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So I decided to start my Rainbowcy… @berrysweetboutique was so kind and encouraging I couldn’t put it off any longer lol.  Short bios are below:

Mona Van Chrome: For the better part of her life, Mona was raised by Van Chrome Sr., an ellusive and enigmatic news paper magnate who was strict, unyeilding, and cold in his brief interactions with his daughter.  Primarily raised by Nannies and Governesses, Mona left her home at 19 with a photo and a last known address, in an attempt to find her mother.  What she finds instead is a web of lies and deceit hidden among the night time denizens of Forgotten Hollow.
Porto Flip: Charming, sociable, engaging; if a man could be boiled into three bullet points thus would go the story of Porto Flip.  A bar tender working his way through the police academy, Porto meets Mona early on in her journey to find her mother.  They get together, but their relationship is stormy at best; will his jealousy spell the doom of their relationship?  Will he ever learn to trust without strings attached?

Violet Tea-Cakes:  In a city that never sleeps, Violet is something of an eccentric; she loves the sun, craves the beach, and although paralyzed in her legs, finds joy in nature as a whole.  She works at the local library, is studious to a fault, and befriends Mona one afternoon while trying to help her trace the lineage of the illusive Ms. Van Chrome.  Violet brings out the best in Mona, and Mona brings temperance to Violet’s outgoing nature; but can this friendship blossom into something more if Porto will not let Mona go?

I’ll get to the actual story soon, I had a major interview today so I’m a little fried but I’ve got so many ideas; hopefully they’ll be as much fun to read as they were to create. :)

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Hi! I was wondering if you knew of any songs that would go in a sort of 'exchange student playlist', songs to get you in an adventure mood?? Like 'I Lived' by OneRepublic. Thanks!

Drum Roll please.

Get Ready for the official Exchange Student Playlist, created by Wanderschaft.Memorie aka Mackenzie Meier. 

One Republic - I Lived - Lyrics Video (Native Album) [HD][HQ]

San Miguel: MIKA - Live Your Life (Official Video).

The Royal Concept - On Our Way

We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song] (Olodum Mix)

 Sheppard - Geronimo (International Version)

Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way

Ti porto via con me - Lorenzo Jovanotti - (Official Video)

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (Español) ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona

OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself

Avicii - Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)

Avicii - The Nights

Avicii - The Days (Lyric Video)

Pitbull - International Love ft. Chris Brown

Maroon 5 - Daylight (Playing for Change)

Taylor Swift - Sweeter Than Fiction (Official Video)

Long Live- Taylor Swift Lyrics

Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida

Taylor Swift - 22

The Mowgli’s - Say It, Just Say It (Lyric Video)

A Great Big World - Already Home

A Great Big World - I Really Want It (Lyric Video)

A Great Big World - You’ll Be Okay (audio)

Let It Go - Behind The Mic Multi-Language Version (from “Frozen”)

NONONO - Pumpin Blood (Official Video)

Ingrid Michaelson - “Afterlife” OFFICIAL VIDEO

Hilary Duff - What Dreams are made of Lyrics

Hilary Duff - Why Not (Full-HD 1080p)

Tangled - When Will My Life Begin - Mandy Moore

Seasons of Love (HD)


Panic! At The Disco & Fun.: C’mon (Audio)

Vance Joy - ‘Riptide’ Official Video

Mikky Ekko - Kids

Brave - Touch The Sky HD

Hercules I can Go The Distance HD 720p

Sara Bareilles - Brave

Shakira - Empire (Lyric)

The Fault In Our Stars - Charli XCX - Boom Clap

Rascal Flatts - Life is a Highway - Official Video

Imagine Dragons - It’s Time

Standing Outside The Fire

PRINCE ROYCE - Stand By Me (Original Official Video High Quality)

Augustana - Boston


Avicii - Hey Brother

Swedish House Mafia - Don’t You Worry Child ft. John Martin

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Video Oficial (Assim você me mata)

Tour the World - Official Music Video

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A/N:This is my way of apologizing and trying to make things good. Please, don’t be mad. Yes, I’m working at the requests. No, I didn’t forget about you all. Anyway, I was watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 with Winters and I had this crazy idea for Edward and I got up at the middle of the night - I think it was 3 am or something - to start writing it. Hope you guys enjoy?

Sinopse:Edward travels too much for your liking, leaving you worried about his safety. After one of his “adventures” - as he calls them -, you come to comfront him again and try to keep him safe; at least for more than a week.

Your name: submit What is this?

You watched furiously as the Jackdaw anchored up to the dock of the Great Inagua, its sails floundering at the strong winds of the afternoon, nearing the sunset. And at the stern of the pirate brigue, was him. Edward — standing proudly — as if he were the king of the world.

You huffed, rolling your eyes.

He promised you. Edward told you he wouldn’t be leaving for any adventures— as he called his lootings — any time soon. The man begged you to believe him and you did. But something came up, you had heard at the tavern. A royal scout, filled with silver and merchandise from the Orient, none of them carrying less than ten thousand reales in money and goods. Oh, you knew it. You just knew he’d leave.

The scout came from Porto Principe, making its way to Kingston to sell and gather supplies from its rough travel back to Spain. Apparently, 4 ships composed of it, and at least one of them was a Man O’ War. No one with a sane mind would dare to approach that scout, much less try to loot it. It was suicide, certainly.

Except Edward Kenway. Of course.

You didn’t say anything when he had cheered about the new adventure during a party at his manor at the top of the hill, raising up a tankard and throwing up a tacky motivational speech; and surprisingly convincing his men to side with him in this madness. Edward didn’t say a word about it either. He kissed you and hugged you the whole night while you played it dumb. You two would talk tomorrow morning. It was a silent agreement when your eyes met his during the speech.

And oh, he knew it. He knew what you would be saying, you would scold him for being so damn reckless with his own life; and a lesson about broken promises. Basically, the lecture of a lifetime. And that’s why, when you woke up, the damn bastard was nowhere to be found, only showing up now, almost two weeks later.

You crossed your arms, walking calmly down the wharf, feeling his eyes on you. When the ship anchored, the sails finally drawing back and the anchor loosening, the men threw a wooden board a few feet away from where you stood. Some of them nodded at you, their smiles — some of them toothless — reflecting how proud and happy most were.

Of course, you noticed a few lows in the crew, as well as a few new faces. Life wasn’t perfect and being a pirate was dangerous.

“Back to the land, I see!” You cheered at Joey’s self assured smirk. Funny little man he was, tiny but quick thinker. He was quite friendly for a pirate, and you adored his drunken musings, so sharing ale with him at the end of the day wasn’t an odd thought.

“Aye, lass!” He nodded excitedly, carrying a crate to the nearest general store. “The looting was good, there’s plenty for everyone. Captain Kenway is very satisfied. You should go talk to man and you know… Catch up with him.” The pirate wiggled his eyebrows, smiling cheekily. “But please, keep it low. Spare the children.”

You scoffed at him. “And I think you should mind about your own life, my friend.”

“Oh, you wound me with your cruel words, m’lady.” Joey mocked in fake offense before turning around to make his way to the stores. “We are going to get drunk today, Y/N! All of us!” He yelled happily, making you chuckle and shake your head before turning to watch Edward discussing something with Adéwale. You breathed in, thinning your lips and making your way through the crew to them.

“… And that’s why we should go.” The welsh man said with a flourish, pointing excitedly to a piece of paper.

“Yes. I know it, Kenway. I am not stupid.” He retorted back at Edward. You two made visual contact over the captain’s shoulder, and you crossed your arms; throwing your best smile. Adéwale scoffed humorously at your face before patting at the man’s shoulder. “We shall discuss it later, Kenway.”

“But I’m not done yet, Adé!”

“I know. But I am.” He chuckled, directing himself to the tavern. “Later.”

Edward sighed dramatically, holding a piece of paper with some drawings on it, muttering something about a treasure. You had to resist the urge to just roll your eyes again. The man barely came at land and already was talking about sailing again.

You scoffed in disbelief. “Enjoyed the trip, Edward?” The welsh man stilled, folding the piece of paper hurriedly and tucking it away in his pocket.

“Y/N!” He cheered in an abnormally joyful voice. “What are you up to? Sneaking up behind me, that’s not a nice thing to do.” He joked. “Where is my hug?” And you crossed your arms again.

“Don’t you think you forgot about something, Edward?” He stilled for a while, looking to the wooden boards of the ship.

“Hm? Did I? I… Uh…” Suddenly his expression lightened up. “Oh, of course! I didn’t! See? I brought you a necklace and…” He fumbled with his pockets for a while before you piped in.

“So this is where your heart lies?” You hissed at him. “Not in those who love and care for you but in treasures and bounties?! I honestly thought better of you, Edward!” He looked like he was about to reply, but you didn’t want to listen. You turned around, ready to leave the ship and go to who knows where, furious.

“Love, wait…” The welsh man called, holding your wrist lightly. “Don’t. I can explain, I swear…”

“What can you explain to me, Edward?” You mused in cynical humor. “After all, you are a pirate, aren’t you? A true pirate, as I can see.” You smirked, holding back your frustrated cry and he sighed.

“Y/N, I… I know that there’s no excuse for this… But we can talk now. If you want to, of course… “ He paused for a moment. “Don’t you want to sort this out? With me?” His hand slipped off of your wrist, clasping and unclasping nervously beside him.

“Just… What the bloody hell?!” You exclaimed, turning around at him. “What did you expect? That after you do exactly what you told me you wouldn’t you’d bring me a shiny trinket and it’d be fine?!” Edward opened his mouth to answer “Cut it out, Kenway! You wouldn’t listen to me and you know it!”

“You know that it’s not the truth, love…” He retorted like a child. “I always listen to you.”

You stood silently at your place, looking out at the blue sea. “Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with you. You always seem to run after danger, like a madman. Like you are trying to see… how far you’d go until you manage to kill yourself.”

An awkward silence fell for a moment before Edward came near, hands smoothing your shoulders lightly, to let you pull away when you wanted. “I know, love… I know.” He pulled you gently against him.

“You noticed. I see you are not as naive as I thought.” You muttered bitterly. “But keep in mind that you’re still an idiot.” You stated, resisting against him.

“You know…” He started, smoothing your arms with gentle hands — despite calloused fingertips. “While I’m out you never leave my mind.” Edward stopped for a while, huffing awkwardly. “I’m thinking about you. Constantly.”

You laughed softly, looking away from him. “Now it’s working.”

“Is it?” He mumbled lightheartedly. You scoffed a bit when his hands came up to cup your face and he bent over to kiss your forehead lightly. “Please, don’t be mad at me.” Edward pleaded in a hushed voice, pressing his lips lovingly against you.

He was such an infuriating asshole. Either way, you couldn’t help but lean forward slightly, arms wrapping around his torso in a tight hug. “I just worry about you, Edward. I’m scared for you.” You croaked in a hoarse voice, feeling your eyes burning at the beginning of a cry. The man sighed, coaxing you to press your face against his shoulder.

“Shh… I know love, I know it.” Edward paused for a while, caressing your scalp gently. “I can’t hold back, Y/N. We talked about it. If I don’t go, the men will start to question me. Say I’m losing my way. You know that…”

You knew it was true. They wanted adventure, and adventure they should have. Clenching your teeth, you hugged Edward tighter and nuzzled against his neck, breathing in his smell — a mix of salt, the sweetness of Cuban rum and a woody like scent. “Say what, love…” He started, looking down at you. “Would you like to sail with me?”

W- What?” You stuttered, widening your eyes in shock. “Edward, listen to yourself!”

“What is wrong with it? The men like you, don’t they?” The welsh man inquired, eyes glinting with humor.

“Yes, but…”

“And you can handle yourself, can’t you?”

“Yes, of course I can! But…” You stammered, mind a complete mess.

“Then it’s set. You’ll stay with me in my cabin.” He commented with humor, kissing the tip of your nose. “We’re sailing two days from now.”

He was, indeed, a crazy man. The idea was crazy. So many things could go wrong. But, at this moment, you couldn’t care less.

You giggled, trying to hide the blush of your cheeks at his shoulder. “You are impossible, Edward Kenway.”


Finding a sense of place with architect @diogolage

To see more photos from Diogo, follow @diogolage on Instagram.

For Portuguese architect Diogo Lage (@diogolage), photography is about discovering and capturing physical places. After losing all of his negatives in a flood, Diogo took a 10-year break from photography, returning to the craft only a year ago. “I decided to hike the Way of St. James,“ he says, referring to the pilgrimage route to the shrine of the Apostle James in Santiago, Spain. “This inspired me to start shooting again, giving those walks meaning.”

Having studied art and design at university, Diogo finds artistic influences almost everywhere. “My numerous influences and inspirations often serve as the backdrop for my photos,” he says.

Diogo currently lives in Porto, and enjoys capturing the city’s quirky locations, luring local characters into his shots. “After a little bit of conversation, they rarely refuse,” he says. Diogo hopes his photography will encourage others to explore their own cities, and even visit the spots where his pictures were taken.

Scan - George Harrison, Porto Rafti, Greece, 1979. Photographed by Olivia Harrison. Scanned from Living in the Material World. Photo © Harrison Family.

“He had karma to work out, and he wasn’t going to come back and be bad. He was going to be good and bad and loving and angry and everything all at once. You know, if someone said to you, ‘Okay, you can go through your life and you can have everything in five lifetimes, or you can have a really intense one and have it in one, and then you can go and be liberated,’ he would have said, 'Give me the one, I’m not coming back here.’” - Olivia Harrison, Living in the Material World

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Salve doc, so che probabilmente chiedo troppo, ma non si potrebbe avere una delle sue storie zen brevettate per risollevare una giornata particolarmente merdosa? Gliene sarei enormemente grato.

Te ne scrivo una in ritardo, sperando che la notte abbia lenito parte della tua ambascia.

Un tempo viveva nella remota provincia del Chang'an una leggiadra e mite fanciulla di nome Chun Lee. Proporzionate le sue fattezze e nobili i lineamenti, sebbene di umili origini, ma ben più stupefacente era la saggezza e il conforto che le sue parole recavano al viandante che si trovasse a passare e a chiedere ristoro, ragione per la quale venne soprannominata Pao Hu Jen, La Dama che Protegge.

Un giorno l’imperatore Sima Qian proclamò un editto per cui venne imposto che tutte le donne sopra i 20 anni dovessero trovare un marito e presto grande fu il numero degli uomini che si affollarono al cancello dello splendido giardino di Chun Lee.

Prenderò come sposo colui che nel mio giardino coglierà e mi porterà il fiore che preferisco - disse la dama, che poi si sedette sulla veranda in attesa.

Le decine di uomini si affrettarono a cercare chi il fiore più bello, chi il fiore più profumato e nel giro di poco tempo, mazzo dopo mazzo, stelo dopo stelo, il giardino si trasformò in un campo di battaglia, con uomini che litigavano e pestavano le aiuole.

Venne il tramonto e questa volta ordinatamente gli uomini presentarono il loro dono a Chun Lee.

Il mio nome è Ch'u Wai, coraggioso guerriero, e ti porto in dono questa rosa scarlatta le cui spine, intrise del mio sangue, ti parlano del mio valore!

Chun Lee lo congedò con un gesto della mano.

Il mio nome è Huan Hsiang, famoso pittore, e questo Giglio Tigrato vorrei che lo tenessi accostato al tuo splendido volto mentre ritraggo la tua bellezza!

Chun Lee lo allontanò con un gesto.

Il mio nome è Shih Jen, poeta di corte, e questo fiore di Calicanto è il simbolo dell’amore che mi legava a te quando ancora non ci conoscevamo ed eravamo solo un pensiero nella mente di Yue Lao!

Chun Lee congedò anche lui.

Si susseguirono uomini valorosi, saggi, possenti, ricchi, colti ma la ragazza non scelse nessuno di loro. Alla fine si presentò un giovane, l’ultimo, poiché si era tenuto pazientemente in disparte.

Il mio nome è Ning Choi-san e non ero nessuno, finché una sera d’inverno, cacciato dalla mia famiglia, non mi salvasti dalla tormenta dandomi riparo. Questo è ciò che nel tuo giardino ho raccolto per te - e aperto il suo mantello, mise ai piedi di Chun Lee tutti i bulbi e i semi sfuggiti alla furiosa devastazione del giardino.

Questi sono i fiori che preferisco - disse Chun Lee - quelli che vengono salvati e che nasceranno a dispetto della furia sconsiderata dell’uomo.