on the record with fuse

  • bismuth: an extremist, wanted to shatter enemy gems to win, attacks steven, and more than likely attacked rose when they disagreed with her
  • su fandom: bismuth was clearly in the right??? what's wrong with rose i mean seriously
  • me: what?? is wrong with y'all??? if you think murdering your enemies is the right thing???? why on earth??? are you watching??? steven universe???
Blogging’s Dead. We Got Jobs.

by Thomas Nassiff

One of the first real important moments I can remember in my friendship with Zack was when I tried to get Jason Tate to hire him as a staff member on AbsolutePunk.net. This was years ago — in 2011 — when I was extremely active in my role as a staff writer for AP.net, writing 100 album reviews that year and probably posting as many news stories as anyone else.

Zack and I think back on those days as odd ones now. We were both so dedicated to posting news that year that it basically became a race once a band announced something via Twitter or a press release; we both knew that we’d both see it right away, and it was fun competition to see who could get the news out there first. I was in my second or third year studying journalism at the University of Florida and Zack was probably just exiting puberty or something, maybe just starting college. I remember one instance where we both interviewed Alan Day from Four Year Strong about his new band, whatever that band was called, but we both got the same useful nugget — that FYS was dormant for the time being — and he beat me to the “exclusive interview” because he can transcribe a hell of a lot faster than I can.

Our friendship developed over little things like that in a world that is occupied exclusively by music industry people and weirdos: AOL Instant Messenger. I respected Zack, and I still do, for running the only website focused on covering this little world of music that I think ever actually “competed” with AbsolutePunk. Sure, AP.net is the bigger site, but I’d argue that for a while there, POZ was the absolute best source for news if you were looking to get it quickly and without much fluff. Other sites bring quality things to the forefront, but POZ was always my favorite “competitor.”

That high level of activity on AP.net as a staff member didn’t last long for me. I have been a contributing staffer since April 2010 now, but I don’t review records much anymore — I’ll only write a couple throughout all of 2015 — as I went ahead and started other things. I label managed Paper + Plastick Records, opened and closed a publicity company, wrote freelance, graduated school, moved to New York and started a “real” career that I could explain to my mom in just a few sentences. It’s a testament to Zack’s passion for this scene and for his own website that he kept POZ running successfully while he expanded his horizons as well. It should serve as an inspiration to anyone who wants to start a crappy blog covering crappy pop-punk: If this kid could do it this well, why can’t you do it better?

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Steven Universe “We Need to Talk”

It’s been a a while since I did a whole freaking character analysis and also a episode analysis. Today Steven Universe new episode we saw more Rose!!! 

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So this episode was good on a number of levels because they brought back my favorite, Stevonnie! 

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So to start this episode we learn that Connie parents are those parents that don’t have a whole range of different music to listen to besides classical. When Connie and Steven dance to one of his dad’s records they accidentally fuse together into Stovonnie. It only lasts a bit, Stevonnie unfused afraid of what Greg would say. It was an awesome moment to see that they still can fuse together and it elaborates more onto what makes a fusion. A fusion as we know is two or more gems who willingly combine themselves into one being. SO OF CORSE PEARL DOES THIS. and Rubs it in Greg’s human face.

After this jam session, the episode we have Greg show a video and tell the story of when he learned about fusions. Greg mostly wanted to learn how to fuse himself with Rose because a jelly bird basically bragged about how much its the aliment connection between gems. To prove himself to her he wants to learn how to despite being told it wont work. At the end they were right, but though his goal was for nothing it held alot of meaning. Greg wanted to fuse with Rose to prove himself. 

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Look as this dork. He is that. A huge freaking guitar rock loving dork. So when you think about it he left EVERYTHING to chase after Rose. She was the only one to show up as his concert. He fell in love and grew to love her more as time passed but her saying this hurt him. So her not taking him or the relationship seriously hurts him. A lot because he wanted her to respect what he sacrificed to be with her to get this response. 

Although the little light is very anime it couldn’t represent his realization and shock any better then a simple facial expression. He just was flooded with the thought that she didn’t actually love him. But can I say is that Rose confessed that she did actually has had previous relationships with humans. But when you think of it, Rose never knew how to actually be in a real relationship. I imagine through the years the men loved her and she laughed and they just were struck by her beauty to even really care. A beautiful goddess like women liked them and laughed a lot so it was good enough for them. Greg on the other hand expected an actual relationship. He wanted to be on dates, to talk with her and try to know her. The thing is that Rose really doesn’t know humans at all. She knows that they are life and loves all life but doesn’t respect or understand Greg’s feelings that well. 

She clearly doesn’t get the idea of a romanic relationship. It’s once the emotions pass on both sides, she takes the steps from just a laughing beautiful women to a person opening up. I think this episode showed that Greg not her favorite little human but actually the first human to show Rose and the others about humans. He kept his distance on certain things but he stayed. Personally Greg was the person who was the game changer. Rose started to understand more on humans. Rose has shown that she has many secrets and I think Greg might have been the first person to really tell her talk to them and opened back up to her. Pearl our jealous baby honestly toke pride in the secrets and always tried to protect Rose no matter the danger. Greg couldn’t offer the protection but her offered her insight into things and she realized he also had dedication to abandon his dreams to be around her. She really fell in love with him. So to her she had the crazy idea of trying to have a child with this beautiful man. He was honestly a great catch for Rose. He was a major music dork but he is passionate, honest and kind man who wanted to really know her. Now that Greg sees Connie with Steven he will be there to help her through her magical problems. Garnet was right, love isn’t at first sight it takes work and this episode showed it. 


Solidity and fragility, 2015
Record, cast glass, fused glass shards

For this project I wanted to turn the concept of solidity and fragility into a sound. The piece consists of three records; the first is a cut double sided 7-inch vinyl record, the A side contains the sound of me thudding on a window and the B side contains the sound of glasses being smashed. The second is a thick cast glass record to represent solidity. And the third is a record made from the fused shards of glass I used to make the initial broken glass sample on the vinyl, representing fragility. The two glass records have blank grooves for the needle to follow, there is no specific sound on them, they are designed for the needle to play the texture of the glass.