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Reylo Thanksgiving

You guys, REYLO


Holy shit can you believe what we’re seeing right now? o_O

Remember being told so many times that you were wrong, that maybe even part of you started to believe it too? 

And now we get this:





We don’t know how far they can go, we don’t know if there can truly be a happy ending for them except in our hearts, we don’t know if there willl even be a kiss with tongue, but they’ve gotten this far and Reylos were right. We were right. About everything. And Reylo is canon, bitches.

Bless us, everyone. Thanksgiving came early this year. 🙏 😭

source: http://ew.com/movies/2017/11/19/star-wars-kylo-ren-vs-rey-the-last-jedi/

P.S: we’ve read all your asks. 🤗

We are working on this podcast episode and hope to have it out ASAP. Thanks so much!

David and Victoria Beckham discussing David’s anxiety over his upcoming appearance on Parkinson, the famous British interview show, in 2000.

Victoria: Don’t say that, because you make yourself sound stupid, and you’re really not.
David: I am stupid.
Victoria: You’re not stupid!
David: Everyone thinks I’m stupid, so –
Victoria: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that you are stupid…. They’re all ugly.

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