on the train with his mum and dan

Maybe, Possibly

Summary: Phil’s mother is adamant that he should be settling down, so invites one of his turbulent exes to an annual family get-together the following day. In a moment of panic, he tells her he’s already dating someone. With no other options, he turns to Dan.

Genre: Reality

Word Count: 9k

Warnings: Some swearing, references to alcohol

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dan’s liveshow august 25, 2015

a summary:

- #waitingfordeath

- dan got a haircut (his sides are shaved omg omg)

- he is wearing earrings again??!!??! (someone step on me)

- “alright mums”

- now hes opening and closing his laptop

- hes tilting his chair again (stop u will fall)

- “HIT ME”

- interrobang

- now hes tapping the table

- i feel whisk (i feel frickin zazzed)

- “excuse me if i look flat or voluminous or messy”- dan 


- he thought he lost his earrings lmao (so many of you complain)

- years of training for reading the chat ha

- he referred to sherlock’s mind palace hells yeahs

- “im a hipster”- dan

- i love swedish crime

- dan has a candle on his bed

- doodlymemes

- “am i supposed to say phil and i”- dan

- “pause for siren”

- dan doesnt know how to use semicolons

- dan and his obnoxious editing 

- dan is not going to reading festival this year

- nick jonas, we bonded- dan

- apparently he follows like 500 blogs on tumblr??

- dan just said mcr was on a hiatus wtfffff

- fix ur bed…NO!

- caspar pineapple


Phil casually suggests to Dan that they should see if they could last 24 hours with out contacting eachother as Phil was going to visit his family and he wanted to see who needed who the most. Phil leaves and Dan says goodbye for the next 24 hours. Dan distracts himself and decides to play some video games that him and Phil would usually play together. It was a Tuesday so he did his usual 9pm liveshow and everytime someone mentioned Phil in the chat he feels a sadness. That night Dan goes to bed knowing tomorrow he can speak to Phil again. When he wakes up  he waits a couple of hours, he has to eat his breakfast and watch an anime on his own this time. When it’s finally been 24 hours he calls Phil’s parents home because that’s where he was staying. Phil’s mum answers and tells Dan to get there straight away. Dan gets the first train he can. When he gets to Phil’s parents house they take him to the hospital. There in a bed is Phil, dead. He had been ill for a long time and knew he would die but didn’t want to upset Dan. The only thing Phil has with him in the hospital bed is a note for Dan. Dan takes the note and it reads “You did it Dan, now just try and do it every day for me. Please explain what happened on AmazingPhil. Please try and remember me, but live another life. Have children, a partner and a happy ending, you deserve it. Never forget the skype calls, the whiskers, the 3 hour breakfasts, the Manchester Eye and everything else, I will love you forever, bear”


Description: 2009 Phan meets for the first time.

Words: 1,700

Fluffy Fluff is good, yeah?

Phil checked his phone.

9:05 am. Ten more minutes.

Ten more minutes until Phil could finally see the face he’d spent the last little while talking to over crappy skype calls. Ten minutes until Phil could talk to his best friend face to face. Ten minutes until he’d be the happiest person in the entire world. Dan was coming, and Phil couldn’t wait.

He checked his phone again.

9:06 am. Only a minute had passed.

Phil sighed, looking up at the roof. He wished the train would come sooner, he couldn’t take the waiting, honestly. He remembered what his mum had told him that morning, “All good things come to those who wait.” Phil had done his waiting, and all it seems he got in return was a late train.

Phil went to pull his phone out again, placing his hand apprehensively on his pocket before lowering his hand once more. What was the point? Only a minute would’ve gone by.

He shut his eyes, running through the schedule he had planned for him and Dan. First, they’d go shopping around in Manchester, then they’d ride the Manchester Eye. After that, they’d head back to Phil’s house to mess around. Whatever they wanted to do. It was all an extremely fun day, but if someone asked Phil what he most looked forward to, he’d reply going back to Phil’s house without hesitation.

Against his better judgement, Phil pulled out his phone again.

9:09 am. One minute.

His heart leapt and he began to pace around. Did he look fine? What about his breath? He really wished that he’d listened to his mom’s advice to fix that one strand of hair that never wanted to lay flat.

The sound of a train horn whipped Phil’s thoughts clear. Dan was here, they were closer than they’d ever been. A smile played on his face as the train rushed into view. He walked towards the platform, wanting to be the first one to greet Dan.

The train slowed to a stop with ease, and the doors slid open. People piled out, rushing this way and that, practically running to where they needed to go. The smile still plastered on his face, Phil stood rooted to his spot, hoping to catch a glimpse of Dan before Dan saw him.

Then, among the heads, Phil sees a familiar face, looking around, scared. Dan couldn’t see him, so Phil took advantage of that fact. He stared, the boys nose was rounded sweetly, his eyes wide with possibility, his mouth twisted into a half smile-half frown. His hair was perfectly swept to the left. He was perfect.

Phil took in one last shaky breath- his last without Dan- and called the boy’s name.

Dan’s head perked up at the sound, but he was still looking in the wrong direction. Phil laughed and called again, “Dan! I’m over here you potato!”

The boy’s head whipped around, and his eyes found Phil. The half smile grew, and for the first time Phil noticed his dimples. His wonderful, adorable, cute dimples. Phil smiled in return, and made his way towards Dan.

He stopped just within arm’s length of Dan. “Howell,” he said, smiling.

Dan looked up, his smile had reached his eyes now, which made Phil’s heart melt. “Lester.”

The boys laughed. Any worries that they previously had were whisked away with those two words.

“I can’t believe I’m actually meeting my best friend,” Dan said, still not looking away from Phil.

“Me neither,” Phil said, barely above a whisper.

They stood like that for awhile, just looking into each other’s eyes and smiling like idiots. Dan coughed, “Well, this is actually fucking amazing.”

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” that seemed to draw Phil out of his trance, “Well, anyway, I’ve got a huge day planned for us, I hope you’re ready?”

“Oh, I’m ready,” Dan said, “You honestly have no idea.” Then he paused, “Um, also, I’m only gonna do this once, so don’t think I’m being awkward or anything, okay?”

Phil looked at him, “What do you mea-” before he could finish Dan was pulling him into a tight, welcoming hug. Phil was surprised at first, but then wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.

“Seriously though, I can’t believe I’m meeting you,” Dan said into Phil chest.

Phil pulled him in tighter, “And I can’t believe I’m meeting you, Dan.”

They both pulled away, and Dan laughed, “So! What’s the first thing on our agenda, Phillip?”

“Well, Daniel, we are going to shop around Manchester, as it’s wonderful here, you okay with that?”

“Of course!” With that, Phil took Dan’s hand and led them towards the heart of the city, where all the best shops were.

For the rest of the morning, the two boys made their way through the shops of Manchester with their pockets considerably lighter. (Dan bought everything Phil said he looked good in.)

They still had an hour or two to kill before it was time to ride the Eye. “Why don’t we go get lunch or something?” Phil asked Dan, carrying some of the other boy’s bags.

“That sounds good! I’m actually starving.”

“Probably from all of that shopping you did,” Phil laughed, gesturing to the bags he was carrying.

“Cut me some slack! I’ve been saving up for this trip for a very long time.”

The boys laughed again, heading into a sandwich shop Phil had only been to twice before. They ordered the same thing (ham on rye) and sat down, next to the window. They had a perfect view of the Eye.

“It would be so amazing to ride that, wouldn’t it?” Dan said, tipping his head towards the wheel.

Phil debated whether to tell him that they were going to ride it in a few hours, and decided to hold his tongue. It would be a nice surprise for Dan. “Yeah, it really is, it’s a pretty short ride, but it’s totally worth it.”

Dan was still staring at the eye wistfully, “Yeah,” he trailed off, “I bet it is.”

They ate their sandwiches in remote silence, just enjoying each other’s company. It was a peaceful day, the sky was a beautiful blue, without a cloud in sight, the birds were chirping and it seemed that everyone was friendlier than usual. It was a perfect day.

They talked a bit more, just sitting in the shop, laughing at stupid stories, remarking how that lady’s haircut makes her look a bit like Britney Spears, which led to their discussion how ‘Toxic’ is one of the single most beautiful songs either had heard.

While the boys were talking, neither had noticed that their hands had somehow found each other and held on. They were too involved with the debate over the best Muse song -ever.

When the conversation slowed as the sun made its way down, Phil realized he was holding Dan’s hand. Not only that, but he was holding Dan’s hand and he liked it. He looked at Dan, who was staring at him back, eyes wide. Then Dan began to smile, and tightened his grip on Phil’s hand, and Phil did the same.

Phil leaned in, and Dan mirrored him. Phil brushed past Dan’s face and placed his lips to the boy’s ear. “I have an idea,” he whispered before standing up, looking at Dan expectantly.

The boy stood up, followed Phil, fingers still intertwined. Phil led them out of the shop, around the corner and down the street. Dan followed wordlessly behind, his footsteps falling in time with Phil’s.

Phil stopped abruptly, and turned to face Dan. “You ready?” was all he said.

Dan paused, before nodding his head, trusting.

“Try to keep up, then,” and Phil took off, running. Dan chased him, laughing. They raced around the town, all the while Phil leading Dan towards the Manchester Eye. Eventually, they made it to the ticket booths. “Phil-” Dan began before Phil hushed him.

Phil walked up towards the man at the stand, “Hello, I called in earlier about tickets.”

The man nodded at Phil and let him pass. “Come on Dan!” Phil called, waving his hand towards the boy.

Dan didn’t need to be told twice. He ran to catch up alongside Phil. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Dan said, voice filled with awe. He looked all around him, straining his neck in every direction.

Phil laughed, taking Dan’s hand once again. “Alright, let’s ride the Manchester Eye,” he said winking at Dan.

They sat down, made themselves situated, and then the wheel started to turn. Dan’s face turned to pure elation. “Phil!” he exclaimed to the boy sitting right next to him. “This is amazing.”

Phil’s not sure what made him say it, but the words tumbled out of his mouth before he had time to second guess them. “You’re amazing.”

Dan laughed and looked at Phil. His face froze when he saw the sincerity in Phil’s face. And before either of them knew it, they were kissing. Phil’s hands on the back of Dan’s head, and Dan’s on Phil’s waist, and they were kissing. They were kissing. They were kissing. They were kissing in the Manchester Eye, and neither boy pulled away, and neither boy felt odd or that it was wrong. They were kissing and it felt right.

The ride ended all too soon, but it had been the start of something wonderful, something completely amazing. Dan’s hand was in Phil’s and Phil’s hand was in Dan’s and they were happy, completely and undeniably happy.

They walked to Phil’s house happily, hand in hand. When they reached the door, neither boy unlatched their hands, Phil’s mother looked at them approvingly, and they ran up the stairs towards Phil’s room.



Phil crawled on his bed, and Dan did the same. He laid his head on Phil’s chest, and Phil wrapped his arms around the boy, neither watching the movie, they were too interested in what they’d found. This beautiful, wonderful, unmistakable love they’d found