on the wire road

person: i think you’re a little too obsessed with the beatles…

me, pausing the help! movie™ whilst taking a sip out of my help!™ mug wearing my abbey road™ tee and taking off my wire-rimmed circular john-lennon-esque™ glasses: mcscuse me bitch

So I have this personal headcanon that a few months into her pregnancy, Sakura begins to notice crows. It’s not super often, especially at the beginning, but often enough to catch her attention. When she starts to get fatigued and asks Sasuke to stop for a short break in a small clearing or by a river or in a little café or on a bench in the town they’re passing through, there seems to always be a crow up in the branches above or on a telephone wire across the road. Sakura will chalk it up to her imagination when she thinks that it’s watching her. However, the more pregnant she gets, the more frequent these sightings seem to occur. Then, on the night before her water breaks, she has a strange dream about Itachi. Sasuke has told her Itachi’s story at this point, so the dream is serene. He’s at a distance from her, though watching her with quiet intensity. The smallest of smiles graces his face and he looks genuinely at peace, and if she squints hard enough there may be tears pooling in his dark eyes. He whispers something, and she has difficulty hearing him. She starts to move closer, asking him to repeat himself, but still he is too quiet. She desperately tries to get closer in order to hear him, but he disappears suddenly in a burst of crows. At that, she awakes abruptly in the early hours of the morning. She finds a crow only a few feet away, watching her intently. For some reason, two words ring through her mind in a voice that is not her own.

‘Thank you.’

It is then that she finds her water has broken, but she feels no panic in those first few moments. She is oddly at peace.

“Unwelcoming Invitation”

I’ve passed this barn many times now, and I always wonder what it looks like inside. From what I can see in the windows, it looks like some kind of thrift store, or maybe a storage place for a thrift store.
It’s much creepier looking at night, and this night was foggy, which we all know is a key ingredient of any good horror film.
I think this was the first time I saw the fence open, and since it no longer obstructed the view of the barn, I decided to get it in frame as well. (it also brings the creep factor up a notch, with bonus points for the barbed wire)

The Lams 50s AU that is needed

-Hamilton works a biker bar called Mount Vernon

- Laf works there to

- Hercules is a biker that shows up a lot and flirts with Laf

- Washington owns the place

- The Schuyler’s are badass and lead their own all girl gang

- Maria is there to she sings at the club most nights

- Now John. John hot wired a bike and is road tripping across America

- He acts tough but is really big sweetheart that likes to draw

- So John shows up one night and Alex just dies

- Everyone one makes fun of Alex and tries to get them to talk

- He takes Johns order

- John just straight up hits of him so much

- He calls Alex Sugar

- Everyone’s killing themselves laughing

- So eventually John leaves saying he’ll be back tomorrow

- Cue Alex fretting over everything

- I feel like I should mention Homosexuality was illegal in the 1950s because it was - Okay so after like a week of John coming in everyday Alex says screw it and kisses him - FINALLY - They go on like ‘dates’ but mostly stay at Hamilton’s place - John some how convinces Alex to let him buy him things - Then A N G S T - aka Senator Henry Laurens - Why. Because I can. That’s why - So pain happens - Happy ending?


Professor Layton Locations | Future London

Beneath a stagnant yellow sky lays a city that claims to be the London of the future. While many features remain recognizable, the atmosphere is strangely different from the London Layton and Luke left behind when they first entered the clock shop on Midland Road. Giant cogs, running wires, and steaming pipes provide an industrial feel, like a giant machine in motion. Spires pierce the ether, but even these fall short of a dark, towering pagoda that stands at the edge of the city’s Chinatown. Across the Thames, an enormous facility and single lighthouse­—all strongholds of the city’s darkest secrets. From sunlit arcades, to narrow, seedy allies, it is a sprawling metropolis both familiar and alien.

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Things I associate with VIXX

N: Playing with puppies, the feeling of the sun on your skin, lazy days, white bed sheets, playing with hair, star gazing, drinking warm coffee, aged books, eating macaroons, holding hands across a table, cuddling on the couch, writing in a diary, calligraphy, climbing trees, playing in the sand at the beach, traveling to London, paper bags, felt tip pens, split coffee, chocolate chip cookies.

Hongbin: Mirrors, taking pictures, collared shirts, Polaroids, scrap booking, watches, grand father clocks, white converse, sketching with pens, playing in the snow, denim jackets, grey cardigans, listening to music on a train, walking around the countryside, bike riding by the beach, fairy lights, cloudy days, maps, gravel, burning paper.

Leo: Freckles, broken glass, fluorescent lights, doc martens, tile floors, dates at the aquarium, floating in open water, mirages, candle sticks, rings, sitting at the bottom of a pool, walking along railroad tracks, getting lost at night, sitting by a lake, a cool night breeze, street lights, wet roads, water distortion, dreams, crashing waves, lathering soap, wire armatures.

Ken: Fallen yellow leaves, sunflowers, eating oranges on a hot day, glitter, painting, drinking tea, feeling grass on your feet, caramel, soft serve ice cream, picking flowers, flannel, doodling on the corner of a page, falling asleep in a field, waiting for a subway, eating eggs in the morning, checking things off of a to do list, dried flowers.

Ravi: Sitting in an old book shop, playing with matches, untied shoe laces, dried roses, drinking red wine, eating raspberries, rubies, late nights at a bar, a crescent moon, drinking coffee alone in the middle of the night, smeared lipstick, trespassing in old train yards, getting a cut, abandoned libraries, bomber jackets, scratch marks, hickeys.

Hyuk: Flowers floating in water, bath bombs, antique replica ships, collecting crystals, marshmallows, white Adidas, sleeping in late, bubble baths, pink lemonade, shy kisses, playing with hair, platinum blonde hair, pink hoodies, strawberries, baseball hats, putting photos on your wall, cherry blossoms, eating peaches, rhinestones.

Disclaimer: I don’t know VIXX very well. I only listen to a few of their songs. Please do not be upset if it does not turn out the way you want. This is my interpretation. (I literally only look at one picture of them and base it off of that.)