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Melbourne 2017 World Cup Day 4 “Finals Day 2″ Recap

The final day of competition here in Melbourne proved to be the best yet with a massive and lively crowd accompanying difficult and well performed gymnastics. The competition began with the mens vault which turned out to be an extremely exciting way to start the evening. Kenzo Shirai of Japan who is the current Olympic bronze medalist on the event came away with the gold medal after performing a beautiful Yurchenko triple twist and a stuck Tsukahara two and a half twist, scoring 14.916. 

Christopher Remkes struggled on his second vault in qualification but came up with two amazing vaults tonight to win the silver medal with a score of 14.883. Japans Wataru Tanigawa finished in third with a 14.556 after a small mishap on his second vault cost him the silver medal.

The highly anticipated Balance Beam final was up next and did not disappoint. Liu Tingting of China performed a gorgeous beam routine full of new and innovative connections to take the gold medal with a score of 14.766. She got all but one of the connections she was attempting in warm ups and stuck her double tuck cold. Her leaps were also the best in the competition by far. 

Close behind in second place was Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands who performed an amazing routine that was near perfect till a body bend after one of here simpler jumps cost her the gold medal. She upgraded her start value by six tenths from qualifying and showed her competitive nature in tonights final. 

Emily Little of Australia came in third, after China’s Luo Huan sat down her double pike dismount, with a solid and confident beam routine that scored a 13.233.

Parallel bars ran simultaneously with beam and proved to be an interesting competition. Early into the rotation Ahmet Onder of Turkey unfortunately broke his finger during a fall and had to end his routine. Despite this turmoil China’s Zou Jingyuan produced a huge 15.166 showing exceptional difficulty and world class execution. Kenzo Shirai of Japan earned his second Vegemite jar of the day with his silver medal performance on p-bars which scored a 14.433. Ferhat Arican rounded out the podium with a solid routine that had a couple of muscled up elements to prevent himself from falling. Overall the quality of this final wasn’t too high as lots of gymnasts fell but the men at the top showed that they were a cut above the rest.

The womens floor final was up next and was an incredibly exciting competition. Emily Little of Australia wowed the home crowd to come away with a comfortable win. She performed a stuck double layout, excellent full in and two other great passes to take the gold medal with a score of 13.400.

 Fellow Countrywoman Georgia Godwin showed great difficulty throughout her floor exercise to take the silver medal with a 12.800. China’s Liu Tingting placed in third after falling on her second tumbling pass that kept her score to a 12.733. The crowd went crazy for both Little and Godwin when it was announced that they had won gold and silver respectively.

High Bar ran with floor and was the final event of 2017 Melbourne World Cup Gymnastics. Kenzo Shirai added a fourth vegemite jar and third gold medal to his hoard of awards from this world cup. He performed a stellar routine with fantastic form and amplitude throughout. He had sky high double twisting double layout that he landed with was that helped him win the title with a score of 13.933. Mitchell Morgans of Australia was in second with a 13.400. He hit a really solid high bar routine that was a great improvement from his qualification routine. Yusuke Saito won the bronze medal after falling on his second set of back to back releases. He scraped ahead of New Zealand’s Devy Dyson to take the bronze medal with a 13.333.

That brings my recaps and liveblogging to a close for this competition. I have loved every minute of my experience here in Melbourne I have met so many amazing people and learned so much about the sport that I love. I want to thank Gymnastics Australia for giving me the opportunity to be out on the floor and get close up to the action for warmups, training and competition. I also want to thank them for their hospitality throughout the entire world cup and the respect that everyone was treated with throughout the event. Until the next event that’s me signing off, hope you enjoyed this event as much as I did.

A while ago, I had this ask about my Klance parenting headcanons, so here are some more.

  • Child: *babbles something at Keith*
    Keith: Is that so?
    Child: *babbles more*
    Keith: Oh wow! *turns to Lance* what did our child just say to me?
  • Lance is the parent that sees his child do something like run and is like, “I can’t believe my kid is going to compete in the Olympics one day.”
  • The idea of being the tooth fairy kind of freaks Keith out a bit because “What if they’re laying directly on the tooth? What if I can’t find it? WHAT IF THEY WAKE UP?” so Lance has to do it.
  • Lance: No more sleeping in mine and dad’s bed anymore, okay? You’re all big kids now.
    Lance: *lets them into their bed that night*
  • They both like it when they get to spend time with only one of their kids. It’s a way for them to see what they’re like by themselves and let them speak without getting interrupted by another sibling. Every kid gets a day to spend with them every once in a while and do whatever they want.
  • Keith got sad when he realized that it was getting harder for him to carry his kids up to bed because they were getting so big. He wishes they could be babies forever.
  • Imagine Keith jogging while pushing a stroller.
  • Lance gives the best piggyback rides.
  • Lance has definitely used the baby monitor as a walkie talkie.
  • When their first kid was potty training, Keith didn’t understand why Lance would get so enthusiastic when their son would successfully go.
    Lance: Babe, this is a milestone in his life!
    Keith: It’s just poop? It’s kind of gross.
  • When their second son/third kid was learning how to walk, he would only do it if he was supported by something, like a hand or hanging onto furniture to guide him. One day, Lance was sitting in the living room doing whatever and his son crawled in and stared at him for a few moments. Out of now where, he stands up, which he could already do without any support, and runs a lap around the living room without holding onto furniture and darts out of the room. Lance sits there in shock for a few seconds and is then like, “KEITH OUR SON JUST RAN A LAP? WITHOUT HOLDING ANYTHING??”
  • One of the kids has a bug catching phase, so that means they’re bringing in a bunch of containers filled with different bugs and Lance and Keith aren’t too amused, but support them anyway.
  • Keith is the parent that turns on the light while waking the kids up for school.
  • As said in the last post, their daughter is very attached to Keith, so when she started going to school, he felt a little empty because he’s so use to her clinging to him and it was odd knowing she wasn’t there.
  • They were both pretty calm while teaching the kids how to drive. Lance made sure he was the one to teach them how to parallel park because, “I’ve been a pro since day one.” Keith would be silent most of the time except for small comments like, “You should’ve take that turn slower”, “Break a little sooner”, “Pass this person why are they going almost ten below the speed limit”.
  • Imagine Lance rocking a baby in a rocking chair in the middle of the night, humming softly, and looking down at them with so much love in his eyes.
  • Keith has now seen a bunch of Disney movies he’s never seen before because of the kids.

Why hating on MMA is bullshit.

A hobby of mine is to go onto sports pages of national significance and searching out MMA inspired posts to point out ignorance of MMA haters. I love doing it because they’re so ignorant to the rules and regulations. Here’s a few of my favorite things to say:  

“They get concussed all the time! Way too risky!”

 Boxers and rugby players have a higher rate of concussions, plus they play on. If a fighter is concussed the fights stopped. Perfect example below. Gus protecting himself, just not fighting back. Fight stopped.

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“All it is human dog fighting!”

 Actually no, its a mix of many disciplines that are all Olympic grade sports minus Jiu Jitsu. Their are many ringside doctors, cutmen, a referee that stops a bout when a fighter is not fighting back and strict state commissions that regulate the bouts. 

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 “UFC is not a sport." 

Well you’re not wrong, its an organisation. The sport is MMA. Like calling football Fifa. 

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 "Boxing has far more rules and regulations.”


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 “Its pretty much a bare knuckle fight." 

 The gloves are the furthest thing from bare knuckled. 4 ounce gloves plus a hand wrap. They have to be that small for grappling. Boxing gloves are 20 ounces. Which sounds and according to ‘Fight Science’ is more painful to be hit with. Kicking is also used in MMA by most fighters. 

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 "Its a miracle only one person has been killed!" 

Well, more than one has. Sheer fluke accidents happen in every sport, and MMA is actually one of the safest in regards of injury and death. You can get back up in boxing and can recover from being rocked. In MMA if you’re rocked you can get taken down and submitted or the referee will step in way earlier than a boxing referee would. 

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 "The head is targeted all the time!" 

 Body shots, leg kicks, submissions. Your head is less at risk in MMA than in any other  large contact sport. Plus, similar to boxing, its all about someone finding your chin. Not your temple etc. less likely to be concussed in MMA than in  boxing. 

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"Glorified barbarism for simpletons." 

MMA fighters are quite intelligent actually. Dominick Cruz has an IQ higher than most and is a very good analyst in all sports. The fighters have to train and remember how to execute a lot of holds and have to have the discipline to make weight. Simpletons isn’t even close.

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And finally… “The fighters are bad role models.”

This one just makes me sick that anyone could think it tbh. Many fighters are great to their fans and a vast majority are fantastic people. Ronda Rousey changed the face of womens sports in general, let alone combat sports.

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2/∞ doodle series (x)

for @princesa-rafinha

Consider: Swimming AU
  • Being from the South, Bitty had been swimming since he could walk (it’s the best way to beat the heat in the summer, and the most fun)
  • When he was 5 he saw synchronized swimming in the summer Olympics and told his mom he absolutely had to do it. Thinking it was just a phase, she signed him up for formal swim lessons. He fell even more in love with the water and when he was 7, he joined the Peach State Synchro team, the first male on the team.

(More under the cut, this got long…)

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yuuri also cracks me up because he’s obviously a shoe-in for the japanese olympic team, like he’s not going to bomb nationals a second year in a row both with a world record and victor nikiforov under his belt, and he absolutely expects that he’s a shoe-in, and he’s going to go into the olympics fully gunning for gold and wanting nothing less but he’s just going to be out there winning olympic gold and downplaying it every step of the way like “the olympics are a pretty big deal i guess”

yet another patater au someone should write: kent’s an accountant, and he’s a damn good one so he’s fucking loaded, and also a single dad, and loves spoiling his daughter like the princess she is (obviously) even though her mom is out of the picture and she’s got a lot of internalised aggression because of that

but she knows he played hockey in college and he still loves it and they watch all of uncle jack’s games (he’s the one who got drafted, maybe?) so ofc she loves it too and wants to learn, and kent thinks it’ll be good for her so he’s That Dad that finds her the most expensive, elite coach on the market to build up her natural talent even though she’s only seven

so he flies alexei mashkov all the way from fucking russia because he used to play in the nhl and he was one of the best till he got a career-ending ankle injury and in more recent years he’s literally helped coach his home country in the olympics so he knows what he’s doing right? and everyone’s like “kent, dude, you have no idea if this guy is good with kids or if he can teach beginners at all, much less an elementary school girl who’s as stubborn and annoying as her dad” but kent ignores them because he’s kent and when has he ever done anything rational in his life (besides get a degree in accounting)

so alexei shows up and immediately crouches down so he’s on her level and starts talking to her quietly and kent can’t even hear what he’s saying but it’s making his daughter smile and laugh and relax so he doesn’t really care, and they get out on the ice and alexei is incredible with her and insists she calls him tater and gives her a hockey name of her own and lets her choose one for kent too, and they start off really basic ofc but it’s the most fun kent’s had in what seems like forever so he finds himself looking forward to the practises just as much as she does

and naturally somewhere along the way he finds himself opening up to alexei too, and asking him to teach him russian, and learning more about him as a person instead of just his daughter’s private coach, and one day while they’re practising checks she bumps alexei into the boards and he makes such a show of it, throwing himself onto the ice and raving about how good she is and how hard she checked him, and kent’s just standing there looking at this giant man who’s surprisingly gentle in his own way, making his daughter laugh and look happier than she has in years and it sort of just hits him

he loves alexei, and he’s pretty sure his daughter does too

  • Protesters riot: These people need to learn how to protest peacefully! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters sit out during playing of national anthem: This is outrageous! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters sit in at whites only restaurant: I'm outraged that they could be so inconsiderate of people on their lunch hour! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters raise a black-fisted glove on medal podium at Olympics: The games are about unity, stop trying to divide us! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters march during rush hour stopping traffic: Gah! Why do they have to do it this way? I'm on my way to work!! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters put hands up in solidarity before St. Louis Rams game: Ugh! Inappropriate! Shut up and play the game! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters wear t-shirts that read "I can't breathe," before a sporting event: This isn't the platform for that, respect the game. There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters make passionate speech on BET: That's reverse racism. All lives matter! There has to be a better way!
  • Protesters disrupt political rally: Ugh! We're not here to see you speak!
  • Look here Folks: "At a certain point, people are going to need to admit to themselves that they're not upset about how black people are protesting, they are upset that black people are protesting." – Jim Patnoudes

Finland and football

in 1912 olympics finland took part in football and miraculously made it all the way to the bronze game and it was such a miracle the team went to celebrate it the night before the game, forgot about the upcoming match, woke up next morning with a huge hangover, barely made it to the match and lost it 9-0 and that is the most successful finland has ever been in football

this useless advent calendar celebrates the uselessness of finland. merry christmas


Friday Foxes

Francesco Friedrich and Martin Grottkopp Of Bobsled Friedrich Among Other Foxes Are Teasing Teutonic Sliders Encased In Skin-Tight Lycra.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

  • jaehyun's interviews: they did very well
  • yuta's interviews: jaehyun plays it safe. he is a coward. my great great great great grandmother could cook better than that and she didn't even have a stove. my little sister won the cook-off olympics inside the stomach of a live gorilla and she had to slay her way out to collect her prize, she

The horrible way broadcasters are talking about female Olympians is a great example of everyday sexism

So far this Olympics, Katinka Hosszu broke the world record in the 400-meter individual medley. Shooter Corey Cogdell won her second bronze medal. Katie Ledecky broke her own world record in the 400-meter freestyle. The headlines write themselves, right? Well, not if you’re concerned with the real stars of these stories — men!

Images: Twitter/Chicago Tribune/Washington Post


Olympic National Park

definitely the most varied terrain within a single national park that we’ve experienced yet. With our good friends from Philadelphia coming out for a visit, we planned a week-long tour with the goal of spending time in the mountains, along the coast, into the rainforest, and of course all of the camping along the way.

This trip was a special one for us and we documented it much better with video footage for a future video. Til then, here’s the photos:

  1. Entering into the Quinault rain forest, there were basically 2 colors out there: light green and dark green
  2. Full group shot thanks to a self timer. Set up after we hiked Hurricane Ridge.
  3. Slow mornings in camp
  4. Simple breakfasts…
  5. …cooked on the fire
  6. the view behind camp - Loop E in Heart o the hills campground
  7. Perfect spot for the tensile tree tent, not so much for a solar setup
  8. Rear door is developing a nice patina after 2+ years on the road
  9. Roger and Jamie, our original adventure crew.
  10. Mark shooting video, apparently unaware of the tides.

The ocean is vast, so how do researchers at national marine sanctuaries study what lives there? They listen! 

The sounds fish and other marine organisms make are species-specific, so listening to them is a great way to determine what’s in the sanctuary. Researchers at Stellwagen Bank, Gray’s Reef, Florida Keys and Flower Garden Banks national marine sanctuaries deploy shallow water hydrophones to record ambient sound, like that of fishes and boats. Researchers have also deployed deep-water hydrophones in Cordell Bank, Channel Islands, and Olympic Coast national marine sanctuaries to record sounds like whales and ships. These listening stations will help us learn how noisy our sanctuaries are. 

(Photo: NOAA, taken in Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary)

Hoteps, misogynoirists and racists have to be salty at all of this black girl magic. Hidden Figures, the slay at the Olympics last year, Beyonce and her headlining Coachella, (I know I left some things out)  the success just keeps coming. No wonder people hate us. They try so hard to bring us down but we still find ways to succeed. I love you black women, we’re so amazing.

Break Part Four

Lance Tucker

Break Part Four

Warnings: unprotected sex, oral sex, swearing, post-coital bliss

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Lance viewed himself as fairly active in the bedroom. Well, not just the bedroom, but also in the back of his friends car, on the bus to the olympics, the bathroom, the kitchen, broom closets, the shower, in the training room over the weights, on the chalk table, in the elevator up to Y/N’s hotel room… basically anywhere he could finagle his way into a girls pants.

Over the past three days of trials, Lance has managed to ravish Y/N in eleven different areas of the hotel - many of which were off limits to the public. But, he found enjoyment in the rush and Y/N truly didn’t seem to mind either.

He perfected his way to get her to give in, to drop her guard enough so he can drag her into the nearest broom closet to pin her against the wall and fuck her until she’s screaming his name.

It always started out with him slinging an arm around her waist, holding her ass to his hip or pressing a kiss to her forehead in the middle of the trials. Those were his hints towards Y/N that the thoughts in his mind were darkening (but to be honest, there’s not a second in the day when Lance isn’t thinking about how soon he can get his face between her legs).

His hints were always followed by a whispered “Don’t you fucking dare” or a “I swear I will kill you if you try anything here”.

And yet, despite her foul words.. it always ended up in Lance’s favor. Every single time Lance finds himself holding her against any surface nearby just so he can pile into her. Like, for example, on their first day at the hotel and he fucked her raw in the sauna. 

He’s initiated the interactions between them for the past three days, mostly because Y/N’s far too focused on gaining a spot on the team to be wondering when her next orgasm will come.

She’s been too busy to pay any mind to Lance unless he makes it his mission to have her quivering in his arms. Lance was almost starting to feel needy, but Y/n went and did what she does perfectly – she switched it up.

And here she is, on her knees in front of Lance, hands tugging and ripping at his belt just minutes before the congratulatory dinner for those who made the team.

Oh, she made the team. But Lance is way too focused on the way her fingers tear at the teeth of his zipper to even acknowledge her achievement.

He’s not entirely sure what he did to deserve this, to have her vying for his cock in her mouth. He’s not complaining, he fucking loves it. But, he is trying to figure out why she was doing it. Maybe she’s just excited about making the team? Or maybe she’s thanking him for being her coach? Maybe she’s feeling the need as much as Lance is and she’s finally getting to take care of it? He runs through every option he can imagine, but then his thoughts are melted into a puddle when she pulls down his tight jeans and he can feel her knuckles brushing against his hot skin.

He tries to retrace his steps, still trying to figure out what warranted this behavior from her. He picked her up from her room to go to the dinner, they had small talk about how much training she’ll need for the upcoming challenges in her career and then she all but dragged him into her room and began her work. He didn’t even say anything remotely sexual to her the entire time they were together.

He snaps back into reality when she palms his cock through his boxers. He hisses, head dropping back into the wall as she begins to pull down his boxers. 

She hooks her fingers in the elastic and tugs down, foregoing any softness she may have possessed. She’s not wasting any time but fuck, Lance fucking loves it.

He’s hard and throbbing in her hands and when he looks down at her, she places his tip on her tongue, moving further down his shaft. Lance has to bite back an embarrassingly loud moan when she moves a hand to fondle his balls, squeezing softly.

Lance is sure he looks like a complete fool with his eyes glazed over, jaw dropped and eyebrows furrowed so tight he swears he feels the skin splitting along his forehead.. but he can’t find it in himself to care about anything other than her touch.

A deep sigh escapes him as she takes him fully in her throat, skipping any teasing. Y/N moves down, sucking along his cock before pulling one of his balls into her mouth, lapping at it. One of her hands strokes up his cock while she busies herself below, licking and sucking.

He really wants to know what has come over Y/N and is making her a complete vixen. It’s not his birthday, or hers either for that matter. But maybe it really is her birthday? No, that’d mean that Lance forgot it and she definitely wouldn’t be deliciously brushing her tongue along his other ball now. 

And if he had forgotten her birthday – she’d be pissed. He can tell she’s not mad with the way she’s eagerly tonguing at the slit of his cock. She’s too hungry for his moans at this point. She’s happy, not mad.

Lance groans out when her tongue flattens against the vein running along the bottom of his cock, thick and wanting. He brings a hand down to cup her cheek, choking when she moans around him.

”Love watching you take me. Love watching you..” He trails off, speaking an unintelligible language when she takes his bucking hips with ease. He can feel his cock hit the back of her throat.

Lance wants to take control, he wants to lift her onto his shoulders and completely ruin her by eating her out. He wants to hear her moaning his name. he wants to feel her nails digging into his shoulder. He just wants to live through her pleasure.

“Shit, yes.”

She removes her hands from his cock, looking up at him through her thick lashes before placing her hands on her thighs. He blinks, realizing that she in fact wants him to fuck her mouth. He puts one hand on the back of her head and edges his cock into her mouth. She winks up at him as he moves in and out, loving the swell of her mouth against his cock. He’s trying not to pull at her hair too hard, but when he receives a small moan of approval from her, he tugs and knots his fingers into her hair.

Still briefly confused, Lance entertains the thought that maybe she’s simply too horny for her own good and that’s why she’s pushing off her own pleasure. But, like every other thought in his mind tonight, it’s pushed away by the work of her mouth.

She moans around him when his cock hits the back of her throat. He stutters his hips into her mouth, keeping himself lodged tightly as deep as he can get. “Just like that.” He hums, brushing his hands across her scalp. “So good. So, so good.”

She swallows around him, lining her tongue across the ripples in his cock. He knows he won’t be able to hold himself together much longer with how she’s pushing herself along his cock.

He hisses when she brings her hands back up to grip the base of his cock, leading it further down her throat as she twists her wrists. There’s no rhythm to her actions, just pure, unadulterated need.

He feels his stomach coil tightly, his abs pressing into the tight material of his dress top. Lance is still palming the back of her head, coaxing her to finish him off.

And shit, he’s so damn close.

Reluctantly, he pulls her hair until she backs off his cock. His dicks red and angry and more than ready to be fucked.

Y/N looks up at him, biting her bottom lip with full eyes. She almost smiles, the tips of her cheeks perking up. She seems so happy with the fact she just had his cock in her mouth and Sweet Jesus, Lance thinks he might be in love with this girl.

“C’mere.” He mumbles, reaching down to grab at her. She stands up, pressing her lips to his in an eager kiss. He’s knocked back for a second by the force, his hands gripping her waist.

He stumbles back to the bed with her in his arms, turning them so he falls on his back. She lands in top of him, straddling his bare hips. 

“Gotta fuck you quick, okay? We don’t have a lot of time.” He hums against her lips, completely delusional with the pleasure still coursing through his veins.

She grins, nodding her head before sitting up fully. Lance leans up, pushing his elbow beneath himself to hold his weight. He thanks God that she’s wearing a fairly revealing dress.

So, he flips the material of it up to reveal bare skin. “Dirty little girl. Not wearing any panties?” He breathes, running his free hand over her smooth mound. He wonders if she was planning this or not.

“You rip all my underwear, needed to protect the little I have left.” She grins, nibbling on his bottom lip. 

Oh, how he would love to get on his knees and lick into her, but she’s already dripping onto his thigh and he knows they’re going to be the last ones arriving at the dinner.

He’s going to have to get her off quick and the sheer feeling of her pussy rubbing against his thigh makes his cock twitch against his leg. He knows he’s going to have to take care of her fully tonight when they have more time.

Lance shifts her, placing her knees on either side of his legs. He leans a bit further back, making it so he’s able to see the pucker of her sweet lips, the juices running down her thighs.

Rolling over, Lance grins at the new position. He reaches down for her leg, pulling it up straight by her chest and over his shoulder, spreading her even wider for him.

He can’t wait any longer, he feels like he might implode. Lance pushes his cock into her, biting his lip as he fills her core to the hilt. Y/N moans out, her voice so high it sounds like a yelp.

He doesn’t even give her a minute before he’s thrusting wildly into her, fucking her like his life depended on it. Her entire body moves with each ram of his hips into hers.

Lance curls his fingers into the bunched material of her dress, finding purchase and squeezing as hard as he can as his skin slaps hers. She’s so fucking wet and he can’t believe how fast he’s slipping out of her.

He’s groaning and gritting his teeth together, while her whimpers and moans are clouding his senses. Lance think’s he’s hitting her g-spot because she’s moaning so loudly right now that she could probably rival a porn star. 

Her noises only drive him further into wanting to make her have the most mind shattering orgasm in her entire life.

He snakes a hand down between them and connects the pads of his fingers with her clit. She’s sucking a dark mark onto Lance’s neck, all the while his cock is flushing in and out of her at an alarming pace.

“Oh fuck!” She moans, pulling her hands behind his back and digging her nails into the shirt he’s wearing. He can feel his skin being pierced, enough to drive him crazy.

“Y/N..” He moans into her neck, hips stuttering and flurried. 

Y/N rolls her hips up, adding more stimulation than Lance thought he could possibly handle. His thrusts are sporadic and messy but he feels his orgasm quickly approaching and by the way her walls are clenching, he can tell she’s close too.

Lance quite likes the way her eyebrows are furrowed together in pleasure and how her bottom lip is trembling as breathless moans fall from it.

He swears she lets out one of the most beautiful sounds he’s ever heard when she whimpers “Tuck..” into his mouth. How she broke the kiss to call him a name she never had called him before. How now whenever someone calls him that he’s going to think back to this moment when his cock’s buried so fucking deep inside of her, with her hair wild and messy and her eyes pleading him to make her cum.

God, this girl might be the death of him.

He pulls her leg tighter against his chest, sweat piling on his brow as he thrusts even harder. Lance is sure she’s close, how could she not be with the noises she’s making?

And then it happens. 

She’s shaking in his arms and holding him tighter than she ever had before. Y/n’s not even screaming like she usually does - instead she’s moaning out his name and whimpering as she pulses around his cock.

She’s fucking drained and Lance couldn’t be happier.

He swivels his hips into her, trying to get in and out of her constrictingly tight walls. A burn radiates through his body as he drives into her, gasping against her jaw.

“Fuck, gonna cum.. gonna cum so hard.” He chokes, his hands pulling her closer. She ripples around his cock, sending him into an over sensitive state.

He curses low under his breath as his balls tighten, then release. She moans when he cums in her, his cock pumping strand after strand of his thick cum into her.

Lance groans, shaking on top of her before he rolls off, laying next to her body. She lowers her leg, finally able to catch her breath.

Looking up at him, Y/N gives a goofy grin. “What?” Lance chuckles, feeling her curl into his chest, head resting on his shoulder. He runs his fingers through her hair, collecting his breath.

“We made it to the Olympics.” She hums, pressing kisses along his exposed collar bones. She raises a hand, waiting for Lance to move. He chuckles and high fives her, clasping their fingers together.

Lance nods, squeezing at her hip. “We sure did.” He nods, kissing her temple softly. She snuggles closer into him and he’s sure at this point that she’s going to be the death of him. “We made it.”

It’s silent, nice and comfortable between the two during their post-coital bliss. 

Y/N pops her head up, resting her chin on Lance’s peck. “You’re still gonna fuck me even after the Olympics – right?” She seems genuinely concerned about it, too.

“If you still want me to.” Lance nods, watching a smile cross her face. “But, I was thinking instead of just fucking, that I’d take you out as well.”

The smile on her face grows, her teeth shinning at Lance so bright that he’s sure he wants this girl for a long, long time.

All Done! Thank y’all! xo