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Pleasing you

Synopsis: Stolen from Earth when you were only a teenager, what is left of your life consists of training to become an obedient pleasure slave on Sakaar… that is, until the Grandmaster, your slave driver, decides to gift you to King Loki, who seeks to visit to observe one of the Grandmaster’s infamous gladiator fights. Now, you belong to him, obliged to fulfil his every need. A truly tempting opportunity, is it not? After all—who is the God of Mischief to miss out on all the fun that comes with being king of Asgard?

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 6725
Warnings: (sexual)
submission, kidnapping, (sexual) slavery, imprisonment, mentions of abuse, dub-con, smut

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Loki is on the throne after the events of Thor: The Dark World, ruling Asgard as Odin. He starts repairing the city after the attack; he also makes changes in the law and ways of ruling. Asgard is blooming under Loki’s rule and no one still knows that it’s him.
However Loki starts hearing rumours that some people have seen him. He overhears servants talking how someone they know had spotted Loki. He becomes suspicious, thinking when could this have happened when he only drops the disguise in the royal bedchambers.
But it soon turns out that people have not seen him, but an impersonator, who can do magic.
Loki makes a plan to catch him and bring him to the court to punish him for his crimes. The impersonator falls into Loki’s trap, but when guards bring him to the throne room, Loki discovers that he is actually she.

(Loki x reader) Can’t Sleep pt.2

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A/N: This is one of my most popular one shots and I couldn’t help but want to continue it! I hope you guys like it 

Words: 1,956

Warning: none

Part 1


Loki shifted slowly in his sleep, the sunlight shining onto his closed eyelids and disturbing him from his peaceful sleep. Loki fluttered his eyes open slowly, trying to draw in his surroundings. He felt the floor beneath him and realised he was resting on a soft carpet. He suddenly noticed that he wasn’t alone. Loki looked towards his chest and where his left hand was resting. He realised that someone was resting on his chest and immediately discovered that it was you. He suddenly stiffened and stressed out, trying to remember what happened. He shifted his hand underneath your head and carefully shifted your body off his, treating you like beautiful china. Once your were rested carefully on the ground, he stood up and delicately placed one arm under your knees and the other beneath your shoulders and warily picked you up. He placed your still sleeping body carefully on your bed and pulled his arms out from underneath you slowly so he wouldn’t wake you. Loki pushed a small strand of hair out of your face and smiled slightly, finding you beautiful and innocent as you were sleeping. Loki’s smile broke when he realised what he was doing, he couldn’t feel anything for you. It wasn’t right, and you didn’t deserve him.

Loki sighed as he walked towards the door and opened it, taking a quick look at you before closing the door lightly and walking out of the room. Loki walked down the hall and saw all the avengers sitting on the couch watching TV. Nobody really paid attention to him at first except for Thor, who was beaming at him. Loki looked at him, creasing his eyebrows with a confused expression.

“There you are, I started to think you’d never show up” Clint said, causing all the avengers to look straight at Loki, something he didn’t really appreciate. Loki nodded and looked down at his feet, still thinking about you. “I was asleep” he said quietly. He didn’t have a witty comeback for the first time since he got here, and he wasn’t really up for it. Loki looked back at Thor who was still smiling, and after a few seconds he stood up walking over to Loki.

“I’ll just be a second, I need to speak to my brother” he said, still smiling. Thor walked over to Loki and grabbed his wrist, leading him towards the hall.

“Wha…what are you doing!?” Loki sniped, irritated by Thor’s confusing behavior.

“I don’t know, anything you’d like to share with me, brother?” Thor said, raising his eyebrow and grinning. Loki shifted awkwardly but tried to cover it up by playing it cool. He looked up at Thor, a confused fake look on his face.

“What is your damage this morning?” he asked, Thor continued to smile at his brother unfazed by his response.

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Li’l Lou

Pairings- Loki Laufeyson x Reader, starring dense!reader.

Requested by anon and based on this imagine of mine.

Warnings- this is probably not as romantic as you expect. I had no idea what to write, so I came up with something which I hope is kinda funny?

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TITLE - Christen the throne

SUMMARY -  On your one year anniversary you decide to  surprise your husband with your filthy side .

WARNINGS -  EXPLICIT SHIT , smut , fingering , blowjob 

PAIRING - Thor x reader

WORDS - 2.5 k +

A/N -   This is re- post since I deleted it the first time . 

Taw @supersoldierslover you are amazing and I am very grateful for you . Thank you so much .


This was requested by @marveloussssworld . I tried my best since I usually don’t  write for  Thor . But I hope you like it Leelee.

365 . 365 days that you had been married to Thor Odinson and tomorrow was your anniversary.

You were born to asgardians and you had lived with your parents all your life . Your father worked for the King of Norse Gods Odin  while your mother was a painter by profession . Since your childhood you were quite familiar with King Odin’s castle . You visited it quite often with your father . You thoroughly enjoyed the vast expanse of the hallways, the beautiful gardens and the scenic view from the high balconies .

It was at the age of 14 that you had first met with Thor , King Odin’s son . He was a rather well behaved boy unlike his brother . Long blond locks that you would run your hands through for hours a day speaking about the most silliest of things . Years of being together and quite inseparable you had both realised that somewhere along the road you had fallen for each other .  Love between a heir of a dynasty and a commoner was not appreciated . It took days of convincing until one day ,  Kind Odin for the happiness of his son , accepted that you two belonged to each other .

Your love that originated from childhood innocence grew into one of unbreakable bond of adulthood . You remembered how your feelings changed for him over the years .

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You have grown up alongside the princes, being a daughter of a noble member of Odin’s court, and has managed to catch the attention of both sons. When you are older, it is declared by Odin that whoever ascends to Asgard’s throne will have you as their wife and bear many heirs. This crushes both you and Loki, whom are courting in secret, as Thor is naturally the first in line.

You Talk Too Much

 Original or requested: Original

 Pairing: Loki x Reader

 Word count: 1.039

 Loki tried to take over your city. Again. While you were patiently waiting for the Avengers to come and save the day, the worse happened. You, with a small group of people, were kidnapped. Kidnapped to Asgard. Now, you stand before his throne in a room that seems like a fairytale. It didn’t suppose to look like a fairytale when you’re standing before Loki, the god of Mischief and Lies.

 “Is good to see humans surrendering so easily.” With a mean smile, Loki stands up, looking down at you and the others.

 “On your knees.”

 Immediately, everyone gets down on their knees, not daring to raise their eyes to the Asgardian god.

 “You.” He points at you, his smile fading. “Why aren’t you worshipping me, mortal?”

 Keeping your head up, you take a deep breath to gather courage.

 “Not interested.” You say, eyes on him as he slowly walks up to you.

 “You dare to…”

 “Here, just between you and me. I’m not afraid of you. So let’s skip all this worship bullshit and you can take me back home.” You whisper, trying to confuse him. You’ve always been a talker, and you know how to use it in your favor. You just don’t know if it’ll work with a god.

 “Are you mad, mortal?” Loki’s face is like ice, you can’t read it. “Take her to a special cell. Kill the others. ”

 “What? No!” Before he could turn around, you hold his wrist. He stops anger and surprise in his eyes. “D-don’t do this.”

 “Why should I even listen to you?”

 “It’s better to be a merciful king than an evil king.”

 “I rather be evil.” He whispers before letting the guards take you.

 You yell and fight and try to run away, but those guards tell you to keep quiet and just follow the rules. So, when they lock you in this small cell, with a magic glass that can kill you instantly, you scream again. You scream until your throat hurts so bad you can’t find your voice anymore.

 After endless hours, you hear footsteps but you don’t bother to stand up. The cold hard ground finally got a bit comfortable. You hope someone is bringing you food. But no. When you see him, the god of Lies again, you know he brought you no food.

 “Are you stupidly brave or completely insane?” Somehow, he opens one of those magic glass and enters the cell. “I wish to know what’s on your mind when you stood up to confront me.”

 “I’m not the kind of person who…”

 “Who’s smart enough to obey your king?”

 “You’re not my king.”

 “Haven’t you noticed? You’re in Asgard. And this is a gift for you, mortals.” Loki looks around your empty cell, confusion on his handsome face. Wait. Did you just…? No. You can’t think about these things right now. “Were you sleeping on the ground?”

 “Yes. Why? You killed the others, why do you care if I’m sleeping on the ground?”

 “You talk too much.”

 “I know.” You stand up with a sigh, rolling your eyes at the weird sensation that hits your head.

 “What is it?” Running to hold you by the waist, Loki saves you from hitting the ground.

 “Nothing. I’m just starving. ”

 “I’ll command them to bring you something to eat.”

 “If you’re going to kill me, you don’t have to feed me first.”

 “I quite enjoy your talking. Maybe you can stay for a while to entertain me. ”

 “How lucky I am…” You voice faints when the world spins around again, and suddenly, everything goes black.

 A warm breeze caresses your cheek, and it feels good to be home. You open your eyes to see a blue sky and a sweet light comes to show you that you’re not at home. Is not that Asgard isn’t beautiful, but you don’t like to feel like a prisoner. Moving a bit to sit up, you notice that you’re laying on a very large bed with comfy pillows.

 “A golden cage.” You murmur, smelling something that seems to taste like heaven. On a small table next to your bed, there’s a tray with human food.

 You happily eat all the fruits, licking your fingers when you’re done with the strawberries. It’s surprising that they got you human food.

 “I hope you feel better.” He declares from behind you.

 “Yes. Now I can entertain you with my talking. ” You lay down again, fixing the blue dress you’re wearing. “May I ask who put me into this dress?”

 “I did.”

 You stare at him, wide-eyed, anger building up in your stomach. How could he do something like that?

“You’re a jerk!”

“What’s a jerk?” He looks at you confused, not sure if you insulted him. “It’s a lie, tough, you don’t need to worry.” You try to keep angry, but you burst into laugh suddenly. You cover your mouth with your hands, struggling to calm down again.

 “Oh my God. You are so funny.”

 “I really don’t know what just happened.” That’s when you notice it, the shadow of a smile on his lips. You keep staring at him until it’s gone.

 “You should smile more often. It makes you even more handsome. ”


 “Yes.” Cursing yourself for talking too much, you awkwardly look to your hands. “Sorry, I was just saying the truth.”

 “I know. I’m the god of lies, I can tell when someone is honest. I miss honest people, there’s no one I can trust here.” Loki walks around the bed, eyes locked on you.

 “You can talk to me if you want. As you say, I’m nothing but a human.”

 “You say it like it’s a curse.”

 “It isn’t.”

 “Would you stay if I promise not to kill those humans who came here with you?” He sits on the edge of the bed, uncertain of what to do. You feel his hesitation, even though you can’t understand it.

 “I’ll stay. Well, if you don’t treat me like a prisoner. ”

 “If that’s your wish, you’re not a prisoner.”

 “Now, tell me all your sorrows.”

 “We may take some hours.”

 Sitting up straight, you smile at him. “Go on, I don’t mind.”

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I love the fact that back in ancient times, Helen of Troy caused a thousand ships to be launched cause she was pretty.
But in modern times, books, TV shows and movies have launched a million ships.
They are more beautiful than Helen of Troy.

Imagine that you’re a God/dess on a different realm, second in line for the throne. Your realm and Asgard have just ended a war where your realm was victorious. You’ve convinced your parents to ask for very little from the Asguardians: A lump sum of money to be paid yearly until they have paid the debt of the war off (a debt that is smaller than it would be thanks to your pushing), as well as the Asgardian princes to serve your realm’s two oldest members of royalty that are in line for the throne. The princes would act as servants. Your elder sibling, your realm’s God of War, asks you to make a decision on which of the two princes you wish to have due to the fact that you hand-crafted the armour that saved his life from one of Thor’s hammer blows. You choose Thor to protect him from your brother’s wrath. You, through trickery and strategy, manage to convince your sibling to grant you Loki due to asinine gambling debts. Once you’ve obtained both Asgardian princes, it is up to you to set both realms back to the peaceful ways they’d had before–with the help of your princes, of course.

ok dude this may not be exactly what you ordered but yeah

Naturally, Alex had noticed first.

She was perceptive about things – feelings in general. She was (albeit surprisingly) the most perceptive of their group.

Sam got it second, and told Amir. Even by that point, it was poorly hidden, if there was an attempt to conceal it at all.

It took the rest of Floor Nineteen a little longer to catch on, but they eventually did, even Halfborn – who was arguably the most insensitive being in at least four of the nine worlds.

Magnus, on the other hand, was completely oblivious.

Nobody had bothered to tell the poor soul, possibly because they imagined he had been informed previously, and possibly because they assumed that he was perceptive enough to realize what was happening.

Hearth figured that PSA were fine in front of Alex. Alex had figured it out right off the bat. She’d confronted Blitz and him.

“I know,” she said, as way of  opening the conversation.

Blitz had blinked, stunned. “I – what?” he’d said.

Hearth hadn’t signed anything. He had been motionless.

Alex grinned. She had a cheshire-cat grin, like she was playing with them, like she was hunting. “Don’t be silly,” she’d purred. “You’re so fucking gay I have to avert my eyes to avoid rainbows permanently imprinted on the inside of my eyelids.”

And there it was, blunt as a policeman’s nightstick. Blitz had visibly flinched, and Hearth had placed a steady hand on his back, as though it were a reflex. It was a reflex, he realized. No wonder Alex had figured them out.

Movie night.

Magnus was half-passed out on the patch of carpet by the arm of the couch, leaning against Alex’s legs as she wrestled for the remote with Sam. Hearth had draped his long, lanky body over the couch, his head resting on Blitz’s knee, tracing lazy circles on the back of the dwarf’s hand. 

They were rewatching Thor: The Dark World for possibly the thousandth time, because Amir swore there was something entertaining about Loki playing for the right side. Sam swore he wanted to watch it because he had an enormous celebrity crush on Tom Hiddleston, which he denied in the kind of way that made them all assume it was true.

The movie was just finishing up – Loki’s disguise melted away, revealing his true, widely smirking figure perched atop the throne of the kind of Asgard – when Magnus saw Blitz lean down and plant a quick kiss on Hearth’s lips before standing up and excusing himself.

He was almost asleep by that point, and the comforting folds of unconsciousness took him into their arms. He drifted off to sleep, unaware of anything out of the ordinary. To his half-conscious mind, kissing was perfectly normal for Hearth and Blitz.

The next day, Hearth was greeted by an outraged “You’re dating and you didn’t tell me?” 

someone’s gonna die in infinity war and I don’t think there’s an easy way out of this one.

If Tony dies, Peter had to deal with losing yet another father figure in his life, and this kid is only 15. He will lose the man he’s considered an idol since he was tiny. He will lose the man who gave him the chance to truly become a superhero. Pepper will lose her boyfriend/fiancé/husband/whatever. She’ll probably feel guilty if they’re not married and even worse if they are. Their relationship has been rocky from the start and she’ll suddenly regret everything she’s done to hurt that man. Happy will lose someone who is arguably his best friend and employer, leaving him with either a job at SHIELD or nothing. Despite them always being at odds with each other, they’re good friends. Steve will lose a man who, although they fought, was one of his closest friends. It will be devastating for him and the rest of the team, no doubt. Rhodey will also lose one of his best friends.

If Steve dies, Bucky will lose his best friend all over again and may not even realize just what’s happening until it’s all over, depending on the scenario in which it happens. Tony will lose a man he’s constantly poked fun at (and always been jealous of) and will regret pushing his buttons constantly. He’ll gain the guilt of another death on his hands and probably wallow in it. Natasha will lose one of the few people who doesn’t seem to hate her and has actually attempted to bond with her. Sam will lose a man he’s grown so close to, a man who he assumed he’d never lose.

If Peter dies (and he better not fuck around with that shit), everyone will be devastated, especially if they’re aware of how young he is. May will lose the son she never really had and the only person she has left anymore. Ned will lose his best friend before he even graduates high school. Tony will lose the kid he’s been trying to raise, trying to make better than him. He’ll have to deal with the immense guilt of letting a fifteen year old kid fight in a war against a intergalactic criminal and getting him killed.

If Clint dies, Natasha will lose the closest person to her. The only person she’s really been able to bond with. The person she’s shared impossible experiences with, ones she’ll never be able to relive. His family will lose a father and a husband, one who tried to get out of this life only to be yanked right back in.

If Natasha dies, Clint will lose the woman he’s closest too (other than his wife (who is total bullshit)). The team will lose one of their best assets and finest spies and definitely suffer without her. Steve will lose one of his closest friends and regret the time he spent arguing with her during the events of Civil War.

If Bruce dies (which I’m not actually sure is possible), Tony will lose one of the few members of the team he held high respects for. The world will lose one of the brightest minds in science and, despite being a giant green rage monster, one of the nicest guys out there. The team will probably freak out due to the fact that Bruce believed he was entirely unkillable and is now dead.

If Thor dies, Asgard will lose their king (I’m assuming he’s properly king) and probably struggle in terms of who should rule, as the two princes have no proper heirs. If Loki is still alive, then he’ll lose a “brother” who he’s finally begun to grow closer to. He may regret his hostile actions (although I have a feeling he may not) but he will likely grieve. If he is still alive, he will also take the throne of Asgard (probably) and I don’t think that’s an ideal situation. The team will also realize that this war literally killed a god and they’re probably all fucked.

If Vision dies (he’s literally an infinity stone??? I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out), Wanda will be devestated, after all, the two are very close. He’s probably one of the few people she’s actually close with and she’ll be down another person (and after losing her brother, I’m pretty sure she’ll be in a bad place).

If Wanda dies, Vision will likely be upset, although I’m not entirely sure how he handles emotions? I’m certain he’ll try his hardest to save her, or worse, not be aware of it happening until later. The team will also be down an important member who could literally control anything they needed her to control.

If Quill dies, the Guardians will lose their captain and one of their best friends. Rocket will probably regret being so damn mean to him and, most likely, cry while denying how upset he is. Groot will feel horrible and Rocket will probably have to comfort him. Drax will mourn the loss of a man as good as that and openly wear his distress, likely fighting even harder than before. Gamora will hide her feelings but channel her pain to fight harder, in honor of the loss of a great man.

If Rocket dies, Groot will literally be lost. He’s one of the few who understands him and they’ve been by each other’s sides forever. I’m sure he’ll blame himself and probably go insane with anger, determined to get revenge on whatever killed him.

If Groot dies, literally everyone will be sad. Who wouldn’t be sad over the death of the sweetest treant ever? Rocket will be devestated, as I said before, they’ve been together forever. Groot is also likely a “teenager” in this movie, so that’ll only make things worse.

If Strange dies, Christine will lose a man who refused to love her back to a thing she barely understands. She’ll likely never truly understand the world he got himself involved in and be left wondering what the hell happened. I’m not sure about how the rest of the team would react, though, as most of them have had no interactions. Thor would be upset because Strange offered to help find Odin, but beyond that I am not sure.

There are obviously more characters I could do this with but this accidentally got ridiculously long so all in all, Infinity War is going to suck for everyone.

Imagine, Loki and Thor have a long-lost elder sister who was kidnapped by the frost giants as a baby and who is rightful heir to the throne of Asgard. However, she was raised as a Jotun and to believe that Asgardians are barbaric monsters so her arrival in Asgard is difficult for everyone.  She hates her Aesir form, though Loki secretly finds it very attractive (very secretly because he still knows nothing about his origins and thinks she’s his sister). She also finds Asgard uncomfortably hot and strips down to the barest apparel at any opportunity making life increasingly uncomfortable for Loki.  Only when she’s finally had enough and runs off ’home’ back to Jotunheim does Loki, who goes to rescue her, come face to face with his own heritage and the revelation that he needn’t keep his attraction a secret any longer.

Loki Imagine - Long Time, No See

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/This is just based on my dream which could also fit a book.. Anyway, here goes..

Your P.O.V.

Something must have been extremely wrong. I was having a completely normal day here at home, more importantly on earth. Everything had slowly become better and I found myself happy. But then I was taken by surprise. The Bifrost opened to me. I was surrounded by lights and my heart jumped to my throat. I screamed as I was taken away from my home.

My entire body was trembling once I landed on my knees. I was afraid and I felt sick because it happened with no warning. Slowly, I looked up and saw Heimdall. His golden eyes were directed to me yet I couldn’t read his expression. It had been a few years since I saw him the last time. So many questions ran through my mind. Was Loki alright?

‘‘Miss Y/N-’‘ Heimdall began but I was furious. ‘‘Do you think it’s okay to do that with no warning?’‘ I screamed at him, then realizing I was in Asgard. I turned around and saw stars everywhere. The sight was overwhelming. Damn, I was just a human. This was really mind-blowing.

‘‘I’m sorry. I had to get you here’‘ Heimdall sighed and then looked at the rainbow bridge until we both stared at Asgard’s beauty. I saw someone coming closer and a few seconds later a guard was there on a white horse. The guard wore a golden armor, which I remembered correctly. Still, none of my questions were answered. 

‘‘You should see King Loki, he’s not himself-’‘ Heimdall tried to speak to me again but I was taken off my feet. I stared at him in shock. ‘‘King Loki?’‘I coughed out the words. Heimdall and the guard changed looks mysteriously. The last time I saw Loki, he was still my boyfriend, or lover, whatever you’d like to call it. He just vanished and I thought he was in jail. But no, he’s ruling this place now. This was all messing with my brain but the worst was yet to come. I would see him again. Just the thought made my heart beat harder against my chest and I felt nervous.

‘‘You should go’‘ Heimdall stated and then turned his back on me. Silently, the guard helped me on the horse and I let him take me to the castle. All the time as I was getting closer, I grew anxious. All my feelings I thought I had forgotten came back to me. I was scared to meet him. Did Loki still remember me? 

The guard led me behind big, golden doors. Before opening them, he actually spoke up. ‘’Be careful miss. He’s..not the man you once knew’’ The guard tried to warn me. His words were a little frightening but I couldn’t believe them. I just nodded and opened the doors. It was quite dramatic, actually.

The doors opened and it revealed a huge room. In the middle of it was the throne. I looked right at him. There he was. Loki Laufeyson was sitting on the throne on Asgard with two guards by his side. A shiver ran down my spine and I felt numb. Just a moment ago I was still home and now I was here, so close to the man who had my heart, no matter how much it hurt to admit. Heimdall wanted me here for a reason..

Loki looked at me quietly. His face was almost dull which pinched my heart a bit. He was wearing his golden head piece and a blue suit, instead of green which I was used to. In my eyes, he was still as handsome as ever. 

With a swift hand movement, Loki made the guards walk away. It gave me hope. We were in silence until we were left alone. I didn’t even care that I was trembling like I was freezing. 

He stood up and then walked down the few steps until he was on my level. Tears stung my eyes by now. This was happening. ‘’Loki’’ I breathed out his name. ‘’Long time, no see’’ He spoke carefully, his raspy yet elegant voice making my heart ache for him. The space between us was unnecessary so I walked closer.

Just as I was about to hug him, the unexpected happened. Loki pushed me away from him quite harshly, making me fly a few feet back and land on the ground. My elbows hit the floor and I winced in pain. Then I felt how fear crawled underneath my skin. I rolled onto my back so I saw Loki who just stared at me like nothing happened.

‘‘Tell Heimdall to send you back and never even look back at you’‘ Loki growled angrily. His pale fingers curled into fists and his knuckles turned white. He was frightening. My heart jumped to my throat and I got myself back on my feet. 

‘‘Loki, what’s going on? ‘‘ I ought to know, ignoring his demand. It clearly annoyed him but luckily, he didn’t hurt me. My elbows and my lower back hurt but for now, I’d ignore the pain. My heart ached more. For a second I thought I had him again but my hope got crushed. 

‘‘Everything’s quite impeccable, actually’‘ Loki let me know with a smile but I could see though him. His eyes were glossy and his smile was fake. I could tell although he tried his best to conceal it. There was a time where I knew Loki better than anyone else. I longed for those days.

‘‘You’re lying’‘ I gulped and then got a little closer to him, still keeping a distance if he’d try to push me away again. Loki clenched his jaw and stared at me coldly. It’s like the temperature in the room dropped and I felt small. Loki got closer to me again, not looking away for even a second. His steps echoed in here, which was the only sound for a moment. 

‘‘Loki please talk to me! Heimdall didn’t send here if everything would be alright’‘ I broke the silence because it felt bad. What I said made Loki laugh. ‘‘Of course he brought you here’‘ He sighed quietly. I hoped for him to continue but he didn’t. ‘‘So..something is g-going on, right?’‘ I stuttered and immediately regretted speaking. I hated to sound weak. Loki noticed it too.

‘‘You wouldn’t understand. Just go back to Midgard’‘ He told me more calmly. He was getting close to a point he’d melt. I could tell. I only had to push him closer to that, although it was risky. ‘‘Try me, Loki. We’ve spoken before so many times’‘ I reminded him of old times. It made him sigh and he sat back on the throne, resting his face against his hand.

‘‘Oh Y/N, you never learn..’‘ Loki murmured underneath his breath. Hearing my name leaving his lips sounded strange. It had been so long since the last time. As I stepped on the steps on the throne, I could almost swear I saw a tear threatening to escape his pretty eyes. 

I got down on my knees, kneeling for him. It caused him to look at me with confusion. At least I got his attention. ‘’Loki, king Loki, please talk to me. I’m still Y/N, the woman you once knew. It has been a long time but does that really matter?’’ I asked him as steadily as I could, ignoring my fear. I was so overwhelmed that it was almost dangerous.

Even if Heimdall would’ve given me time to prepare for this, I’d still be helpless. Loki noticed that I was too on the brink of tears. I knew how much it used to hurt him. He groaned and then took a deep breath. Before he could say anything, I crawled closer to him and rested my head on his knee. I tried to relax but my entire body was tense.

‘‘Talk to me, Loki’‘ I whispered and let my tears silently roll down the bridge of my nose and then my jaw. It surprised me when he put his hand on my face, wiping my tears away. It didn’t seem to bother him that I was resting against his leg. I didn’t want to go away either. 

‘‘I tried to keep you out of this but it seems like I can’t’‘ He started quietly and then whispered the rest. Something was truly off and it was obvious it affected Loki a lot. I nodded, not daring to speak because I wanted him to keep going. I was here again and we could discuss everything else later, including what happened to us and Asgard.

‘‘And I’m sure that I can’t make you leave now since we’re already here’‘ He added with a soft chuckle. Then he played with my H/C hair and looked into my eyes. ‘‘It all began just before I..I left you on Midgard’‘ Loki finally let me in and opened up about whatever was so bad it made Heimdall reach out for me. I would damn surely listen to every word carefully.

‘‘I know I told you that nothing bad would happen in New York. I only told you that so you would stay home and far away from..you probably know what happened there..For four years now I thought I could keep you safe from her, keep you distant from Asgard and all this craziness. Oh how wrong I was’‘ Loki started explaining things which tied some loose ends. A million questions ran through my mind but I didn’t interrupt him. Loki didn’t open up to people, but once he did, it was special.

‘‘Heimdall got a message a couple days ago. Who knows what kind of bizarre things he was told but it included you, Y/N. I didn’t want to believe it but I must accept it. You’re in danger’‘ Loki told me seriously. My eyes widened from fear and my breath hitched in my throat.

‘‘W-what do you mean?’‘ I whimpered quietly. If it affected Loki, it was obviously bad. He clenched his jaw again and looked away from my frightened expression. It’s almost like he had tried to forget me but he couldn’t deny his feelings. Maybe it would be easier if we wouldn’t have ever met? 

‘‘It’s a very long story, my dear’‘ Loki said softly. Silence fell into the room and we were both quiet. I didn’t mind. We were both stunned by all kinds of feelings and honestly, I was scared to find out the rest of his story.