The Orange Dress Niamey Dusk and Dust Niger Photo Hugh Ardoin

Like some stranded little Buddha wrapped in the orange cloth of pride and dignity

A solitary bright orange clad woman walks down the street

Or is it the silent Guantanamo protest, that place in Paradise next to Hell where they dress-up the living as dead

The chasm cleft into human reason the sick illusion that democracy is only visible through gouged eyes

A world where humanity chisels out its own epitaph from the permafrost of its empty soul

Hugh Ardoin The Niamey Dusk and Dust Gallery

Happy Valeting Islington London Photo Hugh Ardoin

Lone Cannonball the Islington way 

The world seen as Russian roulette or Russian dolls 

Every event has become a new marketing purpose 

This picture underlines the shedding and the shredding of time in our encapsulated lives

What was yesterday will be no more, cash is our new Emperor

Street Art in background thanks to London black artist Nathan Bowen

Hugh Ardoin The Urban Landscapes Gallery

Nathan Bowen Blog

Nathan Bowen Green Lantern 

Nathan Bowen Art

Nathan Bowen Interview

okay but can we PLEASE talk about this moment?! Ruby says “You know what’s nice about being split up?” and immediately, Sapphire’s thoughts go to the worst. I mean, look at how positively worried Sapphire is over what Ruby will say, maybe even a little bit stressed that her answer will be negative. Sapphire has future vision. Think of how many awful paths must be going through her mind at this moment. I mean, judging by her face, she looks as though she can’t figure out for the life of her what could be so nice about being unfused. I find it beautiful that after 5,750 years, Ruby is still managing to surprise Sapphire, even if it’s with her cheesy pickup lines.