on their first anniversary

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something fluffy where Robert gets Aaron a dog/puppy and Aaron gets a bit teary because he loves it so much

It’s Aaron’s counsellor who first suggests a dog. It’s coming up on the second anniversary of Gordon’s death, and Aaron’s panic attacks are at the worst Robert has ever seen them. He brings a bone tired Aaron to counselling on the Tuesday afternoon (not wanting him to drive, not after three nights in a row of no sleep) and when Aaron asks Robert in for the last five minutes (it happened sometimes, Aaron not wanting to have to explain something twice, or feeling like he needed Robert there for a few minutes as the session was wrapping up) when Miriam suggested it, pointed that there was certain breeds of dogs that were great for people with mental health issues.

Aaron had shrugged the suggestion off in the car, pointing out they were too busy to have a dog, they both had full time jobs, two businesses between them, Liv to keep an eye on.

A puppy wasn’t going to fit with their hectic lives, Aaron had said, half asleep against the car window, but Robert didn’t want to let the issue drop, not once he went online and he’d read article after article about how certain types of dogs were fantastic for people with mental health issues, that they could ease panic attacks and help with all sorts.

He’d gone to Paddy about it, three weeks after the counselling appointment. Paddy had raised an eyebrow when Robert had appeared in the doorway of the surgery, their relationship frosty at best, even now, so many months and years on from their first wedding.

Paddy had thawed (a bit) when Robert explained why he was there, explained that he wanted to get Aaron a dog. Paddy had even told him a few stories about Clyde, smiling as he remembered how attached Aaron had been to the dog.

They’d sat down for a full half an hour, going through every suggestion of a breed Robert had bookmarked on his phone until they’d decided on a golden retriever. They had a good temperament, apparently, and Paddy had given an instant nod of approval when he’d looked at the article Robert showed him.

He’d promised faithfully that he would find a dog for them, and Robert had gone back to their house and pulled Aaron in for a cuddle, holding him close as he struggled to sleep again, every inch of him exhausted as they sat in front of the telly, a holiday program playing quietly in the background.

The noise helped, sometimes, the familiarity of it all, when Aaron couldn’t sleep.

Robert had almost given up hope of Paddy actually finding them a dog, when his father-in-law had texted, saying one of his clients had a golden retriever who’d recently had puppies and was looking to sell.

Robert had fallen in love with the tiny yellow puppy the moment he’d seen it, the energetic little dog scrambling unsteadily on it’s feet, toothless mouth nipping at Robert’s ankles as he’d bent down to give it a rub.

“What do you think?” Paddy had asked, wringing his hands as he waited for Robert’s reaction.

Robert had simply grinned in reply, scooping the excited puppy up in his arms, the baby golden retriever wriggling in his arms, licking tiny little licks across Robert’s chin, and cheek. “I think he’s going to love her.”

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can you bless us w some sns headcanons

- Sasuke brings Naruto all sorts of gifts from his travels, anything that reminds him of Naruto.

- Naruto steals Sasuke’s shirts all the time. Because ‘They’re comfortable’

more like they smell like Sas and he loves that

- Sasuke never forgets any anniversaries. 

- Naruto cries during their first kiss. 

- Their attempts at cooking together are a mess. They always end in ridiculous food fights and stolen kisses. 

- Naruto is totally the type to say “I can’t believe you like me back and we’re dating.” even though it’s been three years.

- Shikamaru has learned to knock the door before coming into the Hokage office (the hard way). 

- They rebuild the Uchiha compound and turn it into an orphanage for all the war orphans.

- They adopt three kids of their own.

- Whenever they have fights, one usually sends the other to sleep on the couch but eventually ends up joining the other in the middle of the night with a “not a word” look on their face. 

Well, this is awkward…

Exactly one year ago today, it was Humourtalia’s first anniversary. And that’s only because, a year prior to that, this blog was created. Funny how time works, isn’t it?

When that anniversary post was made, this blog was in what some might call its ‘heyday’. I had recently returned from a month-long hiatus of despair, and had brought with me a new idea, a last-ditch attempt at making this blog work: the style of image-based imagine that has become Humourtalia’s norm.

After that, not only did the notes rise, but the follower count as well. Within months, we went from 1,000 to 2,000 followers. Mundays were held, events celebrated, and fanfictions written. Humourtalia was thriving.

But then everything slowed. Two posts a day to one. Fanfiction stopped updating. Hiatuses became all too regular. Even my ugly temper made a few unwelcome appearances.

Ironically, I can’t imagine how that appeared from the outside. My best guess is that it looked like a wounded blog, limping away from the height of its activity, whispering to itself that it had more to come while the grim reaper loomed ominously overhead.

Well, perhaps not that dramatic. But something like that.

It’s that image which brings us now to a sad symmetry. Exactly one year ago today, a question was asked: will Humourtalia continue? That same question can be asked now. But, as with last year, the answer has already been decided…

Of course it will, you pillock! I don’t have the words to express just how much I love this blog (which is deeply uncomfortable for a writer). Through all the stress of recent months, it’s been at the back of my mind, calling to me like a sultry mistress. Or a particularly needy parrot. Whichever works.

That said, it won’t continue right away. I have some business to finish, but then Humourtalia will be back, baby. Mundays will be held, events will be celebrated, and fanfictions will finally be updated. Most importantly, though, there’ll be imagines ready for your reading every day at 9pm.

If you thought this time last year was Humourtalia’s heyday, you’ve got another thing coming. But it’s a good thing, so don’t worry. You’re going to have a lot of fun.

I’m a little late, but noticed yesterday was the first anniversary of the blog! It all began on May 26th. Land, Sea, Entropy, has made tons of progress since then and I’ve met lots of great people! Everyone’s support has been wonderful, and seeing the projects of other developers is truly inspiring.

Let’s hope this year remains full of productivity!

If you’re looking for more game-themed blogs to follow, I’d like to promote a few others I like within the community,





I’d also like to continue improving the blog however I can! Is there anything you’d like to see more of, or different?

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What if the real reason Derek got the triskele tattoo on his back was because up until the night she died, his mother would trace the pattern between his shoulder blades when he needed comfort. And then after the first anniversary of the fire when Derek and Laura were in New York, Derek decided to get the tattoo to remind him of his mothers comfort.

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(This is so beautiful my frail little heart can’t handle it! Thank you!)


just another immigrant coming up from the bottom turned 1 today!

IT’S OUR ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! I thought I made my VERY FIRST post on this blog a year ago today (I actually created the acct on the 26th, but whatevs). Wow. Where do I even begin? A year ago I wanted to create something. I wanted to invest my time into something I enjoy, and to build a community around shared interests. AND BOY HAS IT BEEN A WILD RIDE SINCE THEN. I’m pretty sure I have about 100+ stories now, and a couple more drabbles/headcanons. My fics are at least 1000+ words, so that means 100 000 words I have written on this blog. That’s insane!! Not to mention, I have just hit 3.6K followers like two days ago!! You guys are awesome!

If you guys know me by now, you know what this means!! A super long essay about how much I love and adore you guys!

First, I want to thank EVERY. ONE. OF YOU. Yes, you. The one reading this right now. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I know it sounds silly, but I’m serious! You guys have been with me for 365 days!! That’s crazy! You’ve been with me through every bad day, every good day, every writer’s block, every accomplishments, every failures, and etc. I may not share them here on Tumblr, but during these times I do think of you guys! I think of you way more than you think. A lot of my friends know about this blog, and I think they’re very grateful about how much this blog has helped me grow as a person, and a writer. I’M GRATEFUL for  how much this blog has saved me. And I hope I can grow even more!

I appreciate you guys so much- so, so, so, so much! I want to thank you for liking my story, for being interested in what I write, and for trusting me enough to share your ideas. You don’t understand how gratifying it is for me to read how much you guys love my story, or how it makes you feel, or just the fact that you guys like my stories so much, you decided to follow me! It’s all so heart-warming to me, and i never want to take that for granted. After one year, I still check every reblog to see if you guys have commented / what you guys write in the tags. After one year, I still get so touched when you come to my Inbox. After one year, I still get so giddy reading your reactions and responses to my story. After one year, I still get so nervous when posting a new fic. After one year, I still light up whenever someone tells me that I’ve inspired me. I want you guys to know that you have humbled me to the nth degree.

I love you guys so very much. Whoever you are, I want you to know that I love and appreciate you. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. You reading this automatically puts you into my story- my narrative, and you have made the whole chapter beautiful. With every like, every message, every comment, every read you have enriched my life to be so much better. I am so thankful to have you guys in my life, and I hope you know how proud I am to have you guys by my side. 

Thank you. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for following me. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being you. Thank you for existing. You are my light, and I love you.

I’m tagging EVERYONE on my Tag List bc I want everyone to read this (I hope you guys don’t mind)!! 

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Instagram prompt for Louis maybe, him and the missus being childhood friends and then starting a relationship together?? X

I don’t usually write Louis prompts for much on here but this one fit their storyline so perfectly that I just had to do this.. xx

YOURINSTAGRAM: We shared this breakfast on our first breakfast date as best friends… We’re now sharing this breakfast, again, on our first wedding anniversary. x

I’m still singing your songs

Exactly three years ago, we met each other.

2 years and 11 months ago, we went out and teased me that it is not a date

2 years and 7 months ago, you said I can now call it an official date.

2 years and 5 months ago, you said yes when i asked you if you can be my girlfriend

2 years and 4 months ago, you told me to listen to this certain band

Still 2 years and 4 months ago, you said these are your songs.

2 years and 3 months ago, I still don’t get why you said that these are your songs

Still 2 years and 3 months ago, I decided to learn those songs for you

2 years ago, we celebrated our first anniversary and sang those to you

Still 2 years ago, you also confessed that you have cancer.

Still 2 years ago, I broke down in front of you.

1 year and 5 months ago, in hospital bed, I sang those songs to help you sleep

1 year and 3 months ago, you said you love me.

1 year and 2 months ago, I nearly broke down whenever you cry but have to be strong for you, for your family and for myself.

1 year ago, you said you still love me

11 months ago, you finally said goodbye to me.

1 month ago, finally had the courage to listen to your songs again.

20 days ago, I'm singing your songs again.

Yesterday, I finally was able to understand why they are your songs.

I promise, I’ll find a way to sing your songs.

While we gear up and prepare for the first anniversary, It’s really important to understand some context of the Pulse massacre.

It happened on Latin night in Orlando. One of, if not the largest growing Puerto Rican enclaves outside of the archipelago of Puerto Rico. The night was specifically welcoming of latinx and other communities of color and these specific facts must not be forgotten.


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