Take care of them, Steven

These are some boards I did from the episode “On the Run.” Sometimes when we have specific timing in mind, we time out the boards ourselves and give them to our wonderful animatic editor Lauren Hecht to use as reference. She always has great ideas for ways to improve the flow of our scenes.

In “Watermelon Steven” Lamar Abrams had introduced the new secondary powers of the gems like Amethyst’s spin dash and Pearl’s projectile beams, and i was excited to use them in as dynamic a way as possible. Introducing new gem powers and abilities is always a blast and I had fun coming up with Amethyst’s new ‘flame whip.’

This was a shot that i animated myself with advice from Jeff, it was a lot of fun to do. Since day one of working on this show I knew that a conflict like this between Amethyst and Pearl was inevitable and I secretly hoped that Jeff and I would get a chance to tell that story. Special thanks to Nick DeMayo, our animation director, and to the fantastic animation team at Sun Min in Korea for bringing this episode to life!


I relate to Pearl in a lot of ways but one of the things I probably relate to most is her uncanny ability to stick her foot in her mouth and say the absolutely wrong thing in any situation, especially when actively trying to be helpful

Substance in the drill machine

To be honest the drill machines in the kindergarten never stopped bugging me ever since it appeared

But what’s been bugging me the most other than the fact that it’s shaped like a virus is this

The red substance inside of the machine

If you look closely you can see there are solid bits as well as the liquid leaked out from the broken machine.

What is said to be red and has both solid and liquid forms?

Could it be that the substance is actually something like Philosopher’s stone?

One the properties of the Philosopher’s stone involves the creation of a clone or homunculus (also if I remember correctly, the Philosopher’s stone was also used for transmuting crystals?)

Could it be that this substance is what provided the unearth underground gemstones sentient?



EDIT: also just so you know, it’s not entirely FMA related, but the legend of Philosopher’s stone itself