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So Many Queer Subtext - DrSilverfish Reviews SPN's #Thinman (spoilers for 9x15)

This episode is written, on one level, as a substantive knowing commentary on Dean’s queer subtext.

Whilst the entire episode concerns the relationship between Dean and Sam, this review focuses on the subtextual presentation of Dean’s closeted queerness in “#Thinman”.

To begin with, we should note that the Ghostfacers, the nerdy wannabe ghost hunters and online web “stars”, Ed and Harry, whom we first met way back in 1x17 “Hell House”, are associated, in the 3x13 episode “Ghostfacers”, with textual queerness in the history of Supernatural. This is because their storyline in that episode involved a young intern, Corbett, who was killed by a spirit in a haunted house where the Ghostfacers were filming. Corbett’s ghost was eventually talked out of repeating the cycle of luring new victims to their deaths, by Ed, with whom he had secretly been in love. Ed ends the episode by narrating for the Ghostfacers’ weblog that, “Gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day.”

We had a mention of “the Veil” just last episode…

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