on the wire road


“We play with fire
These yellow marks get glowing
Ember on the wire, I’m burning with you on this black tar road
When it feels this good, you don’t let go”

For @gaycheldare + @lgbtqpjo

So idk if this has any bearing in canon

but I have this idea that Yavin IV is a big agricultural planet. Like space cows and space corn and space wheat. And that means Poe would be a massive farmboy, not unlike Luke, and the reason he is such a good pilot is bc he spent summers crop dusting on a planet covered in big trees

and Kes was actually relieved when Poe joined the Republic fleet bc dog fighting isn’t NEARLY as risky as flying low through a jungle to come in under powerlines, a few meters above the space corn, in a pre-Clone Wars era ship that may or may not have working instruments