate
  6. I feel like he would have a hat with his tuxedo
  7. After you say ‘I do’ all his worries fly away cause hell yeah you said yeah even though he knew you would he just likes to worry

Early married life   

  • Youre most likely moving in with hi if you havent already
  • He has a big ass house so surprise! You can bring all your stuff with you
  • He takes you to ikea the next day so you can pick out furniture to make you feel more at home (I feel like he has no idea what colours go together so he has like orange drapes and purple upholstery
  • He will get a bed big enough for the both of you since he moves around in his sleep and doesn’t want to knock you off
  • He will let you decorate the house if you want since he doesn’t really care as long as he still gets to drink wine
  • He will try to get you into tasting wine with him and maybe even have wine dates when you two don’t feel like leaving the house

me on my wedding day, at the altar: remembers “looks bad todd” and everyone has to wait 5 minutes for me to catch my breath after i laugh so hard i start choking 

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Do you think we will see Owen and Amelia say "I love you"? They're the only couple that didn't said that.

I believe we will, yeah. They have said it without words before and they’ve said it to other people (Amelia told her mom on the phone on her wedding day; Owen told Meredith on the elevador on the dinner party episode).

But I can wait for them to tell each other either. I don’t need them to to validate their feelings, their actions speak louder than words but I want them to because I fangirl a lot 😂

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Brittana: First ultrasound?

“Alright, are you ready to hear your baby, Mommies?” Dr. Stevens asked with a smile on her face.

Santana couldn’t keep the smile of her face, even with the cold jelly on her small stomach. “I don’t think I’ve been this excited about anything in my life.”  She squeezed Brittany’s hand, “expect maybe our wedding day.”

Brittany leaned down and kissed her wife on the forehead. “We’re ready whenever you are, Dr Stevens.”

“Alright ladies,” The doctor slowly moved the wand across Santana’s stomach and smiled, “That’s the sound of your baby.”

Santana immediately burst into tears. She had Brittany had been trying to get  pregnant for over a year and a half. Now here they were, that was the sound of their baby. It didn’t sound anything like it did on TV. “Britt, that’s our little peanut.” 

“I can’t believe we’re finally here,” Brittany sighed out softly kissing her wife excitedly. “Does everything sound good, Dr. Stevens?”

“Well ladies,” She pointed at the monitor, “You see that very tiny spot right there?” The both looked and nodded with a smile, “And you see the other one right there?”

Santana started to panic a little bit, “There’s nothing wrong is there? Is that normal.” 

“It’s very normal when you’re having twins,” Dr. Steven’s said excitedly. “Congratulations ladies. This has been a long road for the three of us.”

“Twins?” Santana breathed in deeply. “We’re having twins, Britt!” Santana grabbed the back of her wife’s neck and pulled her in for a soft kiss.

“You are the best wife ever,” Brittany kissed her back and put her hand on her stomach. “We’re having twins!!”