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Avengers Infinity War

Filming Waverley station Edinburgh… Today they need think about bigger screens 2cover…

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Scarlett Johansson as  Black Widow, kicking some ass

Sebastian Stan Request

hi sweetie! could you please write a sebastian stan x reader where they’re married and they take their 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter trick or treating?

This was about to take the cake as the greatest family Halloween costume ever. You had borrowed one of the set’s Black Widow outfits, Sebastian had taken his metal arm and Winter Soldier costume, and your 4 year old son, Robbie, and your 2 year old daughter, Emma, were clad in a Captain America and a Thor costume.

“Look at my little daughter of Odin,” you said swooping up Emma in your arms. Thor was her favorite super hero much to her Uncle Chris’ dismay.

“I had a feeling she wasn’t mine,” Sebastian said laughing as he came in the room. “I’ve been asked to give an introduction,” he cleared his he throat dramatically. “Everyone, please try and contain your excitement for the one, the only, the greatest….Captain America,” you cheered and Emma clapped her hands.

Robbie came out of the hall in his Captain America suit with his hood up and his shield. “Oh my goodness, that the handsomest superhero I’ve ever seen,” you gasped.

“I should be offended but I can’t disagree with you,” Seb walked over and grabbed the kid’s trick or treat baskets. “You guys ready to hit the streets?”

“After we get a picture,” you demanded.

Then you four took the streets. “Trick or Treat,” Robbie and Emma smiled at one of your neighbors as they answered the door.

“Looks, it’s Earth’s mightiest heroes,” he cheered! “Thank God you guys are in the neighborhood. It makes me feel extra safe.” He dropped candy into their buckets.

“What do you say Thor-eena and Cap,” you reminded them.

“Thank you,” they smiled.

After nearly two hours or walking the neighborhood you and Sebastian were carrying two buckets full of candy and a tried two year old. Emma was passed out in her dad’s arms while Robbie held your hand and continued to drag his feet more and more. “Ok, Y/N take Thor, I’ll take little Steve.” You took Emma and Sebastian picked up Robbie and carried him the rest of the way home.

When you got home you took Emma to bed and put her her pajamas while Seb took care of Robbie. You tucked her into bed and made your way to the kitchen to use your parental right of eating your kids candy. You leaned against the kitchen island and stripped the wrapper off a large KitKat bar.

You felt two arms, one metal, wrap around your waist. “I really like you in this outfit,” he cooed in your ear.

“I like you in all black,” you leaned back into him. “And I didn’t realize how much I missed the longer hair.”

“This could go two ways,” he whispered. “One, we could go to our room and get out of these costumes,” he said suggestively, “or two, we can take this candy to the couch and watch the Conjuring.” The smile on your face grew and without saying anything you both grabbed a bag from the island and ran to the couch.

You took out a little pack of skittles “I’ll trade you skittles for nerds.”