on the ropes out of line

Ok, here we fucking go:

  • thelostspecial.com has existed since the 31st (I believe, as just a solid black website). Yesterday, a header image appeared of Sherlock sitting across from Moriarty in TRF, with several messages hidden inside. Over the course of several hours, pages were added and removed, discoverable only by manually editing the url.
  • The message above was hidden in the source code of the page.
  • 2 messages hidden in the header were “MISS ME?” in black on the TV and “40″ hidden in the wallpaper. The third alteration was a partial reflection of a creepy elephant. More on that in a second.
  • Some /messages only led to clues to figure out final pages. For example, /elephant led to a message that read “WHICH ONE?” /mary led to “Be more specific,” /marymoran to “Who?”, and /marymorstan to the cap of Mary with devil horns.
  • /tjlc and /johnlock loaded pages, unlike incorrect guesses, which would just be black with the header. At these 2 pages, an image w traffic cones read “404 Error” (4x04?)
  • At /cluedo, we got this image:
  • Many images were associated with character names and the episode finales, Moriarty-heavy, these were early on so it may have just been helping us figure out how to use the site.
  • At /black, there was a comment box where we could briefly communicate, which they seemed to interact with–someone mentioning norbury led to a /norbury page, for example, and I believe this is how they figured out we were “Stumped on 40” and, at the new /ineedaclue, told us “Go to the source. The real source.” 
  • Other oddities included /januscars (cap of the logo), /old (the victorian baker street mantelpiece), /new (a hotel room bath in niagara falls), /coffee (Sherlock in ASIP drinking coffee with “WRONG WAY” superimposed over it), /dymm (moriarty on the picadilly circus screens), there are too many to cover here tbh. 
  • At /solveme/, this message reads:

Which translates to the Henry V quote, I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, Straining upon the start. [The game’s afoot.]

  • So what’s with 13.9.16? Oddly enough, this is the day that the elephant, /murderousmary, was executed. The image that appeared at /murderousmary is here, it’s a smidge disturbing. Hmm… which elephant?
  • More of a stretch,13.9.16 is also the date that Mark trashed a Grimm’s Fairy tales Reichenbach theory in the papers, and Moriarty says “every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain” at minute 40 of TRF.
  • CANON references to 40, which seems closer to accurate, appear in TFP and The Lost Special. There’s contingency over what the 40th story is, we’re between The Valley of Fear and The Second Stain (and the Red Headed League??) at the moment, which are all relevant.
  • TFP: In three days, on Monday next, matters will be ripe, and the Professor, with all the principal members of the gang, will be in the hands of the police. Then will come the greatest criminal trial of the century, the clearing up of over forty mysteries, and the rope for all of them–but if you move at all prematurely, you understand, they may slip out of our hands, even at the last moment.
  • THE LOST SPECIAL: A telegram sent at 6:40 reads ““To James Bland, Superintendent, Central L. & W. C., Liverpool. - Special passed here at 4:52, well up to time. - Dowster, St. Helens.“it’s the telegram that says the train was on schedule and on the appropriate line, right before it disappeared” (from @edwardhardwicke)
  • So far, the message in the source code reads:
  • You see, but you do not observe.
    I see you like greyhounds in the slips, Straining upon the start.
    Murderous Mary. (Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain.)
  • Hmm. What appeared at /xxx, at the very end of the game?

Most pages have now disappeared, along with the header, leaving a mostly black site once again.

Take it as you will.

Mile High Club

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, blowjobs

Word Count: 785

Prompt: The reader finds a quick way to calm Dean down during a flight.

Beta: @impala-dreamer

Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside

“Dean, you need to calm down. You’re freakin’ everyone out here,” Sam grumbled, punching his brother’s shoulder. “It’s a plane, not the Titanic.”

“Planes can crash,” Dean countered. “The Titanic sunk, it’s possible that this metal thing could just blow up any second.”

A woman in front of Dean turned around, shooting him a glare as she tried to comfort her young son who was now about as freaked out as Dean. “Planes are built to fly. They always check them before they go up,” she stated matter-of-factly. The second she turned her back, Dean was mocking her. This time you punched his arm.

The plane hit a bit of turbulence in the air, and you grit your teeth when Dean’s nails sunk into your arm. “Release the death grip, my arm’s gonna fall off.” He sighed, unleashing your arm. “C’mon, let’s go see if we can get you some water.” You suggested, having had enough of Dean’s panic.

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I get a totally different feel off people depending on which homestuck character is their icon like

John: probably rly sweet and doesn’t like discourse
Rose: analytical in depth posts one minute and shitposts the next
Dave or davesprite: really cool and gay, posts about how gay they are
Jade: a sweetheart who will drag you if you step out of line
Jane: draws fanart, usually of jane, and they’re rly peaceful
Roxy: The Best™ posts, and a fun personality
Dirk or lil hal: cool but shitposts about their feelings, gets a lot of asks
Jake: I already love them based on the pfp
Aradia: they like femslash rarepairs, draws them
Tavros: really defensive over homestuck and doesn’t get memes
Sollux: a lot of shitposting. A lot.
Karkat: Sweet and wonderful. The best blog.
Nepeta: they post memes and art
Kanaya: Super Sapphic on the way
Terezi: a rolemodel who knows the ropes of homestuck tumblr perfectly
Vriska: get ready for some discourse on your dash pal
Equius: will hug you if they could, but is bad at replying to ims
Gamzee: either just started homestuck and is sweet or gets into a lot of discourse
Eridan: acts like a big deal but don’t know how to edit their theme
Feferi: a literally sweetheart who posts cute aesthetics
Calliope: seems sweet but they can destroy you
Caliborn: acts tough but can’t handle anons
Davepeta: wonderful n nice but they may be a furry.
Jasprose: their blog is anarchy
Any other sprite: a wildcard but i trust them
Any guardian but bro: a mature person, good place to go to for advice
Bro: no
Any carapacion: sweet and good
Any lepricon: gay and mysterious
Fancharacter: Cool™ and probably has a lot of art

say if it’s accurate for u in the tags I need the data

Your Sam

Summary: The reader and Sam have a much different sex life once Sam returns from Hell. Pure porn.

Warning: smut, soulless!Sam, dom/sub dynamics, use of a flogger, restraints, dirty talk

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: It was fun to write Soulless!Sam again. Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

The ropes cut into your wrists and ankles just enough for you to feel them, for them to remind you that you’re totally helpless, naked and spread out on an unfamiliar motel bed in an unfamiliar town.

The man standing at the foot of the bed is unfamiliar too, though he shouldn’t be. You know every inch of that body, have kissed and touched it a million times, have stared at that face until you knew it better than your own.

But it isn’t Sam’s smirk on that face. It’s a little harder. Darker. And it isn’t Sam’s hands wielding the flogger. They aren’t gentle or playful enough.

Hell has turned your Sam into some unrecognizable version of himself.

And honestly, you love it.

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so who does the haus bills???? i’m pretty sure there’s no rent bc the hockey team owns it but who does the bills? who checks the mail and makes sure they don’t throw the envelopes out?? who makes sure the cable and heat and water and electricity is covered?? i’m sure ransom has made a spreadsheet for all the expenses, but who makes sure to pay it all on time??????? who sends out the reminder in the groupchat to give them money “unless you guys are fine taking cold ass showers for the next month”?????????????????

In honor of Yom HaShoah, I wanted to share links to the songs my synagogue performed at our memorial tonight. links are in the titles - just a warning, if you watch the videos on YouTube, some of them do contain Holocaust/Nazi imagery.

El Maleh Rachamim - a prayer traditionally sung at funerals and remembrance days for the dead. it’s a very beautiful melody.

Dos Elnte Kind (The Lonely Child) - a Yiddish song dedicated to Sarah, the daughter of Rachel Pupko-Krinski. they were separated during the war, but both survived and immigrated to America. the woman who sang this at my synagogue this evening was a close friend of Sarah’s daughter, and she was wearing a necklace left to her by Sarah.

Yisrolik - a Yiddish song about orphaned children of the Vilna ghetto

Flying - an English song by folk artist Laura Wetzler, who performed it for us tonight. she and her partner are both the daughters of Holocaust survivors, and she wrote this for her mother-in-law, a partisan whose sister Hannah (ZK”L) was murdered by the Nazis after they were discovered smuggling resistance newspapers

Minutn Fun Bitokhn (Moment of Confidence) - a Yiddish partisan song from Krakow. my favorite line, which isn’t translated exactly the same in the lyrics I found online, is “Revel, dance, you hangman! It won’t be long, I hope. Once there was a Haman–then there was a rope.”

Zog Nit Kein Mol (Never Say) - also known as Partisaner Lid, the Partisan Song, this is one of the most famous songs to come out of the war. it was written by Hirsch Glick (ZK”L) in the Vilna Ghetto after he learned of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Hatikvah (The Hope) - a Hebrew song associated with the Zionist cause, which was often sung in concentration camps after their liberation and in Displaced Person camps (if you look online you can find a recording of the inmates of Bergen-Belsen singing this song in 1945). it is now the national anthem of Israel.

Challenge me - 5SOS

Originally posted by eldvinaaa

This is quite easily the dirtiest thing I have ever written and I hope you enjoy it…bringing 2k16 out with a bang…quite literally I guess? There’s no backstory to this…just pure smut…ten pages of pure…smut…

Warnings: Spanking, verbal degradation, DP (double penetration for you virgin souls), boy x boy, anal, mild choking, Dom/Sub…I think that’s it. If you see anything else, let me know

“No, Luke, the other one,” Ashton’s voice commanded. Y/n pulled lightly on the ropes binding her arms, her skin tender from the initial pulling, quickly learning it wasn’t a good idea if she wanted to finish this with skin around her wrists. Her world was dark, line of vision completely blocked from the blindfold covering her eyes trying to listen to the voices just on the other side of the door wondering what their plan was.

She didn’t know how she was feeling about this, the entire scenario starting because of a small, blown out of proportion argument she had had with her boyfriend Ashton about him being too soft on her, somehow ending in the challenge that he wouldn’t share her with his band mates…and here they were, not even twenty-four hours later, her pussy already sore from the pounding Ashton had already given her from the argument, not slightly regretting edging him on, but there was enough lust flowing through her veins to push any of those feelings away quickly.

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Plotting a Series

I’ve gotten a question about whether the process of plotting a single book is the same as the process of writing a series. The answer is: yes, but no. They’re similar in many areas, but there are some differences.

1. In the first book you’ll want to introduce the main conflict first, and then a smaller, less important conflict a little later in. The smaller conflict will be resolved by the end of the book; the larger conflict, which is the main conflict of the series, will not.
As an example, take the Harry Potter series (I use it because it’s well-known and won’t take too much explaining). In The Philosopher’s Stone, the first couple of chapters are about Harry and who he is, how he ended up with the Dursleys, what happened to his parents – these chapters accomplish backstory by introducing Harry and his family situation, and introduce the main conflict by telling of the death of Harry’s parents, and by Dumbledore expressing uncertainty about how defeated Voldemort really is. Then, a few chapters in, after being admitted into Hogwarts, Harry finds out that someone is trying to steal the Philosopher’s Stone – the book’s short term conflict.

2. Each short-term conflict should move the long-term conflict closer to a resolution.
For example, at the end of Philosopher’s Stone, the stone is safe (the short-term conflict resolved), but it’s been discovered that Voldemort is still alive and is still trying to gain power – the stakes of the long-term conflict are raised. At the end of Chamber of Secrets, the diary is destroyed, but we have some of Voldemort’s backstory, and it seems that Voldemort is gaining power. At the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, Wormtail is introduced – this seems to have nothing to do with the main conflict, but it’s important, because it brings some of Harry’s parentage back to him (although it’s secondhand, only stories of his parents), and because Wormtail turns out to be Voldemort’s right-hand man. At the end of Goblet of Fire, Voldemort regains his body, and at this point you could argue that the long-term conflict is about halfway through its rising action; at the end of Order of the Phoenix, Harry finds out that he must kill Voldemort or be killed by him, and that only he can defeat Voldemort; at the end of Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore (the one person Voldemort was said to truly fear) is killed, Snape’s loyalty is in major question, and Hogwarts has been overtaken – Harry decides to continue Dumbledore’s work in looking for the Horcruxes. Finally, at the end of Deathly Hallows, Voldemort is defeated and a lot of the smaller loose ends (smaller-scale antagonists like Bellatrix LeStrange and Lucius Malfoy) are taken care of. Over the course of seven books, the long-term conflict – Voldemort trying to return to power and create a society that pampers purebloods and tramples poor wizards – has been resolved.

Basically, draw a circle on a piece of paper and put your main conflict in that circle. Then draw smaller circles stemming from that bigger circle and write your short-term conflicts in those. From there continue – subplots can be drawn stemming from your short-term conflicts. (If you don’t know how to create subplots, this post may help – in it I describe the same process of mapping out possible sub-conflicts to your main conflict, but probably describe a little better.)
If you don’t know what your short-term conflicts are yet, then think of your long-term conflict as a straight line of rope – then ask yourself how you can knot up that rope. What processes do your protagonists have to go through to get to a solution, and how can your antagonists gum up the works? For example, in the Harry Potter series, the long-term conflict is that Harry has to defeat Voldemort. What gets in the way of that? I can name a few things, from various places in the books: Minister Fudge refusing to believe him when Voldemort comes back after the events of Goblet of Fire, having so much difficulty finding and destroying all the Horcruxes in Deathly Hallows, Dolores Umbridge preaching that Voldemort is not alive when in fact he is, and is growing stronger.
(There are a million possibilities for your story’s short-term conflicts, because depending on your characters’ dispositions, they could cause a few themselves – for example, one of your characters could feel they have something to prove and end up getting themselves in trouble, and the plot of an entire book could be finding and saving that character before time runs out.)

I hope this helps! - @authors-haven

Allura + Earth

So last night at like 1AM, instead of sleeping I was crying because “Who’s gonna adopt Allura when the war is over??” and I was sad for about five seconds before the solution became clear: the paladins will have joint custody of Allura. As in, when the paladins go home for some R&R before flying back into space to deal with the problems left behind by the defeat of the Galra Empire, Allura will spend x amount of time with one paladin and their family, then she and Coran will move on to the next paladin and their family.

And then I lost control of the idea and I’ve been weeping ever since. So! Here is a list of ridiculous feelings and headcanons about Allura on Earth. Warning: It’s long.

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anonymous asked:

Shinee in a recording studio?

yesss the boys at work!! i imagine as 9-year idols they’re pretty relaxed but still focused af. here you go anon! 


  • why do they always record at the buttcrack of dawn 
  • gets the members warm cups of green tea to ready their voices 
  • what song are they recording again?? 
  • honestly all his  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is a LIE 
  • belts out his lines like the pro he is in a strong af voice and like he wasn’t just complaining about missing his bed  
  • does nod off during taemin’s recording but otherwise laser!!! focus!!!!!


  • already vocalizing from the van over 
  • pretty much everyone in the sm building can hear him (employees: “ah shinee’s preparing for another comeback”) 
  • wearing all of his concert swag 
  • was not successful in convincing the other members to match with him 
  • his kazoo is in his pocket bc maybe they’ll let him use it in one of their songs this album
  • always looks like he’s making out with the microphone 


  • his copy of the lyrics are highlighted and marked with arrows to signify changes in key/tone etc 
  • his notes are neat and important looking but pretty indecipherable to anyone else 
  • is usually done with recording the fastest (”i’m just too good”) 
  • when someone’s done too he always compliments on what they did well and cheers them up when they don’t look too happy with themselves 
  • if he laughs inside the booth he makes sure to turn his head so he doesn’t murder the sound crew’s ears 


  • standing at the soundboard like “ah yes reverb, amp, …… volume” 
  • resisting the urge to slide something 
  • should ask one of the noonas to teach him one day bc it’s looks interesting 
  • ropes kibum into a rap battle (key just uses raps from their songs when he runs out of rhymes) 
  • stands in the middle of the room and starts rapping quietly to himself 
  • when it’s a song he sings in he tests out his lines with shinee for feedback (he also smiles really wide when they tell him he sounds good and to do what he was doing) 


  • does that thing with his headphones where it folds one of his ears over and he keeps it like that like it’s not bothering him
  • how is it not bothering him 
  • mini-dancing while singing 
  • those hips cannot lie 
  • trying not to smile at the rest of shinee who are making faces at him from the other side of the glass 
  • he is the youngest or are all they?????

I’m on a bit of a Batdad kick and I’m trying to write stories that focus on Bruce bonding with his kids. This one is Bruce and Cass bonding. I hope you guys enjoy.

Summary: Bruce takes Cass to a ballet 

Rating: G

Words: 3k (ish)

AO3 Link

Bruce adjusted his tie, straightening it in his mirrored image before he reached into his jacket pocket to make sure the ballet tickets were still in his pocket. With how much funding he gave the theater they were more for appearance than an actual requirement, but they felt important all the same. He pulled his coat back into place and checked the tie one more time before a voice called his attention to the door.

Cass stood frowning at him. “We will be late.”

Bruce turned to smile at her, undaunted by his daughter’s apparent impatience. “Alfred is a fast driver; I think we can spare another minute or two. What do you think about this tie?” he asked his tone teasing.

Cass ignored his jab and stalked forward, “No messing around, not tonight.” she was stern as she pushed him from behind, out the door and down the hall.

When she reached the stairs she paused to move next to Bruce and hooked her arm through his own and continued to pull him down. Bruce let her drag him the whole way, an amused smile tugging at his lips. He loved the bright eager impatience pushing her feet to make sure they made it on time.

They were just passing the living room and Dick, when he leapt to his feet and darted in front of them both, camera in hand.

“Move.” Cass told him.

Her hands went to her hips, dragging Bruce closer in the process, since their arms were still locked. Cass didn’t seem like she was going to change poses soon so he stepped over to relieve the pressure, and looked to Dick. His oldest was shaking his head.

“I want at least one picture. Alfie’s not here to take it, so you’re stuck with me.”

Cass crossed her arms and frowned at him for a moment. Then she went to push past him, and drag Bruce with her, but Dick scuttled in front again.

“Dick, you know the paparazzi will take plenty of pictures, pay one of them for some.” Bruce said as he was jerked to another stop by his children’s bickering.

“Just one, Cass. Please?” Dick asked, all his attention on her. “The reporters will photoshop all the pictures and none of them will be natural.”

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Valkyrie has the vapours

Sooo… I am on week 3 of being sick with bronchitis and/or walking pneumonia, so forgive me for my ramblings and for taking so long to post.  Here’s my report from the front lines.  (I’m without my laptop so this will be a challenge.)  You might want to grab a beverage because I’m going to put this all in one post.

THAT HORRIBLE FEELING WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU MIGHT NOT MAKE IT TO THE CON IN TIME:  I came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday night (on top of the bronchitis) and was too sick to fly on Thursday morning.  Though the airline was able to rebook me on an afternoon flight, delays meant I would miss my connection.  After an hour standing at the JFK ticket counter during which options slipped away, I was finally able to secure an alternative flight… but had to endure a coach window seat for 6 hours despite having paid for a first class seat.  Thank god for the copious amount of drugs in my system that I was able to remain calm and get a little nap before running through LAX, rebooking yet again when I discovered a better connecting flight, and finally arriving at SeaTac after 1:00 am - 12 hours after I was originally supposed to land. The silver lining was that I was too distracted by the drama to be nervous about what I would say to Cait and Sam.

WAIT, WE’RE QUEUING UP HOW EARLY?  Luckily @chrismosstree and @myguiltyolpleasure scoped out the situation on Thursday afternoon and figured out exactly when and where we needed to be.  I awoke around 5 am after a couple hours of sleep to bid them farewell as they headed for the convention center, taking advantage of their generous offer to hold a place for me in line. Despite being dizzy and queasy I made my way down the street to our “holding pen” outside the main hall to wait for the panel discussion with Sam and Cait.   We were able to meet up with the lovely @supertam87, @sileas84, and @side-eyeing-you and chatted with a lot of other fans while we waited… and waited… and waited.  Seriously, you guys, attending a comic con is all about standing around and monitoring your fluid intake to make sure you don’t have to go to the bathroom at the wrong time.  Luckily I was dehydrated from the decongestants so I didn’t have to worry too much.

OH, MY GOD, IT’S STARTING!  Being in line so early paid off as we got 5th row center seats in the auditorium.  The hall was huge and completely filled up in a matter of minutes.  I feel like you miss so much in the room because you’re trying to switch from watching them on stage, to seeing them blown up on the screens to the side of the stage, to snapping pics, to trying to anticipate whether they are about to do something cute so your camera is at the ready.  Initial impression was that the panel was merely okay, but I’m jaded by having attended the NYC Apple Store event last year where it was a much more intimate setting and they were less guarded.  I’ll have to watch the video to see what I missed because I’ve seen a lot of cute gifs on tumblr.

GOOD LORD, HAVE THESE PEOPLE NEVER MANAGED LINES BEFORE?  The convention organizers came across as very disorganized.  Rather than routing us toward the hall through a series of roped off rows like an airport security checkpoint, we were crammed together in a pen behind some gates like cattle in a feed yard about to go to slaughter.  That set the tone for the day as staff struggled to figure out what to do with us as we queued for photo ops and autograph sessions.  All sense of time was lost as we stood packed cheek to jowl in very stuffy conditions.  By the time we approached our solo pics with Sam I was a sweaty mess - some combination of nerves, the cramped quarters, and the Robitussin.

A TOTAL OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE:  I turned into a blithering idiot during the photo ops.  For those of you who haven’t done this before, the process is similar to school picture day but with more yelling.  There is a tiny mirror hanging outside this curtained off area.  I seriously thought I was going to hyperventilate as we got close to the front of the line.  You have only a second to realize you are a sweaty mess before you give your ticket to someone and are waved into the booth.  You see Sam smiling with a fan plastered to his side while a photographer screams, “READY!”  *click* “NEXT!”  Then you are thrust toward Sam and he says hello while clasping you tightly.  You are too tongue-tied to say anything and too blinded by his beauty to look him in the eye.  "READY!“ *click* "NEXT!”  It’s over.  You can’t believe it happened, but you assume it did. Emotions were running high and we skipped away, giggling uncontrollably.  Then got back in line for the joint photo op and the solo Cait session…. which took all afternoon.  Observations: I’m shorter than I thought I was after seeing myself next to them.  Sam’s jacket is unbelievably soft and I’m surprised I didn’t pet him (or maybe I did - who can remember).  He smells really good (not that @chrismosstree would know…).  He’s also thinner than I expected.  Not skinny, but not beefy like in S1.  (He’s the same height as my brother but seems so much taller.) Cait’s legs are ridiculously long and her waist is in line with my bust.  She glows. It was all a blur.  I pride myself on being unflapable, but I was - well - flapped.  I was shy and embarrassed and nervous and excited and couldn’t put a sentence together, all at the same time. 

“THAT IS SO COOL!”  On to the autograph session and a two hour wait to deliver the Doll Frasers to Cait.  They had been packed in their little trunk and carried around all day while I mentally rehearsed what I would say.  A few people asked what was in the box (I carried it in a giant clear zip lock bag to guard again rain.) As I explained that our friend makes costumes for a set of Jamie and Claire dolls and poses them in scenes from the show, one woman asked if @outlanderedandoverhere had a booth at the con where she could buy her own set!  (There’s an idea for a revenue stream, Fiona…)  There were handlers taking each item to be autographed and passing them to Cait and Sam so that by the time you were in front of them the item was signed and you could be on your way.  I was a little worried that they might not allow gifts because I didn’t see anyone in front of me doing it and I had visions of carrying the trunk around for the next week only to have to ship it back to the U.K.  I knew I had to be quick and concise, so I removed the trunk from the bag and unlatched the lid.  I flipped it open and set the thr trunk down in front of Cait, telling her that we saw the Doll Fraser calendar on the wall in their makeup trailer and thought the cast and crew might like their own set of dolls to play with.  She said, “Yeah, yeah!” and lit up like a Christmas tree.  Seriously, smiling ear to ear and digging through the trunk.  I pointed out the charity t-shirts and she said, “That is so cool!”  She just could not stop staring at them while I babbled on about how the Doll Frasers have been adopted by our community.  Finally the handler tried to move on to the next fan and Cait sighed and reluctantly closed the trunk before tucking it under the table.  She even made a little sqeeing noise.  Sam was sitting too far away and occupied with signing to notice, and they were running waaay behind, so there was noopportunity to alert him to the transaction. However, the Doll Frasers were clearly a hit.  No telling where they go from here (I assume all gifts were sent to production offices in Scotland) but hopefully we’ll see or hear about them again at some point.

After that we were FINALLY finished for the day and headed out to meet up with other fans for dinner.  And, honestly, that was the best part of this event: meeting up with so many of you.  I have laughed (and coughed) so much in the last week that my abs might actually form a “six pack.” 😂  And I love how willing everyone is to share their experience and that so many are interested.

Some of you have asked about the cock blocking story.  It’s not that interesting and requires props and facial expressions to convey properly so it’s best done in person.  For some reason (ahem, @c2bend and @rainmanjdog) it’s taken on a life of its own.  Truly, I’m not trying to be a tease so I’ll see if I can figure out a way to tell it with @chrismosstree’s help.  We’re off to dinner now but will be back online later. 

tl:dr  Overall impressions are that Sam seemed very tired and a little guarded, Cait could not have been more lovely nor down to earth, and that we are an amazing, funny, smart, and lovely group of women.  Mwah!


Bit on the ‘what if’ side of things, but I think we would all want a girl like this for Harry, in one way or another. (On a side note this is my all time favorite gif of him) 

Let me know what you thought, here, loves! I am accepting requests :-)

Originally posted by 1dcaradelevingne-blog

Harry had a habit of keeping you close.

Always, but most especially when it came to being out in public. The fans, well, it was no surprise that despite their dedication they were a bit much at times. Not just with their words, but their actions too. He wanted to protect you from it, because as much as he loved his fans, he loved you more.

He kept you tucked tightly to his side whenever he could, whether it was you two grabbing some food or simply leaving for a quick stroll, he didn’t like you being too far away. It was this fear that had kept him from admitting his feelings to you and from taking the jump from really good friends to significant others. His life was crazy, and he didn’t want that to affect you. Even when you two had been the best of friends, he had kept you hidden from the public eye. You were his, and his alone, private, a hidden treasure of sorts and he wasn’t quite ready to share you with anyone else, let alone the world.

Even today, he’s gripping your hand a bit too tightly as you struggle to keep up with his long strides. Admittedly, it’s a bit crazier than usual. It’s one of the boys’ biggest concerts on this tour, which is exactly why Harry had insisted on flying you out for it. It’s not that you hadn’t seen the boys perform before, you had. You’d been backstage at the X factor and with Harry every step of the way since then. However, you had never been to a show in the U.S., and Harry knew better than to listen to your protests of the plane ticket being too expensive. “Doesn’t matter, love. Want yeh here.”

It really came as no surprise then,  that the fans are lined up outside the hotel in a gregorious multitude, and that the roped polls and army of men dressed in black and appointed to your protection  looked significantly tiny in comparison.  The concert isn’t until tomorrow, the boys getting a much needed day of rest before. Or, they had planned.

You can’t help but look around in awe at all the commotion. Despite the lack of red carpet under your feet, you feel like you are indeed walking one. The fans are screaming left and right, startling bright signs waving around carelessly in exchange for even a second of the boys’ attention. There’s crying too, a lot in fact. You can hear it from all different directions as breathless pleas and sobs echo back and forth around you. The other boys were already inside the hotel lobby, behind the glass doors and away from the quiet roar of the crowd. They had opted to make Harry and you sit in the very back seats that the car offered, something about not wanting to lose lunch being their reason. Harry’s still stringing you along, mindful that you’re taking it all in but hurrying to get the pair of you inside as one of the bodyguards on his right is talking to him about god knows what.  His head is low as he listens intently to what the man is saying. When Harry’s career had first taken off, he would come home every once in 

awhile and be ecstatic about the fans, telling you stories about how heartfelt they were. It was so endearing to watch him, his green eyes alight as he recalled to you the moments that stood out to him in the sea of press releases and talk shows and signings. As time went on, though, it wasn’t that his stories diminished but rather the light in his eyes did. He still had lots to tell you, but you knew Harry well enough to know something was wrong under the surface. 

“Already tired of the fame, Styles?” You had teased him with a  quirk of your eyebrow. 

His head had snapped up from his phone at that, eyebrows furrowed and forehead creased. “No. Never. Yeh know that, love. S’just…” He mumbled, trailing off as he closed his eyes and ran a hand down his face. 

You had frowned at that, leaning across the booth and grabbing his wrist in your fingers. 

“Harry, what is it?” You ask, dragging his hand away from his face. He sighs, opening the tired eyes you had been avoiding to acknowledge since he came back. 

“They’re lovely, the fans. I would never question that, yeh know? We wouldn’t be anything without em. I- we, owe them so much.” He rambles, eyes narrowed as he tries to find the right words. 

“Harry.” You whisper softly, releasing his wrist to intertwine your fingers with his. “Look at me.” You demand after a quick beat. 

He does, blinking at you. 

You shake your head at him gently, “You don’t have to convince me love, I know exactly who you are. S’me you’re talking too, remember?”

His shoulders had sag a bit at that and after a little more coaxing he had admitted to you that it was exhausting at times, but there isn’t a thing he would change.

“Harry, you’re entitled to be tired. You handle it so well, you know that don’t you? All those interviewers looking to get a rise out of you.. You’re wonderful, Harry, and I’m glad I’m not the only who knows that.” You had responded with a squeeze of his hand.

He had flashed you a grateful smile in response.

“Although, I can say it was easier when thousands of girls weren’t pining for you, love.” You tease with a smirk, earning a loud chortle of laughter from him and a shake of his head, brown curls flopping around.

“S’only one girl I fancy, really.” He responds, lifting his hand to his mouth.

And you’re just about to enter the hotel, a mere few steps from the stairs when you spot the neon sign. It’s hard not to see it, really, but the words scrawled onto it is what causes you to come to a  stumbling stop. Harry comes to a stop too when he has to tug on your hand, your grip loosening from his. He’s instantly alert, ignoring the babbling man next to him as he lifts his head and turns over his shoulder to look at you. You’re turned away from him, staring somewhere off into the crowd and he wants to grab your attention, lean forward and grab your hand once again but he knows you’d only stop if it was important.

You don’t wait to offer him even a look of explanation as your step away from him, backtracking a few feet. The bodyguards and security members they have stationed behind you two and babbling away into their walkie talkies, spreading the news of the sudden stop. You’re stepping dangerously closer to the poll, the fans all screaming at you but you seem unphased. “Harry, she can’t just-” One of the bodyguards begins to lecture, and Harry knows he should say something. He takes a step forward to call after you, the guards around him mimicking his moves and keeping a tight box around him. But that’s when he notices the sign the girl you’re headed for is holding. He feels his heart pang a bit, every time he reads one of those signs he feels so.. Powerless. Him, big star Harry Styles who feels as if he’s the most menial man in the world were confronted with those ferocious words. Through twitter dm’s and instagram comments, to the posters he’d seen and the things he’d heard about fans, young girls thinking such disheartening things. He felt most frustrated with this, out of everything that came along with his career. 

You’re stepping closer to the fan whose eyes are wide as she lowers the sign and her mouth takes a widening ‘o’ shape. The guard closest to you grabs your elbow a bit possessively, causing Harry to frown. You turn, looking down at your elbow and up at the guard and although he can only see the side of your face Harry knows you’re giving the burlish man the sweetest of smiles. He’s talking to you in an urgent voice but you shake your head at him, extending the arm he isn’t holding onto to pat his forearm gently. Harry smiles a bit, the tension between his eyebrows unfolding. He recognizes the action all too well, it’s the one you give him when he’s worried or stressed or simply frustrated. A simple pat to the cheek and a kiss to his forehead with a placating, “Relax, love. You’ll be just fine.” The bodyguard, fond of Harry, turns to give him a questioning look and Harry nods at him. He releases your elbow, and you unaware of the exchange step closer to the fan.

You smile at her, black letters painted across her flushed cheeks, 1D taut against her freckled skin. You lean forward and offer your hand, and she carelessly drops the sign to the floor to hold on it. 

“Hi, love. What’s your name?” You ask over the roaring girls around you, everyone spreading the word that Harry Styles’ girlfriend is speaking to fans. 

“C-caroline.” She stutters, eyes wide and voice trembling not nearly as much as her hand is in yours. 

“That’s a lovely name, I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You respond with a smile. 

“I know who you are! I mean- I..” She stutters, ashamed of her sudden outburst. 

You smile at, flushing yourself. “I saw your sign, Caroline.”

  Her eyes go wide and her face drops to stare at said sign, laying on the ground with the word side facing up. Harry, you saved my life. 

She glances up at you, eyes swimming a bit. Caroline clears her throat, blinking at you, “Can I tell you?” She gestures to the sign with her foot.

You nod at once, and she begins to spill as much of her story as she can, tripping over the details and gasping with deep breaths to share enough in the short time you two have together. You nod along when you can, encouraging her with your eyes. The girls, around you and maybe a bit farther away too have fallen quiet as well.

When she’s done, you smile at her. “Oh, love. I’m sorry to hear that.” She smiles at you and even without the cameras on you, you would’ve considered your words just as carefully.

You clear your throat a bit and you address not just Caroline but all the girls around you, You shake your head at her, bringing your other hand up to sandwich hers between yours. “Being a teenager is a  proper pain in the arse, isn’t it?” You ask, addressing the girls around you two that leaning on their toes to get a better angle with their smart phones and listen to your words.

They laugh in response to your inquiry, nodding. You grin at them, taking in all of their wide eyed faces and expectant stares.

“I hope-” You stop at that, biting your lower lip and shaking your head before you start again, “I want you all to know it gets better, yeah? I know it seems like it won’t ever end or get better, but I promise you it does. And you’ve got to keep your pretty heads up. Focusing on the good things, it’ll help loves. Good people, good books, I mean you’ve already got good music to keep you company.” You add with a smile.

The girls nod all together and you feel your heart swell a bit when Caroline finally flashes her smile at you.

“You’ve got a beautiful smile, Caroline. Should wear it more often.” You offer as a parting sentence, before you pull your hands away from hers and wave at the group before turning back.

“Wait! Could- do you mind signing this?” Caroline cries, sign outstretched towards you. 

Your eyebrows furrow together, “Me?” 

“Yes, you’re awesome!” She screams, causing you to laugh. 

“I haven’t got a pen..” You mutter slightly, glancing over your shoulder at the bodyguard who gives you a pressing look. 

“I’ve got one, pet.” A warm voice says as a hand slips around your lower back. You turn and see Harry beaming at you with a pen in his hand. 

“Thanks, love.” You respond as you sign it for Caroline before she asks for Harry’s, who obliges, and after that the fans pick up the ir screaming again hand outstretched and waiting to grab at your boyfriend. 

“Let’s go yeah, unless yeh want to stop for anymore detours.” He mumbles into your ear before pressing his lips to your temple.

 “No, no, let’s go.” You nod and let him lead you towards the stairs, waving at the girls one last time.

The glass doors shut behind your and the other boys have taken a seat in the waiting area, standing up with a dramatic sigh when you two finally enter. You shoot them a quick look before Harry is towering in front of you with his hands locked tightly around your waist.  

You glance up at him hesitantly, expecting a scoff with a wild “what were yeh thinkin’ love?” but instead a met with a warm smile. Harry’s smile. His dimples are popping and his eyes are shining and you know it’s not from the reflection of the florescent lights in the hotel lobby. 

“What’re you smiling about?” You ask, leaning up to poke his dimple.

 He chuckles, turning his face to press a swift kiss to your finger. “Jus’.. happy, sweetheart.” He mumbles, leaning forward and impatiently kissing your forehead. 

You hum, gripping the fabric of his jacket and pulling yourself closer to him. The cameras outside are probably having a field day with what had just happened and Harry’s sudden burst of affection. “She was lovely, wasn’t she? Caroline.” You clarify, glancing back out the glass doors at the still boisterous fans. 

“She was.” He agrees, one hand reaching up to tilt your chin back in his direction.

You humph at him, “Needy, aren’t you?”

His response is a grunt and pressing his thumb deeper into your chin, before he grabs it and brings you forward in a scorching kiss.

When he finally pulls away, forehead resting against yours and puff puffs of breath warm against your cheek, he speaks, “Thank yeh for that, love. Yeh didn’t have to.. That was sweet of yeh. That girl’s gonna remember that for a long time.” He mutters, kissing your cheek.

It was the exact genuity that had attracted him to you in the first place. How simply it came to you to make someone else’s day better without a second thought. 

You smile at him, eyes narrowed in confusion, “All I did was talk to her, give her a listening ear. Anyhow, she adores you  and I reckon if we could leave her a little piece of you, she’d have something to cheer her up a bit. At least for a while, you know help keep her grounded. ”  

Harry shakes his head at you, ringed fingers brushing across your cheek, “Yeh did so much more than that, angel.  Don’t think those girls are gonna be thinking about me at all. The difference yeh just made…“ He trails off before clearing his throat and restarting, “Love yeh. Yeh know that, right?”He gripes suddenly, forehead bumping against yours to punctuate his words. 

You give him a genuine smile, laughing slightly as you tilt your head up to brush your nose against his lightly, “Love you, Harry.” 

Supernatural School Pt. 2

Part 1 (X)

It always takes time to sort yourself out after a reaping, even a relatively pleasant one. That’s why, even though you’d like to rejoin Sam, Amanda and Lexi in the cafeteria, you head back to the dorms.

You don’t feel any different after. Some legends say that you eat the souls of the dead, praying on them for sustenance. You’d like to say that Reapers never do that, that they never commit such a heinous crime, but you’ve been around long enough to know better than to lie. There are words for Reapers who eat, none of which you’d dare say here. Names give things power and eaters get more than their fair share to begin with.

You shiver under the blazing sun and try to turn your mind to more pleasant topics.

You are halfway back to your room, when you see Ms. Jan, Mr. T and Principal Finn rushing towards the animal husbandry building. Mr. T’s upset enough that his mane has burst free of his button-down shirt though he’s the only one of the three so affected. Ms. Jan, all banshee characteristics gone, is composed as she leads the group, strides long and purposeful. Principal Finn is listening to her seriously, his wheelchair rolling over the grass easily, with a grim expression on his face.

This is, of course, until he sees you.

You keep your expression blank as Principal Finn says something to Ms. Jan and Mr. T, gesturing for them to go on, and then directs his motorized wheelchair towards you.

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Company | Isaac Lahey

It’s been a long time coming but here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. if you would like an explicit photo version, let me know, otherwise, enjoy.

You chose Isaac The Smooth Panty Dropper

Song inspo: Company by Tinashe

I don’t need no problems wit nobody
And I know how to get there, don’t follow me
I just need a moment, fuck and leave
You can say you had it all
No strings

Part One

Guys have the tendency to believe that girls can’t engage in sexual relationships without catching feelings of some sort. Classic guy thinking. All you wanted was to feel good tonight. Isaac has been hitting on you all throughout the game and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t turned on when he nibbled on your ear and whispered the most foul things that no one would ever think to come from a cute-scarf-wearing kid who’s practically nice to everyone. Just remembering sitting on his lap…You shifted your legs to try and get rid of the ache between them.

Isaac blew out a puff of smoke, sitting on a comfy chair out on a balcony. Time seemed to slow down just enough to still the particles in the air. The slide door behind Isaac slid open then closed.  Isaac looked at you and smiled. Instead of sitting you just leaned against the glass and stared at him. “What?” Isaac held the joint in between his fingers. You took off your shoes and walked over to him. Just as Isaac was going to bring the joint to his lips, you straddled his hips and grabbed it from his fingers, inhaled the smoke, and blew it out in his face.

The simple gesture triggered something inside Isaac. His eyes darkened with lust as he licked his lips. You did it again but this time you wrapped your arms around his neck and held the smoke as you connected your lips to his. The fiery smoke could be tasted in the intimate exchange. Isaac ran his hand down your back to grasp your ass in his large hands, giving them a little squeeze and making you gasp in the middle of the kiss. Your surprise gave Isaac the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth, beginning a tango with your tongue. Things began to heat up as you tangle your free hand into his hair, using your weight to grind on him, back and forth, until he let out a sexy, deep moan from the back of his throat. He used his thumbs to hook them into your hips then pushed you down so you could feel how much you were turning him on.

Isaac dived for your neck, leaving behind marks, enjoying every second of you purring against him. He helped you take off your shirt and immediately latched onto a nipple once it was exposed. At this point, you dropped the weed and enjoyed the swirls Isaac gave you by artfully flicking his tongue over your nipple whilst paying the other nipple good attention then switching over to make you feel equally good. “Isaac…” At the sound of his name being tangled in your moans, Isaac pulled back to watch your face. “Take everything off, I wanna see all of you.”

You take off your shorts slowly while Isaac scrambled to get his clothes off. He was naked by the time you got to your panties. Isaac bit his lip, watching you dance in nothing but your underwear. “Turn around,” You did as you were told and looked over your shoulder while swaying your ass from side to side. “Bend over so I can see that beautiful ass.” You pulled the underwear up so your cheeks swallowed them, intentionally giving yourself a wedgie. Isaac used his hands to caress your golden globes, carefully touching at first, then he forced you to get on all fours and pushed and pulled your cheeks apart with rough movements. Your pussy dripped with natural juice, soaking up the underwear. Isaac got a whiff of your sweet smell and hummed.  “You like it when I touch you, don’t you Y/N?” Isaac pressed a thumb to your entrance and massaged the area, making you moan. Every time he moved, his nail would barely touch your clit, this made your clit feel neglected. By now, your panties were sopping wet. Before you had the chance to beg, Isaac hovered over your body, his hard erection poking against your underwear. His hot breath fell on your ear, “do you want me to fuck you?”

“Even if its outside where someone might see you?”
“I don’t care”
“How do you want me, then?”
Isaac took your earlobe into his mouth, playing with it just the way you like it.
“L-like th-this,” you struggled to say.
Isaac bit a trail down your neck all the way down to your shoulder, his dick kept rubbing your clit and you never wanted to be fucked so bad before.
“Please…Fuck me like this,” your breath was jagged and desperate.
Isaac laughed at your pleas, “I will fuck you over and over until you have to be hospitalized.”

You don’t know how but your underwear snapped and was pulled out of your ass, the cold air hitting your pussy like a whip. Isaac lined himself up, using his tip to play with your entrance. He only slid the tip in and reached around to massage your clit. You cried out in pleasure at the sudden action. Not knowing where to focus your attention, Isaac slipped himself in your slippery cunt and moved with a purpose. He didn’t stop and make you beg or give you proper time to adjust, Isaac thrusted his pelvic bone against your ass, his hand never coming off of your clit. A knot formed in your stomach and you could feel your tight walls clamping down on him. “Keep squeezing my dick like that baby, I love that, cum if  you need to, cum all night.” Your knees felt weak, his dirty talking made you reach your orgasm faster than you initially thought.

Isaac held you by the waist and pushed you up against the glass door. He used his strength to hook his arms behind the back of your knees. Still recovering from your first orgasm, Isaac pushed you down on his long, hard prick. Your slick, drenched entrance welcomed him again, your walls were more responsive to his shaft by gripping it as it went in deeper. “look at me baby, I wanna see your face,” you wrapped your arms around Isaac to keep your balance and obeyed his commands. His eyes were so beautiful as was the sheen of sweat rolling down his forehead, the fire behind the lust.

“You’re so tight, I’m gonna cum,” Isaac rested his forehead against yours before you pulled him in close for a passionate, sloppy kiss. Fingers at your clit made you break the kiss, his driving hips slammed against you and the dual stimulation was too much for you to bear. “Oh my… Please don’t stop!” Isaac licked a line along your neck, his thrusts becoming more frantic, “I’m not, I won’t.” Suddenly, he stiffened, and with a loud groan, he shot long, white, ropes of cum into you. Despite his orgasm Isaac fell true to his word, he didn’t stop fucking you. If anything, he went deeper, his strokes long, but his speed remained constant. You could feel his cum sliding in and out of your overly wet pussy, the feeling incredible. He wasn’t going to stop until you came again. Luckily for him, it didn’t take that long for you to get back on the edge. Your vision blurred as you locked your legs around his hips, crying out your release. The constant tightening and releasing, forced another orgasm out of Isaac. He erupted a huge load into you, then a second, third, and fourth until his erection went away and his thighs began to quiver.

Isaac and you didn’t have the energy to clean yourselves up and make way into the bedroom. You both laid on the ground, looking up at the beautiful night sky, even if you couldn’t see the stars. “So that’s what sex with you is like.” You smiled and snuggled into his chest, “Isaac?” Isaac hummed and rubbed small circles on your back, “I can’t feel my legs.” Isaac let out a laugh and gave you a smirk, “I told you I was going to do more than just fuck you.” After a few more quiet minutes his face grew with concern, “wait, are you serious?”

velkynkarma  asked:

Microfic! Keith, Pidge. Keith shares some knife sparring techniques Pidge can use with her bayard.

okay this probably isn’t quite what you had in mind but I enjoyed myself so i hope you like it anyway!

As it turned out, Pidge was quick on the uptake with more than just tech stuff. After Sendak had knocked her around, Keith had bullied her into learning how to use her bayard as a bayard; there was a time for cleverness, he’d said, and there was a time to just frickin stab someone, and she had to be able to do both.

However, three lessons in, she’d proven that she was more than capable of doing both, and now she stood over him as he tried to wrestle his way free of her bayard’s rope line.

“So, if you were a bad guy, is this the sort of time when I would stab you?” Pidge said innocently, as Keith strained to roll over to his dropped bayard and found that he could not.

“Okay, you’ve proven your point,” he said, “and if you ever tell Lance about this, I’m airlocking all your stuff.”

Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a microfic!

Just a Fan

Summary: You are Taehyung’s girlfriend and surprise him by pretending to be a fan so you could see him at a fan meet.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3.2k

It was hard to see your boyfriend because he was always so busy. Obviously being an idol was hard so he couldn’t always be with you but you were patient and tried your best to tolerate his frustrating schedule. He was very caring though, because whenever he had free time he would come see you and you found that admirable. It warmed your heart.

Taehyung was always playful and bubbly. You two were the most energetic couple, always bouncing off the walls, giggling to each other and doing things to annoy the other BTS members when ever you found time, especially Jimin and Jungkook. They were your main targets.

As for the older members, they tolerated you guys but got frustrated every once in awhile. The fact that they tolerated Taehyung and your childishness and immaturity that you often showed meant a lot, though.

BTS was currently doing promotions for their new album which in turn meant that you’d be spending a lot of time without your boyfriend which is exactly why you devised a genius plan.

Fans didn’t know you and Taehyung were dating which allowed you a window of opportunity. The fans not knowing did have its cons but sometimes it was really worth it.

You couldn’t wait to see the look of surprise on Taehyung’s face when he saw you at the fan meet today. You scored a ticket after pleading with the manager and bringing out every aegyo tactic you knew. You knew favoured you and was really fond of you so you used it to your advantage. All the tickets to the fan meet sold out way too quickly for you to get one so he was your only resort left. After he gave you the ticket you made him promise not to tell BTS of your unprecedented appearance at their meeting.

You giggled to yourself as you got dressed in all of the fan merch you owned. Taehyung gave it to you as gifts, claiming that he knew BTS was you favourite group. Originally you didn’t accept but his persistence caused you to crack after awhile (awhile meaning about five minutes). You grabbed the albums you wanted signed and safely tucked them into bag.

Your heart was light as you thought of the events to come, skipping to your car. You could already see everything. Pretending to be a fan was definitely going to be worth it. Not only would you see shock plastered across all of the members faces but you would also be able to interact with your beloved Taehyung and the fact that it was in a public forum was even better. You wouldn’t be able to be intimate with him but it did still make you happy. Your plan was perfect.

The traffic wasn’t too bad during your drive to venue. For the most part, it was a short, peaceful drive with the air being clouded by your humming along with the radio in the air-conditioned car. You were just on time as you pulled into the parking space. Quite a few fans were already around, mostly in groups.

The line wasn’t too long and judging by the way the fans were whispering excitedly among themselves and pointing to the sleek, black SUV that you were all too accustomed to seeing, BTS had arrived not too long ago.

You had to be sure you remained invisible to BTS so you found yourself casually standing behind a group of girls to stay subtly hidden. They didn’t seem to notice as they were neck deep in a conversation about Jimin’s thighs and butt.

“-but like have you seen the boy in short pants? His thighs look they’re made of steel or something.” You overheard. The group of girls hummed a chorus of agreement and you couldn’t help but nod too. It was the truth, his thighs really were a blessing to the earth.

The line was moving quickly which you were grateful for. The girls’ conversation was becoming weirder by the second because the topic they drifted to was how provoking V was when he stuck his tongue out. It was probably because you were his girlfriend that the topic turned you off even though it should’ve made you more interested. Maybe it was because you didn’t like them talking about him in that way even though you knew he could be a sexy best when he felt like.

Soon enough you were at the front, handing over the ticket in exchange for a stamp on your wrist and a pin to signify that you were actually supposed to be there because you had a ticket.

More and more fans were arriving and seats were being filled quickly so you quickly found yourself comfortably waiting for the meeting to start, passing the time on your phone in what was the last available seat of the second row.

About ten minutes later, you heard intro music being played and BTS came out, causing a huge reaction from the fans, they were screaming, waving and doing everything you could think of. The boys looked tired but they were able to easily mask it under bright smiles and enthusiastic waves. It was only because you were close to them that you could see through it all.

None of them had spotted you yet, they were too busy greeting the fans through the microphone and getting encouraging words and screams in return. It was only after they were finished dancing to Not Today in the cutest way possible as requested by the fans that Namjoon’s eyes met yours during his scan of the crowd.

His eyes widened significantly and the surprise was evident on his face. The look on his face cause your lips to form a small smirk and you hushed him by putting a finger on your lip. He laughed and winked discreetly to convey to you that he wouldn’t tell Tae.

Segment after segment, no one seemed to have noticed you were there. The time passed quickly and honestly you could see more and more why fans loved those seven boys so much.

You were suspicious of Namjoon though. You were sure it was him that was steering the members clear of where you sat but you didn’t mind. That and the fact that you wore your cap so low it was near impossible to see your face but you could see them. Those factors just built for a stronger impact on the element of surprise that you were going to use on Taehyung.

It seemed like it was finally time for the fans to meet the members right after they had an aegyo contest as requested by the fans. Both parties were enjoying themselves greatly, you could see the genuine smiles making their faces glow as they watched the fans.

The security was tight everywhere and they started motioning for the fans to get up, leading them behind the rope. BTS finally took their seats, gulping down their waters thirstily as they chatted among themselves.

You were at the back of the line in the first batch of fans to be led behind the rope. You made sure to play the part fully, excitedly taking out the items you wanted to be signed by BTS oh-so-badly.

It wasn’t long until the line started moving and you could see the members chatting animatedly with the fans, giggling at their compliments, answering their questions and signing their merchandise. As your turn to meet BTS drew nearer your heart picked up its pace and your excitement was practically bubbling over the edge, ready to spill any second.

First up was Jin and you giggled when he smirked knowingly. You slid the albums across the table to Jin as he leaned a bit closer to you. “Namjoon told you I was here, didn’t he?”

Jin nodded in reply. “I saw you over there hiding under that cap.” He tapped your cap with a finger then pointed to your seat which caused you to crack a smile. “I’m going to surprise TaeTae.” You stated.

“I’ve been wanting to see him so badly for awhile now.” You grinned and leaned closer to him. “He doesn’t know that I’m here, does he?” Jin shook his head, bangs bouncing around, framing his handsome face. “Great.” You giggled and he quickly signed the album and high-fived you, sending a flying kiss your wink, accompanied with a wink of good luck before you moved onto the next member.

Namjoon grinned at you when he saw you coming to him. “You should be thanking me. Jin helped me make sure that the others didn’t notice you over there sitting so prettily, trying to hide under that cap.” He took the albums from your hands, gently hitting your cap with them.

“Was I really that bad at hiding.” You asked and he shook his head. “No just a bit obvious but not obvious enough for Taehyung to realize someone was being suspicious.” You sighed in relief at his words and he quickly signed the albums and showed his dimples with a cute smile.

“Don’t worry Y/N. You’ll get him good.” He gave you a big thumbs up and you returned it, sliding on over to stand in front of Jhope.

“Y/N?” He scrunched his eyebrows, inspecting you closely and you leaned into him and slipped off your cap. “At your service.” You joked and sent him a playful wink.

“I missed you so much. It’s so good to see you.” You giggled and made a sound of agreement then shushed him. “The others don’t know I’m here though.” You pulled him in close so you were able to whisper in his ear. “Manager Oppa give me the tickets but I had to plead with him.” You pouted, it going only with your words and he pulled back, stifling a small laugh at your facial expression.

“Well since today you are our fan, is there anything you would like for me to answer?” He giggled playfully and you shot him a look, shaking your head. “Just sign my albums please.” You told him, swatting his arm gently.

“Right away ma’am.” He quickly scribbled his autograph above his picture and grinned at you once more before ushering you away with his hands, which provoked an eye roll from you.

For a second you thought you looked too comfortable as you talked to the BTS members and ARMYs would become suspicious but as you scanned the line you realized they were treating each fan with just as much love as they treated you with. You scolded yourself internally for thinking such silly thoughts, that they would actually let you blow your cover.

Suga didn’t recognize you right away but you could see why. The tiredness had really overtaken him and there was a sleepy glaze washing over his eyes. He looked out of it completely but like he was still trying to maintain a certain appearance for the fans.

He smiled at you, it still not piecing together as yet. In his mind something kept saying she looks familiar but he only brushed it off as sleepiness. “What’s your name?” He said, blinking his eyes several times as he tried to take a good look at you but to no avail. You used your hair as a curtain for your face in mock shyness.

You’d already decided in your mind that you should play with Yoongi because you hadn’t done it in so long. You mustered up the cutest voice you could, coating it with bashfulness and an undertone of sarcasm. “My name’s Agustina.” You smiled cutely at him from under your hair.

At the sound of your name, his back straightened and he tried to make you look him in the eye but you were pretending bashful so you continued looking at your shoes. “You sound awfully familiar.”

“I do?” You glanced at him, blinking confusedly for a second. He nodded, piercing his lips in thought. “Everything about you seems so familiar.” Those words caused you to stifle a giggle.

You could basically see the gears turning in Yoongi’s mind. He was trying to piece it together in his sleepy state. He was thinking that this fan’s voice resembled Y/N’s. Even the way you acted seemed like Y/N when she wanted to play with someone’s mind but he didn’t want to risk calling your name out to someone random and compromising your identity.

Thankfully you saved him from his inner turmoil. You were covering your mouth in an attempt to slow the flood of giggles trying to escape you and you lifted your head to make eye contact with him, brushing your hair from your face so he could see you better.

“Don’t worry. It’s Y/N. I came to surprise Tae today.” His signature gummy smile found his lips and you found yourself returning it. “He’ll be so happy to see you.”

Even if Yoongi didn’t show it normally, you knew he really cared for his dongsaeng. You nodded and he slid the now signed albums over to you so you could move to Jimin. “Try to get some sleep too, okay?” He nodded, finding your worrying adorable and watched as Jimin’s face lit up when he saw you before turning his attention to the next fan.

“Y/N!” Jimin looked surprised when he saw you but that was soon covered with excitement as the fact really sunk in.

“Jimin!” You yelled back quietly, equally as enthusiastic. His eyes twinkled, turning to small slits as a grin overtook his features.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked then gestured to Taehyung discreetly. “To see him right?” You hummed in reply. “I really missed him and you guys so I begged Manager Oppa for a ticket.” You explained. “He was really stubborn though so I had to use all the aegyo I could and you know how much I dislike doing aegyo.” Jimin laughed at your dramatic faraway expression that was followed by a pout.

“We missed you too so I’m happy you came to see us.” Jimin signed his picture in the album and grinned at you. “Go. Go quickly. He’ll be so excited to see you.” He shooed you away, sending one last grin your way before focusing his attention on the fan that now stood before him.

“Y/N?” Jungkook’s doe eyes widened as soon as he caught a glimpse of you and you waved. “That’s my name.” Once the initial surprise wore off, a cheeky smile graced his features.

“Always knew you were a fan.” He said, eyeing you down as he grew more and more into his cheeky maknae self. “But I never thought you would go this far as to meet us at a fan sign.” He tapped his chin as if he were thinking hard, then leaned over so he was closer to your face. “My, my Y/N - I didn’t expect that from you.”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah right, Jungkook. Keep dreaming.” You said and he shook his head, making a sound of disagreement. “You even own our merchandise.” His eyes darted to the albums and your shirt. “Tae gave them to me.” You defended and he smirked mischievously before giving up with a shrug which made you all the more suspicious as to what was going through his evil mind.

“I’m watching you ya know Kook.” You did the ‘I’m watching you gesture and narrowed your eyes, quickly walking over to Taehyung, giggling as Jungkook returned the gesture mockingly.

 It felt like you’d waited for ages for this one moment when you saw Taehyung’s pretty face up close and not through a LED screen.

The evident shock on Taehyung’s face made your heart fly high. He wasn’t able to cover it up, or maybe he wasn’t trying to but in that second, so many different emotions passed Taehyung’s features that it made you feel like crying. He was equally as happy to see you. You could see it clearly when his boxy smile made a pleasant appearance on his face.

You knew it was going to be worth it from the very moment you had devised this plan but the end result was really more than you were expecting and you were loving every minute of it.

“My princess!” He all but yelled, although he kept his voice quiet enough for only the two of you to hear. “My prince.” You choked out, a bit stuck on your words. After waiting so long you finally got to see him, feel his hand hold yours lovingly even though it appeared to any normal bystander that it was just a matter of an idol engaging a fan not a boyfriend engaging a girlfriend.

“You came all the way here to see me.” You nodded, proud of yourself and V’s smile only grew. “How did I get so lucky? You went through all of that trouble for me.” He squeezed your hand, his thumbing rubbing small circles on the back of your palm.

“I just needed to see you, baby. I missed you so much.” He bit his lip at your words. “I know, I think about you every day. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.” You shook your head when he suddenly gave you a sad look. “It’s because I love you that I hold on. I know you’ll always be here for me.”

You knew the words the two of you exchanged in hushed sort of whispers were cheesy but the reunion was too overdue. You guys had dated for a year and a half now and you didn’t want anything to ruin the lovely relationship that blossomed between you two so you waited. You held on tight and Taehyung was always there to tighten your grip whenever you felt it slipping.

Taehyung’s eyes twinkled and he kissed your hand which caused your eyes to widened and you gently pulled your hand back, bashfully. To anyone, it just appeared like you were an over-emotional fan that had just gotten the best gift from their idol so you sighed in relief when no one was eyeing you two suspiciously.

“Tae..!” You playfully scolded and he giggled. The sound was heavenly and you realized just how much you missed it. His eyes trailed down your body to check out what you were wearing and only then did he recognize what you were wearing.

“See. The stuff I got you did come in handy after all.” He said and you inspected the outfit with a shrug. “Maybe so.” You giggled. You guys drifted into a small talk about the most random things and you only realized you had to move when the security tapped your back because you and Tae were holding up the line. You waved goodbye and he returned it, staring at your retreating figure for awhile before beginning to chat with the next fan.

You hadn’t noticed the other members staring at you two with soft smiles on their faces. They were all happy for you two. You knew that the fan meet was going to give you an energy boost and renewed faith as you awaited Taehyung’s arrival to your house but you didn’t expect it to last as long as it did.

Two weeks later, you found yourself jumping into Taehyung’s arms and him uttering the words you so longingly awaited. “Promotions are finally over.”

A/N: Tumblr literally ate my draft so I had to start over completely but I hope you guys enjoyed this. I really had fun writing it although I don’t really know the procedure that is followed at the fan signs since I’ve sadly never been able to attend one but I hope it was still up to standards.

The moments that define lives aren’t always obvious. They don’t always scream LEDGE, and nine times out of ten there’s no rope to duck under, no line to cross, no blood pact, no official letter on fancy paper. They aren’t always protracted, heavy with meaning. Victor made the biggest mistake of his life, and it was made of nothing more than one line. Three small words. ― Vicious, V.E. Schwab

The Real You

Summary: Danny doesn’t have a crush on Stiles. No way.

Notes: Another one for @inell, who wanted Stiles/Danny and “be nice to your seat partner, they might just be your future spouse!” This is an AU where nothing supernatural happened in Beacon Hills. (On AO3)

Danny always hates the start of every school year. There’s a new schedule to learn, a new locker to find, and an influx of baby-faced freshman wandering around. There are also new teachers, new classes, and most importantly, new seating assignments.

He has to stifle a groan when he discovers that his desk-mate for English is none other than Stilinski. He’s weird and awkward, and only ever seems to hang out with his one dorky friend. Danny does not need him bringing down his reputation.

Keep reading