on the wings of armageddon

DC Brau’s On the Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA (Picked up at Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits in DC). A 3 of 4. Smells of great tropical fruit and some strong citrus notes - quite pith-like in nature. The body is very, very bitter, but there’s some nice fruity balancing sweetness as well - a bit more malty than I was expecting. A very good, aggressive, Imperial IPA - but this doesn’t stand out of the pack for me.


My boy Jablair lives down in DC and drives up now and then to see his folks.  When he does, he usually hooks my boy Duce and I up with beer we can’t get up this way.

Though DC Brau started distributing more beer up north, this beer was one that’s hard to get even in DC.  This was On the Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA.  The first sip made me think “juicy and dry”.  There were flavors of tropical fruit on the initial sip which then switched to a kick of citrus.  The bitter shows up early in the middle, but isn’t overpowering.  There’s malt in the background holding everything together.  It was 9.2% ABV, but the alcohol was well hidden.  It had a slightly dry finish.  This beer was great!

As always, beer friends are best friends!