on the set switched at birth

Sorry this is ridiculously long guys.   My biggest problem with literally everything I do is knowing what to say and what not to say. Much like Special, I am a fucking rambler, I can’t help it, sorry! Okay, I hope you guys like this, and if you disagree with me, that’s fine.  I want to hear everybody’s theories because it might alter my thought process and bring new ideas to the table.  I also wrote this in 4 different settings and had to go back and forth when I thought of something else to write, so it’s probably fairly nonsensical at times.

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Birth control...

So I need to switch to a “set it and forget it” birth control.

I’ve found that I’m really not great at remembering to take my pill, even though I take other medication.

So, I need to look into either the ParaGuard IUD or the Nexplanon implant….

Anyone have any input? I’m obviously going to talk to my doctor, but any ladies with or without PCOS used these methods? Pros/cons to them?

a poem

In the golden hour of what i’ve lost all those judgments that hangs from the miracle of a vessel every tree held fast the more i look rather than left all this barnard block of its the arched back thinking of violence, beasts of wisdom but i turn my darker hours, only the dead (to carthage then i was turning over me it’s like a sage but it’s just a pinch? that’s the space of flesh on the switch with some unwieldy gauge, absence and sleep- came undone.
Lights from the people in fact in yours" so i was turning over me the offering, of a noonday reckoning, the music.
I’ve known.
When the scavenger’s tooth.
We are afraid of the sun set on the water, wreck ships in white outlined chalk, all the birth of the ends.
We are no dream.
Reshape relationships back breaking, dictate the sweet river, while we beg to braid into what it clear the past stain greener pastures of the fact that lives fade apart.
Revel in that if we got? bloody broken coughing tent, a void, to divine light, years of daydream departure to my burial, only live so rich with the light, these dialogue stars.
On that you.
In the birth of hearts repeating, “there is what i look into life alone, watch them parasitic, viral critics, or success.

Samus can speak the same Human language her birth parents did, but she’s usually more comfortable in the Zebesian dialect of Chozodian that her adoptive family spoke. It’s what her translator is set to speak to her, and it’s also set to pick her up for translation to other parties in both languages, since she code-switches every so often.

She speaks it near-natively, although to Chozo ears it kind of sounds like how a parrot does when speaking a Human language: she doesn’t quite have all the anatomy needed to form all the sounds in the same way a Chozo would, but it’s perfectly understandable.

The Tallon IV dialect used in Prime was distinct enough because of the separation of geography and time between them and her family that even Samus needed it translated.

au where luke and leia’s places are switched at birth. luke is raised as a prince on alderaan and follows bail organa around on all his diplomatic missions and is constantly wide-eyed with wonder every time they go to a new planet. leia grows up on tattooine as a skywalker, she’s 10x as sassy, spends her days bulls-eyeing womp rats with her speeder and dreams of getting off that wasteland. when two droids come into her possession talking about a prince who’s in trouble and an obi-wan kenobi she sets out on a adventure.

It was so funny…All of the burly, super macho grips on set were drunk by his beauty. Someone came up to me and said, ‘I am completely comfortable in my heterosexuality, but that is a beautiful man,’“ she reveals, laughing. "I was doing a scene with Max Adler and [he] had a line and he literally forgot his line and was kind of looking at [Nyle.] He was like, 'I’m sorry, have you seen this guy’s eyes?
—  Vanessa Marano Teases Switched at Birth’s “Shocking” Finale (And All the Nyle DiMarco Fawning You Didn’t See) (via eonline.com)