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Nakamura-sensei style in Doukyuusei

When I was rereading Doukyuusei I immediately observed the differences between Nakamura-sensei’s style in Doukyuusei (which has a style that she used in J no subete) and Sotsugyousei and Occupation to Beloved (her recent artstyle)…it changed or should I say developed :) I prepeared some examples :

Kusakabe & Sajou




Top Majors For Recent Grads: Turning Unprofitable Degrees Into Lucrative Career Paths

Not everyone’s desperately forcing themselves into a finance or computer science degree in the hopes of a steady job post-graduation. Droves of students are still opting for degrees as diverse as performing arts and health professions, according to data recently collected from LinkedIn.

Out of the 650 schools on FORBES’ Top Colleges list this year, social sciences is the second-most popular area studied. Communications and psychology also showed up in the top 10.

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Nickname: Cooks, Momma, Mother- ect.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Favorite color: Yellow

Average hours of sleep: 7-8 hours.

Last thing you googled: How to do lacing

Height: 5′7″

Nickname: Drawzie

Zodiac: Capricorn

Gender: Female…..?? Demigirl is good.

Favorite color: Red  

Average hours of sleep: like, 3- 12 hours. i sleep like a rock or not at all.

Last thing I googled: Turtle skull, or The Mind Electric. Cant remember which one was most recent.

Occupation:Wendy’s (livin’ the dream)

Height: 5'6″ ½

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Recently I’ve been feeling…inadequate. My friends all graduated school and are getting adult jobs, serious relationships, or places of their own, and I’m in grad school still…I’m busy, money isn’t easy, and I’ve tried to date, but I was never…enough for them…

But today, during my fieldwork, I observed an OT helping a woman walk up the stairs. She hadn’t been walking and she was afraid since the last time she did, she broke her ankles. She was crying and didn’t want to leave her chair. The OT encouraged her to try and offered so much support. She grew brave enough to stand up and even did exercise work on the stairs. She was so happy that she started to cry; she said that she was finally going to get her life back.

…and after that, being a broke, single OT grad student is worth being able to help someone like that.


Students are trying to raise the required amount of bail money for their classmate’s released from Israeli jail. Their classmate, Mohammad Jamil (12), was recently detained by Israeli Occupation Forces in Bethlehem.