on the waterfront 1954


NJ Hudson Waterfront 1954.

One time, in the distant past, the New Jersey Hudson River waterfront was a highly industrialized area. Covered with multiple rail facilities from all the major eastern railroads, docks, numerous manufacturing plants, and other support services.

Over the years, starting around the late 1960s, this shoreline was gradually abandoned as the railroads faded, and industry moved elsewhere. The entire shoreline was essentially left to rot and became an industrial wasteland. Today, this entire area has been redeveloped and is referred to as the “Gold Coast”.

Here is a rare look a the shoreline of NJ along the Hudson in February 1954, from Weehawken or Union City looking south to Jersey City.

Also interesting to note is the west side of Manhattan. Look at all the piers! All gone today.


baldnochang  asked:

random af, but could you do signs as your favourite movies?

omg!!! this is the coolest ask I’ve received in a long time, I’d be stoked to do this :’)

  • Aries: A Clockwork Orange (1971), Reservoir Dogs (1992), Superbad (2007), World Of Tomorrow (2015), Boyhood (2014)
  • Taurus: Rosemary’s Baby (1968), On The Waterfront (1954), Scarface (1983), Midnight In Paris (2011), Prisoners (2013), Coraline (2009)
  • Gemini: Frankenstein (1931), Psycho (1960), O Lucky Man! (1973), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Mysterious Skin (2004), The Social Network (2010)
  • Cancer: Manchester By The Sea (2016), The Goddess (1934), Alice In Wonderland (1951), Lolita (1962), Forrest Gump (1994)
  • Leo: 12 Angry Men (1957), The King Of Comedy (1982), The Dark Knight (2008), Django Unchained (2012), My Life As A Zucchini (2016)
  • Virgo: Peeping Tom (1960), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Stardust Memories (1980), Shutter Island (2010), Arrival (2016)
  • Libra: Rear Window (1954), Annie Hall (1977), The Breakfast Club (1985), Pineapple Express (2008), Her (2013)
  • Scorpio: Taxi Driver (1976), The Silence Of The Lambs (1991), What We Do In The Shadows (2014), There Will Be Blood (2007), Eastern Promises (2007)
  • Sagittarius: Captain Fantastic (2016), Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), Nightcrawler (2014), Laura (1944), The Jungle Book (1967)
  • Capricorn: Manhattan (1979), The Shining (1980), Misery (1990), A Beautiful Mind (2001), Cache (2005)
  • Aquarius: Before Sunrise (1995), Breathless (1960), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), No Country For Old Men (2007), It’s Such A Beautiful Day (2012)
  • Pisces: Repulsion (1965), The Panic In Needle Park (1971), Blue Velvet (1986), Sling Blade (1996), Spider-Man (2002)