on the show too

The boys were literally on fire this whole comeback show but omg let’s talk about that performance of MIC Drop, my jaw dropped, I was blown away

keith having a traumatic past doesnt excuse the way the show fixates on him. allura lost her entire damn planet and her father, both the living version of him and the ai with his memories. not that the show doesn’t focus on her too, because it does, thankfully. but it doesnt show her dealing with her trauma the way it shows keith moping around after shiro’s disappearance. even the other characters save coran don’t seem especially concerned for her well being. lance and hunk have families on earth and the show rarely mentions that fact, even though we know lance misses earth and probably his family as well. and dont get me started on hunk and the way he’s pushed to the background as the guy who likes food and science. hunk had a family and we don’t know anything about it! we don’t even know why he was in the space program in the first place, aside from his proficiency at science. with pidge, i can kind of give them a pass, since the storyline with matt and sam is a continuing plot point and it’s reasonable to assume that she’s working hard to find them whenever she can. 

my point is, all of the space kids have a lot to deal with. the adamant focus on keith and his problems is unfair and sloppy 

I never felt
A room so still
See the future coming
Hope it isn’t real
I learned to fake a smile
As the time runs out


it’s just the place my heart goes to