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ladybug and chat noir: representation matters
  • It starts with a stupid photographer who is desperate for the latest scoop. He doesn’t care what happens or who he hurts, he just needs a juicy bit of news to sell to the highest buyer. In the end, the idea practically drops in his lap: expose Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • He knows Paris’s famed duo are like celebrities, and everyone is scrambling to figure who they are or more about them. Since no one knows anything about the heroes, it’s not like he’ll need to collaborate his story. So he picks up a camera and goes to work.
  • He follows Ladybug and Chat Noir around for months. Stalking them from rooftops, once he even scales the Eiffel Tower, and hides behind buildings to get a right shot. It’s weeks before his patience finally pays off. One time he catches sight of Ladybug jumping off the balcony of a bakery in the heart of the city, and snaps a shot of Chat Noir sitting on the window sill of Adrien Agreste’s bedroom.
  • When the story hits the papers, it’s official. Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating civilians. Ladybug is dating Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and Chat Noir is dating Adrien Agreste. Chaos ensues.
  • Flustered and panicked, Marinette and Adrien are freaking out. Even though they already know each other’s secret identities, it’s not like they can set the record straight without revealing them to others. So they’re forced to go along with it.
  • Classmates won’t stop asking questions, parents are shocked, and the media won’t stop camping out on their street corners. The whole thing really blows on the secret identity front too as they can’t sneak out of their houses like they normally do. Adrien and Marinette spend days dodging paparazzi and try to figure out how they can fix this.
  • Marinette designs a plan to break up have their superhero selves break up with their civilian selves. It involves lots of arguments, tears, and maybe a smoke screen or two. Ready to initiate Operation: Break-Up, Marinette and Adrien are stopped when they realized just what the fictional relationship has done.
  • With Ladybug dating Marinette, and Chat Noir dating Adrien, they have become the epitome of gay representation in the media and everything else that matters. Knowing that the same superheroes that protect them and their city support them and find their sexuality valid, girls and boys have role models to look up to. Marinette and Adrien have a dilemma: if they saying anything about it or correct the misassumptions, so many people will be disappointed.
  • They decide to roll with it. If their superhero selves dating their civilian selves helps so many people, who are they to stop it?
  • Their parents are startled by the news but go along with it anyway. Sabine and Tom keep telling Marinette to invite her girlfriend, Ladybug, over for dinner. Adrien has to deal with a two-hour sex talk with Gabriel complete with diagrams.
  • Girls love girls, and boys love boys. Everyone’s in high spirits. The media and general public want to hear and see so much more about Marinette and Ladybug’s relationship and Adrien and Chat Noir’s relationship. So Adrien helps Marinette photoshop Ladybug into date pictures, and Marinette runs Adrien’s fake Instagram account where she gushes about Chat Noir daily.
  • Thousands of blogs are popping up, and the amount of MariBug and Adrinoir shippers skyrockets. Marinette and Adrien just laugh about it.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are welcomed into the LGBT+ community with open arms and embrace it. Their presence is helping a lot of people, so why not reach out more? They become involved in outreach, sign petitions, and speak at LGBT+ organizations and events. Chat Noir is even seen marching in the Pride Parade through the Paris streets while Ladybug zips overhead with her yo-yo and a rainbow flag tied around her neck as a cape.
  • Everyone’s happy, their heroes are in love, and things couldn’t be more perfect.
  • Except then Hawkmoth gets an idea that he needs to simply get his hands on Adrien and Marinette in order to beat Ladybug and Chat Noir. This complicates things. Suddenly transforming to fight the akumas is increasingly more difficult since the akuma is always after them. Eventually, things reach a point where Marientte and Adrien really do need to interrupt their fictional relationships.
  • They end up breaking up anyway. Ladybug and Chat Noir mumble something about “keeping their loved ones safe from harm”, and the media and public buys it. No one wants anyone to get hurt, and they certainly don’t want these kids to have to deal with any more shit than they already do.
  • Marinette and Adrien pretend to be upset and inconsolable. Sabine and Tom are very concerned and treat Marinette to chocolate and cuddles because it’s their baby girl’s first heartbreak; she pretends to cry and feels sort of bad about it. Gabriel Agreste hugs his son for the first time in a long while; Adrien is suitably terrified.
  • For the next few weeks, the akumas are all suddenly gunning for Chat Noir especially. Ladybug and Chat Noir can’t figure out why.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are still involved in the LGBT+ community. Just because their relationships aren’t at the front of the public eye anymore, they’re still role models for many people who need them, and who are they to argue? This stuff matters. 
  • Besides they were both hella bi to begin with, so honestly it’s nothing new.

paijaisin-niin-saatanasti  asked:

Näin siun tagit Batman-postauksessa ja halusin vaan tulla sanomaan että siis Jokerihan oli ihan normaali mies ennenko se tippu johonki kemikaalisäiliöön eli mun ymmärrykseni mukaan se on nimenomaan sosiopaatti!

Se määritelmä, minkä mä oon oppinut psykopaatille ja sosiopaatille on ollut se, että sosiopaatti välittää läheisistään, mutta ei vihollisistaan (esim. mafiosot, jotka voivat olla perheelleen hyvinkin helliä, mutta armottomia vihollisiaan kohtaan) ja psykopaatti on kyvytön välittämään kenestäkään. Kun nyt kuitenkin googlailin asiaa, niin David Lykkenin mukaan, sosiopaatin ja psykopaatin ero olisi just se, että psykopatia olisi synnynnäistä ja sosiopatia ympäristön vaikutuksen synnyttämää. Ilmeisesti tämä on myös psykologiassa vallalla oleva määritelmä, joten mun tiedot oli ilmeisesti vanhentuneita tai puutteellisista lähteistä.

a snail somehow showed up on my window sill last week and i thought it was dead but i checked on him this morning and he had moved so i just cut up some cucumber and put it out there and now he’s having the time of his life eating it up