on the real

It’s better to be heartless than to be heart broken.
—  Ten word story
got7 when drunk

Mark: A chill drunk. The guy literally straight chillin, playing all the drinking games– king’s cup, beer pong, flip cup, etc. or hanging out in a circle around a firepit just talking, he’s there.

JB: A passionate drunk. Would be that guy who’s aggressively discussing a topic he’s very enthusiastic about to any person he comes into contact with. The words would just keep spilling out of him.

Jackson: A loud drunk. The guy that is walking around the party making sure everyone has a drink and is having a good time, but is also dancing to every single song that comes on.

Jr.: A touchy drunk. The guy that gets a little touchy when you’re in close enough proximity to him. It’s not that he’s making a move, he just craves a bit more skinship when he’s drunk.

Youngjae: An expressive drunk. Probably belting out songs like crazy on karaoke… you literally can’t take the mic from him because he’ll be pouring out his deepest, darkest feelings into that mic.

Bambam: A troublesome drunk. Would probably be drunkenly flirting with girls everywhere. Like Jackson, he would make sure everyone was having a good time. He probably wouldn’t be able to stop talking, he’d just keep blabbing about anything.

Yugyeom: 2Krunk2Care. He’d be all up on that dance floor all night. Doing the dougie, shuffling, krumping– it’s a dance move? He’s probably doing it. He’d lure all the ladies in with his sexy moves but would really be feeling the music, he’d forget all about them in seconds.

If i talk to you and i feel like you aren’t interested in our conversation then i’m just going to stop responding because i don’t want to annoy you. Even if you are interested, if i don’t see a sign of interest then i just leave. I don’t want to bother anyone. 

Sometimes you just have to simply walk away from people not because they’re bad but because they no longer serve a purpose in your life. It’s better to just let things go, let it be. If people are worthy to be in your life, they’ll find ways. It’s not about making an excuse, it’s about priorities. I’ve made some people my priorities before and I realized that when I needed them I became their option. I chose to distance myself and I think it’s better that way. I ride solo with a few people and I’m happy with that choice.
—  Carla C.
Here's that spark I was looking for

Today Dr. Naomi had a student walk to the front of the room and spit in a cup. She then proceeded to ask the student to drink it and he refused. It was saliva that was already in his mouth, the very place she was asking him to send it to. The meanings and associations we have for certain words and ideas constantly warrant our daily behaviors, actions, and interpretations. I’m absolutely fascinated by this idea and have yet again fallen in love with my major and the awesome professors within my department.