on the road paved with good intentions

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Hey, I just wanted to formally apologize for my words a few days ago. After talking with some people who messaged me afterwards and with my friends, I've realized I should be respectful to everyone, even if I don't agree. I will use Zeer and hir to refer to people who are non binary out of respect. Again, I am very sorry, I don't want to leave this blog as I've been a fan for so long that I want to see this to the end. I hope you and your audience can forgive me.

I certainly do. I’m proud of you. Owning up to mistakes is hard, but it’s also the mature thing to do. And I wouldn’t be here making this comic if I had never owned up to my own mistakes and tried to be better. I’m really glad this turned out this way and I wish you the best.

Also… Audience. …Don’t harass people. You may have pure intentions, but you know what they say the road to hell is paved with, right? You’re hurting your cause and you’re hurting actual people when you harass. Don’t do it.


Best and worst parts of a potential V route:


  • seeing this man smile
  • taking away some of his pain
  • encouraging him to trust and confide in his friends 
    • you can’t do it all on your own, v 
    • you don’t have to take everyone else’s burdens, v 
    • let us help you
  • more information about all the other characters
    • yoosung and his high school days 
    • pretty much anything about jumin since dude never shares the past
    • zen’s wilder teenage years 
    • more about jaehee, i don’t even care what, just gimmie 
    • more about rika and hopefully whatever the hell her real name is
    • seven and saeran and things about the choi bois that aren’t pure angst
    • driver kim and his favorite dad jokes 
      • v making dad jokes with him
  • new phone calls! 
    • v has the voice of an angel and i am ready to sin
  • new chat rooms!
  • new text messages!
  • new CGs! 
  • v getting his own emojis! 
  • learning about his childhood 
    • finally figuring out what happened to his mother 
  • talking about succulents and cacti and his love of desert plants
  • hearing why he named elizabeth the 3rd that
    • learning what other odd names he comes up with 
  • passionate rambling about photography 
  • seeing more of v’s photography!
  • if they include mint eye, actually learning about it 
  • why does he have 20 spoons in his house??? v, tell us your secrets 
  • watching v be a philosopher 
    • while jumin is a scientist 
    • their banter though
  • yoosung hopefully producing some hilarious rants about v 
    • and them making up and both finding peace
    • watching the rants stop being sad and funny and then just funny 
    • v please play along 
  •  more shitposting
    • oh boy 3 AM! 
  • v trolling the chats 
  • potential new ending where some people aren’t worse off than at the beginning 
    • yoosung and zen aren’t in the dark 
      • and yoosung isn’t idolizing rika anymore
    • jumin isn’t miserable and alone 
  • rika is held accountable for her actions 
    • the people she brainwashed and hurt get justice 
  • getting this man out of the horrifically abusive and toxic relationship he’s in
  • watching him heal
  • jihyun kim being happy 


  • those bad endings are going to be bad
    • who is up for sacrificing their soul and getting them first to spare the rest of us the pain?
    • y’know. like v does. 
  • watching v idealize rika and not see what their relationship is truly like
    • having to see more of what she’s put him through
    • the abuse is bad enough, don’t let it get worse 
  • v possibly making more mistakes
    • “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
  • new information about other characters being depressing as hell
    • good that we know more about them
    • but how much more can my heart take?
  • watching yoosung and jumin Suffer™   
    • hello potential unrequited love, how are you today?
  • probably more things that the good parts override because this man being healthy and happy is so important!!
The Problem with Dany

If I had to pick a character who was the most difficult to talk about in this series, it would probably be Daenerys Targaryen.  The intersection of every single conflict and perspective–in world and modern–about her is one that is almost impossible to address without sidelining one element of it.

That her arc relies intensely white saviorism; depictions of the Dothraki are laden with racist tropes; her experience in Slaver’s Bay harkens to (but does not perfectly mirror) white conquest in the 19th century.  This pairs uncomfortably with the fact that she is 13-16 years old (I’m focusing predominantly on book!Daenerys in this–if you are here for show!Daenerys proceed with that in mind), a child sold into sex slavery, a rape victim, and someone who believes firmly and acts upon the belief that any society that relies upon slavery is not society.  As a woman in Martin’s historically inaccurate misogynistic world, she confronts challenges that are designed by the creator of the series to confront her womanhood; as a Targaryen/Valyrian/Westerosi far from her home and without the resources of that home, she is left with little choice but to look forward.


Before even touching on the content of A Song of Ice and Fire, a point that causes trouble, right out of the gate, is where do “problems” with Daenerys arise?  When, for example, does responsibility lie with a character, and when with the architect of her story?  Add into that–when does the responsibility lie with neither character, nor creator, but with instead the fans who are discussing the media in question?

All this is not to absolve Daenerys of whatever sins exist within her storyline. There are choices that the character makes that are reprehensible and for which the ultimate responsibility does lie with her; however it is also to say that many of the things that Daenerys is loathed for are decisions that lie instead at Martin’s feet.

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what is more unfair
than having to choose
between being a monster
or being a hero?

        (—when you have to be both.)

when you learn that
the road to hell
is paved with more
than just good intentions.
—  you are not heads or tails; you are the coin | m.a.w

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Because draenei are so accustomed to life-threatening situations, they tend to have extremely morbid senses of humor to cope with their experiences. It often shocks people of other races, who are used to their noble, innocent reputation. (Example: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but the Path of Glory is paved with my asshole cousin.")

Confirmed. It takes a bit of adjusting for the other races, but most are accustomed to it now. Still it can be quite entertaining to watch the look of horror on the face of someone less used to draenei when they crack one of their dark one-liners!

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I will never understand people who hate Dany and think she's brutal and evil and just out to conquer and burn the world... you mean this little girl, neglected and abused her whole life, who suffered tragedy after tragedy, lost the two people she loved most in her young life (two people who also abused her) and used her magic creatures to fight slavery and injustice because she is so soft hearted she literally cannot walk away from suffering... she's my favorite literary hero, not a mad queen

Hello anon,

I’m glad you sent this ask because I’ve been meaning to address something that has been coming up of late (again), the idea that Dany will turn into a Mad Queen or become some kind of villain. 

I had mentioned in a previous ask that one should consider when coming up with a theory how the theory affects the overall story and the character arc, if the theory is about a character. Basically, ask yourself, what is the narrative purpose of your theory. How does the theory fit into the overarching narrative of the story? And can you get here without distorting the parameters of the character and the narrative. 

The theory of Dany being the Mad Queen or becoming a villain has been around for a while now. If we were to distill what is at the core of this theory I think we come up with two schools of thought. The first is, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The thinking is that Dany with her slave revolution created a lot of instability in Essos, primarily economic, which some believe is a worst environment then the centuries of slavery that had a stable economy. 

I think we first need to address the proverb of “the road to hell" which doesn’t mean what way too many people think it means. If you  look up the definition in google you get “promises and plans must be put into action, or else they are useless.” nice and concise. Basically, had Dany promoted abolition, and incited a revolution but never actually helped in the revolution and just created chaos that never led to anything but more trouble for the slaves, then yeah, the road to hell would apply. But that’s not what Dany did, did she? She backed up her revolution and put all her resources into fighting slavery. She set her dreams of sailing to Westeros aside so that she could make sure the people of Slaver’s Bay stayed free. Now, plenty of mistakes were made along the way, however, in the end (if we go by show canon) she was able to accomplish her goal and set and keep the slaves free. It was bloody and it was painful but in the end millions of people will benefit from the revolution she started because Dany took action. 

Now let’s go back to the other school of thought, that Dany will turn into a Mad Queen because her father was the Mad King. This one I’ve always found really hard to understand. Throughout the course of the books and the show Dany is made aware of who and what her father was. This becomes a theme for her, knowing who her father was she becomes hyper-aware of her actions and scrutinizes them through that lens. She so doesn’t want to be her father (and unconsciously is righting the wrongs of her ancestors as I’ve noted before) that she measures all her action against what she believes her father would have done, and when she comes up short she feels doubts about being the good and just queen she wants to be. 

Now, I find it really hard to reconcile the Mad Queen theories with the Dany we know. She’s actively seeking to do the right thing, doesn’t always achieve it, but continues to work on it. She hasn’t given up on this, in fact the last time we saw her on the show, she was taking the sound advice of her Hand, and taking a more measured approach. Why, if we continue to see a person who is constantly self checking, do some fans believe she will change out of the blue. Dany wield an extraordinary amount of people, enough to corrupt most people and yet she continues to seek the council of others and to have people around her who aren’t afraid to tell her the truth. 

A Song of Ice and Fire is a coming of age tale and it’s part of Dany’s narrative to confront the past, what her father was, who her ancestors truly were. The Targaryens were a mixed bunch, like any other family. You had the great and you had your horrible, and knowing this drives Dany to do better. This hasn’t changed throughout the story, so why would it change now. What would be the purpose? How would that fit into her narrative? The answer is, it doesn’t fit because there is no purpose. Just a small note but I have to point out the double standard that exist in the fandom. Jon Snow is also a Targaryen but nobody claims he’s going to turn mad. 

Sorry I hijacked your ask, I had to get this off my chest. 


Inferno (Peter Parker x Reader)

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Warning: Swearing. This story is… this is actually pretty depressing. So if you’re looking for a happy ending to this part of the story, you won’t get one. Maybe if I make another part, that would end happily. Just angst, angst, angst. The ending is a bit optimistic, if you squint and look at it upside down. Enjoy? 

                                                     Dear child

You stood at the entrance to the school library, waiting for Peter to come, checking your watch every now and then. It had been thirty minutes now and your legs were tired from standing. A rational person would have walked in and sat down in one of the overly cushy chairs, but you were waiting and angry and you were beyond rationality. Today was supposed to be a study day with him, like every Wednesday was. It was how you kept your grades the perfect A’s they were. You tapped your foot for another five minutes before giving up and walking back to the bus stop. Sure, you could have went and studied in the library anyway, but the librarian was giving you overly sympathetic looks and that made you want to throw up.

You sat on the cold wooden bench as far away as possible from the weird man who eyed you like a piece of meat. In the back of your mind you blamed Peter’s absence on some small thing like an unexpected errand, but it still hurt that he didn’t bother to text you in advance. At the time, you were only a bit mad with Peter and forgave him very quickly because he apologized the next day. You didn’t know this would be the first time of many.

                                    You are so kind and brave

Flash’s party was too much of everything. Too much loud music, too many people, too much alcohol hidden in the punch. Most of all, there was too much commentary between songs, done by Flash himself. He didn’t hate you that much, but your nerdy personality and defensive nature made you a target of his occasional taunts. For example, the moment you entered the house Flash took the opportunity to announce your arrival.

“Hey, (Name)! Did those anger management classes help or are you going to go Hulk and trash the party?”

The red heat seeped from your ears down to your neck at his comments. Flash never forgot the one time you almost lost it in front of the entire cafeteria. Loud air horns blared when he was done “roasting” you, ringing in your ears like alarms.

“Oh shit, it’s Parker!” Flash announces over the mic. He must have seen Peter trying to hide. “Still pretending to know Spiderman or have you accepted that you’re a fake?”

“Fuck off Thompson!” You yell over the music and air horns. Bad idea. Now the attention was fully on you.

“Make me. C’mon (Name), turn into a rage monster again!”

The crowd laughed, nudging you out of the little circle around the DJ booth. You didn’t know whether to let the anger get to you or to cry. It was like everyone was staring at you, laughing at you, mocking you.

“Hey, thanks for sticking up for me.” Peter says, him and Ned approaching you. You didn’t have time to say anything before Peter saw Liz Allan across the room and almost sprinted in her direction. The little bit of quiet that came when Ned or Peter talked to you was gone as they left, allowing the loud music and louder teenagers to fill your hearing. I can’t do this.  

You felt the pocket of your jeans to see if your phone was still there and when it was, you didn’t hesitate to walk right out of the party. I try to help someone and what happens? They ignore me to talk to a hot girl.

                                      So forgiving and merciful

“I… can’t make it.”

You narrowed your eyes at Peter.

“Say it again, Peter. Say it again so I can hear you.”

He avoided your eyes, shoveling books from his locker to his backpack. You rapped your knuckles on the locker next to his, trying to get him to look at you. “This is the Stark Internship again?”

Peter nods without looking at you. Stark internship my ass. You think, by now convinced he was lying. This happens too much.

You sigh and lean with your back against a locker. “Fine. I-I’ll see you later.”

Fast forward to the end of the day, you were actually happy. The day had gone great, no one bothered you, it was peaceful. You were walking past the library and heard laughter, but dismissed it for an annoying couple until one of them spoke.

“Thanks so much for helping Peter.”

You froze in place. You didn’t dare move closer to see who was in the library, you didn’t need to. That was Liz Allan’s voice, and she only knew one Peter.

“It-it was n-nothing.”

Definitely Peter. Fuck. You squeezed your eyes shut and kept walking, your movements robotic and forced. He ditched me. He fucking ditched me. You felt sick, actually, physically sick to the stomach. How many times had he left you to hang out with Liz? I don’t know. Your mind says. How many times has he made an excuse to bail on you? At least twenty. That made the nausea ten times worse. Has Peter really been making things up to talk to Liz?

He’s not a jerk. You reason, almost pleading for your mind to stop adding to the pain. Peter probably had a good reason to ditch me some of the time…

How do you know? Your mind argues. How do you know he doesn’t make things up just to get away from you?

He’s not cruel! You yell back at the negative thoughts. He-he likes being around me!

Wow, that sounded desperate. Why would he want to hang around you as opposed to the Liz Allan? Your mind says, like it was actually sneering down at you. What have you got on her, huh? Your amazing sense of style?

You tugged at the hem of your oversized graphic tee and your gaze darted down to your favorite worn out converse that were originally supposed to be white, but were now a disgusting muddy brown with puke green grass strains.

Do you have an amazing personality like Liz? Your mind offers. No, you don’t. You’re negative, antisocial, selfish, quiet , pessimistic, rude, weak willed… She’s a leader. She’s nice and helpful and kind.

I can be nice! You argue. I can be-

A roaring car horn and loud screeching of brakes interrupted your thoughts. You whipped around to see your bus. You had unknowingly walked onto the lane the school buses use to leave. Inside the bus, the driver was clearly muttering curses. He yanked the lever to open the doors and you took his hint, rushing inside and sitting in an empty seat near the front. You could hear see people rolling their eyes and whispering things in the drivers mirror, the heat rushing to your cheeks.

                               Sympathy and good intentions 

                         Was what you paved your road with

“I’m going to talk to her.” Peter says, gripping his backpack strap tightly.

You smiled widely and nodded enthusiastically like always. Sure, you could have slapped him and ran away crying, but that only happen on TV, and this wasn’t a romantic drama, even if it felt like one. Instead, you pushed him lightly in Liz’s direction and smiled until your cheeks ached. You were his friend. This was your job.

“Go get her, Peter.” You encourage, reaching up to ruffle his hair. “Don’t mess up thought, okay? I can’t afford to have you look like an idiot in front of Liz Allan again. I’ll wait for you here so you can tell me how it goes.”

Peter grins at you and darts into the crowd, towards Liz. You leaned against your locker, pretending to look at your phone even though the battery was dead, looking up every now and then to see how Peter was doing. So far so good.

Yup, only one step closer until he abandons you completely. Your mind says. You internally groan.

Please go away. You think, trying to focus on being Peter’s wing man. Wing woman? Same thing.. Your mind was silent. Thank god.

At that very moment, someone chose to ram their shoulder into you, causing you to drop the book you were holding on the floor, bending it’s pages. You yelped and were about to chase after the person but noticed that your book was being trampled over by the passing flow of students and you bent down to pick it up. Someone’s foot collided with with your gut and they stumbled away, yelling curses at you. Another shoe stepped on your finger as you were reaching for your book, which was being kicked around like you weren’t even there. You grabbed the book and bit your lip to keep from cussing at the sharp pain.

The crowd was almost gone by the time you had unfolded the bent book pages and readjusted the cover. Mostly everyone had left, including Peter and Liz. But I asked him to wait for me…

Why would he wait for you? Your mind says. He was with Liz. That’s enough of a reason, isn’t it?

Fuck off. You think. Stop thinking like this.

The shrill sound of tire on asphalt was heard from outside, meaning the buses were leaving. The noise got smaller and smaller as you sprinted to the front doors. By the time you were outside, the buses were all gone. Guess I’m walking home, then.

                                    You gladly took the match 

                    And lit yourself ablaze to keep others warm

School wasn’t remotely enjoyable anymore. It days and days filled with having to see Peter with Liz together. It was a way for kids bigger and stronger than you to make your week miserable with taunting. Peter wasn’t there to even try and defend you like he usually would, and you didn’t want him to come to your aid anyway. He still hung out with you sometimes, but after another month you decided that a life without him would be the healthiest for you. Ned was still your friend, but the two of you had never been as close as you had been with Peter. Therefore, Ned became the awkward middle man. Some parts of your life were more unbearable now that you were avoiding Peter, some were more endearing. You were friends with Michelle Jones now, and that was definitely a bonus.

Make it through high school and leave as soon as possible, you told yourself. Most of your classes were with Peter though, making them awkward on your part. He always seemed to be in his own world, a world you were not a part of. The sad part was that he barely noticed your absence…

Or so you thought.

  And burned to the ground in an inferno of your own misery              ,crushed under the burden of other people’s torment

Gabriel Agreste is not a good person.

But god if he isn’t one of the most interestingly complex characters in this AU.

Let’s get one thing straight: Gabe is a horrible person. He’s cold, merciless, and when imbued with magic nothing short of murderous. He’s a monster. He deserves years of jail time far sooner than he deserves redemption. But. But. Everything he does, he does because he’s human. He’s grieving in all the wrong ways but he at the heart of it does it from good intentions. 

It’s just that the road to Hell is paved with those very same good intentions of his.

(I think the same things can be said of the canon version of him too, but here it’s a bit more opaque I think.)

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Attack On Titan Chapter 96 Thoughts

The door of hope isn’t a door of hope at all.

Of course you can do it, Bertholdt, you’re just going to be the catalyst for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, including taking away the home of these three children.

This scene has been portrayed in fanworks for a long while now, but it really is horrifying to see a child doing this.

This whole chapter basically follows the theme of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The warrior trio hasn’t yet had their wake-up call, so they’re desparately clinging on to their mission.

Well, at least Reiner is and Bertholdt follows him, dragging Annie with them, while Annie is the voice of reason and the only one aware enough to see a more nuanced perspective in the position they’re in. I’m curious when she started to see that way and why aside from some of the obvious details like her being observant and intelligent by nature and being Eldian. We might get an explanation, but we also might not - in Eren’s case why he had developed such an worldview and fierce attitude at the time he met Mikasa was never directly explained, so this may stay the case with Annie. It’s simply that it’s the kind of world they all live in and it’s the kind of personality he has. Would be nice to get some elaboration, though.

In the end, they’re in this to survive.

Reiner still holds on to the belief that fulfilling his mission will save his mother, but more importantly, just as Marcel dies, the reason to fulfill it changes to “survival”. Reiner subconsciously shields himself from pain so that he could survive emotionally, so that’s the character part of it, but they’re also screwed either way. Either they continue the mission or they face possible death. It all comes down to survival on all fronts.

Being complacent doesn’t change anything. Seeing Reiner carry out orders we know probably aren’t going to save anyone is really sad and it’s again because he doesn’t know any better/can’t see any better because of what he’s gone through. He’s shielding himself from the cruelty of the world to not go insane. It’s human and sad, but also destructive to everyone.

He’s not going to become a hero and save the Eldians and his mother and he’s not going to change anything by doing this - he’s going to contribute to it all continuing, while Bertholdt and Annie tag along to survive, as well.

Finally, there is one interesting plot tidbit here.

This explains the different bloodlines, which is nice. There was mentioned to be several of them: the Ackermans, Asians and some others, so the Fritz family inside the walls is probably another one of them.

This was a nice chapter, definitely better than last month’s just for the character substance. Seeing Annie again alone was much more substantial.

Did I ever tell you buds bout a discovery i came to? no? well lemme enlighten you.

It wasn’t until I watched the ‘72 adaptation where I noticed the revolutionaries were building the barricade partially from paving stones and I didn’t remember if that was accurate seeing as most adaptations just go for the furniture pile.

so turns out this is accurate. “twenty yards of pavement had been torn up” (its a really long quote but they were used to start the building of the barricade”

One of my favourite lines had always been “you are tearing up the pavements of hell!” […] “our barricade is built from good intentions.”

It’s obviously a play on “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” but realising that the revolutionaries actually tore up the streets to build the barricade makes that line SO MUCH MORE SYMBOLIC.

Basically Victor Hugo why do you make me feel things about PAVING STONES?

Too bad, too sweet (m)

Characters:  Lust!Hoseok & demon hunter!OC

Setting: supernatural au, demon au

Genre: 50% background story 50% filth

Warnings:  Explicit language, (dark) humour, violence, blood and sexual content including brief mentions of voyeurism and exhibitionism, dom/sub undertones, breathplay, light bondage without safe words and lots of talk about sex. (Kind of dubcon at some parts but not really.)

Summary:  Hoseok, the Sin of Lust has loved all era he has lived in but the 21st century might be his favourite. He owns a popular place in Las Vegas: an ordinary bar on the surface but basically a sex club underground. However, rumour has it that a reckless demon hunter is coming after him. He couldn’t care less until Black Widow steps into his bar but then things get heated quickly. Hoseok is determined to break her resistance and teach her a lesson: there only one rule of lust: no love. Everything else is fair.

Words: 12502


Part of the 7 Sins collab for BTS’ anniversary. Check out the other stories as well!

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

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🔥 opinion on mainstream Christian movies (such as God's Not Dead, The Shack, Heaven is for Real...)

They’re awful and tread into the realm of heresy. I know that word gets thrown around a lot, but I honestly mean it; I’ll give you some examples. With God’s Not Dead, it grossly portrays atheists, and makes Christians look whiney with a martyr complex. Next victim, The Shack. While this book is praised by mainline Evangelicals (whatever that means today) The Shack is riddled with the heresy of Universalism, and also portraying God as a woman. Heaven is for Real…well if we’re saved, we already know this fact. Heaven is for Real is just a poorly written book with the good intention of trying to spread the Gospel, but as the saying goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” The fact that Jesus says in Luke 16:19-31 (The Story of Lazarus and The Rich Man) that these experiences have no validity is proof enough that near death experience stories shouldn’t be trusted. Even Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 doesn’t talk about his experience because he didn’t know, “whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows.” Also on another note, most Christian movies have extremely poor production value. And it’s not because the companies making them have limited resources, it’s because they know that they’ll make money either way. This is an insult to God and to those who have gone to school to study digital compositing and graphics. In short most Christian movies are awful, both in production and theology, and will lead people in heresy.

Two Types of Evil

There are two types of evil in this world.  The ones that admit to being the villain and the ones that pretend to be your hero.

There is the evil that is unabashedly out for death and destruction.  Not always literally, but in each case, someone will pay, and it will never be them.  Their power is gained through your pain.  There is no friendship, smiles, or false pretenses.  Maybe not always to begin with.  Some do not always begin outright, but eventually, they can’t hide what’s lurking inside.  Despite that, you question where so much darkness can come from.  These are the down and dirty, blood on their hands and surely on their name when it is spoken for ages to come.  Even though there won’t be any time wasted in understanding their intentions, it doesn’t matter because you are already gone.  

Tom Marvolo Riddle

And there is the evil that lurks in the phrase,”The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  The ones that truly think their way is best.  Superiority, Authority, leading to Enmity.  It starts with a sweet smile and talk of change, leading to the destruction of your foundation, manipulation of choice.  It’s not just changing laws, it’s about changing you.  This is the person that rides in like a hero to your face and stabs you in the back like the villain they truly are.  That won’t happen, though, if you don’t make any waves in their path to the “Greater Good” because if you aren’t going to be great with them, they are going to make sure you are gone for good, and you will definitely feel it.

Dolores Jane Umbridge

So which one hurts you worse?