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so yeah sure, Ronan loves hard fast EDM with deep bass, and jaunty Irish tunes that remind him of home, but his real love? Dolly Parton. He has a poster of her in his workshop at the barns, can be heard in the fields herding cows while singing 9 to 5, he pads around the kitchen barefoot in the mornings whistling Coat of Many Colors, and if Adam needs to call him in for lunch, he just stands at the back door of the house and yells “JOLENE ISNT EVEN A GOOD SONG.” and Ronans heavy footsteps will come pounding across the yard mixed with insults and noises of disgust. Adam buys him tickets to a concert and to Dollywood for their first wedding anniversary. Ronan cries the whole time.

Wrote For You (Jinyoung)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can I have B1A4 Jinyoung pregnancy request? He’s having a daughter and he writes her a song😄

Jinyoung was a passionate man, your first year of marriage he wrote a love song for your anniversary and that charming song was the reason you were currently pregnant. And since he liked to write his own his songs he took it even farther and began writing for his child. 

Then the song got even deeper when he found out the gender of his baby was a girl. You would hear him humming a beat that was something you started humming as well because it was catchy. He found it extremely cute when you were getting a snack while he was at the table humming the lyricless melody and he got up kissing your cheek as he walked passed you.


You shifted in your sleep before a presser was clear and you awoke a little to hear Jinyoung singing something lightly to your belly and smiled. “What do you think?” he asked your belly “Seonja, you deserve so much” he told your tummy. “I mean you get to live on as a song for life. I think that’s cool. So does mommy. Daddy sings them for you too so I hope one day you can enjoy it” he continued as your hand ran through his hair. He stopped talking as he looked up at you and your tired eyes.

“Oh I am sorry I woke you up” he says as he crawls up beside you. “Babe it’s fine. I witnessed a super adorable moment” you tell him as he smiles. He leans over and kisses your nose. “I hope the song turns out well” you tell him “same” he says as he lays on his back. “I want it to be good for her. She deserves it” he tells you as you nodded. “You’re gonna spoil her rotten” you tease him “of course I will” he scoffs “like I said she deserves it” he tells as you let out a laugh. “Sleep for me babe” he tells you as you lean over and cuddled into him as he simply wrapped his arms around your shoulders kissing your hair. 

Mod Mek’s Recs

In honour of the first Sanders Sides’ anniversary, mods are making masterposts of their favourite fics in addition to running the fanfic thingie and here’s (some of) my all-time faves!

Bad Days - @random-snippets (moxiety, one-shot, hurt/comfort)

Could you do platonic Moxiety with Virgil having a tough time and needing a cuddle but he doesn’t want to say anything but Patton gets it anyway?

Better - @parsnipit (moxiety, one-shot, hurt/comfort)

Virgil is touch-starved and seeks Patton’s help. (i.e. that one super self-indulgent fic with lots of angst and cuddling.)

Rambling - @pirate-patton (moxiety, one-shot, fluff)

“…and did you know that Drifloon has one of the creepiest dex entries, like, listen, the thing takes kids away and just floats off with them.  Of course, like, Phantumps are souls of kids that died lost in the woods. That’s pretty freaky, too…”

Starved @random-snippets (polyam-ish, multi-chapter, hurt/comfort)

Virgil had learned long ago that there were ways to compensate for not getting any actual physical contact.

Untitled - @prinxietys (polyam, one-shot, wings+soulmate AU)


I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a Type.

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Ok this is just a small rant.

People will not get off of us about having babies. We are only about to have our first anniversary. Like.. give us some time. And I don’t mind when friends say it to me or something that’s fine but when people post shit on my FB.. for everyone to see… it’s a little awkward.

Idk. I’m sure they mean well. But it just makes me uncomfortable. When we are ready, we will have a baby. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈

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Just wanted to say happy first anniversary (or birthday idk) of the Sanders Sides videos! They're amazing, thanks for being apart of them. -Si🖤

Thank you, Si. It would be the anniversary, since we did exist in concept before we were officially known as the “Sanders Sides” in public. It has been quite the year.


park bogum for vprove ✧ bogum congratulating vprove on their first anniversary


Happy first anniversary, YOI!!! Stay b r a v e.

Thank you all so much for letting me be a part of our first @yoianniversary <3

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It’s the first anniversary of my first ever dating app and one of the best games I’ve ever played in my entire life and BAM i celebrate it with crappy doodles. Go me yayyyy

AU where nobody keeps secrets or suffers or is brainwashed or is kidnapped or dies and everyone is happy and Saeran is just an emo kid in need of love. Ft. Godparent Vandy who’d rather be anywhere but in this group photo.


grumpy iwa-chan for my number one, @shiroganesm. ♡